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155 - Hollywood Obi

With Obi Ariguzo - Visiting from Los Angeles, Obi shares his perspective on the Hollywood life as Visual FX Data Wrangler for notable TV shows like Fear of the Walking Dead, The Orville, Westworld, The Leftovers. Also features Ekwhoa, Jasmine Brown, Byron Porter.


154 - Nah The FeedBak - Cancel Culture and Content Consumption

with Nah The Podcast (@pandavinci, @dgriff123, @yeslikethebook, @Steven_Debose) - We discuss cancel culture, road to redemption, leveraging social media content, technology addiction, consumerism, voyeur culture, data ownership.


153 - State of the Union with DJ Mel

with DJ Mel. We discuss biopics, political correctness, recreational outrage, the impact of social media on society, reinventing the event and DJ gig, internet tribalism and R. Kelly. Follow DJ Mel Follow The FeedBak


152 - Old Nerds Talking with P-Tek and Alex

with MC, producer, comedian Adam “P-Tek” Protextor (@ptekmusic, Baby Lion Studios) and Alexsi Carasquillo (C12 Photography). We talk remakes, Netflix, Marvel vs DC, Hollywood vs Video Games vs TV shows, and much more.


151 - 2018 ACL Festival Recap with atxconcertqueen

with Clarissa Cardenas (atxconcertqueen), Alexsi Carasquillo (C Twelve Photography), and live music expert Mike Manewitz. We talk about how ACL changed, fashion trends, personal stories, performance reviews and more.


150 - VIP In My Castel

with Adama and Coumba Zoumanigui, and Marcy Edwards. Adama's foodie Instagram. Universal menu. Day party is the new party. When VIP crosses the line. Naked and Afraid vs Fat Guys in the Woods. 90 Day Fiance and The American Dream. Best TV series. Word pronunciation.


149 - Comedian Mo Amer, Road to Netflix

with Comedian Mo Amer, Scott Butler (Creative Director from Paramount Theatre) and Lauren Lyman (publicist from OtherSide Austin). Stories from Moontower Comedy Festival. Growing up with comedy on TV. Moving to Houston, Texas from Kuweit at an early age and Bill Cosby. Introduction to stand up comedy. Stories from the road. His relationship with Dave Chappelle. Preparing for his Netflix special. Meeting Eric Trump on the plane. His love for Hip Hop


148 - Psychology of Going Out with 2 Guys On Your Head

with Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke - the hosts of Two Guys On Your Head Podcast on NPR join us to discuss how going out affects our brain. Being social creatures. Why at night. The rationale behind going out. The ritual of going out and sexual tension. Cultural differences. Defining a successful evening. Bar vs live music. Importance of sleep. Group vs solo. Being in the moment.


147 - Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation

with Micco - when is celebrating Cinco De Mayo cultural appropriation? What about Black Panther? The high school girl with Chinese dress. Real vs fictional context. Is it just good marketing? Kanye West: separate art from the artist. Road to redemption. Right/wrong way for artists to use their platform.


146 - Speak Your Truth with Sheena Simmons

with comedian Sheena Simmons & Joe Silver - Live from The Native Hostel. Dating a comedian. Grand Opening girls. #MeToo. Men walking on egg shells. Meeting credentials vs discrimination. Honesty vs disclaimers.


145 - Nucking Futs Live From The Native

with Kenny Duet and Bobby Queso (Queso Vs) - Live from The Native Hostel. Baby names. FOMO. Black Panther review. Late night after-parties and meeting Android 21. SXSW 2018. Artists to hate.


144 - Family Ramblings

with Bak's brothers Tanou and Adama and sister Coumba - Introducing the family. Elementary kids' Cardi B. The failed promise of the internet. How Bak got trolled on Facebook. The genius of Trump. Separating art from the artist. Men are animals. The importance of having a conversation.


143 - Nightlife and Sexual Harassment

Live from Native Hostel - ACL 2017 shows and tight security. Dancing in clubs vs grinding. Sexual harassment in bars. Statistics on sexual assault. What is consent? What is the line? Sexual repression and how it is expressed. Importance of men's role in presence of misogynistic behavior. Programs fighting to end sexual harassment like Hollaback, Ask For Angela, Safe Bars.


142 - Heavy Metal 101 with Ka$h and Tyler

with Tyler Stevenson (Texas Loves Metal) and Kash Sarkaria (Fear Control, Slaterica) - First experiences in Metal music. The denominations of Metal. Developing the screaming voice. Mosh pit etiquette. Misconceptions about Metal music. Hip Hop vs Metal. Metal in the world of digital/social media. Original music vs covers. Weather Metal. Thanks for our sponsors: Heard Entertainment - use promo code FDBK for 10% off show tickets Slab BBQ & Beer - mention The FeedBak at checkout for 10%...


141 - Jon Stringer: I Know I'm Funny!

with Comedian Jon Stringer - Being funny. Starting late in comedy. Working with Chingo Bling. Meeting Jackie Martling, Gallagher, Rob Schneider, Theo Von, Raymond Orta. Pre-approving the funny and being confident. Telling party stories. His idols Jim Carrey and Bill Burr. Paying for comedy vs paying for entertainment. Handling hecklers. Comedians are truth-tellers. Comedy legends like Robin Williams. Thanks for our sponsors: Heard Entertainment - use promo code FDBK for 10% off show...


140 - Steve Works: A Conversation With Austin Mayor Adler

with Austin Mayor Steve Adler - From D.C. to Austin via Princeton University. From lawyer to mayor. Update on the Omnibus resolution and saving Austin music. Agent of Change. Funding new projects. Austin's identity crisis and its growth. The Austin bubble. Beef with Governor Abbott. Questions from the audience. Addressing climate change and sanctuary cities. His Wonder Woman letter. Trump vs Mr. Burns. Thanks for our sponsors: Heard Entertainment - use promo code FDBK for 10% off show...


139 - Antone's Nightclub: Home of The Blues

with Will Bridges, co-owner of Antone's, and Zach Ernst, talent booker - Growing up around music. Meeting Clifford Antone. Clifford's passion for Chicago blues. Bringing artists together (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Reed, Eddie Taylor). Blues as a foundation to many genres. Bringing Antone's back to downtown Austin. Club booking vs venue booking. Blue Monday tradition. 42nd Anniversary in July. The Clifford Antone Foundation. RIP Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Thanks for our sponsors: Heard...


138 - The Black Travel Experience with Kevin Knight

with Kevin Knight, Founder of Urban Events Global - From floating the river with 10 people in Texas to international trips with hundreds/thousands. Black people doing outdoors stuff. Why women travel more than men. Benefits of traveling. Don't be a tourist. Experience the culture. Guy/girl ratio overseas. Stay in hostels. Tinder while traveling. Use code FEEDBAK for discount on Urban Camp Weekend trip (6/23 thru 6/25) Thanks for our sponsors: Heard Entertainment - use promo code FDBK...


137 - Dan Soder Talks Austin, Comedy, and Billions (EXCLUSIVE)

with Dan Soder, actor/comedian from The Bonfire SiriusXM and Showtime Billions - Live from Container Bar. Being around great comics. Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Moontower Comedy Festival. Meeting fans. Preachy comedy. Busting balls. Joke writing. Becoming a comic. Getting on Showtime's Billions. Thanks for our sponsors: Heard Entertainment - use promo code FDBK for 10% off show tickets Slab BBQ & Beer - mention The FeedBak at checkout for 10% off your meal. 2 locations in Austin:...


136 - Living the Hella Life with DJ Hella Yella

with DJ Hella Yella - Juice and MC Hammer. From a dorm room DJ to club DJ to festivals and 106 & Park. Introducing music to the crowd. Songs that need to retire. Song request policy. The curse of the black club. Guess the song. Core DJs Worldwide. Internet kills regional hip hop. Hip hop works in wave. Best moment in his DJ career. Thanks for our sponsors: Heard Entertainment - use promo code FDBK for 10% off show tickets Slab BBQ & Beer - mention The FeedBak at checkout for 10% off...