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Gigging, Gear and Great Music






Dan Walker, Heart

Dan Walker has some great insights into the life of a keyboard player as part of a major touring act, as well as some great insights across performing and touring. Links to content mentioned during the show (links will open in new tab): K.C. Clifford – Rise Up Dan playing live with LeRoy Bell Star […]


David K Mathews, Santana / Etta James / Tower of Power (Part 2)

David K Mathews has had, and continues to have, an amazing career across a range of genres. In Part 2 of our interview (Part 1 of interview – click here), David covers off his work with Etta James and Santana. If you’re a Hammond B3 player you’ll also love the detail David goes into about […]


David K Mathews, Santana / Etta James / Tower of Power (Part 1)

David K Mathews has had, and continues to have, an amazing career across a range of genres. In Part 1 of our interview, Dave covers off his work with Tower of Power and The Rat Band. And he’s only getting started…. Links to content mentioned during the show (links will open in new tab): […]


Matt Johnson, Jamiroquai

Matt Johnson has been holding down keys duties with Jamiroqaui for close to twenty years with huge skill and aplomb. We catch up with Matt to talk a bit of gear and a lot of great insight into approaching playing at this level. Links to content mentioned during the show (links will open in new […]


Clive Nolan, Arena / Pendragon / Shadowland

If you think it’d be hard being in one successful band, try being in three on top of a bunch of other projects. Clive Nolan is best known for his keys work with Pendragon and Arena, but as you’ll hear he’s up to a lot more than that. Links to content mentioned during the show: Clive’s […]


Roddy Bottum, Faith No More / Imperial Teen / Crickets

Roddy Bottum would be best known to most listeners as the keyboard player in the phenomenally successful hard rock outfit Faith No More. However as we’ll learn, Roddy is a musician with a prolific and diverse output, which includes the indie pop sensibilities of Imperial Teen, the dancey electronica of Crickets and the doomy metal […]


Peter-John Vettese, Jethro Tull / Simple Minds / Bee Gees

Peter-John Vettese is a UK-based keyboard player, composer, producer and arranger. Like so many of our guests, summarising Peter’s work within the prism of three or four artists is unfair. As you’ll hear, Peter has had, and continues to have an amazing career across the gamut of music. Strap in for a fascinating journey from […]


Jeff Babko, Jimmy Kimmel / Martin Short / James Taylor / Neil Young

Jeff Babko is an amazingly versatile keyboard player covering TV, movies, touring and recording. In this interview, Jeff covers everything from working live on stage with Martin Short and Steve Martin, to recording with Neil Young and an orchestra. As you’ll hear, the four artists listed in this episode’s title are only the tip of […]


Jan Pulsford, Cyndi Lauper and Chico Freeman

Jan Pulsford has had a diverse and interesting career over many years, and we take advantage of Jan’s wisdom to talk everything from playing and collaborating with Cyndi Lauper, through to performing in the virtual world of Second Life and the challenges of running a streaming service for electronic and ambient music. Links to content […]


Loren Gold, The Who and Roger Daltrey

Saying Loren Gold is The Who’s keyboard player only provides a tiny fraction of the wider story of his career. Whether it’s playing and//or musically directing bands for Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, or playing with legends like Don Felder and Kenny Loggins, Loren has had quite the career to date and we try to […]


Arden Altino, Wyclef Jean / Melissa Etheridge / Wonda Music

Arden Altino is a highly sought after producer, but also manages to keep even busier as a touring keys player with artists such as Wyclef Jean and Melissa Etheridge. We talk with Arden on everything from playing piano on an Alicia Keys track, to Justin Beiber production approaches, being a worship musical director and a […]


Samuel B. Lupowitz, Noon Fifteen

Samuel B. Lupowitz is a founding member and keys player with Ithaca NY based ‘prog-soul’ band Noon Fifteen. We talk about his love of vintage keyboards, doing a podcast about an album, lessons learnt and of course a great train-wreck story involving nothing other than an X-stand! Links to content mentioned during the show: Samuel […]


Lachy Doley, Lachy Doley Group / Jimmy Barnes / Powderfinger

This episode we sit down with Lachy Doley to talk in-depth about playing the organ and clav, working as both a front man and sideman (with Glenn Hughes, Jimmy Barnes, Powderfinger and Billy Thorpe to name just four), finding your own creative niche and lots of great insights on the gigging life. Links to content […]


Bonnie McIntosh, Selena Gomez / Melanie Martinez

We delve into the pop genre, speaking with Bonnie McIntosh on everything from making the transition to pop from classical music, to go-to gear and the lessons learnt when playing keyboards as part of a massive theatrical show. Links to content mentioned during the show: MI College of Contemporary Music Bonnie performing with Melanie Martinez […]


Kevin Hearn, Barenaked Ladies

Kevin Hearn is an integral part of Barenaked Ladies, but as you’ll hear in this interview, his other projects are just as amazing and Kevin provides some great insights on every one of them. If you’re a Lou Reed fan, or a Lawn Darts fan, you may enjoy this episode quite a bit. Please note […]


Darren Heinrich, Darren Heinrich Trio

We catch up with Darren Heinrich, an Australia-based jazz organist whose passion for the instrument has led him to complete a PhD in Jazz Organ Improvisation. Darren chats with us on everything from his education in jazz to his gigging approach and a lot more. Links to content mentioned during the show: Paul McNamara Toby […]


Stefano Intelisano, The BoDeans and Jason Mraz

This episode we spend time with Stefano Intelisano, whose history and discography is so much vaster than the two acts cited in this episode title. We talk everything from working with different band leaders to Bach and the debate on sitting versus standing when playing. Links to content mentioned during the show: Fabrizio Poggi and […]


Mark Baron, Gloria Gaynor and The Duprees

Episode 11 features Mark Baron, musical director (and keyboard player) for Gloria Gaynor and also with The Duprees. Mark’s passion for what he does shines through in this interview and he provides some great insights into working across different genres and eras of music as both a keyboard player and musical director. Links to content […]


Andy Burton, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul / Cyndi Lauper

Episode 10 sees us spending some time with Andy Burton, the go-to keys player for Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul and Cyndi Lauper to name just two. Andy provides some comprehensive insights into gigging, working within band dynamics and the disciplines required to be a successful player and band member. Links to content […]


Ellen Reid, Crash Test Dummies

Episode 9 showcases the work of Ellen Reid, from Crash Test Dummies. Ellen covers the gamut, from touring tips and the stress of performing, through to the mystery keyboard that’s in her closet. Links to content mentioned during the show: God Shuffled His Feet (the song, not the album) Ellen Reid – Cinderellen The Optigan […]