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The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show with Thorsten Sideb0ard.++ Extreme Computer Music, Algorithmic Rave and Bit-shifted R'n'B hits of tomorrow! ++

The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show with Thorsten Sideb0ard.++ Extreme Computer Music, Algorithmic Rave and Bit-shifted R'n'B hits of tomorrow! ++


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The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show with Thorsten Sideb0ard.++ Extreme Computer Music, Algorithmic Rave and Bit-shifted R'n'B hits of tomorrow! ++





1. Safa - Ouda And The Strikers At Najd 2. Othello Aubern - Verticales 3. Kindohm - Vacuity Apparent 4. Kindohm - system1 jam 2022-04-24 5. Kenny Crunk - Tues 19-05 5. Qebo & William Fields - Thira Clock 6. Prison Religion - Cornered 7. Siete Catorce - Ibuprofeno 8. Mona Evie - Lên Đồn 9. Tran Uy Duc, Pilgrim Raid - Banal 10. c_robo_ - iron_giant_7_ext.wav 11. Fisk Industries - Modern Grind 12. Richard Devine - Recursion Constructors



TRACKlisting:::::::::::::: c_robo - lg_2022_lian Klpflrtpr - Enter Plus Ten - Ava Acid Gábor Lázár - Boundary Object III R Tyler - raise ValueError() Jana Rush - Break It (Remix) sideb0ard - algorave 10th birthday live set ROMsets - Tekbox glia - toothlip Heavy Lifting vs Graham Dunning - loopAt windowless cylinder of rock Safa - Liturgies For Cyborgs slugabed - laces boi Huerco S. - Plonk VIII aNTOJE - Remotes RICHEE - ibnrogXWM D/P/I - Club is Dead


March Show, Algorithmic Art Assembly Hype Edition!

All artists on this edition will be appearing at Algorithmic Art Assembly, March 10-11-12th 2022, Gray Area, San Francisco! Kindohm -- Device Ruin Richard Devine -- Brux Myriam Bleau -- Shapes William Fields -- riveru Trash Panda QC -- Woverhang LuisaMei -- super collide me Ellen Phan -- Break State RM Francis -- ...s Lauren Sarah Hayes -- Xeon Rian Treanor -- Obstacle 1 Spednar -- exp 5 William Fields -- Shackamaxon - {arsonist} Remix Tom Hall --...


FebRARy Edition

Tracklising:::: James Emrick - C.01 Klpflrtpr - Random aLTERkRANKERmANN - hcwnd05 BCPL - UUS glia - z-m-r-d Gábor Lázár - Boundary Object V Felipe Vaz - Pretty Much In The Style Of Mark Fell BCPL - NEW_ALGX1 MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) - Everything Falls Into Place Jana Rush - G-Spot BCPL - 4 1 Ivy Lab - Suzuki Kindohm & Jesse Whitney - Three Degrees Cassiopeia Blumenthal - Have Thou Felt it Too? Secs - Pipistrelle Mark Fell - Sketch for eMego 303 Ellen Phan - Reverie Rian...



2022, yo! kidwar - as long as the sea is salty still aLTERkRANKERmANN - hcwnd06 RICHEE - ibnrogXWM exael - xm Focal Point - Spin Aether - Trapped In Nauru Helm - Repellent Amhain - 7j7897 The Declining Winter - I Remember Sytrjv - Asymmetrical Symmetry Huerco S. - Plonk IV ABADIR - microfilariae RM Francis - Glob Ops


Radio Show Deeeeeeeecember 2021

::::: Tracklisting :::::.......................... Kindohm - proto1 x.nte, Elevation - bistro bed and breakfast bar & grill cafe lounge Machine Woman - If Actress Was An Actress Sytrjv - Axial Age pent - circular fever pulse Jana Rush - A2 Furious Feet BCPL - snkzz FFT - Disturb Roqe 4 Calum Gunn - Hollow Joe Beedles - transvection study (🅱️ mix) M3g - 3 (Grischa Lichtenberger 3 ēvōˈkāSH(ə)ns mix) Tariq Disu - WOOP exael - xm Autechre - M39 Diffain Amhain - g67654 a0n0 -...


Nooooooovembah Edition

Tracklisting======== UAN0007 - A SDEM - STREELING Finlay Shakespeare - Anti-Vax Suck My Knoedel Atom™ - Trash Panda QC - There!s Th.r! a0n0 - Twana(stereo) Spednar - spktrlgbr Hoavi - Dver glia - Telesphere BCPL - untitled Mat Ranson - 1893 Topdown Dialectic - B1 AZ-ROTATOR - Longitudinal William Fields - Eustress Dub


SeptOoooberrr Edition

Latest edition of show, playing the newest weirdo computer sounds, broadcasting from the Sunset district of San FranciscooooooO! ArtistName::::::::::::::::::::Title Lilienfeld -- rsss2 Spednar -- OT Edit 1 - MM ABL Space Afrika -- U ft. kinseyLloyd Blackhaine -- Blackpool trash panda qc -- bonc Helena Celle's Correspondence Table -- Lanarkian Mythopoetic BCPL -- AUG29-1-editTTTD BCPL -- DR0000_1569-EDIT BCPL -- DR0000_1557 Life As Sleep -- Drmbo Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi --...


Fogust Episode 2021

Artist ------> Track ---------------------> Album ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH--> Lightzaber--> High Resolution Music ROMsets --> Lagg --> FAULTYS Philipp Ilinskiy --> HTI 3 V1 --> HASWELL’S TAIKO itself vol. 1 William Fields --> Cordanc --> Bokuseki Luke Lund --> Konformaatio (Conformation) --> Helikaalinen (Helical) Tom Hall --> Yesterday, Today Forever --> Failed Attempts at Silence Shek O --> Apex --> Bancha orchidvial --> ïnter fflense --> c◯nt◯rti◯n x.nte --> ifuca --> HYPER...


Julllllly Eddditioooooon

Straight up computer sounds from: 1. Guy Birkin- MdrM5(Ultimate_Collection hydrocycle on a lake) 2. Kindohm- deck(Internet Recluse) 3. Xanopticon- Chanja(Soundtrack for Breakcore Guidebook) 4. Monster X- Murdered Red Cow(Soundtrack for Breakcore Guidebook) 5. Dev/Null- Stop(Pocket Selector) 6. Meyers- Confrontations II(Pacifist Spectra) 7. Sharp Veins- bloodbath tool 1 extend(Picked Poison) 8. Disheveled- Suspended Deanimation(Disheveled/Spednar Split) 9. Spednar-...


June Radiooooooo show 2021

Usual weirdo computer music from all the fine artists and labels like Superpang, XPQ sounds, Guy Birkin, Xylitol, Moirè, Mosquitos, and more! Meyers -Computer Burning (In Paradise) Jules Rawlinson- Protean Curls Critical Amnesia- 0SNS.B₂ La Fe- 77 Xylitol- Moebius Guy Birkin- MdrM5 Shifted- White Flare Focal Point- Drift Moiré- Know Me ft. Demigosh Mosquitoes- Diodic Philipp Ilinskiy- HTI 1 V1 Unguent- terraqueous globe The Willlson b0ard- collab01.


Maaaaay 20211111111

hii hii! latest edition of the show, got some weirdo downtempo, some crazy computer sounds, some old school tracks - you know, the usual fare! Artist - Track // Release ========================== droopy eye- asnooze// ep1 nnirror- 1.n dendritic// posymbl moxus- 2021-01-31// Fasko glia- چه خبر؟// muqarnas exael- Anc// Flowered Knife Shadows Helena Celle's Mimetic Desire- This My Kind of Composition// Non-Human Logic A Guy Called Gerald- The Freak Inside// 28 Gun Bad Boy Shek O-...


Aprrril Edition..........

Spring is in the air - banging show edition! Colin Dyer-- BALROG21 ZULI-- Tany Rian Treanor-- Obstacle 1 Powell-- Tender Love Sentinel 793-- Brukwerk Xyla-- Just You and Me (bonus) ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH-- Klɪŋ(ɡ)ɒn Sebastian Camens -- TAR XC3 d͓̽i͓̽g͓̽i͓̽t͓̽a͓̽l͓̽ ͓̽s͓̽e͓̽l͓̽v͓̽e͓̽s͓̽-- simp tsone -- Primary Onerics droopy eye-- Lifedit ilkae-- oneirogen (ii) John Bischoff -- Circuit Peter Seligman-- Ecl Dcl


Marrrch Editio0n

Starting off on a more ambient angle, show builds up into some amazing new tracks by likes of ZULI, Sebastian Camens and Rian Treanor - check it! Pontiac Streator- eerie dawns (feat mathilde chambon)// Select Works . vol II Phil Julian- ost2// Obstacle ZULI- Keen Demag// All Caps (UIQ0012) 1000PA- Seifok Darrson Dei// Vacuum Dub PDP III- Walls of Kyoto// Pilled Up on a Couple of Doves Sebastian Camens- Stasis// Asymmetry Rian Treanor- Obstacle 3// Obstacle Scattering Lauren Sarah...


Februarrry 2021

Some head nodding hip hop beats to start you off before going deep into dem computer sounds! Deadhand- Steppe-- Meanwhile ft. DJ Prime Cuts & Sensational Madlib- Riddim Chant-- Sound Ancestors SOPHIE- BIPP (Autechre Mx) SOPHIE- UNISIL LuisaMei- Counterpoint-- Affirmation of Space Sommer- Hlishea 5-- Exhibit A Loraine James- Gays With Me-- Button Mashing Matthew Thomas- within an orange sodium glow-- nostalgia:dystopia Spednar- exp 1 (j-dawg)-- Coniunctio NUNDALE- Dodeka (Sleep...


January 2021

Brand new year, brand new episode! Awesome new tracks from Spednar, RM Francis, cd_slopper, UMFANG, KAHKLI Cru, plus early glitch and microhouse classics from Kit Clayton, 8FM, and Twerk! 1. woopheadclrms - It little bit 2. cd_slopper - dqawa wumplex-Ɨ 3. Kit Clayton - Nia-Ikala 4. Twerk - Geeky Minimal Sausage Party 6. KAHKLI Cru - Shaded 3rd Duct 7. Eight Frozen Modules - No Solitude Fo_ The P_Tient 8. Hard Return - ENE 9. pxp Realidiyo - squauduhl 10. RM Francis - lbm-nmf 11....


The Uncanny Thesis Episode

more weirdo computer music, broadcasting out of the Sunset District in San Francisco! Daniel M Karlsson - Exploratory narratives - The work put in D-Leria - Noises From The Room CALUM GUNN - LOCUS Hard Return - 925.5B Bjarni Gunnarsson - Heap pantea - Patu (blanket) Ben & Jerry - pendulumulubneq Atte Elias Kantonen - (Dance) Floor Tune Glia & Matthewdavid - gliamd-mxd LOG - LOG 4 J. Albert - Priorities Phil Julian - ost4 Spednar - cheese stomach


the thththanksgiving episode

new episode of weirdo computer music, coming out of the Sunset District in San Francisco! Track listing -- 1. Parsa - uthuMS11 2. Calum Gunn - OFFSHOOT 3. Heinrich Schwarzer - Figur0_3-39 4. Daniel Katinsky - Macro Collision 5. Trash Panda QC - fountain 6. glia - olous 7. pita - Vlupiansc10.a.udon.2 8. Glass - Appointment Scheduling System 9. free mp3 recording software - stately drums [iso] 10. pent - track 3 11. Mads Kjeldgaard - ((()))


The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #213

coming out of the Sunset District, San Francisco, one hour of weirdo computer sounds!


The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode 212

Back at ya, after a months break! Starting out easy with some Moodyman before getting into the computer sounds!