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Sit down with legends, risers, songwriters, session musicians, industry execs, etc., as they recount their biggest hits, past failures, battling addictions, racism, sexism, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and even homelessness to get where they are today. All the while host, Brandon Harrington, is still trying to survive the music industry.


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Sit down with legends, risers, songwriters, session musicians, industry execs, etc., as they recount their biggest hits, past failures, battling addictions, racism, sexism, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and even homelessness to get where they are today. All the while host, Brandon Harrington, is still trying to survive the music industry.








Jon Randall

Most recently Randall released a collaborative project called The Marfa Tapes with Miranda Lambert and Jack Ingram. Marfa, Texas is a particularly special place for these writers, allowing them to decompress and write vulnerably together, a perfect example being their ACM Song of the Year “Tin Man.” This record is a collection of songs the trio wrote together over various trips to Marfa, encapsulated in raw and honest live recordings. In conversation, Randall shares what he thinks when...


Alex Kline

Alex Kline is one of Nashville's newest hitmakers but is one of the few women to sit in the producer's chair. Originally from Minneapolis, moving to the Bay area, to eventually making her way to Boston at Berkely. It was a spring break trip and Nashville chord chart that would eventually change the course of her life. With her first and only experience of Nashville in her college years. She quit school and risked it all to move to Music City to become a songwriter/producer. After trial and...


Raleigh Keegan

Most stories start one way for country music artists but for others like Raleigh Keegan. It's a story of redemption, joy, and sacrifice. Keegan was born in jail to a brave, selfless single mother and placed for adoption. He shares the power of forgiveness and the joy that was shared once he reunited with his mother. Even though this context might shape his identity, he affirms that he's more than just a story. Raleigh shares how he's using his music and his artistry to reshape his narrative....


Jim Beavers

Proud Texan, Jim Beavers sits across a computer screen with host Brandon Harrington to talk about his journey from disbanded Son's Of The Desert frontman to the hit songwriter that he is today. Jim confesses that he's always been a songwriter but running a record label was the vocation of choice. It's hard to imagine that the pen behind hit songs like Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup," Gary Allan's "Watching Airplanes," Luke Bryan's "Drink A Beer," and Dierks Bentley's "5-1-5-0," "How Am I Doin,"...


Shannon McNally

Shannon McNally talks about ‘The Waylon Sessions’ and the perspective that was already there that she resurfaced from the legendary outlaw's music. She also shares the power behind selenium, the gangster's behind record labels, and the challenge of changing narrow perspectives.


The Accidentals

The Accidentals sit across Brandon to talk about not pranking Taco Bell, Jack White encounters, and writing with heroes for their Time Out Session 1 EP. Katie, Sav, and Michael share their origin story in the episode along with how they balance their egos to not become the stereotypical band story.


Marty Dodson

It's a podcast crossover with hit songwriter Marty Dodson from the SongTown on Songwriting Podcast. The songwriter behind Kenny Chesney's “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven”, Billy Currington's “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right” and “Let Me Down Easy” talks about redemption and even the path of his songs from the writing room to the top of the charts. Marty also shares his early years of deals, lessons learned from legendary songwriters, and even the intentions behind SongTown.



Chris and Eleot of Volk share how they landed on their brand of cowpunk, glam-rock in their debut album 'Cashville'. Embarrassing moments with musical hero's, perspectives from other artists and community, the death of genres, and how the music of Volk is pointing at the flaws of the Nashville music economy.


Robert Finley

After a successful run of America's Got Talent, Robert Finley thinks that it's time for people to know the sharecropper's son. Robert sits with Brandon to talk about 'Sharecropper's Son' produced by Dan Auerbach, as he reflects on his time with America's Got Talent, his childhood, and how after 67 years Robert feels that you are never too young to dream nor too old to live.


Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney ("Hey Mama", "Closer To Love", "Nothing Left To Lose", "Breathe In Breathe Out") pops up on a computer screen to talk about his newest album, 'January Flower' that is releasing on May 21st and shares some of the origins of the deep cuts from the record. Mat also talks about some of his early album cycles and writing patterns, the beauty of regret and redemption, the anxieties of invasive plants, and the pressures of an artist's life.



The guy's of Southerland jump on the show to talk about what has happened for them up to their latest debut EP, 'Boot Up' that will be releasing on May 28th. Chris and Matt share everything from getting noticed in Key West, scams, past jobs, writing from a place of authenticity, and even if the swag of country hero's can be replicated today.


Malia Civetz

With more creative control and confidence, Malia Civetz releases 'Heels In Hand' EP feeling validated as an artist with something to say. Malia talks with Brandon about how she met Ross Golan and J Kash, lessons learned from pop songwriting, and changing public perception of how R&B artists are received.


Jordan Slone of Hounds

Hounds frontman Jordan Slone and winners of 'Who Will Rock You?' sit with Brandon to share the Hounds' experiences before, during, and after the show. They also talk about hallucinating experiences, balancing ego with relationships, and how 'Cattle In The Sky' is part of the evolution of the rock genre.



Earnest and vulnerability mixed with a stream of conscious and intentional lyrics are an interesting balance for a pop track. For John-Robert's music, it's about where his intent lies for the perfect balance of all things artistic. John and Brandon talk about extremes and the balances in music, their relationship with obsessive thought loops and sleep, and along with writing from a perspective of exaggeration with some truth.


Jared Watson of Dirty Heads

Dirty Heads' own Jared Watson checks in to talk about the viral success of "Vacation" and even new music from California Island. Brandon and Jared walk through the key moments from Dirty Heads album cycles, the risks involved with sobriety, the skepticism behind DMT and spiritual journeys, and how the band writes their songs that built a community around their music.


Rhonda Vincent

The Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent reflects on past projects and moments that have made her career. Just after her induction as a member of The Grand Ole Opry and before her newest record 'Music Is What I See' releases on May, 28th. She sits screen to screen with Brandon to talk about trailblazers, how timing has been a factor through her life, and risks taken for the sake of lessons learned.


Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel may not feel like he is part of this new normal of the state of the world, but feels it has allowed people to be their most authentic selves. With the release of 'What Is Life?' Brett feels that this might be his truest self in his music. The CCMA and Juno award-winning country artist tells us how he's managing his identity, cancel culture, and redemption from 2020.


Pony Bradshaw

Pony Bradshaw is an artist that knows the value of stories told from the perspectives of culture. Calico Jim, Pony Bradshaw's latest offering, isn't a concept per se but a look into a way of life where reality can sometimes be overlooked. Pony talks about clean slates to offload past baggage, a beautiful mind to create songs, and the victims of realism.


Esther Rose

Esther Rose released her third full-length album How Many Times and is already burnt by the topic of heartache. Seeing your work as one thing and one emotion overwhelming the conversation that then shapes the narrative isn't probably everyone's intention. So how do you change the conversation? Esther shares the source of the burnout, the prophetic sense of her music, and the discovery of her unique sound that even caught the ears of Jack White.


Lexy Panterra, aka Virgin Lex

Most know the BADDIE-Lexy Panterra, aka Virgin Lex, as the dancer and brains behind LexTwerkOut. But can her millions of followers embrace her new music? Lexy sits down with host Brandon Harrington to talk about her new music, the beginnings of LexTwerkOut, and the double standards she faces daily with her music and career.