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Start the Music - 041 The Alberta Punk Scene

On this episode a discussion with fellow Albertan punk rock aficionado Shannon about the Alberta punk scene and so much more. Also, what do bees waggle dances have to do with a person's taste in music? Tune in! Track listing: 1. Better off Dead - Quitter 2. You're Pretty Good & I Remember You by Chixdiggit 3. Dan-Diddle-A-Na - the smalls


Start the Music 040 - Music Roundup Fall Edition

The music has been piling up! This episode brings new (to the podcast) tracks from around the world, some shoutouts and... what more do you need? MUSIC! Bryan McPherson Kickstarter Indiana Drones Youtube Channel Lost Evenings III in Boston - May 16-19, 2019 - I’ll be there!!


Start the Music 039 - The History of Cover Songs

This episode, we change up the format and I discuss the evolution of the cover song from the 1940s to now and play some punk covers. See the full show notes including links to sources at:


Start the Music 038 - Tabbert Fiiller (director)

On this episode an interview with Tabbert Fiiller, director of the documentary The Public Image is Rotten. We talk about his time interviewing John Lydon (Sex Pistols, PiL), how the documentary came to be and the quip in the film about a Toyota vs a Rolls Royce. Now playing in cinemas across North America: TRACK LISTING: 1. Percentages - Sauna Youth 2. Hey - I Against I 3. Not Nice - Lonely Parade 4. Rise - PiL


Start the Music 037 - Jeff Leisawitz

On this episode songwriting instructor, author and man of many hats Jeff Leisawitz. We talk about his job teaching songwriting at Pacific Lutheran University and his book available on Amazon (and other fine places) Not F*ing Around— The No Bullsh*t Guide For Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground. TRACK LISTING: After the interview: Trash Talk - Brother Octopus


Start the Music 036 - Fran Strine (director)

On this episode, director and "video guy" Fran Strine talks about his documentary Hired Gun, Ray Parker Jr., and those musicians you adore and don't even know their name. Watch Hired Gun on Netflix. Leave the podcast a review on iTunes! TRACK LISTING: 1. Misery Punk has ruined my life - Goodbye Blue Monday 2. My Body, My Choice - Basic Bitches 3. Lovely Day - Bill Withers


Start the Music 035 - Music Break Vee

We have a music break! What do Canada, Australia and San Francisco have in common? They all have bands featured in this episode. There are probably other similarities, but that's the important part. TRACK LISTING Silo - The Shorts - Australian The Great Escape - Spoiler - Toronto Four Months of Rain - Family Meeting - Toronto Guilty Again - Neon Taste Records - Vancouver Desperation - the Stanfields - Halifax Warning signs - Daylight at night - Vancouver Tidal Wave - Living with...


Start the Music 034 - Jeff Alulis

This episode I talk with Jeff Alulis (also known as Jeff Penalty) about his book NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, working with NOFX on Backstage Passport, his time with the Dead Kennedys and his current project a travel blog called True Adventure Stories. His blog: Track Listing: In Vitro - September Again Burn me Out - Fozzy Pimps and Hookers - NOFX


Start the Music 033 - Mable Syndrome

In this episode I talk to the founders of Mable Syndrome! It's a longer than usual interview, but it's packed full of punk rock talk, women supporting women and much more. Check out the Mable Syndrome podcast & blog at: TRACK LISTING: Self Loathing - Days 'N Daze Mid 20s Skateboarder - Pkew Pkew Pkew Mable - Goldfinger


Start the Music 032 - Christopher Tyng (Composer)

This episode I'm joined by Christopher Tyng, composer for TV shows such as Futurama, Suits, Rescue Me as well as movies and video games. We talk about instruments used in the music of Futurama and how the musical tone was established and we discuss the "death" of record labels and the seeming lack of gatekeeping. We'll open with the Futurama theme, throw in a Cowmen track and close with a couple songs from Suits. Welcome to the World of Tomorrow, everyone! TRACKING LISTING: Futurama Theme...


Start the Music 031 - Music Break IV (Canadian Punk)

On this episode of Start the Music! we break from interviews for a (virtual) road trip across Canada to experience punk music from each of the provinces. We've got pop punk, bummer punk, hardcore and folk all jammed together. Airfare across Canada is expensive, enjoy this free podcast instead and then check out their bandcamp pages and pick up some more for the road. Click the link for the full collection.


Start the Music 030 - Primetime Failure

On this episode, an interview with Jan from german punk band Primetime Failure. We talk about the band, music videos and getting the chance to play with those who inspired you to start. Plus talk about Punk Rock Bowling, a new book about Big Shiny Tunes and more! TRACK LISTING: 1. Distant - Rain Check 2. Sunny Side Up - The Bussieres 3. Celebrate the Winter - Primetime Failure See all the show notes at


Start the Music 029 - Sarah Stacey

On this episode, an interview with broadcast assistant Sarah Stacey from the radio station Today FM in Ireland. We talk about the current state of radio (evolving), The Who's Quadrophenia and being a Beatles fan. TRACK LISTING: 1. Get Well Soon - The Real Sickies 2. Looking for Amelia - Rebecca Lappa 3. Anywhere in the Universe - The Sevateem Check out for full show notes!


Start the Music 028 - Antillectual

On this episode an interview with Willem of the dutch punk rock trio Antillectual. We talk about their track "Change the Standard" and the unusual, but very interesting route they took to spread their message. Mini documentaries, bike messengers and music videos! TRACK LISTING: 1. Odds and Endings - Freezing Cold 2. Broken - The Rocket 3. Reactors Leaking Radiation - Tarantula 4. Change the Standard - Antillectual Full show notes on | Please rate, review and share!


Start the Music 027 - Music Break III

Less talk, more music! TRACK LISTING: For full show notes visit


Start the Music 026 - Trashed Ambulance

On this episode, we have an interview with the Alberta punk band Trashed Ambulance. We discuss small town shows, NOFX and the band's upcoming Canadian tour. CanCon! Thanks go out to Cythnia from Thousand Islands Records for helping set up the interview. TRACK LISTING: 1. Hung Up On Hope - Eternal Boy 2. Garbage Lungs - The Bare Minimum 3. Metronome - Trashed Ambulance Check out for full show notes!


Start the Music 025 - The Ohio Players

On this episode, an interview with James 'Diamond' Williams from the Ohio Players who are releasing new music for the first time in thirty years! We talk drum machines, music these days, risque album covers plus music from France and Belgium. TRACK LISTING: 1. Stuck in Life - Fall Flavoured 2. Chain Reaction - The Rocket 3. A Story to Tell - Oh Weatherly 4. Reset - The Ohio Players Check out for full show notes!


Start the Music 024 - Hunter Dumped Us Here

On this episode, an interview with one half of the band Hunter Dumped Us Here and a discussion about genre, accents, adapting in live shows and solo acts becoming full bands. An hour of music and chat with no ads. Check it! TRACK LISTING: 1. Ticket to Rock - Daxx & Roxane 2. 5 Guys - Until We Get Caught 3. Lost My Name - Hunter Dumped Us Here Check out for full show notes!


Start the Music 023 - Ron Saccoccio (Snubbed Records)

On this episode an interview with Ron Saccoccio of Snubbed Records. We talk about the formation of the label, his band the Alements, working with Bill Stevenson of the Descendents and much more. Also an international assortment of music. TRACK LISTING: 1. Doofus - Trashed Ambulance 2. Let Go - Primetime Failure 3. Rite to Hate - the Alements Bonus: Stuck in the 90s - Primetime Failure Check out for full show notes!


Start the Music 022 - Steven Schapansky

Another Canadian guest! Podcaster and drummer (among many other things) Steven Schapansky is on the podcast to talk all things Led Zeppelin, John Bonham, wedding cover bands and well, drums! drums! drums! TRACK LISTING: 1. Brussells Bombs - The Persecuted 2. Morning - After Alice 3. Wrecking Ball - Mother Mother Checkout for full show notes!