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The History of the Six Shooter Band

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Ever wonder what its like to be in a band? These are the entries of a diary of Dave Jackson as he started and grew the Country Band Six shooter. Get the behind the scenes stories and all the drama and suspense of trying to be successful in the music business


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Ever wonder what its like to be in a band? These are the entries of a diary of Dave Jackson as he started and grew the Country Band Six shooter. Get the behind the scenes stories and all the drama and suspense of trying to be successful in the music business








S4E2 - Cheese Festival Blues

May 30: Prepping For the Cheese Festival Well, it’s been a fun few weeks. Seth got married, Dave had to go to Columbus, John missed a practice also. The band reforms and starts to put the pieces together. Dale has done a good job of playing catch up. While there are still a few rough areas, none of them sound like mistakes. Basically, he is in the same boat as all of us. The band pulls a Thursday practice trying to get it all together. Dale picks the tunes we do, and practices is over...


S4E1 - That Smell

April 3: DAVE, Johnny, and DAVE Dave puts together a “Fan Letter” to send to the guy at the bar that wanted our schedule. In honesty, the “Fan Magazine” is really a flyer for a drummer. Dave sets out to the local music stores and tacks up the flyer. While he is there he gets a few numbers. In calling the first number (guy looking for a country/oldies rock band) Dave finds “Dave” who just moved to the area from Tennessee. Sounds like a real country boy. He sounds hungry for a band....


S3E9 - Good Day Sir!

March 22: Last Night at the Spur-Last Night for Lee The decision has been made to fire Lee after tonight’s gig. It’s a sad but necessary thing. After some discussion, it is determined that it is Dave’s turn to fire the drummer (John fired Bob, Kevin Fired Jesse). Dave has recently gone through some assertiveness training at work and feels this will be a nice “final exam” to his training. We all look forward to a band without Lee, but no one enjoys hurting Lee (well maybe John ha ha). The...


S3E8 - Lee Digs Himself a Grave

March 1: Back at the Spur The band begins their four-week stint at the Tangled Spur. This has been advertised on a local radio station K105. It’s kind of cool hearing your name mentioned on the radio. This gig the band is “Sethless” due to a prior commitment. While he has only been with the band for a short period, it seems weird playing without him. Also, there are many songs we have not practiced, that are now added to the setlist. Dave adds a few extended solos to the evening and we make...


S3E7 - Where's Lee?

Feb. 13: Concerns Over Lee Well, it appears that Lee has taken his phone off the hook. Last Tuesday John could not make practice (due to house stuff). Lee wanted to practice on Friday, but due to Valentine’s Day, we practiced on Thursday. Lee never called at 6:30 His phone was busy the whole evening. This combined with the lack of meter on slow songs made for a kind of “Down on Lee” night. John, Kevin and Maria were pissed that he apparently blew off practice. He appeared bored on Tuesday...


S3E6 - Dave's Birthday at the Spur

Jan 28: Seth’s First Practice Seth comes over as the band sets up their equipment. We get a chance to talk a bit. Seth was really busy during the holiday season and hasn’t really had a chance to learn any of the songs. Eventually, we all get set up. We plug in and turn on. As we start to do Doomis Walker, Seth asks if we can work out the vocal harmonies first. As we do this Seth slips into his “Choir Director” mode as we sing virtually occopella. It sounds cool. No, it sounds really cool....


S3E5 - Freezing at the Red Dog

Friday Night at the Red Dog Well, Ohio experiences snow, sleet, and freezing rain during the day. Consequently, the bar is very empty. Six Shooter plays to four people (not counting friends and wives). They seem to like us. We sound good. Our stage volume is a little loud, and Dave can’t really hear himself. Dave also discovers that he hurt his wrist last night carrying things up the steps. He should be fine. Kevin’s nephews come out of the gate HARD and build a pyramid of shot glasses...


S3E4 - We Came, We Played, We Kicked Ass

January 11 1997: The Tangled Spur We Came, We Played, We Kicked Their Ass The whole band is pumped to play a bar the size of the Graphic Enterprises service department (S-M-A-L-L!). Mother nature has blessed us with some snow and a wind chill of at least -20. Luckily we do not have to drag our speakers with us to the gig. While tearing down at Kevin’s, Maria starts explaining how “Everyone Should Get Drunk.” Dave gets a little nervous as the extra travel time involved means he will be...


S3E3 - Working Our Way Back to Fun

October 26: Kevin Keeps his Foot in the Door Dave goes over to Kevin’s to get his amp for the Southern Heart practice-steal your keyboard player session. In talking with Maria and Kevin, Dave and Kevin voice some items that have been brooding in their minds. Dave hasn’t always been 100% thrilled with the fact that John has never really learned what is on the record (in terms of bass parts). While he has learned enough to stumble through, he’s never learned that extra 15% that can make a...


S3E2 - Kevin Quits

October 18 Cappy’s, Buns, and Bow Ties The band gets a rude awakening when Lee sees that the band’s name on the Cappy’s marquee for October 18 and 19. The band was practicing for the following week (the 25th). We work with the owner, and he ends up putting us on after a Male review called “California Hunks” (from Columbus Ohio). The band waits in the back as men are not allowed in the bar as a group of 70 or so women fondle and paw at the loincloth-wearing pieces of meat. Dave starts off...


S3E1 - Week Old Roadkill

August 7: We’re Going Back to Cappy’s With Kevin in Pennsylvania, John makes the trip to Cappy’s. There is plenty of good news. In talking with John, Chuck (the bar owner) says “People are talking” about our appearance. Consequently, Chuck has asked us to return September 6 and 7 with a raise in pay of $300 ($700 total for the weekend). Cappy’s also wants to hold a dance for teens on a Sunday night sometime THIS MONTH (OH YEAH). This is for an undisclosed amount. Things are definitely...


S2E10 - Sabotage in Lousville

August 3: Sabotage in Louisville The band arrives in the afternoon and replaces the blown speaker in a manner of minutes. They decide to adjust the monitors so Dave and Kevin can hear what they’re singing on stage. Unfortunately, John’s snake is not fully functional and the band won’t be able to move the soundboard. Strangely enough, had they needed to, all the plugs out front are now taken up by Mike the DJ. It doesn’t matter, by the end of the last set last night, the sound was pretty...


S2E9 - Weekend at Cappy's

August 2nd: Cappy’s Pub Night 1 August 2nd has finally arrived. To add to the excitement of the day, John rips off half his fingernail on his right-hand pointer finger when the handle of his tool case breaks. John says it should be O.K. because there is so much pain his finger is numb. Dave has a sore shoulder from setting up the night before. Kevin’s back is improving daily but will be wearing the brace on stage tonight. With this in mind, we think of changing our name to Sicks Shooter....


S2E8 - Christmas in July

July 13: Dave is Beyond Excited Dave sets up a system to listen to 3 radio stations at the same time. He is trying to catch songs that the band can add to their setlist(which is aging). Dave gets hosed as he calls in a request to a radio station. His voice gets played over the airwaves (but not his request). He ventures to Lentine’s music to buy a microphone stand so John can sing backups. Last week the band had Lee attempt to sing. With some work, the band could pull off some harmonies. He...


S2E7 - Pimping the Band Part 2

July 12: PIMPING THE BAND After waiting for John to show up, the band runs off a few copies of the new demo tape, pack into Kevin’s Volkswagen Rabbit and head off to promote the band. They stop at the Red Dog Saloon. We drop off a tape and a bio sheet. The owner says that business is bad. She will need a week to listen to the tape. She’s looking for a band that can pack the place. It was a quick call, and the boys are off to another sight. We decided to stop into a bar called the “Tangled...


S2E6 - The Demo Tape

Feb 16: The Guy We’ve Been Looking For Our first drummer to contact us from the add is 45 years old, has experience, a drum set, and according to his own testimony is, “the guy we’ve been looking for.” He sounds very impressive. John is optimistic from the phone call. Kevin calls and informs Dave that there is hope. Feb 20: Enter Lee Well, Lee shows up with his wife. We’re all excited about playing, however, Kevin is really tired as he only got two hours sleep. Dave is feeling kind of...


S2E5 - Who Didn't See That Coming

Jan 17: John’s Opinion Regarding Beth and Dan John remains level-headed, while Dave and Kevin are ready to jump in head first. John did have a good time. However, John also points out the true test will be next Tuesday when the duo has had a chance to learn some of the material. The band agrees. Jan 20 Dave Does Preliminary Work On The Demo Tape. Dave uses the “magic drummer” to match the tempo of, Pickup Man, Anymore, and Fast as You. These “click tracks” will later have each person's...


S2E4 - Next Time Lock the Door

Jan 15: Kevin Lowers the Boom Dave’s pager goes off at 1:40 p.m. He gets into voice mail to hear that Kevin has finally been able to reach Jesse and let him go (He was at the hospital for a false alarm baby delivery the night before). Kevin tells Jesse that the band has come to an agreement together and that they feel he is moving in a different direction than the rest of the band. He does not share the vision, and that the band is looking for a new drummer. Jesse’s first reply is, “Good.”...


S2E3 - HO HO NO!

December 30, 1995 -HO HO NO! (YOKO’S COMING!) The band battles sickness (John has Walking Pneumonia). After sitting on their frustrations for a week, John and Kevin announce to Dave their frustration with Jesse. His speeding up of songs, his lack of initiative to learn the songs as they are on the record, his purposeful neglect of the recorded version, and his negative attitude are really pissing John and Kevin off. A new problem is looming on the horizon. Yoko received a keyboard for...


S2E2 - Our First PAYING Gig

December 12 Jesse Gets A New Job At the end of a not so productive (boo-koo rock-n-roll tunes to due to some spectators) practice, Jesse announces that he has a new job at Western Auto. This is good as his second child should be born in a few months. He will be making more money. Unfortunately, he will also be working nights. He addressed this very lightly, but the band seemed to become very anxious about this latest turn of events. How can you play out at night, and work at the auto store?...