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Season 3 Episode 29

What a contest! Kim and Janelle talk about their favorite moments that they watched on the webcast, featuring Millennium Magic Chorus, Titanium, Don’t Call Me Shirley (what, like you’re surprised), and of course our new champions: Viva! and Ronninge Show Chorus! And as a special surprise, we dragged…ahem…included our friend Tatiana in for the latest round of Dapper Games to see what a non-Sweet Adeline knows about our organization.


Season 3 Episode 28

It’s our final batch of New Orleans competitors, because the competition is just around the corner! Plus texts from Don’t Call Me Shirley, and a random tie-in to a West Wing episode. So hang on for this wild ride. This week’s featured competitors: San Diego Vienna Falls Canadian Showtime Lady Luck Showtime Carolina Style Greater Nassau


Season 3 Episode 27

Only two weeks away from New Orleans! The next few choruses have some really creative fundraiser ideas (that we’d love to steal!). We hope you’re all making your final preparations for international and we can’t wait to cheer all of you on as you hit the stage in just a matter of days! This week’s featured competitors: Sounds of Pittsburgh Viva Acappella Sacramento Valley Spirit of Syracuse Fox Valley Talk of Tulsa Show


Season 3 Episode 26

Even MORE barbershop injuries to tell you about, plus a new Dapper Game and of course the next few chorus competitors for New Orleans. This week’s Featured competitors: High Country Chorus Christchurch City Top of the Rock Ronninge Show Choral-Aires Harmony on the Sound


Season 3 Episode 25

A little under 4 weeks left until New Orleans and we have a great group of choruses to tell you about! We also chat about barbershop injuries…and cats. Yep, you read that right. This week’s featured competitors: Harbor City Music Company Toast of Tampa A Cappella Joy Lions Gate Bay Area Showcase Stockholm City Voices


Season 3 Episode 24

With some quartet personnel changes and a new batch of international competitor choruses to tell you about, we’re back on schedule! Plus we find out what some other choruses have to say about riser etiquette. This week’s featured competitors: Forth Valley Scioto Valley Vocal Standard Houston Horizon Alaska Sound Celebration Melodeers


Season 3 Episode 23

Only a handful of weeks left until New Orleans, and our competitor profiles move from quartets to choruses. Plus we have another edition of Dapper Games! This week’s featured competitors: S.L.A.M. Milli Blink Glamour Pizzazz! A Cappella West Rhythm of the Rockies Shoreline Sound TuneTown Show


Season 3 Episode 22

We’re home from the Region 21 summer regional event (Camp Orange Blossom) with stories to share! Listen as we discuss what information we took away from the weekend, and find out what it was like for Janelle’s quartet to be coached by Kim Vaughn AND Sharon Babb in the same weekend. And we continue on our journey to learn about this year’s international quartet competitors. This week’s featured competitors: PRISM Essence Wicked ROXY Fortuity The Ladies Renegade


Season 3 Episode 21

Region 21’s summer regional is almost here and we can’t wait to try new things with our double quartet. Plus, what songs has barbershop ruined for YOU? Janelle shares her number one pick. As usual, we bring you another handful of quartets with fun facts and interesting backgrounds. This week’s featured competitor’s: VOCE Up All Night Famous Janes SwingTime Infinity GQ Nightfall


Season 3 Episode 20

There was so much gorgeous singing and ringing at the BHS convention in Salt Lake City! We cover some key highlights and favorite moments. We also cover quartet contestants 22-28 for the upcoming Sweet Adelines competition in New Orleans. This week’s featured competitors: Girl Talk PrimeTime Presto! Rendition No Strings Ringtones Enchant


Season 3 Episode 19

The Barbershop Harmony Society convention and competition is happening this week in Salt Lake City and we have another set of New Orleans quartet competitors to tell you about. Plus, a few words on audience participation at contests. This week’s featured competitors: Gig-a-Bite Saffron RetroActive Take 4 Ambush Tenacious Lucille


Season 3 Episode 18

This week we cover 7 more quartets who will be competing in New Orleans. Most of these quartets sent us emails, which we’re thrilled about! They told us about yoga, crickets, porch shows, and more…you’ll definitely want to tune in for this one. Also, we discuss the ups and downs of bringing back chorus repertoire from many years ago. This week’s featured competitors: Spice Titanium All Fired Up Don’t Call Me Shirley Duly Noted Harmony C’est La Vie


Season 3 Episode 17

We’ve moved into the quartet competitors for New Orleans this week and are so thrilled to have emails from so many quartets! Also, in our own region, we have an educational weekend coming up. What are YOUR regional education events like? Tell us about them in the comments! This week’s featured competitors: Viva! Sparkle! Obsession Ruby Blue Debacle Wink The Vibe


Season 3 Episode 16

We learn even MORE things about the overlap between the Harmony Classic and the chorus semifinals in terms of competitor movement. There’s an announcement from BHS concerning the inclusion of mixed and women’s quartets and choruses at their international competitions. Plus a little quartet you may have missed: Czech It Out! This week’s featured competitors: Vermillion Valley Show Chorus Wichita Chorus Diablo Vista Chorus Midwest Crossroad Chorus Bridges of Harmony Chorus Grand...


Season 3 Episode 15

Welcome to our first episode on the road to New Orleans! From here until September, we’ll be covering each competitor so you learn a little about all the quartets and choruses that have qualified. We also play a brand new game where you might be yelling the answer at your car stereo or computer while listening. This week’s featured competitors: A Cappella Unlimited Chorus Limestone City Chorus Millennium Magic Chorus


Season 3 Episode 14

This is the final regional recap of 2019 before we begin looking toward New Orleans and covering all the competitors that will cross the stage! We also discuss our experience with the process of giving/getting feedback on new chorus songs and some advice for “backseat” vocal coaches. Region 8 Quartets 618 - Ruby Blue 596 - Fringe 594 - Escapade 581 - Kindred 551 - Risky Business Region 8 Choruses 728 - Skyline 637 - Velvet Hills 574 - Bella Voce 527 - Mountain Jubilee 464 - Grand...


Season 3 Episode 13

Let’s have a real conversation about how quartets disband, since it’s relevant to one of the Dames this week. We also cover the three regions that competed this weekend and provide some updates about potential wildcard quartets and choruses. Region 1 Quartets 647 - VOCE 612 - Saffron 577 - Phoenix Rising 564 - Vocal Mischief 552 - Counter Balance Region 1 Choruses 646 - Coastline Show 641 - Farmington Valley 604 - Merrimack Valley 567 - Royal River 563 - Sound of New...


Season 3 Episode 12

After a 5-region weekend and webcasting in region 11, we have SO much fun stuff to talk about. We chat about our appreciation for directors, how choruses make decisions, and a funny story about being the Board Member of the Month once upon a time. Region 6 Quartets 622 - Spice 569 - Affinity 554 - Upbeat 529 - Sweet Addiction 519 - It's About Time! Region 6 Choruses 701 - City of Lakes 594 - Spirit of Harmony 563 - Sounds of Superior 540 - Twin Cities Show 528 - River...


Season 3 Episode 11: Interview with Doreen Philbin

Welcome to our first special episode in partnership with the Region 21 Historian! In partnership with our Region 21 Historian, we have an interview with Doreen Philbin, whose parents were renowned coaches and mentors Bill and Carolyn Butler, and whose daughter now sings with Harborlites Chorus and Dragonfly quartet. What a wealth of stories she has for us! This is the first of many special episodes, in an effort to capture the rich history of Region 21. If you have stories to tell or a...


Season 3 Episode 10

Another 5-region weekend to review! Plus, we have some adorable fan mail, as well as helpful resources located right in the quartet competition packet to share with you. Region 2 Choruses 669 - Motor City Blend 606 - London Chorus 589 - Grand Harmony 585 - Grand Traverse Show 549 - Song of the Lakes Region 2 Quartets 619 - The Vibe 617 - Girl Talk 590 - Spectrum 558 - Sashay 551 - HighJinx Region 3 Choruses 623 - River City Sound 616 - Midwest Crossroad 559 - Great Lake...