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Bill Lambusta and Brian Erickson discuss their favorite music through the lens of the medium they care for most, the ALBUM.

Bill Lambusta and Brian Erickson discuss their favorite music through the lens of the medium they care for most, the ALBUM.
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Bill Lambusta and Brian Erickson discuss their favorite music through the lens of the medium they care for most, the ALBUM.




Robert Palmer - Clues (w/ guest Jeff Fiedler)

Musician, blogger, and label head Jeff Fiedler joins Bill and Brian to discuss Robert Palmer's Clues (1980, Island).


The Walkmen - Heaven (w/ guest Chris Fox)

Bill and Brian are joined by musician Chris Fox ( to talk about the Walkmen's Heaven (2012, Fat Possum Records)!


Paul McCartney & Wings - Band on the Run

Bill and Brian discuss Paul McCartney & Wing's Band on the Run (1973, Apple). Brian talks about listening to this album while driving around the American Southwest. Then we get into the criticisms of this album (that we disagree with), the band recording in Nigeria, Linda McCartney's musicianship, Denny Laine's contributions, Tony Visconti's arrangements, Macca's craftsmanship and our own songwriting, and more as we make our way through the album track by track!


Liner Notes - Mail Bag

Bill and Brian open their hearts and open the mail bag and read some emails from our fine listeners.


High Fives - Top 5 Songs Sung by the Other Person

Bill and Brian have a little fun by resurrecting the format of Bill's old podcast, High Fives, and count down their top 5 songs sung by the other person in the band. We make sure to not repeat any past songs already covered on the show (no "39" by Queen, no Dan Bejar, no Ringo, etc.), but we think we've got some pretty good tunes featured in their stead. Check it out!


Aerosmith (w/ guest Jim McGee)

One of Bill and Brian's favorite musicians and storytellers Jim McGee returns to the podcast to take us on a journey through 10(-ish) great songs from one of his favorite bands, Aerosmith. We start at the beginning with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry writing songs on a water bed, make our way through the drug fueled 70s and their initial success into Perry and Brad Whitford's leaving the band, and then back in the saddle. Jim talks about his inability to play like Joe Perry, showcases his...


The Posies - Frosting on the Beater (w/ guest Tom Losito)

Bill and Brian are joined by musician Tom Losito ( to discuss the Posies' Frosting on the Beater (1993, DGC). Tom tells the gents about discovering the band via a LastFM deep dive. Then Bill, Brian, and Tom discuss what "power pop" means to Tom, the Posies' lack of a signature sound and evolution through the years, Jon Auer's cool guitar tones, Ken Stringfellow's pop sensibility, the band's signature harmonies, Mike Musburger's killer drums, and more as we make our way...


Big Star - Radio City (w/ guest Jack Linden)

Musician Jack Linden (Rose Boulevard, Karma Gambit) joins Bill and Brian to discuss Big Star's second album Radio City (1974, Ardent). Jack talks about his "power pop" phase and how influential this sound has been on him as he starts his new project, Karma Gambit.Then Bill, Brian, and Jack discuss the absence of Chris Bell and that influence on Alex Chilton and the band, Andy Hummel's songwriting chops, Jody Stephen's underrated drum skills, and much more as we make our way through the...


Paul Simon - Graceland (w/ guest Jesse Jackson)

Podcaster Jesse Jackson (Set Lusting Bruce, Next Stop Everywhere) joins Bill and Brian to discuss Paul Simon's Graceland (1986, Warner Bros.). Bill, Brian, and Jesse talk about the world-spanning influences on the music like zydeco, isicathamiya, and mbaqanga, the political difficulties and possible faux pas Simon faced with apartheid South Africa, Ray Phiri's take on that and his great guitar riffs, that bass fill Bakithi Kumalo knocked out of the park, the King of the Bayou Clifton...


Phish - Billy Breathes (w/ guest Dan Drago)

Podcaster and musician Dan Drago ( and joins Bill and Brian to discuss Phish's Billy Breathes (1996, Elektra). Dan talks about a buddy introducing him to Phish amidst all the grunge and punk he was listening to in the 90s. Then Bill, Brian, and Dan discuss the time Brian met Tom Marshall, carpe diem vs stop and smell the roses, not comparing Phish with the Grateful Dead by comparing them with the Grateful Dead, the strengths and weaknesses...


The Kinks - Lola Versus Powerman... (w/ guest Chris Dubrow)

Musician and internet personality Chris Dubrow joins Bill and Brian to discuss the Kinks' Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One (1970, Pye/Reprise).


Spring Break - Once (film)

Bill and Brian watched Once (2007), the magical indie musical directed by John Carney and starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, and talk about our favorite scenes, favorite tunes, and breakdown some romantic entanglements presented in the film.


Fugees - The Score (w/ guest Bobby Olivier)

Music/entertainment reporter for and The Star Ledger joins Bill and Brian to discuss Fugees' second and final album the Score (1996, Ruffhouse/Columbia). Bobby talks about how a deep dive into this album while preparing a retrospective celebrating its 20th anniversary helped him learn to fully appreciate this work. Then Bill, Brian, and Bobby discuss Bobby's interview with Wyclef Jean, the themes on this- as Lauryn Hill describes it - "audio film," pass-the-mic style posse cuts and...


Liner Notes - Martin Shkreli, Wu-Tang Clan, Live Songs, Best 90s Guitar Solos

Bill hangs out at Brian's pad for a change as we talk about Martin Shkreli's conviction and what it means for that one of a kind Wu-Tang Album, read some listener emails about definitive live versions of songs, and visit Facebook to debate the best guitar solos of the 90s! Make sure to check out Lowlight's latest single, "Can't Stop now, available on Spotify, and see the band on tour with the Pretenders this Spring! Visit for details!


Joni Mitchell - Blue (w/ guest Dave Mooney)

Musician Dave Mooney ( joins Bill and Brian to discuss Joni Mitchell's influential relationship album Blue (1971, Reprise). Dave talks about Spotify algorithms doing him a solid and making sure Joni's music crossed his plate. Then Bill, Brian, and Dave talk about the album's sparse production, the value of speculating on an artist's biographical info, Graham Nash and James Taylor's influence on the lyrical content, Stephen Stills lending his talents, accidental...


Cheap Trick - In Color (w/ guest BJ Kahuna)

Podcaster BJ Kahuna (Rock and/or Roll, Cheap Talk with Trick Chat) joins Bill and Brian to discuss Cheap Trick's In Color (1977, Epic).


Kevin Devine - Make the Clocks Move (w/ guest Jaime Parker)

Bill and Brian are joined by musician Jaime Parker ( and to talk about indie artist Kevin Devine's sophomore effort Make the Clocks Move (2003, Triple Crown Records).


Liner Notes - The Stone Pony, Quincey Jones, and Mail Bag

Bill and Brian pick up the digital phone to have a relaxed conversation about Brian preparing for a show at the Stone Pony, Quincey Jones epic rants, and some listener emails that touch on Boston, Elliott Smith, Ben Folds Five, and the Eagles!


Hole - Live Through This (w/ guest Adam Bird)

Musician Adam Bird ( joins Bill and Brian to discuss Hole's breakthrough sophomore effort Live Through This (1994, DGC).


Blondie - Parallel Lines (w/ guest Jonathyne Briggs)

Author and professor Jonathyne Briggs joins Bill and Brian to discuss Blondie's breakthrough third album Parallel Lines (1978, Chrysalis). Jonathyne talks about underestimating the band as a singles band in his youth before really digging into their catalog after they reformed in the late 90s. Then Bill, Brian, and Jonathyne discuss sexism in the NYC punk scene, Mike Chapman's dictatorial production, Debbie Harry's voice, the excellent rhythm section - Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison, Robert...