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A podcast for keyboard players






(Extra) Paul Gildea and Glenn Reither talk Music Business

We talk with two master Australian musicians about the music business and the challenges musicians face making a living in the 21st Century. Paul Gildea is a guitarist who has played with Icehouse for decades, as well as being guitarist with Little River Band, Rick Price and Vika and Linda Bull to name just three. […]


Richard Hilton, Nile Rodgers and CHIC

Richard Hilton has had one rich, ongoing career as a keyboard player and producer. This career and dedication to the craft has created a great musician with an amazing outlook on life and music more broadly. To listen / watch: Audio-only: click on the play button in the audio player above, or: Video: watch the […]


Chris Norton, Cirque Du Soleil and Zappa Plays Zappa

Chris Norton arguably has been part of two of the more stressful gigs a keyboard player can be involved in: band leading a Cirque Du Soleil show and playing as part of Dweezil Zappa’s Zappa Plays Zappa. Chris has not only manage to pull off both with aplomb, but has a career full of highlights […]


Francis Capistrano, Narf Sounds

Francis Capistrano is an accomplished keyboard player who survived a decade or more in music retail. That alone makes him a great guest, but he’s also CEO of Narf Sounds, a company that makes sound packs for cover band musicians. As weekend warriors ourselves, we couldn’t resist catching up with Francis for a wide-ranging discussion […]


Martin Rebelski, Doves / Peter Hook and The Light / Echo and The Bunnymen

Martin Rebelski AKA Rebelski is a UK based keyboard player and producer. As you’ll hear, he manages to hold down three diverse touring roles (Doves, Echo and the Bunnymen and Peter Hook and the Light), plus production of his own work. He’s a busy guy with some great insights for every keyboard player. To listen / […]


Toby Hounsham, The Stranglers

Toby Hounsham is the keyboard player and newest member of the iconic band The Stranglers. We cover plenty of Stranglers territory plus Toby’s previous work with Rialto and Mungo Jerry to name two. And then there’s Toby’s other job as a fully qualified music therapist. A wide-ranging discussion to say the least. To listen / […]


Mike Schmid, Miley Cyrus / The Chainsmokers / Troye Sivan

Mike Schmid has been part of Miley Cyrus’ core band for fifteen years. In addition, Mike has worked with numerous artists including The Chainsmokers and Troye Sivan to name just two. We talk everything from stadium gigs to playing tips and a little bit of gear talk to boot. To listen / watch: Audio-only: click […]


(Extra) Jim Daneker Talks Backstage Pass Sounds

We talk some more with Jim Daneker about his sideline as creator of the Backstage Pass products. This is bonus content that was provided to our Patreon supporters 30 days ago and we hope you enjoy it as much as they did. To listen / watch: Audio-only: click on the play button in the audio […]


Brother Paul Brown, The Waterboys

Brother Paul Brown has been playing keyboards with The Waterboys for well over a decade, and as you’ll hear that is one of many strings to his bow. In his inimitable style, Brother Paul covers an enormous amount of ground that will make you want to see him play when he’s next in your town. […]


Dave Ross, Hindley Street Country Club

Dave Ross is keyboard player with what is arguably one of the world’s most well known cover bands, The Hindley Street Country Club (HSCC). We talk to Dave about his wider career in music, how HSCC rocketed to the success it’s currently experiencing, and future plans. We also talk gear of course! To listen / watch: […]


(Extra) Matt Goodluck Plays the Prog Quiz

Time for some fun, when we test Matt Goodluck’s prog knowledge (we also interviewed Matt here). This is bonus content that was provided to our Patreon supporters 30 days ago and we hope you enjoy it as much as they did. To listen / watch: Audio-only: click on the play button in the audio player […]


Rubén Valtierra, Weird Al Yankovic Part 2

In Part 2 of our interview with the inimitable Rubén Valtierra (Part 1 is here), we hear more about Rubén’s career, upcoming work and his take on our stalwart desert island discs and tag a keyboard player questions. To listen / watch: Audio-only: click on the play button in the audio player above, or: Video: watch […]


Rubén Valtierra, Weird Al Yankovic Part 1

Rubén Valtierra plays keys with the inimitable and iconic Weird Al Yankovic. In Part 1 we hear about Rubén’s chops as a musician and his general approach to life, you’ll understand why he’s been at the top for such a long period of time. To listen / watch: Audio-only: click on the play button in the […]


Jim Daneker, Michael W Smith and Amy Grant

Jim Daneker plays keys with Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant, composes for film and TV and even creates his own sounds sets for a number of platforms. To say he’s busy and talented is an understatement, and Jim provides some great insights across his wide ranging experiences. To listen / watch: Audio-only: click on […]


The Great Debates: Prog Rock

In our first Great Debate we talk to Matt Goodluck, prog rock obsessive (check out Matt’s bio below). The topic is obviously prog rock, the debate occurs on multiple fronts, including what makes good prog rock, who the true greats are and even some gear talk. To listen / watch: Audio-only: click on the play […]


Lisa Coleman, Prince & The Revolution / Wendy and Lisa

It’s hard to overstate the career Lisa Coleman has had to date. As a solo artist, part of iconic duo Wendy and Lisa and as a core member of The Revolution, Lisa Coleman has some brilliant insights that everyone can learn something from. As Prince said of Lisa: “she plays Mozart, she’ll be funky”. With […]


(Extra) Josh Weinstein and Paul Bindig: A Tale of Two Floyds

Josh Weinstein is a composer, arranger and keyboard player and teacher of music history. In this bonus episode (Josh was featured in Episode 35), Josh and our own Paul Bindig talk everything Pink Floyd, particularly the joys and challenges of recreating Pink Floyd’s music in a tribute band context. Links to content mentioned during the […]


Geoff Downes, Yes / Asia / The Buggles

Geoff Downes not only co-founded a pioneering group in the late seventies, but he’s also a core member of two other iconic groups that continue to go strong. And that’s just the start. Geoff covers a lot of ground in this interview and we take the opportunity to delve into the latest album release from […]


Tom Brislin, Kansas

Tom Brislin plays keyboards for Kansas and has also toured with other icons such as Debbie Harry, Meatloaf and Yes. As you’ll hear, Tom has some great insights on his career to date that inspired us and will hopefully inspire you. We even have a fun chat about whether Meatloaf’s work could be described at […]


Oliver Wakeman, Solo Artist / Nolan & Wakeman / Yes

Oliver Wakeman has had a prolific career to date, with lots more on the horizon. Oliver talks his latest release with Clive Nolan, his musical upbringing and even a bit of tech and train-wreck. To listen, click on the player above or listen on YouTube: Links to content mentioned during the show (links will open […]