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The official podcast of the Madness American fan service, Stateside Madness, dedicated to the nutty sound of the British pop band Madness. We are the U.S. affiliate of MIS, the Madness Information Service. Check us out at, on Twitter (@StatesideMDNSS), and on Facebook (@StatesideMadness). Please note: The music clips included in this podcast fall under the ”Fair Use Doctrine” as defined by Section 107 of the Copyright Act. The law allows for use of music clips for purposes of criticism, comment, and news reporting.


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The official podcast of the Madness American fan service, Stateside Madness, dedicated to the nutty sound of the British pop band Madness. We are the U.S. affiliate of MIS, the Madness Information Service. Check us out at, on Twitter (@StatesideMDNSS), and on Facebook (@StatesideMadness). Please note: The music clips included in this podcast fall under the ”Fair Use Doctrine” as defined by Section 107 of the Copyright Act. The law allows for use of music clips for purposes of criticism, comment, and news reporting.




Stateside Madness podcast, episode 70: “C’est La Vie”

We heard you missed us! WE’RE BACK!! ...with a brand-new episode on Madness’ first new studio album in seven years, “Theatre of the Absurd Presents C'est la Vie.” This album was just released on November 17, 2023, and Poly & Laurie are here to give you the inside scoop. We will do a track-by-track deep dive and take you on a tour through the Theatre of the Absurd. Join us for this very special one-off episode of Stateside Madness!


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 69: “I Do Like to Be B-Side the A-Side, Vol. 3”

In this week's podcast, we do a track-by-track deep dive of Madness' April 2023 Record Store Day release, “I Do Like to Be B-Side the A-Side, Vol. 3.” This episode is a “Bittersweet” one for us because this will be our last regular episode of the podcast. We will occasionally drop a new episode if there is something big (such as a new album release or American tour), but no more biweekly episodes. Poly & Laurie would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past three years: our Stateside Madness team members, Donald and Bobby; M.I.S.; all the fantastic guests who have kindly allowed us to interview them over the years; and most of all, YOU, the listeners. Here's hoping for a Madness American tour in 2024....


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 68: The Crombies

This week we sit down with ska-tastic Chicago band The Crombies about music and Madness. The boys talk about their 2 Tone influences, playing live shows in the U.K., and Paul Weller's obsession with Al Capone. Want to know more? Just listen! Songs in this episode:


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 67: Poly Aboard the Nutty (Koast) Train

This week, Poly is traveling abroad, and he dropped by Koast Radio to visit our old friend Mr. Scurf! This episode contains select highlights from Mr. Scurf's Koast Train... including Poly learning to speak like a Northumbrian! Songs in this episode:


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 66: “The Lone Ranger”

Join us for another album deep dive! This week, Laurie and Poly explore Suggs’ 1995 solo debut album “The Lone Ranger.” In Camden Town, I’ll meet you by the underground....


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 65: The Original Bed & Breakfast Man

This week, Laurie & Poly sit down with John Hasler, who is known to fans of Madness as the original Bed & Breakfast Man. John was with Madness from their earliest days as the North London Invaders, and since that time he has worn many hats: drummer, lead singer, and ultimately manager of the band. This is a great interview that Madness fans should not miss! Please check out John's band CRABS! on Bandcamp: Songs in this Episode:


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 64: Albino Brown of The Ska Parade

On this episode Laurie and Poly are taken on a whirlwind tour of Albino Brown's world of Third Wave Ska. Albino founded The Ska Parade radio show and his list of friends is a veritable who's who of American ska, including Fishbone, No Doubt, Sublime, and British ex-pat Dave Wakeling. He is also an author of an upcoming book about the artwork of ska and shares with us the story behind the iconic Beat Girl logo and the Madness comics in the 80s. This unique interview is not to be missed! Songs in this Episode:


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 63: “The Benevolence of Sister Mary Ignatius”

This week we continue our series of episodes on Madness-adjacent bands with The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra and their 2013 debut album, “The Benevolence of Sister Mary Ignatius.” Join us as we do a track-by-track deep dive into this classic of ska and discuss the history behind each track.


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 62: Voice of the Beehive

This week we take a very slight detour to explore one of the many Madness band members’ side projects. Voice of the Beehive was formed in 1987 when American sisters Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland teamed up with Woody and Bedders of Madness. Over the next nine years, they would see a handful of lineup changes and moderate success in the UK and Australia (as well as some airplay on college radio here in the USA). Join Laurie & Poly this week as we dive deep into the Voice of the Beehive.


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 61: Remembering Terry Hall

Terry Hall was best known as the lead vocalist for the British ska and 2 Tone band, The Specials. In this podcast episode, we discuss Terrys musical career, starting with his time as the lead vocalist for The Squad in 1977 and continuing with The Specials in the late 1970s and early 1980s. We also talk about his solo career and his work with other bands and artists, such as Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield, and Vegas. Terry Hall died of pancreatic cancer on December 19, 2022, but his musical legacy will continue to live on.


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 60: G-MEN

We have another treat for our listeners this week: Mike B of the Madness-inspired band G-MEN! Mike dropped by to chat about music and his inspirations, as well as what it’s like being a Madness fan in Sweden. This episode includes 4 original songs by G-MEN: “Rude Boy, Rude Girl”, “Thisflix & Thatflix,” “2 Tone Girl,” and “Mi Da’s Old Cap,” as well as a cover of the old Ramones banger “I Don’t Care.” Be sure to visit G-MEN online & show your support – *** LAURIE & POLY WILL BE TAKING A BREAK FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER. WE WILL BE BACK IN 2023 WITH LOTS OF EXCITING NEW CONTENT! ***


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 59: The Bed & Breakfast Men

This week we sit down for a chat with Matt Holt, one-half of The Bed & Breakfast Men. Matt talks to us about what inspired him and his cousin Nick to start a Madness tribute band (with ukuleles!), meeting heroes Mike Barson and Lee Thompson, playing at the iconic Dublin Castle, and filming their music videos. Matt also discusses an upcoming show in memory of “Chezzer” Chesney, who was well-known to many Madness fans. This episode includes 4 original songs by the Bed & Breakfast Men: “To The Moon (and Back)”, “1979,” “Limelight,” and “Dublin Castle. ” Be sure to seek out the Bed & Breakfast Men on YouTube: Two dreamers on a ghost train!


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 58: “The Three Pyramids Club”

This week’s episode is dedicated to Suggs’ second solo album “The Three Pyramids Club” (1998). Join us for a track-by-track deep dive as we explore this musical adventure that takes us from seedy Soho jazz clubs to New Orleans to the drifting sands of the Nile. Dance, Cleopatra, dance!


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 57: “Take It Or Leave It”

On Oct. 14, 1981, Madness released their feature film, “Madness: Take It Or Leave It,” directed by Dave Robinson. In honor of the 41st anniversary of the movie, Laurie & Poly do a deep dive, discussing the film, its impact and importance... and the music! Join us, won’t you?


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 56: “7”

This week we celebrate the anniversary of the release of Madness’ third studio album “7,” released October 2, 1981 (unfortunately, not in the USA). Laurie & Poly take us track by track through an album deep dive, from “Cardiac Arrest” to “Day on the Town.” You know, 7 just happens to be our lucky number!


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 55: Roddy Radiation interview

This week, Poly sits down with Roddy Radiation, legendary guitarist & songwriter for The Specials, The Tearjerkers, and The Bonediggers. Be sure to listen as Roddy recalls his storied career within the 2Tone ska movement. Songs included in this episode:


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 54: New Music Showcase

This week we interview members of two up-and-coming New York-based bands that we think Madness fans will love. First, we chat with Ratas En Zelo, a Latina punk band—with accordion! Then, we are joined by Stop the Presses, a ska reggae band. We are really excited about these two bands, and we think you will be, too. Songs included in this episode: All songs have been reproduced with the kind permission of the owners.


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 53: Top Ten Madness Moments

In this special second anniversary episode of Stateside Madness, we will count down the top ten Madness moments chosen by you, the fans! That’s right: we asked, you answered, and now we are going to revisit the fans’ favorite moments in Madness band history. We’ll also share a few anecdotes of fans from Twitter and Facebook. So, pull on your Doctor Martens and get ready for the Top Ten Madness Moments!


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 52: Poly’s Summer Playlist

This week, we take a little break from our usual content as Poly shares with us his Summer Mix Tape. Poly has curated a good mix of classic punk, rock, and alternative music for summer listening (and of course there is Madness in the mix, too). So, pull on your board shorts, grab your Sony Walkman, and pop in Poly’s Summer Mix Tape!


Stateside Madness podcast, episode 51: Blackbird: Amy Winehouse

This week we shift our focus to Camden Town’s other music legend, Amy Winehouse. On this, the eleventh anniversary of her passing, Laurie & Poly do a deep dive into the career of this legendary songstress who was taken from us far too soon.