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Bob Lefsetz is the author of “The Lefsetz Letter.” Listen to his new podcast where he'll address the issues at the core of the music business, internet, and the world at large.


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Bob Lefsetz is the author of “The Lefsetz Letter.” Listen to his new podcast where he'll address the issues at the core of the music business, internet, and the world at large.






Burt Sugarman

Producer Burt Sugarman just put "The Midnight Special" on YouTube. We talk about the show as well as Burt's career, from TV to hamburgers! You'll be fascinated! See for privacy information.


Bobby Colomby & John Scheinfeld

Bobby Colomby, drummer of Blood, Sweat and Tears, and director John Scheinfeld talk about the new movie "What the Hell Happened to Blood, Sweat & Tears?," and more! See for privacy information.


Davey Johnstone

Davey Johnstone, guitarist and musical director for Elton John, has an amazing memory...learn not only about his history, from folkie to rocker, but the recording of Elton John tracks and more! See for privacy information.


Noa Tishby

Actor, singer, producer Noa Tishby is the author of the must-read book "Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth." We start off talking about Israel and antisemitism, but we ultimately delve into Noa's upbringing in Israel, her move to Los Angeles and the events that made her decide to become an activist. Get the story straight from someone who has lived the experience and does not shy away from confrontation. See for privacy information.


Willie Nile

Singer-songwriter Willie Nile has never given up. He debuted on Arista with hoopla back in '80, however legal problems ultimately sidetracked him. But Willie has re-emerged with a vengeance, releasing ten albums between 2006 and 2021. A notoriously energetic and winning live performer, Nile is a natural raconteur who draws you in and makes you a friend. Listen! See for privacy information.


Brent Smith

Shinedown has the most number one "Billboard" Mainstream Rock Songs (18) in the history of the chart (40 years), and Brent Smith is the band's lead singer. You might have no idea who he is, or have even heard Shinedown's music, but I guarantee you're going to find Brent and his story very interesting. See for privacy information.


Fred Rosen

Mr. Ticketmaster. See for privacy information.


Michael Strickland

Michael Strickland is the Founder and Chairman of Bandit Lites. Since the advent of Covid he has been involved in getting government money in support of the touring industry. Furthermore, he is trying to get all facets of the entertainment industry aligned in the Entertainment Association, so they have a voice in Washington, D.C. and are prepared in case a catastrophe affecting entertainment occurs in the future. Listen to the story of how Michael penetrated the government to get monies...


Howard Jones

"What Is Love?," "Things Can Only Get Better," "No One Is to Blame"...we explore Howard Jones's career from yesterday to today! See for privacy information.


Jerry Harrison

Of the Modern Lovers. Of the Talking Heads. We cover it all! See for privacy information.


Spencer Proffer

Spencer Proffer made his name producing records, most notably Quiet Riot's "Metal Health," which sold in excess of ten million copies, and now he's producing movies, most recently "The Day the Music Died: The Story of Don McLean's 'American Pie.'" Proffer is a hustler/entrepreneur/survivor with a long history in entertainment, tune in for the story of his career. See for privacy information.


Wynonna Judd

She's honest, real and articulate. You want to listen to this, whether you're a fan or not! See for privacy information.


Marshall Chess

Come for the Chess Records stories, stay for the Rolling Stones stories! See for privacy information.


Taj Mahal

The one and only! Taj is serving as the NYU/Americana Artist-in-Residence for 2022-23. Intelligent, feisty and as sharp as ever, Taj tells us about growing up, his adventures with major labels and independents, and how he has sustained his career all these years. Revered by his compatriots, this is a chance to experience the magic of the man himself! See for privacy information.


Justin Hayward

Of the Moody Blues... See for privacy information.


Taylor Lorenz

"Washington Post" tech correspondent Taylor Lorenz is the number one reporter on social media. We go through all the platforms, their history and where they are going. Taylor is deep into it, she's not only a scribe, but a player in the sphere. She's the one you need to listen to! See for privacy information.


Scott Shannon

Listen to how legendary deejay and program director Scott Shannon ran away from home, got drafted, and ended up creating the Morning Zoo and building WHTZ into the #1 radio station in New York. Scott is a music lover who is a natural raconteur, you'll love hearing his story. See for privacy information.


John Waite

There's a new documentary about John Waite, "The Hard Way." We discuss the film as well as John's career. John is an artist who never stops creating, he's a true believer, you will find him intriguing. See for privacy information.


Steve Schnur

Talking to Electronic Arts' President of Music Steve Schnur was the highlight of my week, and I'm not even a gamer! It made me excited about music. It made me envy his job. Listen and you'll get excited too! (And learn plenty!) See for privacy information.


Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt has a new book, "Feels Like Home," about the Sonoran Borderlands where she grew up. We talk about her youth, Lucy's El Adobe, meeting musicians and making records, politics... See for privacy information.