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Talking with Thompson Square is a podcast from the multi platinum selling, grammy nominated country duo Thompson Square. But this podcast isn't just about music and life. It's a show about everything. We talk with people from all walks of life a professions.


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Talking with Thompson Square is a podcast from the multi platinum selling, grammy nominated country duo Thompson Square. But this podcast isn't just about music and life. It's a show about everything. We talk with people from all walks of life a professions.







John Marks is one of the biggest names in country music. He has blazed a path from terrestrial radio to XM to Spotify and beyond leaving his impression on all of these. He has witnessed the many changes that have happened in all formats of music over the past few decades and has learned to pivot, stay relevant and make a huge impact on songs and artists alike. This is an education in the music business. John is one of our favorite people on the planet as well and I’m so thankful for his time. Please enjoy.


Talking with Jeffrey Steele

Jeffrey Steele has lived a life most musicians only dreams of. He is one of the most talented, well versed, passionate and articulate guys in the music biz. His love for what he does and how he feels about the craft and our country is at the forefront of his compositions and we’re all better for it. It was a great pleasure to have Jeffrey on this episode. I know you’ll love it.


Talking With Ty Herndon

Ty Herndon joins me on journey down memory lane. We have a wonderful conversations about touring together, his struggles throughout his career and how he got to where he is today and what his new album is all about.


Talking With Space Force's General Jay Raymond

Space force’s 4 Star General Jay Raymond and International Space Station Astronaut Nick Hague join us for an amazing conversation about Space Force and what it all means. They talk about a million things you probably don’t know about space but need to in order to better understand why we need these brave people doing what they do. Enjoy.


Talking with Keifer and Shawan Ep.18

Tonight’s topics: Mothers Day Travis Tritt T2 pays tribute to the late Keith Whitney Upcoming Shows Recent show in Cali and how great it was to see people again. The importance of the diner table And what our prom’s were like


Talking with Keifer and Shawna

Tonight’s Hot Topics: House Renovations Cooper smashing his mouth singing on basement stage. “The Bee’s are eating our house”. Guest singer covering T2. What did you do today? Shawna’s pressure washing obsession. Keifer and Shawna pay tribute to George Jones’ on the anniversary of his passing.


Talking with Lindsay Ell

Tonight with talk with country music star Lindsay Ell about how she’s dealt with concerts being shut down, being alone, being a “girl” guitar player and how she’d like to have a love in her life that didn’t involve having 4 legs and fur. We talk about her new music and working with music producing legend Dan Huff. And Lindsay graces us with a bit of a song. We also learn that Keifer has no idea with the Grinder app is. Lindsay is an absolute gem and we just love her. We hope you enjoy this episode of Talking with Thompson Square.


Talking With Katie Cook and Adam Shoenfeld (SunKat)

Today we talk with CMT Hot 20 host Katie Cook and renowned session guitar player Adam Shoenfeld. We cover the ups and downs of the biz, how they got where they are, strange personal paranormal experiences and they also grace us with an acoustic live performance from their new self titled release, SunKat.


Talking with Brent Blakney

Today we chat with the amazingly funny comic Brent Blakney about stand up and what it means to be successful in comedy. We also find out what this funny man's dating profile looks like. . It felt so good to laugh during this episode. Enjoy.


Talking with Keifer Thompson

This is a very intimate episode honoring Keifer’s late mother. On the anniversary of her passing he pays tribute, in story and song, to the woman who helped shape him into the man he became.



In this episode we talk about breaking down after sending Cooper off to school and about how horribly bad Keifer’s valentines day gifts are.


Talking with TikTok success Dylan Ayres

Today we talk with TikTok success Dylan Ayres. He’s only 17 years old but has made a significant impact on TikTok. He tells us how he became famous through hard work and hopefully this inspires others to do the same.


Talking with Jerrod Niemann

Jerrod Niemann joins us for a hilarious episode. We talk about everything from music, Jerrod getting covid, his dooder drawing, music row “d” bags, throwing up on a plane, getting bit by Gary Allan’s dog on stage and so much more. This is a good on


Talking with Dusty Slay

In this episode we talk to comedian Dusty Slay, one of our favorite comics. We talk Bama football, getting swamp ass, why guys adjust themselves, Dusty the rat slayer, the currency of a good laugh, Dusty’s first bomb performance, crappy crowds and so much more. This is a hot show!


Talking with Thompson Square Ep.7

In this episode we bid farewell to 2020 and talk about the best thing that happened to us last year, how we had an unexpected 7th house move since we’ve been in Nashville and how Keifer got jipped this year on Christmas.


Talking With George Ducas

Join us as we talk with one of our favorite people. It’s our old friend and country star, George Ducas. George is a hit songwriter as well as having hits of his own. He’s written songs for George Jones, Garth Brooks, Dixie Chicks, Ely Young Band and many more.


Talking with Paul Cardall and JD Netto

In episode 6 we talk about our new song “All I See Is Snow” with our friend and cowriter / coproducer Paul Cardall and the author of novel about Paul inspirational story, JD Netto. This song unites so many of us who feel something a little different this time of year. But it gives up hope and lets us know we’re not alone.


Talking with Thompson Sqaure

We sit down with our old friend, country music star, Craig Campbell on this episode. We get to talk about old times, some unknown truths about the music biz and how life is now for Craig and what’s in store for the future.



Episode 4 - In this special Veterans Day edition we talk with some real life American hero’s who both served our county and paid a heavy price in doing so. Join us on this amazing journey.


Talking with Thompson Square EP. 3

In this episode Keifer and Shawna embark on a covid camping journey that gives them a whole new appreciation for the outdoors.