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Randon Purcell’s Music Industry Success “Secrets”

Watch This Episode on YouTube: The name Randon Purcell might sound familiar to you because his Passenger Profile interview has been running in the TAXI Transmitter for the last 3 months. The final installment will be out in a couple of days! As luck would have it, Randon is in Los Angeles this week, and is able to join us for a special episode of TAXI TV today at 4/7 pm. Find the time to watch this episode! Randon is an incredibly deep well of information. He...


Getting the Most from Orchestral Sample & Virtual Instrument Libraries

Watch This Episode on YouTube: At last year’s Road Rally (TAXI’s free convention), I played an exciting orchestral cue titled “Across the Valley” by member, Martin Tichy. I love that piece, and the audience in the grand ballroom quickly understood why! As I got to know Martin better, it was pretty easy to understand why his music was so good -- in particular his orchestral work. You see, his grandfather was a violin teacher, and they lived in Austria, a country...


Music Library Executive Michael Kruk [Song Reviews]

Watch This Episode on YouTube: Music For Income Courses: I’m excited to have a Music Library owner from far, far away join me on Monday for the live broadcast of the big show! He’s very smart, and by virtue of him living on another continent, I’m curious to see if there are any musical or business differences from U.S. music libraries that he can point out. Why am I not disclosing exactly who this guest will be? Because this email goes to...


TAXI Trivia and Giveaways

Watch This Episode on YouTube: Michael's going to be out of the office on Monday, so he asked Tom and I to come up with something new and fun for this episode! Our answer: TAXI Trivia! Get right answers, win a bunch of cool prizes: Several great books, and a Shure microphone! Tom and I are going to be asking you questions about all things TAXI––so be sure to do your research before tuning in! :) Make sure you're logged in to you YouTube account and active in the...


Social Media Promotion for Musicians with Bobby Owsinski

Watch This Episode on YouTube: Get Bobby's Book: Michael will be back in the saddle for Monday's TAXI TV, and he'll be helping you learn about one of his favorite topics -- Marketing Music! Fishing was a good guess, but not for this show ;-) Many of you know Bobby Owsinski for his best-selling books on engineering and mixing, but you may not know that he's also a world-class expert on marketing with social media, websites, and email as well! If...


TAXI Road Rally Convention Q&A

Watch This Episode on YouTube: Michael is going to be out of the office for this week's episode of TAXI TV, so he's asked Tom and I to cover for him again! This week we're going to be answering your questions about the TAXI Road Rally (TAXI's Members-Only Convention) and giving you insider tips on how to make the most of this awesome event! Tom and I have collectively been to over fifteen TAXI Road Rallies, so we would consider ourselves experts on the subject (:...


How to Interpret TAXI's Music Industry Opportunities

If you ever get frustrated by not quite knowing how to interpret TAXI’s Industry Listings, don’t miss today’s episode of TAXI TV! Michael’s going to go through a bunch of examples, and think them through out loud so you can learn the “art and science” of reading the tea leaves. Want to hit the bullseye more often? Want to get more music sent to the people who requested it and sign more deals? Don’t miss this episode! ________________ Watch Last Week's Episode:


Writing Music for Media with Steve Barden

Long time TAXI member Steve Barden is pretty humble and unassuming, but he probably shouldn’t be! He’s racked up a ton of credits and learned a lot about several facets of creating music for media along the way. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, violin, and many other stringed instruments. Those skills have translated into him becoming a production music composer for film, television, commercials and corporate videos. His music can be heard on TV somewhere in the world...


Reach Your 2018 Music Goals [Stop Procrastinating!]

Welcome to 2018! We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions like this: “I’m going to get serious and start writing and recording more music this year.” Seems simple enough… Yet 99% of the people who make that resolution probably won’t stick with it! Why? Procrastination! Personally, I’m a world-class expert on the subject of procrastination. I’d much rather sit on the couch watching TV than doing work. I’m lazy at my core, and I can find a million reasons to put off anything that even resembles...


What Genre Is This? Knowing How to Pitch Your Music

Michael listens to viewer submissions as we determine "What's the genre?" This episode is really helpful for learning how to pitch your songs better!


How to Get 300 Tracks Signed in One Year

TAXI Members, and mother-son duo, Marcus Cohen and Sherry Marcus Milano, aka, We Will Write You a Song, have had 300 of their songs and tracks signed to a bunch of film/TV Music publishers during the year between the 2016 and 2017 Road Rallies. Yes, you read that correctly. That's almost a song per day!! Want to know how they did that? That's exactly what we'll be uncovering, and so much more on today's TAXI TV at 4pm Pacific time!


Writing Lyrics for Film & TV - Song Reviews with Robin Frederick

Songwriters sometimes overlook the most obvious “job” that a song is supposed to do – keep listeners engaged! One of the most powerful tools a songwriter can use to accomplish that goal is emotion. For records, the song’s “emotion quotient” keeps listeners from skipping to the next song or station. In the context of Film, TV, and Advertising placements, songs play a critical role in supporting the emotion of the scene! Emotion is communicated by your choice of chords, melodies, rhythms,...


Engineering Modern Sounds with Ronan Chris Murphy

Have you ever wished that your recordings sounded more like what you hear on the radio? Are your instrument sounds stuck in the ‘70s and ‘80s? We’re going to help you fix that problem on today’s TAXI TV with special guest, Ronan Chris Murphy! There’s been a sea change in the way engineering is approached, and it ain’t your father’s paradigm from decades past. You can update your sound, and the first step is to simply understand what the sea change was, and why it happened! Want to know...


The Difference Between Good & Great Sample Libraries with Dr. Jeff Steinman

What do you get when you cross somebody who’s got a Ph.D. in high-energy particle physics and an uncontrollable obsession with creating great sounding instrument samples? Yep, a nuclear sample library! Well, kind of… Dr. Jeffrey Steinman is a long-time TAXI member who is truly obsessed with perfection, especially when it comes to how the instruments in his sample libraries sound. He’s so obsessed that he hires legendary, Grammy-winning musicians like Eric Marienthal to come into incredible...


Music Publishing and Promotion with Bobby Borg and Michael Eames [Q&A]

Wow, what a show this is! Super informative on so many levels. The peeps who watched the live show LOVED it, and so will you! Want to know how you get paid when your music is on the Internet? Want to know how to market yourself as an artist or composer? Those and many, many more questions are answered in this power-packed episode with Michael Eames and Bobby Borg - BOTH world-class experts! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Get Your...


Pro Mixing Tutorial at Westlake's CRē•8 Music Academy

Doug Fenske, Director of Education at Cre8 Music Academy joins Michael to give an excellent mixing tutorial at Westlake Studios in Hollywood. The advice Doug gives is world-class! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Get Your Music to Record Labels, Music Supervisors, and Music Libraries: See what the Music Industry is looking for today: Rub elbows with Music Industry Execs at this FREE...


What It Takes to Get Pitched for a TV Commercial

Michael plays the Motown-esque Instrumentals that TAXI's A&R department picked to be contenders for a national TV commercial for an insurance company. Listen to all 11 of the tracks that got forwarded and see what you think!


TAXI Road Rally 2017 - Panel Announcements, Networking Tips (FREE Songwriting Convention)

Michael gives a good first look at what the big panels will be in the main ballroom. He's joined by Briagha McTavish who gives out some great tips for Rally attendees. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Get Your Music to Record Labels, Music Supervisors, and Music Libraries: See what the Music Industry is looking for today: Rub elbows with Music Industry Execs at this FREE Convention:...


Ask Michael Anything!

Ask Michael Anything! by TAXI Independent A&R


Picking Music for TAXI's Top Ten Round 2

We had so many songs left over at the end of the prior show that we decided to do a second week of listening and voting.