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AOC 013: William Caplin and Analyzing Classical Form

In episode 13 of the AOC Podcast I talk to William Caplin, author of Analyzing Classical Form. This book, and his previous book have been instrumental in my development as a composer.


AOC 012: Samuel Adler and The Study of Orchestration

In episode 12 of the AOC Podcast I talk to Samuel Adler about Orchestration and his book, The Study of Orchestration.


AOC 011: Partimenti and the Secrets of the Greatest Composers – An Interview with Robert Gjerdingen

We interview Robert Gjerdingen, author of the book "Music in the Galant Style". We talk about Partimenti, the tool used to train the greatest composers from Mozart to Debussy and Stravinsky.


AOC 010: Understanding Harmony

Harmony is one of the core elements of music composition, but it can be difficult to get your head wrapped around the subject. In this episode, you'll learn about the fundamentals of harmony, from we get chords to creating chord progressions.


AOC 009: My Principles of Orchestration

Orchestration is a tempting thing for any composer. The excitement of conducting your own piece in front of 80-120 players, bringing the audience to tears... it's hard to beat. But are you ready for it? In this episode, learn about the principles of orchestration.


AOC 008: Understanding Musical Form

Musical form is a tool that has been used by every great composer from Bach, to Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mahler, and even living composers. But what is musical form, and how does it work? In this episode learn the fundamentals of classical musical form.


AOC 007: Creativity and Music Composition

Episode 7 of the Art of Composing Podcast. In this episode, we look at creativity - what it is, how to find it, and how to explore your creative boundaries.


AOC 006: The Pathway to Mastery, Part 3 – Beyond the Apprencticeship

Having a mentor can really help catapult your apprenticeship and speed up your process of mastery. But how do you find a mentor? And how do you take advantage of that mentor-protege relationship? Find out in this episode of the Art of Composing Podcast.


AOC 005: The Pathway to Mastery, Part 2 – The Ideal Composer Apprenticeship

Episode 5 of the Art of Composing Podcast. In this episode, I cover the next stage of your pathway to mastery, the apprenticeship. Find out about why an apprenticeship is so important, the different phases of an apprenticeship, and how to take the most advantage of your composer apprenticeship. What is in this episode: What is an apprenticeship, and how long will it take? The three phases of an apprenticeship. The 8 Strategies for getting the most out of your apprenticeship. Resources and...


AOC 004: The Pathway to Mastery, Part 1

Episode 4 of the Art of Composing Podcast. This episode is all about starting on the pathway to mastery. What is mastery? Well, it is the state that you achieve, where you have almost magical powers of control over your chosen field. How do you achieve master? You'll just have to listen and find out. I also talk about how I started composing, how I got off the path towards my life's task, and what it took to get back on the pathway. What is in this episode: What is mastery, and how do you...


AOC 003: So You Want to Become a Composer?

Episode 3 of the Art of Composing Podcast. In this episode, I talk about what it takes to start composing immediately. What is in this episode: The mindset you need to learn to compose music. How to approach the act of learning to compose. Why you need 20 hours to become good at composing, and 10,000 hours to become a master. How to setup your studio for zero-friction composing. A little more on why you need to learn your musical grammar and logic. How you can take the free beginner's...


AOC 002: The Process of Composing Music

Ever wonder what the process of composing music is really all about? Are you confused about how to even start composing, let alone, how to develop a piece of music and when to stop? Find out about the process I go through when composing, and for a special treat, listen to me actually compose an entire piece of music live.


AOC 001: What is Music Composition?

In this first episode of the Art of Composing Podcast, I talk a little bit about who I am, why I started, and the Art of Composing Podcast. Next, I go into what music composition is and the stages of learning to compose music... also known as the trivium.