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Zaddy Brackets Episode 4

Back at it adding people to our Big Year For list and talking about household items being used as weapons, the Chuck E Cheese pizza conspiracy, Hov, 21 Savage, and more. Check it out!


Flotape: Ep 1 PrePrepared Bars

Talking rap freestyles - off the top or written. Music from Marley B., Jae Tilt, Benjamin Fly, and we introduce Fredrip to Blueface


Zaddy Brackets Ep 3

Zaddy Brackets Ep 3 by Flotivity Media Channel


Zaddy Brackets Ep 2

Episode 2: The McMixtape Rapper Inject that Semen for a Healthy Life Whose Man's Is That MAGA vs Indians Dog Walking Tomi Our Big Week For Nominess


FloTape - Underground Classics Edition

FloTape - Underground Classics Edition by Flotivity Media Channel


Zaddy Brackets Ep1

New podcast from Flotivity Media covering crazy news stories happening all over the world. Trying to figure who had the Biggest Year....brackets....tournament style. This week: Facial recognition Chinese expansion McDonalds Is your phone's metadata being sold to bounty hunters? Scratcher Jacker Robert Kelly


Flotape 1102019

Just sitting around talking about Coachella. Most excited for. New Discoveries. It's all there.


FloTape 092018

Please allow us to reintroduce ourselves! We're back, talking hip hop and playing dope music you've never heard. Convo includes: - Mac Miller - Eminem vs MGK vs Joe Budden (basically Will.Ara thinks Eminem is done and needs to stop while the rest root him on to keep going a battle none of use believe he can ultimately win because the judges have changed) Music from: Tom Misch ft. Loyle Carner - Crazy Dream Lil Goddess - Brownboi Maj ft Futuristic I Did It - Slator Blacc Warrior - Salty Brasi...


FloCast EP 63 w Pike Romero

Tucson Hip Hop Founder Pike Romero came up from Tuc to talk the untimely passing of Mac Miller, Eminem's Kamikaze, and the beef between Em and Joe Budden and Eminem and MGK (with a breakdown of Not Alike).


FloTape SE Podcast - Drake v Pusha

We couldn't sit this one out. While we're still on our extended hiatus, we just had too much we needed to state on record about this beef. Convo includes: Why Pusha's response was genuis and how he flamed a seemingly invincible Drake. Whether Drake mentioning Pusha's wife really should've provoked the response it did (spoiler - absolutely. yes.) And we announce a Round 1 winner. Twitter/IG: @flotivitymedia


FloCast Ep 62 w/ Pike Romero

Pike Romero knows more about Arizona hip hop than most, which makes him the perfect director for the Tucson Hip Hop Festival. Along with a solid team, Pike puts together the best Arizona hip hop festival each year. PdotD took a trip down to Tucson and spoke with Pike about the Festival, Arizona rap, favorite female emcees all time, and a bunch of other hip hop ish. And Pike knows his shit. He's managed and gone on tour with Lando Chill, Jivin Scientists, and Jabee. He's a promoter, hip hop...


Geeked on Rap Ep 3

A podcast about all things dope and wack in hip hop in 2017 and some ideas about what'll happen next year. This podcast is for those who think Migos and Joe Budden are hip hop and don't fucking care that rappers mumble words. So old, dusty heads talking Rakim as the God emcee and no one else, stay out. We also don't include any Post Malone as the best 2017 had to offer. We just don't. No hate, but he doesn't deserve it. Listen, subscribe, share, and let us know what you think. Opening track...


FloCast Ep 61 w Splash Fuego

Don't sleep on this....details coming soon. Season 2 ova.


FloCast Ep 60 w Catmint$ Q

First, I'd like to announce that the very dope, knowledgeable individual whose twitter handle is @LNSL will be joining the FloCast as special guest host. The two of us kicked it with Catmint$ Q to talk about his new tape, "i bleed glitter, no homo." He's a super positive human being radiating special goodness in his sound and aura. But he is also known to get some shit off his chest. The two sides of Catmint$ Q are definitely on display here. Featuring tracks: 19 Fuego Pass the Rock Carpet...


FloCast Ep 59 w/ Cashtue and Done One (Concrete Pinatas)

Concrete Pinatas is an album, but it stands for so much more. Done One (The Society of Invisibles/Avenue of the Arts) and Cashtue (Avenue of the Arts)dropped by to talk about this album and speak on the old head vs new rapper stuff, advertising by wheatpasting the city, and just some good old, funny convo type shit. The album was produced by the Premonist, who laced the dudes with some hot fire! Featuring tracks: Pasteles 86'd 3 Candles Lords Cuanto Find Concrete Pinatas at:...


FloCast Ep 58 w/ Blaze Rock and Paconaut

Hammerwolf is the name of Blaze Rock's 11th album released in 2017. 11 freaking albums! This dude has been busy. It is entirely produced by Paconaut, a producer who's been in the game for 10+ years. Blaze Rock is no stranger to hip hop either as he's been doing this for a long time. The two of them are skilled and it is apparent on Hammerwolf. We talk about the album, their partnerships with hat companies, and of course, lyrics. Cause I love lyrics and Blaze Rock gots em. Featuring tracks:...


FloCast podcast Ep 57 w/ Syrin and 4nthem the Goodkat

Syrin recently released an EP that stopped me dead in my tracks. The themes and her voice...her voice!...were all so amazing. I fell in love with it and knew I had to talk to her about it. So she rolled through with fellow Products of Infamy crew member 4nthem the Goodkat and we talked about the EP called 5706. Drinking some wine and fireball, we cover the important stuff and had a good time. Check it out and let me know what you think! Featuring tracks: Syrin - Time Don't Stop Syin ft...


FloCast Ep 56 w/ Black One 2

Multi-media artist Black One (Jaron Ikner) is a busy guy. So getting him to stop by is always dope because he's super creative and thoughtful. He stopped by to discuss the Starstruck When The Stars Fell... compilation. The comp has some of the dopest AZ artists on it plus it has an intense story revolving around teams up and destruction of worlds. Again, Black One doesn't just put put out music, he cobbles together entire universes. Check out our discussion on the matter and a bunch of other...


Geeked on Rap Podcast Ep 2 - Best Christmas Rap Tracks

It's too early for Christmas music and talking about Christmas. People are going to get tired of that shit. So sprinkle in some of the somewhat known and relatively unknown. Sprinkle in some Christmas rap tracks! The crew sits down to talk about their top 5 Christmas rap tracks as well as some honorable mentions and some that aren't worth mentioning but they do anyway. Have merry muthaphuckin' Christmas.


FloCast Ep 55 w Clay Adams

Clay Adams is rapper/producer/promoter who in the last two years has pushed one of the dopest beatmaker/producer nights called BeatLAB. Started first in Australia, where he's from, he brought the night over with the plan to give producers a platform and link them with rappers. Well the night turned into a success and he ended up bringing in national artists like Black Milk and putting on plenty of local dudes. We talk about all this and his upcoming plans plus the rap album he's working on....