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Nick Passey from Folk Hogan - Talk Music To Me #15

Nick Passey Nick Passey plays in the folk punk band Folk Hogan. He recently released his debut solo album called Just Working Thru Some Shit. He joins us to talk about getting comfortable with failure, being an atheist living in Salt Lake City, and covering Bad Religion on the banjo. NickPassey.comFolkHogan.comCheck him out on Facebook Bands & records Nick Passey recommends For Heidi by Jeff Dillon Bands & songs we discussed Diesel BoySofa King CoolFlogging MollyWithin a...


Frank Turner discography - Talk Music To Me #14

Podcast Frank Turner discography Listed below are all the songs and albums we discussed. Million Dead - A Song to Ruin (2003) Sleep Is For The Week (2007) Love Ire & Song (2008) Poetry of the Deed (2009) Rock & Roll - EP (2010) England Keep My Bones (2011) Tape Deck Heart (2013) Positive Songs for Negative People (2015) Songbook (2017) Be More Kind (upcoming 2018) Additional bands and songs discussed Red...


Slayer calls it quits, the Ataris in legal trouble and Good Riddance show review - Talk Music To Me #13

Podcast Bands & songs we discussed Anti-FlagAmerican FallDiesel BoyCock RockDTABandcamp pageThe Gaslight AnthemGet HurtGood RiddanceA Comprehensive Guide to Modern RebellionGood RiddanceMy RepublicHi Fi MurderFacebook pageThe HollowThe Hollow EPThe Hollow EndsThe EPI the MightyConnectorJakeyMischief BrewBakenalMy Body Sings ElectricPart 1: The Night EndsPolar Bear ClubClash Battle Guilt PrideTony SlyAcoustic, Vol. 2SpinneretteGhetto Love EPJustin...


Metal, Punk and Going Solo - Talk Music To Me #13

Podcast Our good friend Shane joins us to play some great metal bands and talk about band members going solo. Plus there’s an update to the Josh Homme/Danzig feud! Bands & songs we discussed Alkaline TrioAgony and IronyAvail4AM FridayTim Barry40 MilerDead CrossDead CrossHigh On FireDe Vermis MysteriisIron ChicNot Like ThisMastodonLeviathanNOFXFirst Ditch EffortOff With Their HeadsHomeOff With Their HeadsFrom The BottomOff With Their...


Josh Homme's feud with Danzig. Plus: Queens of the Stone Age review - Talk Music To Me #11

Podcast With no guests booked this week we give an in depth review of a recent Queens of the Stone Age show. We also hit on Josh Homme’s feud with Danzig and discuss why bands like I the Mighty are criminally under appreciated. Bands & songs we discussed The ClashThe DistillersCoral FangThe DistillersCoral FangFugazi13 SongsGood RiddanceA Comprehensive Guide to Modern RebellionH2ONothing To ProvePropagandhiVictory LapRedbushMilk MaidThe Riot...


Cinders interview - Talk Music To Me #10

Podcast Cinders Being residents of Salt Lake City we were very excited to get a chance to talk to local band Cinders. These guys have an energy and positivity that are contagious and we couldn't be happier to share their message and music. Austin and Montana give some great insight into band dynamics, the creative process and share some of their (surprising) influences. hereCheck out their website Bands & songs we discussed AFIAll Hallow's E.P.Hot...


The Jukebox Romantics interview! - Talk Music To Me #9

Podcast The JukeBox Romantics The Jukebox Romantics have been hitting the road hard for nearly a decade and their strong work ethic is paying off. They were recently signed by Paper + Plastick and are about to release their best record yet. Guitarist and vocalist Terry joins us to talk about his unique take on punk rock, the sacrifices touring musicians must make, and the key to keeping a band together. here Rude Dude Cast on iTunes Video for "Breaking...


An interview with Margot Polo! Plus The Descendents in SLC - Talk Music To Me #8

Podcast We were lucky enough to be on the I Am Salt Lake podcast! Click here to listen to the whole interview or you can hear it on iTunes & Google Play Music! We talk about Talk Music To Me, tell the story of how the show started and discuss our favorite concert experiences. Thanks so much to Chris and Krissie for having us! Our guest this week is David Provenzano. David has been in numerous bands including Sherwood and Fialta. His solo project, Margot...


An interview with former promoter Rhianna Riggs - Talk Music To Me #7

We were lucky enough to be on the I Am Salt Lake podcast! Click here to listen to the whole interview or you can hear it on iTunes & Google Play Music! We talk about Talk Music To Me, tell the story of how the show started and discuss our favorite concert experiences. Thanks so much to Chris and Krissie for having us! This week we talk to former promoter Rhianna Riggs. She gives us insight into what its like to be a promoter, the difficulties working for a big label and how to handle...


What is a sellout? Plus an interview with Adam John Daly - Talk Music To Me #6

We are very excited to be a member of the Podcast Collective! Check out to find a collection of some of the best podcasts you'll ever hear! On this episode we talk with fellow music junkie and podcaster Adam John Daly. We get the inside info on his podcasts (Getting Lost and Spin the Black Circle), talk about our mutual love for vinyl and debate whether Fallout Boy is a great or horrible band name. We also play tracks from Red City Radio and Grits Green. Bands &...


Remembering Chris Cornell - Talk Music To Me #5

This week we react to the tragic death of Chris Cornell. We look back at his career and discuss some of our favorite songs and records. Plus Jess reacts to an aging Danzig and we play tracks from Beans on Toast and Kyle Trocolla. Bands & songs we discussed: Amigo The DevilDecompositionsAt The Drive-Inin•ter a•li•aModern BaseballHoly GhostDanzigBlack Laden CrownDanzigDanzigDanzigDanzigMisfitsWalk Among UsNightmarathonsNightmarathonsTigers JawSpin Tracks: Beans On ToastThe Grand Scheme...


Alkaline Trio - Talk Music To Me #4

This week we dive into the discography of Alkaline Trio. Plus we take a look at some of the most anticipated (and surprising) upcoming new releases. Bands we discussed: May 2017 upcoming releases: Music: Mega Gem "Onions" Colors of the West Forget the Whale "I Know Where You've Been" What I Tell Myself Vol. 1 Music provided by Free Music Archive.


Everything comes back to Danzig! - Talk Music To Me #3

Are SXSW’s policies ethical? Plus how long can a band ride one hit? When does integrity become more important than getting a paycheck? Bands we discussed: Anti-FlagReel Big FishHarley PoeNothingtonSmith Street BandShapes & ColorsNorthern EmptyCrook and the Bluff Podcast recommendations: The Vinyl PatchFour Finger Discount Music: Colin Ska Johnson "Push Button Generation" Ménage Quad "1, 2, Skadoo" Swing Sioree Music provided by Free Music Archive.


Talk Music To Me #2

We talk about recent shows, what we’re listening to and ask the age old question: how much are you willing to pay for a concert ticket? Music: Titus Andronicus "Titus Andronicus" Live at Monty Hall, 9/8/2016 Joshua James Hunt "On My Mind" Just Let Go Music provided by Free Music Archive.


The Debut! - Talk Music To Me #1

Welcome to Talk Music To Me! In the debut episode Jessie and Allen introduce themselves and lay out what you can expect from this show. Plus they talk about some of their favorite bands and albums. Ending music: "Ultra Neuf Trois" by Ultrademon