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Kahlee TreDime | Be Professional, Be Informative, Be Dope | SEP019

Your host, Kahlee speaks on properly promoting your projects and being professional when approaching blogs, promoters and potential fans. ➤ For more info visit ---- Go to for a FREE audio book and 30 day trial. Choose from thousands of titles over at ---- Today’s show is also brought to you by DeadStock Closet specializes in Vintage gear and accessories of all styles and brands. Shop at...


Brent BeeHive Campbell | Beatboxing & Digital Strategy | Art & Growth Hacks | SEP018

Your host, Kahlee speaks with Beatboxing, Digital Strategist, Brent Bee Hive Campbell. ➤ For more on Brent BeeHive Campbell visit ---- Go to for a FREE audio book and 30 day trial. Choose from thousands of titles over at ---- Today’s show is also brought to you by DeadStock Closet specializes in Vintage gear and accessories of all styles and brands. Shop at and receive your...


Curtiss King of | Jack of All Trades | Go-Getter to Go-Giver | SEP017

This episode Kahlee speaks with Curtiss King. An all around artist, entrepreneur and luminary, Curtiss has a great blend of optimism, talent and hard work. ➤ For more on Curtiss King visit ➤ Watch Murs Ft. Curtiss King - Lemon Juice (Official Video) ➤ Download CKBeats App - iTunes | Android ➤ Download Curtiss King - Jubilee Year on iTunes ---- Go to and download the book that changed my guest’s life. The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David...


Kent Moran of The Challenger movie | Man of Many Hats | Covering Every Angle | SEP016

Host Kahlee speaks with actor, musician, writer and director, Kent Moran about his approach on becoming successful from a do it yourself angle. In his latest film, The Challenger, Kent co-stars opposite to Michael Clarke Duncan in a story of a struggling high school drop out, fighting to make money from local boxing matches. He gains attention from a local television station with an idea to document his rise and eventual title match. See "The Challenger" on iTunes, Netflix and...


Steve Floyd: CEO of AXZM | Web Design & Digital Marketing | Rich or Wealth | SEP014

Today my guest is the CEO of Dallas based Marketing firm, AXZM Steve Floyd Sponsors: Visit for other great shows on the network like the 2Mex Hologram Podcast, Really Tho, Crappy Awesome, Orchastrated, Life on the Road with 60 east, My other show Proof of Life Radio and more on the Platform Collection network. ---- And dont forget to checkout 2MexHologram Radio at The 24 hour Hip-Hop Radio channel with shows like Proof of Life...


Nate Whitsell of SDLovesHipHop | Teacher or Student |Community Pillar | SEP013

This episode I sit down with Nate Whitsell of to talk about his journey to becoming a teacher, writer and pillar in the San Diego Hip-Hop community. Please visit to see what Nate has going. Sponsors: Visit for other great shows on the network like the 2Mex Hologram Podcast, Really Tho, Crappy Awesome, Orchastrated, Life on the Road with 60 east, My other show Proof of Life Radio and more on the Platform Collection...


60 East of First Dirt | Artist + Business Man | Organization is Key | SEP012

This episode I’m talking with my homeboy 60 East. He’s a man of many hats as well, from Booking Agent, Public Speaker & P.R., to international touring artist and much more. 60’s on tour in Europe at the moment, but I caught up with him before he left, to talk about a few things that keep him on course and motivated for success. Thanks to everyone who's left comments, ratings and reviews for the show and everyone sharing and spreading the word. If you like what I’m doing here with Status...


Jose Joaquin of Guerrilla Union | Road Manager & Life Manager | Being the Go To Guy | SEP011

Today's guest is Jose Joaquin aka Koed 1. From club promoting to working with the Hip-Hop festival production company Guerrilla Union. He’s the go-to guy for numerous festivals and nowadays hitting the road with names like Murs, Talib Kweli, Lauryn Hill and more. Jose is someone who sees both sides of the music biz as an artist representative as well as an event manager and coordinator. Before we get into the show, I wanna give thanks for all the support everyone’s been showing this year....


Visual of the Money Mantra Podcast | Change Your Life | Action & Fearlessness Equals Success | SEP010

Today my guest is Cesar Zamudio also know by the name, Visual. A man of many hats like myself, Visual is a Hip-Hop artist, entrepreneur and educator amongst other things. We’re gonna get into his journey of betterment, and talk about how action and fearlessness equals success. And of course a dope Q&A session. Big thank you to everyone for subscribing, rating and reviewing the show. ---- 1:19 - Guest Introduction 1:45 - Hip-Hop artist/Entrepreneur 3:10 - Learning all aspects of...


Sabac Red of Non-Phixion | Organize & Mobilize | Planning and Prioritizing to succeed | SEP009

Today my guest is John Fuentes also known as Sabac Red of the legendary Hip-Hop group, Non-Phixion. Aside from an MC Sabac is a Husband, Father community activist and more. He also works with the Oakland city youth overseeing grants and programs geared towards developing positive young adults. We’ll talk a bit about how he got into social activism by building with many celebrities before the fame as well as his time working with MC Search and more. And of course a strong Q&A...


Aswan Morgan of | Challenge the norm | YOUR personal path to wealth

This show I’m talking with Aswan Morgan. Also known to many in the Hip-Hop world as Free Speech. My man's made quite a name for himself in the music scene even grabbing great blog placements early on with sites like Okayplayer, and others. But outside of the music he’s always been about his business and presentation. Over the years he’s consulted for, worked with and founded multiple companies in the tech world. From helping solidify already established companies to...


Propaganda of Humble Beast | Work-Life Balance | Finding success in your art, career and family life | SEP007

This week my guest is Hip-Hop artist, author and father amongst other things, Propaganda from Humble Beast records. We discuss everything from keeping your family relationship strong while on the road, avoiding the trap of being labeled a certain type of artist, and getting paid while giving away your music for free. Contest Alert Also, this is your last chance to win a free hat from Farmers Market Hawaii. Just go to to enter… and we’ll announce the winner on our show...


Mattlocks of Rhyme and Reason Radio | Quality & Work | Don't let fear or comfort hold you back | SEP006

Today’s guest from the Rhyme and Reason show on 101.1FM The Beat in Phoenix, Arizona. My brotha Mattlocks. Not only is my dude a radio personality and a DJ but he’s also a photographer, marathon runner and he teaches a music business class at Phoenix University. Thank you for subscribing to the show, rating and reviewing it cause it really helps a lot. **Contest** Farmers Market Hawaii and Status Escalate Podcast are gonna giving away a prize pack with stickers, music and a FREE...


JustUs of Respect the Underground | Follow Your Gut | Exercising the Power of the Mind | SEP005

Today my guest is JustUs Samuel from Respect the Underground. He's been a name and brand in the Arizona Hip-Hop scene for over a decade, but over the past few years shifted his focus more onto the event production side of things. He's now preparing for the 3rd annual Arizona Hip-Hop Festival. An indoor/Outdoor event covering the span of 4 city blocks. and he’s doing it on November 19th which has been officially declared by the Mayor as Phoenix's Hip-Hop day. *Contest* Farmers Market...


Cookbook of Really Tho?!? podcast | Manifest Success | When preparation and the right attitude meets opportunity | SEP004

Today I'm talking with my main man: Artist, Musician, Life Coach, Comedian, and professional phone conversationalist Cookbook from LA Symphony. He’s also got a show on the Platform Collection network called ReallyTho?!? where you can find my recent interview with him. If you wanna learn a little more about me in a less formatted and serious setting that’s the one. Please remember to Subscribe, Rate and Review the show *Contest* Farmers Market Hawaii and Status Escalate Podcast are gonna...


Keoni "PainKillers" Payton of Farmers Market Hawaii | Hustle & Vibes | How turning negatives into positives equals success | SEP002

Today I’m talking with my friend Keoni Payton aka PainKillers. The creative mind behind the popular clothing, lifestyle brand Farmers Market Hawaii and Broken Hardend. Keoni had much to say about his upbringing, time in prison and how it shaped his life in a positive way. Keoni has an extraordinary knack for turning negative situations into something amazing. I do apologize for the sound quality of this episode. I was having some issues with my recording device but thankfully I was able...


KILLcRey of Platform Collection | Maximizing Potential | Utilizing all talents & resources | SEP001

Today I’m sitting down with my good friend (co-host of Crappy Awesome Podcast & Proof of Life Radio) KILLcRey to talk about his journey going from a Hip-Hop artist to a radio show host, magazine editor/journalist to podcast host and the head of podcast network and hip-hop blog **Contest Alert** Win Music, Stickers and 1 FREE, unreleased Farmers Market Hawaii hat by answering the question: "What's the secret sauce?" (The answer can be found in the episode with...