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An investigation into the true stories and history of folk music in Canada.

An investigation into the true stories and history of folk music in Canada.
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An investigation into the true stories and history of folk music in Canada.




TF005 Manitoba: The Red River Valley on Trial

“The Red River Valley” is a country-folk earworm that’s been played and recorded by thousands of musicians, sold millions of copies, and has a place in several music halls of fame. But what appears below the surface of this folksy love song, has some highly controversial, extremely disputed roots. This episode puts “The Red River Valley” on trial and presents evidence from two opposing sides to try to determine the original roots of a song that could have origins in Northern Texas or...


TF004 Newfoundland: The First Lady of the Accordion

If you mention the accordion in Newfoundland, the name Minnie White is likely to come up. Minnie White is synonymous with accordion music in the province. But she did not gain this reputation as an icon until very late in life. In the 1970s, an entire province witnessed, watched, and listened to her comeback musical story. This episode investigates Minnie White and her beloved accordion, from her early childhood and discovery of the instrument, to the history of the accordion in the...


TF003 Alberta: A Tale of Two Families

This is the story of two families, from opposite sides of North America, with two totally different lives, who intertwined in some very interesting ways. The first is The Carter Family from Virginia, considered one of the founding families of Americana, whose recordings from the early 1900s influenced countless listeners. The second is The Romaniuk Family, an unknown family band from the foothills of Alberta. This episode investigates both The Carter and Romaniuk families, from their early...


TF002 Northwest Territories: The Changing Roads

Is folk music still folk music if you play it on an electric instrument? Well, is a road still a road if it goes from dirt to pavement? In the late 1950s, a Métis-Cree musician named Elsie Justis moved to a very remote area in the Northwest Territories, that did not have any roads, and brought an electric guitar with her. This episode introduces Justis and her music, and how music travels and comes to be in remote places.


TF001 Nova Scotia: A Rising Tide

Perhaps no other region has produced more fiddle players and fiddle recordings, per person and per square inch, than a tiny island on the northern most tip of Nova Scotia, called Cape Breton. Of the thousands upon thousands of top-tier fiddlers that have come from the island, one person time and time again is named the region’s very best, Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald. This episode investigates the life and music of Fitzgerald: the rough-and-tumble surroundings that inspired his style of...


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