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Ambient music podcast for the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. I’m your host, Tonepoet, and I’m here to provide you with the means to dream and mentally flourish. Download the mixes, turn on, tune in, sleep...


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Ambient music podcast for the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. I’m your host, Tonepoet, and I’m here to provide you with the means to dream and mentally flourish. Download the mixes, turn on, tune in, sleep...








the future is now!

It's hip, it's new, it's here, it's now, it's the FUTURE, dear listeners!! Now, I have an idea what you might be thinking of when you ponder what the future actually is. Machines, robots, automation, absence of the human element? Or, is it the ability to harness the means of connecting diverse sets of people with common goals, aspirations, and creative energy to develop a communal sense that encompasses much more than what we envision? I'm going with the latter. It would be so easy to bury our heads in the sand and ignore what some might call 'progress'. You're not incorrect with stating that this constant perpetual forward motion becomes cumbersome, requiring us to constantly evolve to fit the need. Now, for many, the future is not always so bright. It's an unfortunate thing that we often choose to ignore that populace and persist in our own bubbles of contentment and comfort. That's not living, dear listeners. Living is sharing the light in your universe with a soul who is subsisting on shadows and sorrow. Dear listeners, since I've been sending out the transmissions, I've been working to bring a brighter sun into your sonic universe. It's up to you now to spread your positive energy to those that need it, to provide the shade over their burnt ambition and water the barren field of their failures. Provide the minerals of belonging to those unlike you and watch their fields of admiration turn into a fertile land of giving. If you want to live in an amazing world then you have to build it. With what, you ask? Well, with other people. Surround yourself with water and you swim. Surround yourself with people who you've unrolled your joy into and you will thrive. Nay, you will build your legacy! That's living, or more so, that's living after life. Okay, story time. I used to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando every year with my family when I was a little kid (I lived an hour away and it was, at that time, affordable). I remember going into a ride called Tomorrowland. It was absolutely fascinating. The one part that I remember the most, and that still sticks with your boy Tonepoet, is witnessing a scene of two kids on separate sides of the world talking to each other through a television screen. I marveled that one day I would be able to send messages on the other side of the world. With Spaceman's Transmissions, I'm able to do just that. Lesson? Grasp the future with both hands and turn it into your launchpad of discovery. Peace. Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING


...and we slowly drifted into another tomorrow

Hello, beautiful listeners and travelers of the cosmic tapestry. We've have had some relaxing times while wandering around the peaceful forests of aural canyons. We've dipped our toes into a calm, yet vibrant, stream of brilliantly blissful moments. There comes a time when the spacecraft must align the controls for yet another destination in search of the vivid beauty from echoing dreams. While it's blissfully effortless to lay in the pasture of calm, pillowy thoughts and star gaze while recalling worlds unique to ourselves, we have to slowly and softly uproot ourselves in effort to keep on truckin'. This minor disruption is but a very momentary displacement into yet another realm of as-of-yet unseen and unfelt bliss. Our goal is to seek the optimal oasis. All that I ask of you, dear listener, is to ensure that your belt buckle is firmly fastened for another journey into the unknown. Taking mental snapshots of comet tails and celestial dust is highly recommended as we drift sweetly into our new destination. Save these snapshots within your scrapbook of dreams. Each new endeavor we seek to undertake requires effort, and each effort requires resources and creative fuel. Sure, you could apply minimal effort and coast on closing your eyes tightly and shaking your head for 10 seconds to bring yourself out of a slump. But that sort of solution is not a problem solver at all. Rather, it is but a mere distraction like shaking a jar of wasps and expecting them to behave. Nay, dear listener, your reset and expulsion into the realm of rejuvenation requires a recoating of your grey matter with the sweet nectar of sound and color. This journey is designed to do just that. Feel the tingling sensation of new synapses awakening, old neurons developing fresh pathways, and a soulful re-awakening. Here, you will come to realize that there are indeed more peaceful pastures to explore and camp at. Spaceman's Transmissions is devoted to ensuring that your flight there is brewed with equal parts beauty, intensity, comfort, and solace. You have our guarantee or your money back. So, drift into the spacecraft with your boy Tonepoet at the helm, and slowly (snail's pace) buckle yourself into your dream pod for an expedition through the cosmos. Together, we'll all make the journey to another tomorrow and seek to optimize ourselves by letting go of the troubled baggage and stocking up on positive atmospheric transmissions. Turn on, tune in, drift on... TRACK LISTING


guest mix: lepque (unknown universe)

For this guest mix I present you, the listener, with an absolutely stellar outing from an ambient DJ that hails from Hungary. Not only that, but the only female ambient DJ in Hungary. How cool is that? Beyond a measurable scale of incredibly cool. Lepque started out as a radio DJ, but got the bug for digging into ambient via Peter Namlook and Jonn Serrie, and has been fighting for the pure ambient style for over 10 years now. The name 'Lepque' is a play on the word 'Lepke', which means butterfly in Hungarian. She claims that it comes from the moth symbol. Just as a moth seeks the light, but dies when reaching it, Lepque also prefers to stay in the background, within the cool and soothing darkness. When not preaching the gospel of ambient at a number of festivals at Ozora, the Sziget Festival, VOLT Festival, Waha, and many others, she's afforded the opportunity to spread her art in the club scene as well as radio. When performing at festivals, she is the lone wolf, representing the weary in their unique and mysterious space. In this world, she takes pleasure in witnessing thousands giving in to the sandman as she weaves her sleep-inducing sonic yarn. Seeing the happy faces the next morning proves that it's not just dance music that is welcome at festivals. We are very similar in that we both draw a distinct line between ambient and other subgenres of chillout music, like lounge or downtempo styles (that others claim is ambient). One of the biggest wishes for Lepque is that she can make people realize what true ambient is. As with this space-themed mix, her main focus is to tell a story and present a theme with each creation that she conjures. Through her dreams she develops ideas, and becomes the music storyteller. Her other wish is to eventually release her own music. After hearing her mix, and taking it in, I am pretty anxious to what has been bouncing around in her mind. Lepque, thanks so much for allowing me to host this, and I look forward to witnessing your future dreams coming to light. Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING



Hello, dear listeners, travelers of the celestial realm, and co-pilots. This new session evolves around the ethos of an album that I just put out entitled 'Bloom', and is one that ushers in a re-invention and reinvigorating of our mental and physical being. As we weather the storms of life's turbulent forces, we need enlightenment and encouragement so that we can pick ourselves up, knock of the dirt and negative vibes, and bring in a rebirth and passion for not only living but striving. That's it, dear listeners, striving!! And THRIVING!! It rhymes, and now all of a sudden I feel like Dr. Seuss. Working to be better tomorrow than we are today requires incremental steps. We hear the expression 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and, well, neither were we. Take the time in planning your re-entry into the world as a better version of yourself every single day. It requires mental energy to develop the creative means to plan our re-entry into our proposed new world, and it takes physical energy to implement those changes around us. But, the biggest and most effect change is within us, in our minds and hearts. Work to calibrate and synchronize these with your new mission. Expend the mental energy so that the task of pushing through your boundaries is well rewarded. This session is your comforting pillow of that much needed mental reset. We at Spaceman's Transmissions propose that you set aside a quiet hour-ish of time to let everything go, and let the tapestry here guide you to the prairie of peaceful vibes. A place where you can assemble your collage of innovative endeavors which will bring your incrementally closer to where you view yourself. Fill in the gaps that separate where you are and where you want to be, as if you are patching holes in the wall for a fresh, new coat of colorful and vibrant paint. Through effort and realization of your potential comes the reward of a newly emerging you! The stormy night that you endured will pass over you, and the stage will reset for you to explore and set up for new scenes to create and thrive in. Lather, rinse, repeat. Don't take your renewals for granted, dear listener. Celebrate each victory as a reward to yourself for reaching and surpassing milestone, not unlike traveling past a dark cosmic tide to reemerge into a realm of a breathtaking starlit field of beauty. I'm with you, dear travelers, and as your co-pilot I have full faith that your journey and effort will yield great success. Okay, yes, as mentioned, shameless plug time (sorry!). I put our a new album entitled Bloom (of course) which can be found by going to My music was, is, and always will be free so that you can all have access to it. It is my gift to you, dear listeners, as my thanks for your attendance during the voyages that we undertake. Peace. Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING


camping under the stars, vol. 5 (sanctuary)

Dear listeners, I have a tale for you!! It was one of the best/worst thing to happen to me delivered by our sweet Mother Nature. I had been planning a camping trip for 1 whole year with a high school buddy (who only knows me only as a metalhead, shhhhhh......). He had never been to the mid-west, in any place like South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. I had, but for work-related travel, which was a soul sucking endeavor and left me devoid of any potentially wonderful life altering experiences. Our plan went from imagining to planning, and would take us to The Badlands, Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, Devil's Tower, Bighorn National Forest, Yellowstone Park, and beyond. It was going to be fantastic. I bulked up some snivel camping gear and I was ready. Imagine that: me, a sissy novice camper, eating barbaric foods over a fire and having a flexible agenda while listening to nature at night in a tiny tent. What could go wrong? We didn't bother to plan more than a day in advance, just in case we liked something so much we decided to explore it more. How exciting!! The first day after flying into Rapid City, SD was the Badlands. We hiked all over it, went places where we probably should not have (including into a buffalo field about a mile's walk from our car, how very wise) and spent about 12 hours there. It was blissful! That night, we set up camp at a very basic campsite. I was awoken in the morning at about 2:30 to hear some distant thunder and some very light sprinkling that lasted about 30 minutes. Perfect. In the morning, the sweet breezes dried everything flawlessly. This is how it is all going to be. Or so I thought. After another few days, we were succeeding, and confident. Nothing could defeat us! On the 3rd night, we set up camp at a popular chain camping place with great amenities and were nice and comfortable. We didn't even bother to see if it was going to rain. Like I said before, what could go wrong? Well, yeah, dear listener, I found out how wrong it could really go for us. I was awoken that night at around 1:30, and there was a torrential downpour above us. Not only that, it sounded as though the wind was whipping at about 300 miles per hour, and massive hailstones were pummeling my tent. There were flashes of lightning that seemed like a thousand suns happening every 10 seconds and thunderclaps with deafening roars. Not gonna lie, I was extremely petrified. I could hear by buddy sneezing non-stop in his tent during it all (we were under pine trees, he has a very bad allergy) that multiplied my fear because I knew that the end is near! It lasted for 2 hours, and I buried my head within my sleeping bag and wondering why I thought that it was wise to sleep under a lightning rod, uh, I mean a tree, and planning my escape to the car at a moment's notice if needed. Dear listeners, I was relegated to the fetal position and turning back into the sissy camper that I really was. I was indeed back at square one. When we woke in the morning, we had to carefully pack (after shaking out) all of our drenched gear and drove 5 hours to a hotel that was gracious enough to permit usage of a private room in which to completely dry out our gear. Dear listener, I made promise to Mother Nature that I would use my fortune of survival against the elements to create a session in the volume of the Camping Under The Stars series. I could only happily oblige. Even though Mother Nature can be comforting and offer serenity and peace, she also exists to put us in our places. She provides a balance of awareness, and offers us sanctuary. Remain cognizant of her beauty and power, respect her intentions, use this session to overcome your challenges, and invigorate your senses with monumental breakthroughs. Make the time to exercise your new mental awareness and gain a new appreciation and respect for Mother Nature in all of her beauty. Shameless plug time!! The very last song is an original song of mine that will be...


as the light moves through the air

It is that time of year, dear listeners, where we once again set sail in the celestial sea of diamonds in search of a better tomorrow, and seek the renewal of our mental energy and creative awakening. I'm here to assist you in your voyage, as you know that your old boy Tonepoet would never expect you to navigate blindly through the ether. It is you who will guide this ship through the pathway of stars, and I am more than happy to be your severely relaxed co-pilot. As we sail gently along this route, let's reflect on the things in the past that made us happy and engaged. As we bathe in this nostalgia, start to bundle up the negative energy and various letdowns of this past year so that we may set them afloat towards a black hole, never to be seen again. While you might not see it, there is a lighted path towards a better you, and a tree that sprouts positive vibe. Steer the craft towards this tree so that we may taste the nectar of positive energy and enlightenment. Understand that this tree withers and fades, and seems to lack the abundant life at times. Yet, this tree is constantly growing, even through the darker times, and replenishing it's weather beaten suit in effort to rise up in the seasons of growth and replenishment. This is not unlike us, dear listener, as we seek to keep growing, and still do so, even during the darkest of times. That period of perceived stagnation is only a readjustment. Use this to recalibrate your mind and energy. Awaken with your renewed strength. While we become one with the light that burns brightly into a new tomorrow, close your eyes and feel the air move by you. It's subtle, but it's there, and that is out indication that we are still drifting toward a higher plane of existence. Take it in, and enjoy the journey. I will see you all in 2023. Peace. BTW, Merry Christmas!! This is my gift to you, sorry that I couldn't wrap it somehow! Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING


journey to the forgotten land of dreams

Hello, co-pilots and curious star hoppers. Welcome to Spaceman's Transmissions, your home away from home in the aural universe, and your most trusted source of inflight entertainment during that peaceful ascent into the ether. I'm aware that there are many of you out there that have given up on your ability of assembling the dream machine into a working apparatus. You dismiss dreams as an escapable entity, afforded to only a privileged few. It seems as though we have all experienced the phenomenon of déjà vu at some points in our lives. Wasn't I here before, why is this familiar, don't I know this person from somewhere? In many cases, if we dug deep enough into the well of our own creatively subliminal souls, we could find that it was our own bubbling well of dream intuition which had brought us to that magical space. This proves that those dreams are there, somewhat hidden or obscured, by other pieces of information that create a cloud cover. My mission is to assist you in dissipating that cloud cover and leading you to the field of creative wonder. Take steps to learn about lucid dreaming and documenting your dreams once you awaken. Find ways to be creative without being critical or dismissive of your artistic abilities. These practices will open a creative portal in which the tides of color and light will flow. No one is born and able to speak a language, ride a bike, or navigate a spacecraft to the stars. It's all a learned process that takes practice and determination. Navigating to the dreamer's landscape is no different. We tend to dismiss obscure dreams as a hindrance, or an utter confusion of entangled nonsense and senseless weirdness. However, dear listener, it's much deeper than that. Travel to that forgotten land of dreams and build a mental bridge to your waking self. Lather, rinse, repeat. Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING


awakening the light within you

Ah, dear travelers, it has been a good spring and summer so far for your old boy Tonepoet with lots of sightseeing in the West Virginia mountains, hiking in the hills of western Maryland, and traveling the mid-western states of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. I've climbed mountains, swam in waterfalls, and breathed in some of the cleanest air on earth while taking in sights that only our sweet Mother Nature can dispense. And through it all, my initial thoughts were 'if only I could contain my sense of awe and wonderment into a aural package and gift wrap as a present to my listeners'. Well, my wonderful co-pilots, why don't I do just that?----more---- Taking in the color-soaked sounds of this session guarantees an optimal listening experience. And, dear listener, I truly mean experience and not a passing distraction. As I have touched clouds, I seek the same for you all. Sink into your self, and slowly rise up to the layer of cottony softness in which we will find our craft of voyage. To merely listen is passe. To experience? Not only a goal but a requirement! As you climb into your cloud-craft, maintain your position on the status of the mission. Be sure to balance the components for a successful journey: equal parts dreaming, wondering, elating, and prospering. Find your equilibrium and begin to slowly awaken the creative light within. It is your fuel, and the well that provides the sauce for this motor of mindful innovation will never run dry, provided you nurture it and visit it often. Just as this juice of inventive source rises to the surface, as does the sun beyond the horizon, shining a light that guides you to those places within that bring your dreams into focus. Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING


as you wade in the pasture of dreams

Merely drifting aimlessly from one destination to another in effort to avoid turbulence (aka 'responsibilities') can sometimes be ideal to optimize mental energy and seek out momentary minutes of solace. However, one must put the brakes on at intervallic points with the sole purpose of enjoying colors of the blissful moments that abound. Not every instance of every day is one that you wish to freeze time within, but there are those pockets of subliminally divine moments for each of us that beg our undivided attention. Finding the optimal time to sink into can be a daunting task. There was a time where your old boy Tonepoet was whining (yes, I do that from time to time) about not having enough time to do something, in which a co-pilot explained that I should make the time instead. Then he handed me a tissue. This, dear shipmate, is regaining focus, motivation, and purpose. For you, dear listener, this means that in order to sustain the fuel for your mental tank and to endure the effort of climbing higher, it is imminent that you focus on keeping your craft in tip-top condition. Yes, this requires that you dock said craft for necessary pits stop from time to time. Allow yourself to run to the pasture just beyond that pit stop into a pasture of dreams. Feel no guilt as you take this time to replenish and rejuvenate yourself within the soothing cosmic atmosphere. Look around you, listen around you, take it all in, and exchange your weary breath for a breath that is rich with mentally empowering nutrients. Ahhh, tastes like heaven. As we let go of everything for just a moment, find yourself and conduct repairs and maintenance upon you! When we are finished, realize that you are far more equipped to undertake challenges now that you invested some time and peace to yourself. Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING “All Systems Go” by Tone-SomethingSomething from Oh, You Know (Start Time: 00:00) “Ascension in Blue” by Asura from Radio Universe (Start Time: 00:18) “Gazing At The Stars” by Ancient Astronaut from Hospital Planet (Start Time: 07:23) “Sirius” by Endeleas from Stargazing (Start Time: 12:21) “Existencia” by Francisco Juacida from Interior (Start Time: 17:00) “night.Movement” by Peter Edwards Ambient from suspended.Lucidity (Start Time: 23:48) “Bright Light” by Ralph Prata from For The Time Being (Start Time: 28:31) “Sunshine” by [r.h] from ufo [b-sides] (Start Time: 31:45) “Expansion” by Ancient Astronaut from Spheres of Love (Start Time: 33:34) “Invisible Architecture” by John Foxx from The Complete Cathedral Oceans (Start Time: 37:01) “Thick Prog II” by Luke Sanger from Ancient Pathways (Start Time: 39:28) “Music For Healing 1 (Excerpt)” by Richard Norris from Music For Healing 1 (Start Time: 42:17) “All Who Remain” by Rhian Sheehan from The Quiet Divide (Start Time: 47:21) “La Mort Du Loup” by Vangelis from L'Apocalypse Des Animaux (Start Time: 49:13) “Only Sinewave Coffee” by Colliding Galaxies from Lazy Dreams (Start Time: 51:55) “Through The Gardens Overgrown” by John Foxx from The Complete Cathedral Oceans (Start Time: 57:06) “Awakened, He Heard Only Silence” by Hammock from Departure Songs (Start Time: 58:50)


lullabies for the weary traveler

The staff here at Spaceman's Transmissions understands your dilemmas, dear listeners. For this reason, we choose to offer our empathy through a pathway of sound; one that ushers you into a realm of contentment and solace. Every session brewed in the Spaceman's laboratory was carefully cultivated by the highest ingredients and balanced with equal measures of intensity, beauty, and wholesome nutrients. Morsels with an equilibrium of sonic nutrients and flavorful colors? Say no more. Do not be alarmed by the initial systems check of the pod, dear listener. It is a necessary precaution to ensure that your traveling arrangements are safe and secure so that we may traverse our destination without worry of derailment, or rather, distraction. Where are we going? Well, glad you asked. There is a cosmic ocean whose tides ebb and flow with cleansing potential. We will wade in the warmth of this current and bask in the beauty of a constellation that is unique in its stunning splendor. As with every mission with Spaceman's Transmissions, we must expound upon our objective. In turbulent and disruptive times such as these, we shall repurpose our vision and direction. Your boy Tonepoet gets it: you are weary. I bind myself to an unwavering commitment of cradling you for a mere hour so that I may dip your mind into the chocolatey sweet syrup of rejuvenation. Having you as my co-pilot is a wish fulfilled, and providing a comforting blanket of cosmic wind is my pledge to you. You know what? Enough jibba jabba already, let's depart for this freshly amalgamated sea of swirling colors by traversing the starry pathways of bliss. Take the controls, dear listener, and steer the craft towards the crystalline waters beyond the galactic wall. For it is there where we shall rest as we gather our thoughts and admire the glistening skyline with one another. Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING


memories, not dreams

Welcome to your home away from home, your oasis of mental reset, and that place beyond the stars deep within the cosmic ocean of solace. This newly branded aural pool of euphoria ushers in 2022 and is one with special purpose and intention. By this title, your old boy Tonepoet is not telling you that you should dismiss your dreams, or that they are obstructions, or even that they are lifeless longings that you shelve in favor of 'responsibilities' (there's that word again, I hate that word). That is quite the opposite, dear listener. To dream is to feel alive, and turning those dreams into triumphs and memories, that is to actually live. This is the endlessly flowing river of potential where we want to find ourselves. Understand that the ebb and flow of the currents and tides might feel like a discourse, but it is merely a test of your drive and ambition to reach the higher ground. So many time we hear the phrase 'live your dreams', and 'turn your dreams into a reality'. Dear listener, do I look as though I'm trying to sell books here? That's a big, fat negative. What I present is not a ploy or scheme, but an opportunity for us all to reassess our potentials and measure them up against our dreams. Find those gaps that exist between the two and fill them with effort and fortitude. If you don't dare dream it, you can never hope to plant your goal in the fertile garden of wishes. I am here with you, dear listener, and as always nudging you in that direction towards your highest potential. Much change begins with the mind, and it is the mind that takes in aural cues for motivation and fuel for the victories over your challenges. Use this session as that replenishing fuel and creative mind-juice. In turn, take charge of those dreams and create memories from them. Peace. Turn on, tune in, dream big... TRACK LISTING


a fragile breath within the forest of echoes

Shhhh, listener, do you hear that? Nothing? Well, you are correct. We need to focus on that nothing, see where it comes from, and embrace its existence. Today, we're seeking that oasis that creates moments of solitude and solace. At undefined intervals within you daily life, it is vital for you to sink into your personal think tank which allows the reverberation of your own thoughts and aspirations to develop and spring to life. This creative space is our moment in time to plant the seeds of creativity and peace. There is so much going on every day that we begin to lose sight of our own objectives. In doing so, we give a very vital piece of ourselves to those objectives and responsibilities (meh) that dull the sharpened blade of your mind. You can't see the forest through the trees. Now, it's time to cultivate the fertile land of your inner sanctum and grow your own forest of a flourishing wonderland. Focus on the single thought that will bring your inner forest of beauty and depth into existence. Spend the time and effort to develop that seedling into a sapling with the care, attention, and love that promises to reciprocate its full potential of blessings. Feel free to add saplings of good thoughts and vibes, and care for them in your garden of beauty. Visit this sanctum often, as needed, to gaze and walk among the fruits of your own labor of love. Spending that time and effort pays in dividends which are indescribable yet rewarding. Enjoy your garden, as it it becomes the forest which you wander through in times of need, cultivating the carefully tended landscape which is the creative reflection among the echoing chamber of life. Turn on, tune in, tend the garden... TRACK LISTING


day dreams

We've arrived upon a new experience that is guaranteed to guide your flowering mind into a realm of solace as it engulfs your grey matter within a sea of illumination and color. With our feet firmly planted on the ground, there is nothing to say that we can't reach for the sky, letting our imaginative souls reveal the heavens above that we seek to drift among. Reach up, dear listener, and take hold of those elusive day dreams. Reward yourself with the pleasure that you experience while floating among the sweet nectar-like embers of creative energy. Our daily lives are filled with challenges and distractions. They are but obstructive branches in the river that hinder the flow to your creative island. Use this session to optimize a pathway that navigates us around these obstacles and into a current where day dreams take hold. I seek to merely guide you there, among the channels that spark your creative flow and ease your minds for a single mere hour. It is my gift to you, and I ask for zero in return other than assurance that I piloted your journey well. Your old boy Tonepoet is here for you, and ever amalgamating voyages to the stars and beyond. Search out the artists within this session and keep dreaming. The featured artist for this session is the incredible ASHEN SWAN (who is, coincidently, the same artist A VEILED FRAME IN AMBER) and does SO MUCH MORE. Pay him a visit on BANDCAMP for some really incredible music. Turn on, tune in, dream on... TRACK LISTING


taking flight

Salutations, co-pilots of the cosmic landscape. Let's climb aboard our floating craft and drift along the astral plane. Destination: a colorful cerebral universe. Speed: a glacial pace. Outcome: successful ushering of brain sugar in the form of an aural transmission. Do not take this mission for granted. Actually, never take any mission for granted. The quest for unleashing your creative potential and igniting your synapses helps develop and therefore execute creative solutions that enable you in becoming more human than human and are not to be taken LIGHTLY! Sorry for yelling, listener, I'm better now. Mild freakout, but panic averted. In the not so distant past, I released an album with another artist named CloudFall that was an honor and tribute to an event that I hold near and dear to my heart, and one that defines my childhood. The album is Taking Flight and was a concept of a single day in the life of a skateboarder from morning until evening. Nope, not kidding. You can find the album at (as with all of my releases, it is free). Anyhow, I try to steer clear of using my own compositions (as I tend to favor avoiding self-appreciation and whatnot), however, I did use the opening track and that last two from my own catalog. I do like these songs, so I decided to use the title track and actually name this travelogue as such. Okay, enough lame self-gratification, I'm starting to get a rash. This session has been optimized with only non-GMO, certified organic, all natural, detoxifying cognitive jelly. Do not be alarmed when this jelly coats your grey matter. The tingling is not unlike an aphrodisiac. I might add caution to operating heavy machinery as you soak up this amalgamation. You would never operate a hammer jack upon a floating balloon, would you, dear listener? Please answer 'no' to this. Now, then, let's carry on with this gentle yet uplifting mode of transportation and lightly drift through the clouds, shall we? Turn on, tune in, take flight... TRACK LISTING


lone pilots of the celestial tapestry

Hello, travelers, and welcome to a special edition of Spaceman's Transmissions. It is deemed essential that we take the time to calibrate our creative synapses that gently glide us through life's daily obstacles (I generally use the dirty word 'responsibilities', so ugly this word!). Let's turn challenges into goals, lemons into lemonade, and transform setbacks into a star chamber that is ripe for your journey to which you seamlessly pass through and emerge with a clear mind and a sense of self-ownership. While the title mentions the word 'lone', let it be known, dear listener, that your old boy Tonepoet would not abandon you during this liberating endeavor. Rather, it is you that is will set the controls in motion, allowing you to become both navigator and successor, emerging from this cocoon onto a celestial tapestry that will provide your direction and ambition. I am your co-pilot, here to assist with direction and motivation. It's what I do. As we spend this mere hour thrusting into a galactic curtain, free yourself from the constraints that act as a negative gravity field and rob you of your potential to float above. If necessary, don't hesitate to engage in additional sessions with this tapestry in effort to develop the skill of performing the functions pertinent to frolicking in a cosmic garden of tranquility and inspiration. Please do something good for someone today, as well as for yourself. Become the glue of humanity that positive events and fortune stick to and the rest of the human race will follow. Peace. TRACK LISTING


an ocean of stars

Look up at the night sky, dear listeners, and tell me what you see. A vast and empty curtain that swallows up light? A void riddled with tiny diamonds? A dark and lifeless pasture? Now, look past that, and begin to transcend above these former descriptions of the cosmic drape. It is the cosmic ocean, and it's much more vast than we can conceive. This galactic wall is graced with glistening stars like well-worn shells that are eroding to reveal a delicate sheen, illuminated planets that produce reflective shimmers not unlike ocean waves, and a stunning moon that drifts like a sand dollar in the sky. That is the true cosmic skyscape for all of us; the limitless sea of unimagined intensity and grace. See it for what it really is, and immerse yourself within its cleansing cosmic tide. As we drift within the cosmic tide, give in to this ceremony of cleansing your senses and mind with the sweet nectar of this aural current of sound and light that carries you into the ether. Permit this current to guide you to that destination which yields an oasis of wonderment, purity, and self-purpose. It is here on this island within the star speckled ocean in which you are rewarded with an awareness of your potential and creative drive. Spark your ambitions with this flame of enlightenment. The staff here at Spaceman's Transmissions takes deep pride in producing only the highest quality products for our clients. When your old boy Tonepoet steps out to get fresh air, do not assume that he has abandoned you as an aimless, drifting co-pilot without a mission or destination. This detour is only an effort to reassess an optimal pathway to our destination and to forge new means for attaining the zenith of our journey. You, the co-pilot, will always be vital to every voyage. So it is said. An absolute acknowledgement and ridiculously extreme 'thank you' goes out to Uplifting Pills for not only serving up like-minded initiatives, but for hosting this mix and being an amazing resource and friend. Cheers, Ala! Tune into UPLIFTING PILLS ( and show some love. Peace. Turn on, tune in, drift into the ether... TRACK LISTING


waiting for the sun to arise

In my particular sector upon Mother Earth, the days are getting shorter and colder, and seeing the sun in the morning is a ceremony that seems lost. Even with sleep being a hobby of mine, I nonetheless cherish that small bit of time that I get to spend watching the sun birth from the edge of the world. It takes longer and longer, and I often wonder if I will indeed spend the entire season in the shadows while anticipating a daily thaw from that voyaging star of illumination. Winter in my sector of our spinning globe is getting shorter, and my good friend the Sun has been taking this opportunity to hibernate and prepare us for an awakening. My moments within this solar tide are limited. What time that I do have basking in the golden rays become a ceremonious event. While I love my sleep (oh, how I do!), these sacred bites of time with the Sun illuminate the dismal fog that can from time to time pollute the mind with lethargic motion, breaking away the layer of smog that dampen creative flow and an ocean of solace and joy. This tapestry was amalgamated using the freshest ingredients with only organic means of production and distribution. Utilize this solar prescription to climb to a place closer to this cosmic lightbulb. Turn on, tune in, watch the sun rise... TRACK LISTING “Dawn” by Running In Slow Motion from Dawn And Almost Dawn (Forgotten Melody) (Start Time: 00:00) “We All Fall Down” by Radical Face from Missing Film (Start Time: 03:40) “Tint” by Midst from EP 2 (Start Time: 05:54) “An Isolated Railway” by Halo from The Places Series (Collection) (Start Time: 06:37) “She, Bathed In Spring Light (Excerpt)” by Ashen Swan from (Live at Todd Beamer Center) (Start Time: 09:28) “Linear” by Benoit Pioulard from Persona (Start Time: 12:38) “I Was Atoms And Waves (Reprise, Pt. V)” by Tim Linghaus from About B. (Memory Sketches B-Sides Recordings) (Start Time: 15:20) “Galerie” by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from IRIS Soundtrack (Start Time: 17:00) “Cold Front” by Hammock from Departure Songs (Start Time: 19:15) “Parts” by Jogging House from Chants (Start Time: 25:56) “O3” by Zeos from Mars (Start Time: 32:57) “You And I” by The Living Sleep from Remnants (Start Time: 34:18) “Thermal” by Russ Young from Tunnels To Float Through (Start Time: 38:48) “Hyperlexia (Intro)” by Arafúra from Concepts, Themes and Experiments (Start Time: 47:19) “Solo? Repeat!” by Anne Meuller from Heliopause (Start Time: 48:46) “Lost In Motion (Excerpt)” by Ben Woods from Lost In Motion (Start Time: 54:50) “Breathe” by Andrew Heath from Lighting Beacons (Start Time: 56:34)


come on, let’s go!

Hello to all of you travelers floating in the ether. It's not anything new: times are tough, and 2020 is turning out to be a disappointing year with a lot of turmoil, unrest, and terrifying unknowns. Is there nowhere to go to escape the problems of the modern age? Yes, dear listener, there is. As you read this, I'm unfurling my parachute and checking the straps and seams to ensure that more than one passenger can take this voyage just beyond the (at times) dark present upon Mother Earth and float just above the surface and into a layer of light and solace. While you might think that it is absolutely silent and free of turbulence where we will soar, it is indeed not. However, from every dark moment, a light appears as if to shine down on a struggling seed to bust through the soil and find new life, purpose, and direction. Your open mind will provide the jet stream in which we will wander, and your creative flow will breathe life into the air currents that will lift us just above and beyond that which we seek to circumvent. As we take this journey, realize that there are peaks and valleys of surface tension, and it is the ultimate test to you, dear listener, to enhance that mental muscle and develop your ninja sense to comprehend that while we skim along the darkness, we persist so that we may soar effortlessly among the periods of good fortune and its rewards. You are but a floating seed in the sky, so take this time to germinate and blossom while adrift. I'm counting on you. Do what you can for the world, for people, and for yourself to move ever forward no matter how slight it may seem. Enhance the lives of others so that your life will be rewarded with centering yourself with those you lift up. Keep your head up (and in the clouds at times if needed) and know that better times are always just a comforting breeze away. Turn on, tune in, let's go... TRACK LISTING


camping under the stars volume 4 (revive)

Once again, it is time to amalgamate a tapestry derived from the goldmine of Bandcamp (and beyond). As the weather begins to melt the frigid layer of our hibernating pods, we begin to see, hear, and feel our beloved Mother Earth awaken. In doing so, she invites us to enjoy her beauty, preserve her sanctum, and commemorate an event that truly resonates life and rebirth. It is time to revive, sleepers! Let's awaken in unison with Mother Earth and reinvigorate our mental and spiritual energies that keeps our synapses firing with progressive thoughts of art, music, and joy. Yes, let's become hippies. Clean, social distancing hippies. Joking aside (but not really), now is the time to plan what you will do to express your gratitude to our delicate and beautiful Mother Earth for another amazing voyage around the sun. Since last year, I've started spending my time with family on a short camping trips, sharing campfire stories, roasted (and sometimes burnt) marshmallows, hiking adventures, and a sense of appreciation for the natural phenomenons that we take for granted. Since we, meaning you (dear listener) and myself, share the craft in which we transverse the celestial heavens together, I cannot help but consider you family. Therefore, I require your attendance for this journey to be a successful one. While we practice social distancing, you should nonetheless know that as your camping guide (me!) is just a thought away and sworn to keeping the cherished listeners that chart these waters close in spirit. Though we experience the challenge of distance, our spiritual connection through this amalgamated aural mosaic allows us to share this experience with one another. I have shared my flight pod with you, and thus, I shall share my tent with you as well. With that said, we will exercise social distancing, yet share our stories with a comforting campfire between us. In taking in the tapestry, please be sure to pay a visit to the many artists that shared the labor of weaving this dreamy session and let them know that your camping co-pilot Tonepoet sent you. Okay, climb in, get comfortable in your sleeping apparatus, and indulge in this soundtrack created for camping under the stars. Peace. Turn on, tune in, sleep... TRACK LISTING


daydreaming in a sea of stars

Now that we've dipped our toes into the celestial heavens on our last voyage (in effort to gauge the cascading ripples of the skyward current), it is safe to say that the celestial oceans are now at ideal conditions for our immersion. Current systems here at Spaceman's Transmissions are at 100% capacity for a deep dive to the depths of that twilight beyond own galactic curtain. Within the safety of our individual listening pods, we will transverse across the obstacles of time and space, and for a mere hour we'll lose ourselves while soaring just above and beyond the terrestrial horizon that we feel bound to. Have comfort in knowing that the systems integrations for interstellar travel are of top priority here at Spaceman's Transmissions. Our staff maintains that successful flight and the aural experience potential is at the upmost importance for our innumerable well pleased clients. While we expect the turbulence to be at a mere minimum upon this flight, keep in mind that safely buckling in gives one even more peace of mind and an allowance to more freely gaze upon the remarkable celestial monuments that we'll encounter. Seeking an optimal listening position or scenario is ideal for squeezing the sweet nectar of space travel into a glass in which you consume your ears, mind, and imagination. Letting go for a minuscule amount of suggested time provides you, the listener, the most favorable conditions in which to successfully complete the voyage with minimal interruptions (also known as 'responsibilities'). Such an ugly word, it gave me a rash to mention it. But, I digress...... So, watch your head getting into the pod, make yourself comfortable, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare to catch aural glimpses of the many engaging morsels of cosmic delight. Enjoy your flight, and, as always, it's a pleasure to serve as your co-pilot here at Spaceman's Transmissions. Turn on, tune in, blast off... TRACK LISTING “Interlude Sky” by ASURA from Radio Universe (Start Time: 00:00) “Drifting Circles” by Anne Mueller from Heliopause (Start Time: 03:34) “Now, God! What Should We Do Now? (Excerpt)” by Ashen Swan from 1.17.19 (Start Time: 07:29) “In The Distance” by Michael Peters & Fabio Anile from Presence (Start Time: 12:17) “Ballad Of Distance (Part 1)” by Stars Of The Lid from The Tired Sounds Of… (Start Time: 13:25) “Languages Of Sky” by Abstract Aprils from Everything (Start Time: 15:52) “Estuaire Ephemere” by Julien Boulier from A Film Not Yet Made (Start Time: 18:41) “Wherever Two Or More Are Gathered…” by Michael Stearns from Planetary Unfolding (Start Time: 20:56) “Them I’m Gone” by odysmod from Autopoiesis (Start Time: 24:49) “Universe (Excerpt)” by Disposable Planet from Dream A Death Of Paperclips (Start Time: 28:20) “Switching Off” by Worriedaboutsatan from Crystalline (Start Time: 31:35) “Planet With No Moon” by Moesko from Miracle The Sun (Start Time: 32:50) “Spheres (Excerpt)” by Parks from Umber (Start Time: 35:08) “Among Stars” by Ralph Prata from For The Time Being (Start Time: 36:37) “Grains Of Light (Excerpt)” by Richard Norris from Abstractions, Vol. 1 (Start Time: 38:24) “Walking Empty Streets” by The Echelon Effect from Drift Ten (Start Time: 41:22) “Again” by Running In Slow Motion from Triplicate Records (Year One) (Start Time: 44:30) “When You Slow Way Down” by Time Rival from The Possibilities Of Talking With Other Species (Start Time: 52:06) “Horizontal Sweep Correction Lullaby” by Test Card from Music For The Towers (Start Time: 57:54)