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Hip-Hop, Sports, Entertainment Philly's #1 Weekly Hip-Hop, Sports, & Entertainment Podcast
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Hip-Hop, Sports, Entertainment Philly's #1 Weekly Hip-Hop, Sports, & Entertainment Podcast




Season 3 - Episode 53 - Surviving The Podcast

The Commission Podcast is back! Clearly we can't start without addressing the "Surviving R.Kelly" Lifetime documentary. The conversation gets pretty deep as the group touches on systemic behavior that has been deemed acceptable for decades. There are many opinions on what is appropriate so please feel free to share your thoughts on our social media platforms. We lighten the mood with continued discussions on the movie "The Mule" and how the privilege handle narcotics in their communities. We...

Season 3 - Episode 52 - Goals

Happy New Year from the good folks of The Commission Podcast! We get things popping in the one nine with some new graphics, a new logo, and new goals! The gang starts by discussing things we are working towards individually as well as a collective in 2019. But the fun doesn't stop there, the hilarity continues when we talk about what we are leaving behind in 2018. Mumble Raps and Frauds are among some of the most popular items being left behind. The crew then transitions to the new Lifetime...


Season 2 - Episode - 51 New Day

Here we go again with the best friends that anyone could ever have! It's The Commission Podcast and we are back with another heater. We start with a recap on the state of The Commission. The fellas take this time to address the rotating people who have been apart of the show thus far and send wishes to those who have decided to move on to other opportunities. The show heats up with a discussion about the Kanye tweets and how he reacted to first hearing Sicko Mode among other things. There...


Season 2 - Episode 50 - F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

And you say we're just your friends, and you say we're just your friends, oh maybe you? The Commission continues their conversation from last week starting with how we rate our friends and more importantly how we view each other. You will be surprised by some of the responses based on what you know about The Commission members. The conversation then shifts to what worked to pick up women in the past and KP's strategy is worth listening to. The gang then shifts the discussion to the most...


Season 2 - Episode 22K - And The Winner Is...

Minor setback presented for a major comeback this week as The Commission checks in on a Sunday after some technical delays. Without any hesitation they dove into their Meek album review with a breakdown of just about every single track. His new body of work presented questions of a year long debate regarding who had the best album and what are we considering for verse of the year. WIth the year long debates its only right to unpack what the Grammy's decided to nominate this year in music and...


Season 2 - Episode 21K - No Means No

The Commission is back! This week we start the conversation around the stories surrounding the 6ix9ine case and his new album "Dummy Boy". Who's really snitching in their camp and how will that impact sales for this week. The discussion transitions to another New York rap native and when it's appropriate to turn down your girl for sex. The question is, as a man are you always "up" for it (pause). With the holidays approaching when is the appropriate time to officially put up your...

Season 2 - Episode 20K - Roc The Mic

Welcome back! After a brief hiatus due to some snowy weather the crew is back well rested and ready to tackle topics of interest. In this weeks episode the fellas unpack the Jill Scott video which made it's way around the internet and really break down the art of felacio vs frauds. Ironically the convo evolves to the most underwhelming romantic act that the fellas have ever attempted that failed miserably. Several secrets are shared and some members might find themselves in hot water after...

Season 2 - Episode 19K - The Contradiction Prescription

The gang is 5 deep this week as we have KP back from hiatus and special guest Justin (@shotsbymosley) joins The Commission as they break down all the happenings of the week. The crew opens with the most highly anticipated topic of the week, the election, and there are varied opinions on why voting does or does not matter. Friendships may come to an end after that conversation. They transition to Floyd's potential fight or not fight on December 31st. The Commission has an interesting take on...

Season 2 - Episode 18K - Memory Lane

Happy Halloween from The Commission. In this weeks episode the board opens up about their most memorable Halloween stories from their youth and discuss mischief night and other nefarious acts conducted during the holiday. The convo takes a turn when a recap of the Nicki/Cardi controversy and how the men involved responded to the situation. We didn't want to spend so much time on that topic but needed to address it given the noise that it made. We finalize things around relationships and how...


Season 2 - Episode 17K - Murder The Inc

Here we go again the team has another heated lineup starting with the disrespect heard round the internet of 50 Cent coming at Murder Inc vets Ashanti and Ja Rule. The fellas break down the pettiness and ask the questions folks want to know like do you really perform in an empty arena? One of the worlds most famous arenas had an interesting dust up as Rondo and Chris Paul exchanged blows after an alleged spitting incident. The Commission breaks down the history of beef and gives a play by...


Season 2 - Episode 16K - Shop Talk

Talk gets real heavy this week as the guys open the convo up with Drakes appearance on Lebrons show "The Shop". With so many questions to be answered the discussion starts with responses by Drake as it relates to the relationship with Ye and how he really felt when Pusha dropped his diss track. Pusha responds on Buddens podcast with an interesting take on who provided info for that scathing response diss track. There are all sorts of conspiracy theories being thrown around not to mention an...


Season 2 - Episode 15K - Off The Wall

Back like we left something comes an all new Commission Podcast! This week the guys start randomly with the news of the day involving basketball player Jimmy Butler and his antics at practice and continued trade demands. The fellas have varied opinions on that OBJ's interview with Lil Wayne following Sunday's game. The conversation transitions to Saturdays may-lay in Vegas after the Conor vs Khabib fight (if your not for the sports talk fast forward to the 35 minute mark). The music...


Season 2 - Episode 14K - I Got 5 On It

I Got V On It! This episode is certified GOLD, as the good folks over at The Commission dissect the highly anticipated release of the long awaited Carter V. After years of wishing Kev's dreams finally came true and the album definitely gave the group a lot to discuss, from the lack of appearance from a certain Toronto crooner, to the epic showdown of styles with Kung Fu Kenny, to the news breaking of charges being brought against those who never wanted the album to see the light of day!...


Season 2 - Episode 13K - A Different World

We are back at it with another explosive episode of The Commission Podcast. This week the guys give their hot takes on the Bill Cosby sentencing as well as other notable celebrities who have jail time ahead of them. The convo turns as the fellas discuss Wayne's new project and what we can expect after a 5 year hiatus (C5 Out Now!). The discussion ramps up as the guys talk about woman in hiphop and the fact the lane is wide open for female emcees. We close out with an Insecure recap and the...


Season 2 - Episode 12K - Hart A Kat

WARNING: This episode has been deemed a classic with the most contested topics in The Commission history! Listening discretion is advised. The Commission jumps right into the whole Katt Williams drama that has been ongoing this week culminating to a Kevin Hart response on The Breakfast Club. The fellas again discuss Kev's comedic resume and the relevance of Katt's comments as they related to Tiffany Haddish. The K train makes it's next stop in Chicago pulling up right over Kanye's head as...


Season 2 - Episode 11 - You, Me, Him, & Her

The Commission Podcast is back and whew, there were a lot of topics to unpack. The fellas dive in immediately by paying homage and sending condolences to the family of Mac Miller. Gone to soon, Rest In Peace Mac. With all the happenings of the weekend the crew couldn't wait to get into the Nicki & Cardi beef at NYFW. The fellas have strong opinions on Nicki's status as a superstar. The Commission then talks Nas and Kelis, how dysfunctional co-parenting can be in today's society, The...


Season 2 - Episode 10K - Lose Yourself

Breaking News, The Commission Podcast is back with the latest in hiphop, sports, and entertainment! This weeks hot topics include Eminem's newest project where he is throwing shots at several individuals in the industry including Joe Budden, MGK, Lil Pump, Drake, and more! The conversation then shifts to Em's historical relevence in hiphop and how he compares to the GOAT Hov, Greg has strong feelings on this particular subject. Ye vents on twitter and is currently on Apology Tour 2018. The...


Season 2 - Episode 9000 - Yeezus Talks

Breaking news as the College Dropout Kanye West returns to his hometown of Chicago and does an exclusive interview with local hiphop and R&B radio station. Kanye addresses his slavery comments, new music, his inner circle, mental health, and The 6 God Drake. After an in depth breakdown of Ye's comments The Commission gets back on track discussing two more titans of hiphop and how Birdman's apology will impact Lil Wayne's career moving forward. Does anyone even want to still hear The Carter 5...


Season 2 - Episode 8000 - Jaded

Back after a two week hiatus the fellas are amped to discuss all the happenings of the week! The convo jumps off with the antics of Queen Minaj as the group addresses all events pre and post album drop and why she feels the need to respond and expose EVERYTHING! The gang then discusses Power as all as Insecure. We then transition to the talented Teyana Taylor vs Jeremih beef which leads the crew down a shaky road where they attempt to decide who's hot or not with the incomparable Winnie...


Season 2 - Episode 7000 - I Admit

On this weeks episode of The Commission Podcast the fellas discuss the Pied Piper of R&B's latest 19 minute release where he acknowledges his faults while self incriminating himself with "I Admit". We then dive into the latest beef between 50 & Floyd and discuss how petty 50 Cent really is. The gang also talks the Tekashi69 heist and question if it was a publicity stunt or not. As always we have the weekly Power recap and predictions, Digging In The Crates with Kev, Mike takes on Swizz Beats...