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HOOPERS BLOOPERS!! 1 Year Birthday Special

Thinking the show couldn't possibly be more ill-prepared and incoherent?? THINK AGAIN! Some of your favourite guests are back to laugh and point at the Headband Warrior as he tries to keep this meaningless podcast venture afloat. Happy Birthday Hoopers Listeners!


HOOPERS PODCAST: University & The 90s w/ S.E. Davies

A longtime fan of the show and the CEO of Arfordir Clothing joins us to tell us what life is like for millenials in the year 2018 - will University life change this wide-eyed ragamuffin?!? 0:50 - Freshers Week at Bangor University 06:30 - Listen to a Thing: Nirvana - You Know You're Right 09:55 - Millenials 17:30 - *Arfordir Clothing Advertisement* 24:00 - Listen to a Thing: Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply 30:45 - University Experiences 35:05 - Afterlife & Ghosts 48:40 - Listen to...


HOOPERS PODCAST: Ten Commandments & Missy Bevers w/ J.L. Hughes

A fan favourite returns to solve another brutal murder as well as dissect life's moral issues, from Moses to Trump.


[EXPLICIT!!] Social Media & Kanye West w/ E.E. Morgan

The Peroni Prince is back to clear his name after slanderous accusations appeared on social media accusing him of bullying, immaturity and being off his face every weekend on Snapchat. How does he respond??----more---- 1:45 - The Facebook Status 18:00 - Facebook Status Quiz 22:40 - More Facebook Beef 32:55 - Social Media Attention Seekers 39:25 - Kanye West & Donald Trump 42:50 - Listen to a Thing: Kanye West ft. T.I - Ye vs The People 56:35 - SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST ARRIVES!! 57:20 -...


HOOPERS PODCAST: Lindsay Buziak & The Zailo's w/ K.L. Frazer & Jeff Buziak

Special Guest Jeff Buziak joins us to analyse the perplexing unsolved murder of his daughter Lindsay in 2008. A mysterious couple, an overbearing mother and a seedy Canadian underbelly; which line of enquiry will lead to answers? ----more---- 2:15 - Meeting People on Dating Apps 6:00 - The Murder of Lindsay Buziak 10:30 - Jeff Buziak Joins Us 15:35 - Something Lindsay Shouldn't Have Seen 21:15 - The House Viewing 27:50 - Hitmen or Something More Personal? 31:00 - Frustrations with...


[EXPLICIT!!] Nerds & Pornography w/ M. Fallek

The Headband Warrior thought that he would try to make friends with a complete stranger! Unfortunately complete strangers often surprise you with smut and debauchery.----more----


[EXPLICIT!!] Boxing & The Sopranos w/ E.E. Morgan

Can the current reigning podcast king manage a non-explicit episode?? The answer is no, but here he is at least agreeing to a family friendly one at first...----more---- 03:20 - Joshua vs Fury 05:30 - Special Guest: B.A. Hogan!! 09:45 - Fury's mental state 19:40 - FIFA World Cups 23:20 - Watch a Thing: The Sopranos' Best Scenes: Carmela vs Tony & Tony vs Ralphie 33:30 - Champions League Final 2018 40:25 - David Beckham totally unsubstantiated, uncorroborated rumour 45:20 - Jay-Z &...


HOOPERS PODCAST: USA & Psychopathy w/ H.D. Saunders

The Hoopers Podcast continues to evolve with undoubtedly our most international and pretentious guest yet!! Is America doomed?? Is the Headband Warrior a psychopath?? Is Adnan guilty??..----more---- 2:20 - A burgeoning friendship 8:35 - Why start a podcast? 13:55 - New York Roomsharing 22:20 - American Stupidity & Ghosts 27:40 - The 'State' (eyyyyy) of the USA 38:55 - ADVERTISEMENT: SUDIO HEADPHONES!! 41:10 - Listen to a Thing: Y Blew - By Sy'n Dod Rhyngom Ni 46:00 - Welsh Rock...


HOOPERS PODCAST WORLD CUP SPECIAL!! Russia & Tribalism w/ S.E.Morris

Want to know the ins and outs and statistical probability of each Russia 2018 team??? Keep on walking. This is a ignorant, ill-informed preview of the World Cup as only the Hoopers Podcast can provide...----more---- 1:45 - World Cup Fever 8:35 - Watch a Thing: World Cup BBC Advert 10:50 - World Cup Brasil 2014 14:35 - Predictions: Winners, Golden Boot & Golden Glove 23:55 - Listen to a Thing: Three Lions 27:45 - England's Chances 32:20 - Wales' Euro 2016 Run (ft. Manic Street...


HOOPERS PODCAST: The Handmaid's Tale & The Bachelorette w/ B.M. Williams

One of the Hoopers' most loyal female associates drops by the studio to promote women's issues including forced birth-camps and arranged marriages TV gameshows.----more---- 1:30 - Upbringing 7:00 - The Handmaid's Tale 15:40 - *ADVERTISEMENT*: Sudio Headphones 23:55 - The Bachelorette 48:20 - Listen to a Thing: Labi Siffre - Bless The Telephone 51:30 - The Art of Conversation 1:00:00 - Friends Quiz 1:03:10 - Impressions: Chris Harrison & Cardi B


HOOPERS PODCAST: Whales & The Golden State Killer w/ E.A. Davie

The Hoopers Podcast is honoured to welcome its first adult female guest. In an age where #metoo has reminded women that they are allowed hashtags as well, it is important to honour these elegant, egg-producing specimens. And also whales.----more---- 2:30 - Growing Up 8:50 - Whale Documentaries 25:30 - *ADVERTISEMENT: Dinorwig Distillery's Blue Slate Gin!!* 32:55 - The Golden State Killer has been CAUGHT!!! 40:55 - Golden State Killer Predictions 48:50 - Watch a Thing: The...


HOOPERS PODCAST: Hitler & Wenger w/ S.E. Morris

The Hoopers' most frequent guest is back! Primarily due to the fact that he lives just down the street. And he's got some things he wants to get off his chest...----more---- 1:20 - Holocaust & WWII 19:00 - North Korea Situation (w/ mourning North Koreans) 25:20 - Arsenal & Wenger 35:40 - *Blue Slate Gin Advertisement & Taste Test* 40:10 - Mabinogion (Welsh Myths & Tales) 54:40 - Poetry Reading - Dylan Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night 1:04:00 - *Sudio Headphones...


[EXPLICIT!!] Midfielders & Oprah w/ E.E. Morgan PART II

*WARNING!* This is a special explicit edition of the Hoopers Podcast. Please avoid this episode if you are easily offended, a Jihadist, an American Christian or a member of my family. Our epic podcast with El El continues. Just like the first part, except an hour drunker. Click here to catch up with Part 1.----more---- 0:30 - Midfield Problems 19:00 - Messi vs Ronaldo 31:40 - Sex Pistols 32:50 - Listen to a Thing: Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put a Spell On You 36:30 - Impression of 'The...


[EXPLICIT!!] Terrorists & Comedy w/ E.E. Morgan PART I

*WARNING!* This is a special explicit edition of the Hoopers Podcast. Please avoid this episode if you are easily offended, a Jihadist, an American Christian or a member of my family. If anyone is going to solve the war, poverty and unrest in the world, it is surely going to be this guy... Click here for Part 2.


HOOPERS PODCAST: Johnny Gosch & OJ Simpson w/ T. Lewis

Listen in as the Hoopers Podcast finally SOLVE the baffling 1982 disappearance of paperboy Johnny Gosch, as well as settling once and for all who killed Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman in 1994 (I'll give you a hint: It was OJ Simpson).----more---- 1:03 - Putin 7:45 - Wedding Outfit 10:32 - *ADVERTISEMENT: BLUE SLATE GIN TASTE TEST* 20:20 - The disappearance of Johnny Gosch 54:55 - Watch a Thing: OJ Simpson's Confession 1:05:57 - Listen to a Thing: Little Richard - Lucille 1:14:00 -...


HOOPERS PODCAST: Trump & White Supremacy w/ O. Thamae

The Hoopers Podcast's favourite race-baiter is back to bring you some of the worst-articulated and poorly formed racial arguments you have ever heard.----more---- 2:40 - Biggie vs Tupac 9:10 - Wu-Tang Clan 14:30 - Listen to a Thing: Cult of the Damned - Civilized 18:00 - *ADVERTISEMENT: BLUE SLATE GIN TASTE TEST* 22:50 - Modern Rap Game 27:50 - White Supremacy 30:00 - Trump & Haiti 46:50 - Islamic Terror 1:15:25 - Race and IQ


HOOPERS PODCAST SUPERBOWL SPECIAL!! Eagles and Patriots w/ S.E.Morris and G.S.Hughes

Trust me; you'll never find a less-informed, less insightful, less inspiring, less listenable Superbowl 52 review than the Hoopers Podcast's first ever Superbowl Special!!


HOOPERS PODCAST: Resolutions & Hooliganism w/ T.Verburg

When a pivotal member of the Hoopers moves away, what do you do?? You get his inferior, semi-literate little brother to replace him of course!----more---- 3:15 - Growing up in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll 13:16 - 'What Annoys Us In Life' Segment 24:20 - New Years Resolutions 35:15 - *ADVERTISEMENT: BLUE SLATE GIN TASTE TEST* 41:30 - British Football Hooliganism 54:48 - Watch a Thing: Manchester United vs Benfica 1966 1:02:12 - Listen to a Thing: Take That - Waiting Around 1:06:20 -...


HOOPERS PODCAST: Llanfairpwllgwyngyll & Welsh Music w/ I. Llewelyn

The Headband Warrior sits down with his new football manager and brother-of-a-famous-singer Ioan Llewelyn to talk about the community.----more---- 1:03 - Welsh music 8:30 - Llanfairpwll community 25:28 - Marketing Ideas for Llanfairpwll F.C. 31:35 - *Twr Marcwis ADVERT* 35:15 - *Blue Slate Gin ADVERT & TASTE TEST* 41:50 - La Diadema Guerrero: Llanfairpwll F.C's new strategy 51:20 - The Headband Warrior 1:03:03 - Listen to a Thing 1:14:35 - Impressions


HOOPERS PODCAST: Fairgrounds & Music w/ Niece & Nephew

The Hoopers Podcast welcomes their first ever female guest as well as her brother as the Headband Warrior dissects the history of fairgrounds, football, popular music and potential aunties with his 9-year-old nephew and 6-year-old niece. ----more---- 2:16 - Football 7:14 - School & Fairs 16:40 - Teaching Welsh 20:47 - Music 22:50 - Watch a Thing: Ending of Grease 26:40 - Listen to a Thing: Oasis - Supersonic 30:04 - Tinder Game 39:05 - Impressions