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Burbs is a brand that recognizes culture and tries to bring up and coming stars into the spotlight. This show will be used to address everything and anything that has to do with culture today.

Burbs is a brand that recognizes culture and tries to bring up and coming stars into the spotlight. This show will be used to address everything and anything that has to do with culture today.
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Burbs is a brand that recognizes culture and tries to bring up and coming stars into the spotlight. This show will be used to address everything and anything that has to do with culture today.








Futon Football: Week 6 Preview

Week 6 Preview covers betting picks, best games of the week, and fantasy advice.


The Fro and The Flow: Conspiracy Hour ft. Jake Lenz and Evan Northrup

This is a quick one because I had to deal with an hour and a half of technical difficulties and I have a breaking point. In the timeframe we could record, Ralph and I were joined by first-time guest Jake Lenz and fellow Burbs writer Evan Northrup. We went in deep on a myriad of conspiracies including aliens and the pyramids. There's a brief amount of Joker talk, but I'm not sure how much made it in. If you're reading this on Apple Podcasts, rate us 5-stars. It's right up there, cmon, do it!


Futon Football: Week 5 Recap

Week 5 Recap includes a review of the past weeks best games, betting, and fantasy advice.


THE MINUTE: October 4, 2019

Fall is back, but Jack Martin (I'm speaking in third-person now) is still here. I cover Greta Thurnberg's quick stop in Iowa City and plug Burbs newest content. I get into "Joker" a bit, but don't worry, no spoilers (I wish). Then, I talk about Travis Scott dropping "Highest in the Room" and the anticipation The Weeknd keeps building for the inevitable release of his newest album. As always I wrap up with politics, including Bernie's healthcare, Andrew Yang's Q3 funding, and Trump's latest...


Futon Football: Week 5 Preview

Week 5 preview including a heavy gambling segment, fantasy football advice, and our weekly picks for every game.


The Fro and The Flow: Commander in Memes ft. Ben Bertell

Jack and Ralph are joined by Ben Bertell on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. They have a cold-open discussion about the President's usage of memes, including yesterday's Nickleback tweet. Then, they talk about "Fleabag" a bit more because Ralph is ready to sell his soul to it, and "Joker" is briefly brought up ahead of its release. There's some reminiscing about childhood TV shows and some NBA Media Day Talk. Fun episode, you should listen.


Futon Football: Week 4 Recap

Futon Football brings you a Week 4 recap. Going over the games of the week, how our picks did, and fantasy advice.


THE MINUTE: September 27, 2019

I'm back with Episode 3! This was a much better week for news, so definitely tune into this one. I talk about "Fleabag", "Joker", and the new "Uncut Gems" trailer, interjecting my Academy Award-worthy thoughts. There's a little music talk with Kanye's "Jesus is King" getting delayed and also discuss my Kanye fandom. To close out the show I dive back into politics, specifically the new Trump impeachment inquiry, even though I'm not really sure what that means. (My views are my own and don't...


The Fro and The Flow: A Bit of Everything ft. Evan Northrup

Another episode, another cold open. In fact, this was our longest cold open yet; no intro until the very end. We talk about the car that drove through Woodfield Mall last weekend and Jonah Hill potentially joining "The Batman". Then fellow Burbs writer and Duplex member Evan Northrup joins us to talk about "Fleabag", the space race of streaming services, and a whole lotta other stuff. There's a bit of everything in this one, as the title would suggest.


Futon Football: Season 2 Episode 3

Fadden and Sheehan bring you another episode of Futon Football breaking down all things NFL during week 3. The best adds for fantasy, picks for gambling, and weekly recap.


The Minute: September 20, 2019

Slow news week. I did my best to gather newsworthy information but there wasn't anything too exciting this week. I get into the new Breaking Bad movie "El Camino", new California legislation that allows college athletes to make money off their likeness, and briefly touch on the brand-new Justin Trudeau scandal. There are a few rants in between because I hadn't had caffeine yet, so stick with me.


Futon Football: Season 2 Episode 1

Dive into a week 2 recap, a glance at week 3, and betting/fantasy football advice with Burbs Football’s very own Dylan Fadden and Connor Sheehan.


The Fro and The Flow: The Coldest of Opens

Ralph and Jack come together on a hazy Monday afternoon and, as always, get all over the place. We start off with our longest cold open and talk about food for a while. Very food-heavy episode, so come hungry. Later, Ralph explores the nihilistic views of his classmates and Jack dives a bit into conspiracy talk.


The Minute: September 13, 2019

The Minute is back, but now it's a podcast. Jack Martin (that's me) goes over the new format of the show, touches on Team USA's disappointing losses, the new iPhones, and Trump banning flavored e-cigs. To wrap it up, he goes on a rant about the Democratic Debates from last night, his support of Andrew Yang, and who he thinks will win the 2020 election.


The Fro and The Flow: Where's the Funk?

I can't think of a better way to start your weekend early than to listen to us have a cold open about bidets. I mean, what a way to get clean! We discuss our future musical theatre endeavors, IT 2, and Ralph gets me excited about the funkiest bar in IC. We kept this one short and sweet, so you better listen to the whole thing, man.


The Fro and The Flow: Labor Day Special

Look at us putting in work when we're supposed to have the day off. We come together after a long weekend to recap what we did, rank White Claw flavors, and wonder if we'll ever find love. Reminder: we're protected by parody laws.


The Fro and The Flow: Back to School

No better way to kick off the school year than with a new episode. We're joined by Hotto in his first solo appearance to discuss the lackluster summer box office, the movies we saw, and briefly touch on Dave Chappelle's new special. Apparently I look like Brad Pitt with my hat off and Hotto predicts how he's going to die, so make sure to tune in.


The Fro and The Flow: Icy Hot

I really need to start writing the descriptions immediately after we record, I have pretty much no clue as to what we talked about yesterday. Ralph put on some Icy Hot, we talked a bit of "Succession", and Malizia was floating around in the background.


Open Crib - JP Thornewell

JP Thornewell is a engineer and artist originally from Michigan but migrated to Chicago a couple years ago. We sat down with him to discuss his studio experiences, career goals and gas station food. Follow JP on social media below Follow Burbs on social Media Instagram :...


The Fro and The Flow: Season 3 Premiere, Top 3 Guests We'd Like to Have, and NBA Offseason

We're back for Season 3! Joined by Hotto, Jackson, and Merf, we talk about who we'd like to have on the pod and break down the major moves and teams of the NBA offseason. It's been a while, we're still trying to find our groove again.