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Track-by-track opinionated commentary and anecdotes by two rock 'n' roll field hands, about albums you know and (maybe) love.

Track-by-track opinionated commentary and anecdotes by two rock 'n' roll field hands, about albums you know and (maybe) love.
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Track-by-track opinionated commentary and anecdotes by two rock 'n' roll field hands, about albums you know and (maybe) love.






S2E56 – The B-52’s – “Wild Planet” with Lisa Zomaro

A party out of bounds is what we've got on our hands, with B-52's super fan Lisa Zomaro (formerly Lisa PRL / currently Lisa Kitschy Cat) bringing us an album that was a thorough pleasure to listen to and talk about. Athens, GA's first New Wave musical export's second platter of seemingly innocent but driving dance tracks has a lot more under the surface (of the water) than a dip of your toe in the shallow end might indicate. Support us on Patreon: Get...


S2E55 – Bad Brains “I Against I” – with guest Camila Risso

Another lovely and intelligent young woman has made the possibly career-ending and personally catastrophic decision to join us on our show. Her choice of subject is the game-changing and seminal album by Washington, D.C.’s Bad Brains, “I Against I,” the most successful album in the SST catalog. We cover a lot of ground, including the internal turmoil that drove the band and their album’s musical and production nods to a much less punk rock ensemble. Thanks again Camila for lending your charm...


S2E54 – “Killing Joke” – Killing Joke w/John Mahoney

Barry's guitarist bandmate, long-time Killing Joke fanboy and synthesizer aficionado John Mahoney brings snacks, booze, and wit to our humble podcast. This week we cover the debut album that launched a thousand pounding, throbbing ships, but none quite as magnificent as the one holding the broken champagne bottle, Jaz Coleman's Killing Joke. Geordie Walker, Youth and Paul Ferguson complete the edifice, each adding a critical component to the nascent sound. Please support our Patreon:...


S2E53 – Smashing Pumpkins – “Gish” w/ Chris Bellus of Laser Wolf

The AWESOME Chris Bellus from Laser Wolf and Invasive Species brewing in Fort Lauderdale joins us to introduce Rob and Barry to his favorite album, the debut by Chicago's Smashing Pumpkins, “Gish.” It's an album full of great textures and some sly nods to classic rock roots that might catch some listeners by surprise. Support us on Patreon: Support Is This Tomorrow?:


S2E52 – Alex Chilton – “Like Flies On Sherbert” w/Danny Gonzalez (Jacuzzi Boys)

The charming AND handsome Danny Gonzalez, bassist and voice of relative reason in Jacuzzi Boys, Miami's favorite trio of ne'er do wells, brings one of his picks to TRGMH for an hour of dissection and speculation. Like Flies On Sherbert has been issued a few times, with different track lineups, but we hit the one with the MOST tracks, and the one that got Danny's attention back in the mid-aughts. Drinks were had, just like during the making of this album. Support our Patreon at...


S2E51 – The Velvet Underground & Nico with M.C. Kostek

Pull the handle on the time machine back 32 years and Barry is living in Stuart, Florida with one of the founders of the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society, Michael "M.C." Kostek. Mike is probably the ultimate authority on the Velvet Underground, and saw the Velvets twice in 1969 – before heading to Woodstock and interrupting Jimi Hendrix's set with his aggressive head nodding. The Velvet Underground & Nico is unquestionably one of the most influential albums in music, and we take a...


S2E50 – Minutemen – “Double Nickels on the Dime”

This 1984 double album by Minutemen was (and continues to be) a peak, at the zenith of what Alternative Rock in the US aspired to in the 1980s. Over 40 songs of introspective beat poetry and political observations set to a totally legit, funky, angular soundtrack by three 1976 graduates from San Pedro High School. Proposition: This is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Counter-argument: ??? Rob and Barry take their seats and get schooled by D, Mike and George. Support TRGMH on...


S2E49 – WEEZER (The Blue Album) – with Erin Lee

Erin Lee from FM 104.3 The Shark picked this week's deluxe slab of wax, the debut album by Rivers Cuomo's pop science experiment Weezer. The conversation is lifted by Erin's deep love and knowledge of this band's history, and inevitably degraded by Rob and Barry's crude, coarse, low-class japes, asides and bogus conclusions. But that's the point of the show, right? Thanks Erin for being a great guest. We'll do better next time, I promise. Support us via Patreon:


S1E48 – Jeff Buckley – “Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk” w/Emile Blair Milgrim

We conclude our first season of 48 episodes with a visit from beloved local Emile Blair Milgrim, co-founder of Miami Girls Rock Camp, Managing Partner of Sweat Records, and drummer for Las Nubes amongst other "diversions." Her pick of Jeff Buckley's posthumous “Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk" makes for great speculation – would'a could'a should'a. Support That Record Got Me High via Patreon: Support our sponsor "Is This Tomorrow":


S1E47 – Fucked Up – “David Comes To Life”

Fucked Up’s opus “David Comes To Life” tells the story of a recurring character in their ouevre, the self-same David, and his relationship with Veronica (not from the Archie comics), her death, and the intercession of a narrator/puppeteer who feels remorse for what he's done. Rob loves it and drinks $200 rye, Barry has a tough time of it after a rough week and drinks vodka and orange juice. Become a patron: Our sponsor:


S1E46 – The Pretty Things – “Parachute”

Rob and Barry reach back into the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s for The Pretty Things’ “Parachute,” the greatest album you've likely never heard by the greatest band you've probably never heard of. David Bowie covered TWO of their songs on his Pinups album, and wrote a song with their name in the title. This album is a gem, simultaneously tough and warm, musically ambitious but appealing, and rewards repeat listenings with layers of meaning and musical details. Produced by...


S1E45 – Load “Whiskey On Beer” Documentary Preview w/Producer Rick Ahmed

This week we talk with Rick Ahmed about the labor of love that he and his brother Gary embarked on and are bringing to a conclusion this Friday. It's a documentary about South Florida's beloved and notorious LOAD, who tore up Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Southeast from the early 90s through the early 2000s. We get drunk on beer at The Laser Wolf in honor of the late Bobby (“Bobby Load”) Johnston and Jeff Tucci, and talk a lot of shit. A LOT of shit. The doc drops tomorrow night at the Fort...


S1E44 – The Boomtown Rats – “The Fine Art of Surfacing”

Rob and Barry put on our wrap-around shades and faux leather jackets, park our Camaro behind the dumpster, and sneak into the New Wave club to catch The Boomtown Rats, before their frontman Bob Geldof moved on to Band Aid and Live Aid. Those events would put his band in a shadow, and less remembered than they might be otherwise. Best known for “I Don't Like Mondays,” The Fine Art of Surfacing has other hidden gems, just like the “Most Filling Ever” Oreos that fueled this episode.


S1E43 – Buzzcocks – “Singles Going Steady” w/Tim Moffatt

We gather to say “hats off” to the recently deceased Pete Shelley, leader of the Buzzcocks, and to revisit their heavily influential singles compilation “Singles Going Steady”. Return guest Tim Moffatt tells his very lurid story involving PS, booze, hotels, Fort Lauderdale, and things he didn't know but found out quick. Rob and Barry are looking for sponsors, so hit us up at if you have a business, like our podcast and think we could bring you some wanted attention. Our...


S1E42 – Big Dipper – “SLAM” with Bill, Gary, Jeff and Steve (aka Big Dipper)

In the late '80s, Big Dipper released four records on the very hip Homestead label, which won them critical acclaim and a decent-sized fan base in the US and Europe. When their Homestead contract expired, the band looked for a new label that could get them to the mythical 'next level'. Big Dipper signed to Epic. The band came home with a record they thought would be well-received. From an business/existential standpoint, "Slam" was a disaster. Was Big Dipper to blame for falling down the...


S1E41 – Wire – “Pink Flag”

In lieu of a scheduled appearance by the entire Big Dipper ensemble (next week, come hell or high water), Rob and Barry make haste not waste and deliver an episode about a monolith of underground music, Wire’s debut, “Pink Flag.” The list of luminaries (and lesser lights) who have copped to stealing wholesale from this treasure trove of ideas would fill the rest of this page. Brief songs touching on politics, sexuality and boredom are given a buff and shine by genius producer Mike Thorne,...


S1E40 – The Who – “The Who Sell Out” with guest Ivan Soliani

Barry, Rob and Ivan Soliani go further back than we ever have to the 1967 masterpiece by Pete, Roger, John and Keith, The Who Sell Out. Although it contains their one and only US hit single (“I Can See For Miles”), the balance of the album is a quirky collection of songs interspersed with clever commercials. Some of the songs rate amongst the best the band ever recorded, and it has become a favorite of many who in earlier decades would have picked “Who’s Next” without any hesitation....


S1E39 – Joni Mitchell – “Court and Spark” with guest John Camacho

John Camacho, a South Florida music veteran who quit the mean streets of Miami-Dade and Broward for the idyllic ancient hills of North Carolina brings us an album that touched him deeply. Joni's meisterwerk is indeed a penetrating and impeccable portrait of the early 1970s music scene, and her legendary voice is all over it. The LA studio pros who back her up give it some jazz cred, and Five Stars is probably not enough to give it. Unless you're Rob Elba. Listen in and find out what goes on.


S1E38 – My Chemical Romance – “The Black Parade”

Like two old goats fighting over a rusty coffee can, Barry and Rob lock horns over Rob's pick of Emo concept album “The Black Parade.” It's more of a classic rock record than anything, which Barry delights in pointing out, while Rob follows the album's narrative thread until said thread sort of goes off the rails. Both Styx and Beck come up, although no Styx songs were used in the production of this podcast, I promise.


S1E37 – Blue Oyster Cult – “Secret Treaties”

Back to basics for That Record Got Me High, with your lovable(?) cohosts hitting on that hot girl at the bar, 1974’s “Secret Treaties” by Blue Oyster Cult. Beguiling, obtuse, impenetrable and smart, with an Oz behind the curtains flipping switches and using advanced mind-control techniques on enthralled listeners. It’s an amazing album, and it left us kneeling in the rain.