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Matthew Phillips - Dusty Futon Producers Corner

Matthew Phillips is an accomplished musician AND producer who's NOT too good for the Dusty Futon! This homegrown San Diegan has already made a name for himself (HIS name) by performing at KAABOO, Coachella, and a massive European Discovery tour! Spicy Kim has stalked him for MONTHS trying to get him on...and our schedules finally matched up. His music has already been featured in an award winning movie at Sundance...and he hasn't released an album! It's all singles and debuts here on The...


FUSED - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Chilean-born Metal guitarist Xavier Perez formed FUSED in 2004 and hasn't looked back. Nearly 20 musicians, two cities, and 15 years later he's got the formula...and it's San Diego! Seriously, he's gone through more musicians than Slipknot to find the current lineup, which Xavier says is the best...and he hopes to be THE lineup for FUSED. He started this group up in Olympia after having difficulties finding a band he gelled with. This was during the post-grunge days of Seattle...and with 2...


Navajo Live - Singer Songwriter Showcase 10-21-18 EPISODE 2

The Navajo Live in East County San Diego invited The Dusty Futon to cover their Singer Songwriter Showcase that happened on October 21st, 2018. Spicy's hubby was chosen to perform so we happily obliged! Their next one is on November 18th, put it in your calendar now! The Singer Songwriter Showcase has a unique design to its presentation and gives you access to three different artists, all playing one song at a time, taking turns, for an entire hour. The Navajo Live puts this event...


K Prouty - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

K Prouty is an Alternative/Metal INSTRUMENTAL band headed by guitar fiend Ken Prouty. He showed up to the recording session with his entire rig and wanted to play live for us! He brought some backing tracks for three of their songs and had his bassist (and wife) bring her gear too. We plugged them both directly into the setup and off we went... The professional skateboarder decided that guitar was a better path and began focusing more on it when he was around 18. He has a calm about him that...


Tweed Deluxe - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Michael Oleata of Tweed Deluxe joins us to talk about his band and share his music! Tweed Deluxe is definitely Blues based Rock; however, you couldn't tell it from the first song we play...It's one of the tracks off their new 10-song album "Itty Bitty King," available in for purchase or download now. Most of the album, however, is their well-known sound. They've been working the scene since 2010! Reverbnation brought us Michael, the "Hot Wire Guitarist," and he brings us some awesome...


Navajo Live - Singer Songwriter Showcase 10-21-18 EPISODE 1

The Navajo Live in East County San Diego invited The Dusty Futon to cover their Singer Songwriter Showcase that happened on October 21st, 2018. Spicy's hubby was chosen to perform so we happily obliged! Their next one is on November 18th, put it in your calendar now! The Singer Songwriter Showcase has a unique design to its presentation and gives you access to three different artists, all playing one song at a time, taking turns, for an entire hour. The Navajo Live puts this event...


Soup The Messenger - Dusty Futon Producers Corner

From the moment he walked in you could tell he had something to say. Soup shared story after story as Dirty and Big Jon chatted him up about everything from why he's called "Soup" to copyright and licensing concerns. There was so much extra content that we will have to share it on our page for our Patrons! Don't worry, there's plenty of teachable moments in this episode. Soup's first single "Don't Shoot The Messenger" actually solidified his stage


Oliver James - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Oliver James et al begin this episode with a LIVE ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE! We also get an exclusive performance of their new song "Swimming Horses" with drummer Rick Slinkard playing a wearable Cajon. The group has been together for a year or so, but the Oliver James band has been around for around seven years. In 2016 their second record, "What Have We Learned," saw the hit single "The More You Love, The More You Live" hit #1 on Internet Radio! Their new album was yet to be named (as of the...


Digital Lizards of Doom - Dusty Futon Producers Corner

Gabe and Gallie of Digital Lizards of Doom breakdown the TWO YEAR process for their BRAND NEW album! (Listen to the end for how to get a PHYSICAL COPY sent to you) "Lizards and Labyrinths" only released in September but has already been selling like crazy! The album was literally worked on all over the world, seeing some production time in Australia and the UK, as well as the States. The group doesn't stop at just music...there's an entire character set behind the music, with Dizzy and...


Sometimes Julie - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

This Blues-Based Rock and Roll band got started by a chance meeting at a Karaoke dive bar. So...we've coined Sometimes Julie as a "Dive Band!" The band's name originated from that same place; however, it took about 6 months before they figured out what to call it. Monica and Rick casually tell that story in this episode. Basically, as Monica puts it, "We're all just aspiring to be Julie." They began as just the two of them but quickly expanded their sound while developing the band's focus....


Collision Creation - Dusty Futon Producers Corner

Collision Creation is a unique Duo of Pop/EDM crossover music that is made by the 'Keyboard Player' Patrick using REAL "Old School" methods! Patrick DOESN'T USE A COMPUTER! He didn't realize how unique and his style of music is in this day and age, but he finds out as Dirty Disciple and Big Jon break down his music and techniques in this episode. He was hesitant to even accept the label "Producer"... Even Jackie, the other half of this duo, admits that Patrick does most of the work! You may...


The Jackstones - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Rick and Andy might be the lead writers of this Cover Band turned Original, but George and Bjorn definitely contribute something to The Jackstones other than their instruments. The Jackstones turned original in 2014 but these guys have been playing together for over a decade before that happened. The band name back then was "The Clams"...and they had a female lead singer. THAT RIGHT THERE should tell you the tone of our conversation... We start with barely getting through intros as Big Jon...


Merc The Master of Seven - Dusty Futon Producers Corner

Rodney IS Merc The Master of Seven! His retro beats and clean styles are a breath of fresh air straight out of the 90's. Rodney Dixon has finally been able to release his tracks from about 25 years ago! This goldmine of retro sounds takes you back to a time when hip-hop was at the experimental days. "Merc The Master of Seven Featuring Atoma the Solar Superhero" is a project of Rodney's. One that has more depth to it than most artists could dream of. From his involvement in the Solar industry...


Lindsay White - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Lindsay White has experienced many tough lessons in life. Rather than let them get her down, she turned towards music and activity. A proficient basketball player turned boxer that ends up scaring Tyler and she makes beautiful music with her instruments. She seems to do everything...except spinning plates! This Bakersfield native came to us via Reverbnation and even though Tyler started early with the dick jokes, Lindsay never missed a beat and showed him who was boss of this episode. Make...


Manny Cepeda - Dusty Futon Producers Corner

Latin Grammy nominated artist Manny Cepeda is one of the most professional musicians you can come across. With FIVE generations of music in his blood and over 50 years personal experience he can write some of the most demanding and technical music out there. Manny hasn't done anything other than music since he's been on this earth! AND...he's maintained an independence of music the entire time. He began his venture to the states in Illinois, barely speaking english, and ending up in the Navy...


Ready Set Survive - Dusty Futon SOCAL 6-20

This troublesome trio of musicians formed Ready Set Survive just a couple of years ago and are already sounding like a polished machine ready to take on the world. That’s what Troy paid me to say, or at least what he WOULD’VE paid me if any of us made any money (just kidding…there wasn’t any money exchanging hands). Fresh off their self-titles EP, the band has been releasing singles on their ReverbNation page and on other music services. You can buy the song anywhere as well to more directly...


Enter The Blue Sky - Dusty Futon SOCAL 6-19

Enter the Blue Sky is an “Americana” (we discuss this in the episode) group from East County with very poetic stories and plenty of emotions tied to their songs. Tyler just BUTCHERS Sande Lollis’ last name…somehow and Spicy “goes there” within the first few minutes…which seems to set the tone of this episode, but the ladies take it over from us. Sande is the writer and singer of the group, and with Karen playing the Viola and singing right next to them they go from making you cry to making...


Broken Stems - Dusty Futon SOCAL 6-18

The Broken Stems really get down and dirty with their gritty style of Rock and the stories to go with it. This talented three-some of guys will make your soul bleed from moment one! Of course, you'll feel better afterwards. These three amigos, strike that...Bearded Foxes...wait, no...they're a little confused on what they really are; however, right now they go by Broken Stems and that's how you can search to find their beautiful blend of blues based rock and alternative on any music device....


CHUGBOAT - Dusty Futon SOCAL 6-17

Party band CHUGBOAT return to the Dusty Futon with BRAND NEW Material...and a new sound?'s more refined, and "more of a mature" they say. This gaggle of goofs are reworking their sound (just a bit) but we can still sense the party vibe and the innuendos. Even if they ARE less direct than “Papaya”. These guys are veterans of the Dusty Futon and have come back with THREE BRAND NEW TRACKS for you to peruse. We play one that you’ve NEVER HEARD OF and some of the singles...


The Rough - Dusty Futon SOCAL 6-16

The Rough joins us on The Dusty Futon and Big Jon FINALLY gets to chat with Jules Whelpton, #ThatBlondeBassist. This girl is a riot! Jules and Darren join us ON TIME, and Drew got caught in traffic…so, it takes a few before we get to the tunes since he’s the one bringing them in. Interesting side-note about Darren…he’s the drummer for the band, and he became a drummer by accident! He’s freaking amazing on the skins and we almost never heard from him! Jules is one helluva musician herself....