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Higher Commissions to Sell for More $ The Commission Coach

Make your listings stand out. Gain an advantage over other agents and their listings. Build in leverage for the Seller with commission. Get more full price offers. How and why to use higher Buyer Broker’s commissions. Discount commissions can be detrimental to your sellers bottom line. Inflated or creative commissions could and often do the opposite. If it doesn’t work in your situation negotiate to a fair commission based on the net. When is the best time for the Seller to negotiate? When...


Anthony Botting @BottingMusic @JimFannonShow (Podcast)

Botting talks about the music and plays a few tunes on The Jim Fannon Show. More music here: Follow on Twitter @BottingMusic & on Insta @ABookForWanderers. Video here


Olivia Rondeau ‪@rondeaulivia ‬on @JimFannonShow

Conservative Activist/Journalist. 6x All-American Wrestler. YouTuber. @PorterMedium contributor. Olivia Rondeau ‪@rondeaulivia ‬on @JimFannonShow on her OAN appearance her conservative politics at school, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA, and more of the issues important to her. Sub at her YouTube Channel: Intro by Jay Baty and crew.


“Why are you polluting Tom McConnell’s Show?”

One of my favourite clips from the ol’ terrestrial radio days on 610 CKTB. Clorese was a great caller and she dished it out pretty well too. RIP where ever you are. #NiagaraRocks #NiagaraTalks more hilarity on the YouTube channel at or link in bio. @JimFannon @jimfannonshow #jimfannonshow #610CKTB


Sell A House & Donate My Commission? Discount Commissions SUCK!

I found this sticky pad that my phone goes on and guess what it's good for. Yup. Boring videos from my car. I had a thought driving over the Garden City Skyway. Why hasn't anyone taken me up on my offer to sell a house and donate my full commission to a local charity. Also, as with many conversations that are real estate related, I end up discussing discounting Buyer Broker Commissions and why you should NOT use one. Audio is not perfect but... The Commission Coach, Team Niagara, Real...


Carl David Onofrio @onofrioCD @JimFannonShow

Carl David Onofrio @onofrioCD @JimFannonShow we discuss CD’s studies at UC Berkeley, the music and some of the inspiration behind it as well as play a few songs from his new album, ‘Home Economics’. #NiagaraRocks #NiagaraTalks #JimFannonShow He had an audio problem with an echo. Apologies. Listen, donate or buy CD's music here: Carl David Onofrio,@onofrioCD,@JimFannonShow, Home Economics, CD Onofrio, Niagara Music, Niagara, #NiagaraRocks


Kenny Stills, Baseball & Nicknames on 610 with Campy

Kenny Stills, Baseball & Nicknames on 610 with Campy. Aaron Rogers' porn stash. Danica left with because he's not worthy. Baseball is for old men. Kenny Stills... shut the hell up. Boys will be boys in sports and nicknames. @JimFannon #JimFannonShow


My New Limit Is Half A Dube and One Drink

If you have an hour of your life to kill, then you're as pathetic as I am. This might not be for you. My New Limit Is Half A Dube and One Drink


Vox Populi: Tim Pool, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Gavin McInnes, Candace Owens

Friday Vox Populi Live On 610 CKTB. I'm watching Tim Pool, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Gavin McInnes, Candace Owens and @ZubyMusic Richard, Clorese was the best, right? The best was telling her to turn the radio down and then dumping her before she came back And way to go Anne Dayme at Ryson, she is an institution downtown I think the building and business is for sale Tim Pool, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Gavin McInnes suing the SPLC for defamation Calling him a hate...


Pump Stickers, Politics, Free Speech & The Greens

A call to 610 CKTB on Ford's pump stickers, left, right centre, politicians are all the same, free speech and the Green Party hasn't had a leadership race let alone a conversation or debate SINCE 2006! The rightwing majority governments get little but my cheers Even if I am ambivalent about the issue Amalgamation I have become resigned and cynical I have resigned to the fact that they are all the same Blue, red, Orange Left right centre, Can’t judge the Greens too harshly They...


My Call to Gavin McInnes GOML #6 Live with @AsianPatDixon

My Call to Gavin McInnes GOML #6 Live with @AsianPatDixon on For me, Gavin McInnes is one of the most entertaining dudes on the planet, at the moment. Get Off My Lawn #6 @jimfannon Live with Gavin McInnes on GOML #6. "Jim Shannon" Gets Off My Lawn Live with my man-crush Gavin McInnes and Producer Ryan Katsu Rivera @AsianPatDixon on Sometimes my calls suck. I'll be back. Clip from GOML #6, full episode here:...


On Mental Health and Illness @PackerElizabeth @JimFannonShow

Elizabeth Sharma (אליזבת) RN, psychotherapist @PackerElisabeth. We discuss mental health and illness as well as some of the personality traits that go along with them, why they seem to be more common these days and how to deal with those in our lives that suffer with them, as well as how to recover from the abuse one might be subject to from dealing with them. Narcissistic Personality Disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder, anxiety and more.


Epstein, Phil Demers, Viva Frei, Serena Williams, Kaepernick, Ashley StClair, @ZubyMusic, Anthony Sweet

My Twitter feed makes me sick. Phil Demers and Viva Frei’s take on #FuckMarineland. Serena Williams quits, Canadian wins. @Eagles bring in Kaepernick, who’s been unemployed by the NFL for 886 days? Hell NO! Some loser puts her dog in the clothes dryer, starts it and films it. 1500+ illegal asylum seekers into Canada in June. What does the Trump vs. Clinton bodycount scoreboard read? Ashley StClair and @ZubyMusic, self glossed “The Jordan Peterson of Rap” is the subject of the transgender...


Jessica Yaniv Goes To The Pool (again)

What can one say about this that hasn't been said? The Left has taken us down a strange and dangerous road. This is the beginning of the result. A trans woman insisting that female aestheticians, wax her male junk.


What I Like About Donald Trump

Why I like Trump Entertainment He wins easily in 2020 He does give a fuck who thinks or says what He certainly doesn’t seem to be an establishment guy He has me, for the first time, interested in American politics Everyone is talking politics. EVERYONE is now afflicted with my sickness This is a good thing. People are now paying attention. Wall to Immigration. Exposed fake news. Made a narcissist personality type, recognizable Now we can identify the people in our lives that have...


@jimfannon Live with Gavin McInnes GOML #6

@jimfannon Live with Gavin McInnes on GOML #6. "Jim Shannon" Gets Off My Lawn Live with my man-crush Gavin McInnes and Producer Ryan Katsu Rivera @AsianPatDixon on Sometimes my calls suck. I'll be back. In this podcast audio only version of the @JimFannonShow: Why I prefer and will do more of audio only podcasts. My history of being a caller and then radio show host on 1220 CHSC and 610 CKTB. Why you should watch Gavin McInnes, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool, Joe...


Anthony Sweet plays live @JimFannonShow

Anthony Sweet on where he came from and the journey he is on. We talk about and Anthony performs his live contribution to Modo Yoga St. Catharines, the song inspired by and performed at the Modo Live Music series, the creation of that music, the connection to his band, his Sunday evening meditations at St. Thomas' Church, the meaning and inspiration for the songs he plays live here, such as, "Taking My Time". #NiagaraRocks Bio from Anthony Sweet is a Niagara native...


Zeus (Ryan) Fleming @ZeusRATG @JimFannonShow

Left vs. Right dominates this discussion (he doesn't know it but he's a leftie). We hit censorship, racism, fatherlessness, Trump, Jussie Smollette's fake "hate crime", immigration, cages and the wall, human hate and evolution, media personalities, a little music and even some religion. Matthew James Blake sits in as my "Jamie", engineering. Zeus Fleming is a media guy with many projects on the go. He's from Welland Ontario (nuff said) and this is a bit of an intro into what he is up to...


@CCbucko of Girl Talk on @JimFannonShow

We discuss God, religion, abortion, immigration issues, Left v Right, Jordan Peterson, what she looks for in a man, where she falls on the Big 5 Personality scale, sex ed and trans kids, Owen Benjamin, the Twitter ratio, upcoming guests on Girl Talk and more. @CCbucko's YouTube Channel is Critical Condition, about family, motherhood, traditional femininity, political and social issues. Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment. #CCbucko at #JimFannonShow Full conversation here:...


@ZubyMusic @JimFannonShow

Zuby broke the women's deadlifting record for his weight class, while identifying as a woman. We spoke together about that and so much more. ZUBY is a rapper, Christian, pro-lifer, free thinker, podcast host, author and fitness coach, as well as social media star. Check him online @ZubyMusic and and other related pages. @JimFannonShow #ZubyMusic #JimFannonShow Bio: Zuby is a professional rapper, podcast host, author, public speaker, creative entrepreneur and...