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Lets Talk Truth, Is There One True Religion?

Krayzie and crew ask is there 1 true religion?


#TruthTalks:The Roots Of Racism

On this episode, Krayzie and crew explore the origins of racism. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.


Truth Talks World Premiere

The legendary Krayzie Bone, Keefe G & new co-host Angie Lifestyles bring you the new show "Truth Talks" listen & take notes!


The Mass Medias Mass Distraction Part 2

Krayzie & Keef G break the medias trickery down further on part 2 of the series... STAY WOKE!


The Mass Medias Mass Distraction Part 1

In part 1 of a 2 part series, Krayzie & Keef discuss the medias role in manipulating our minds. Stay woke!


Whats Real Gotta Do With It?

We are back after running around the globe. Tonight we break down "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong"! Its a fucked up world. Lets be careful how we move.... RIP XXX Enjoy the show! PS Start checking in with me on the gram & twitter... Hit me with some screenshots of you subscribing and I just may call you on the show! Kray-Jack


Special Edition: Drake VS Pusha T

On this special edition of Quick Fix: The After Hours, Krayzie Bone, while in Florida hits his right hand man Keef G to break down the latest developments in the "Drake vs Pusha T" saga.


Kim Kardashian Trump

After 2 weeks touring Krayzie Bone is back w/ Keef G for another episode where the guys speak on all the madness going on in the world. They also discuss the bond that Kim Kardashian West & Donald Trump have developed. Its another Quick Fix: The After Hours!


All Our Children

Krayzie Bone & Keef G are joined by their Digital Soapbox Network family, AJ & SJ from "The Connected Experience". Tonight they discuss the lack of home training in this generations kids vs previous generations. It's an episode that you don't want to miss! Follow the fellas on Instagram: @Krayzie_Bone []( @BumkeefG []( & their guest "The...


Lost Our Minds

The Guys discuss all the madness going on with Bill & Kanye. Is it real, are there conspiracies involved? Who knows, but we talk about it! It's a cold day when Dr. Huxtable slippin women mickies….. Follow on Instagram @Krayzie_Bone & @BumKeefG Visit the Network for more dope content:


The Fall Of Real Men

In this episode Krayzie & Keef G are joined by long time Bone producer DJ Uneek to discuss the lack of real men in our society. Where are the men that take care of their families, Where are the men that keep the young G's in check in the neighborhood by giving them proper guidance, and why are they wearing dresses? listen to the show so that we can find some answers,


Where do we go from here?

Today we discuss the racial issues that are at a boiling point in America. Are people over reacting to the Starbucks situation, Will a week ever go by without the news of an unarmed minority being killed by the police? We are in turbulent times and though our first love is music, these issues need to be addressed. BTNH is all about peace love & unity, we don't know color lines. Maybe if we all could kick back, blaze a joint and communicate the world would become a better place....


The Green Revolution

Krayzie Bone & Keef Da Bum are visited by the innovative brothers from "GreenSTOP Inc" where they discuss their innovative weed kiosk that will change the way you purchase your favorite green. Follow GreenSTOP Inc on Instagram Follow Krayzie Bone & Keef Da Bum on Instagram @Krayzie_Bone @BumKeefG Be sure to Subscribe & Share!


To Serve & Protect

Krayzie Bone & Keef G the Bum explore police brutality and how today's youth are letting their voice be heard in the midst of all the chaos. Like, Rate & Share! Visit Krayzie Bone & Keef da Bum Instagram @Krayzie_Bone @Bumkeefg


The "Freeway" Rick Ross Episode

The "Real" Rick Ross stops by the studio to discuss his book "Rick Ross" The Untold Biography and his documentary "Crack in the system". This is a epic episode that you don't want to miss! Follow Krayzie & Keef Instagram- @Krayzie_Bone @bumkeefG


2: The TDE President Punch Episode

Krayzie Bone and Keef G sit with Top Dawg Entertainment President Terrence "Punch" Henderson and discuss how TDE rose to prominence and their plans for the future. Krayzie and Punch also discuss hip hop's generation gap. This is a episode that you don't want to miss! Make sure to follow Krayzie on Twitter @IamKrayziebone & Instagram @Krayzie_Bone and Keef da Bum on instagram @bumkeefg Twitter @digitalsoapboxx Instagram @digitalsoapboxnetwork #TDE #BoneThugsNHarmony


1: Welcome To The After Hours

Krayzie Bone of the legendary "Bone Thugs N Harmony", along with his right hand man, "Keef G" premiers his new podcast "Quick Fix", The After Hours. On the first episode Krayzie breaks down everything from the music industry on to Donald Trump and gun control.