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#35: Bartender Justin Park

This week we nerd out on cocktails with master mixologist (but don't ever call him that) Justin Park. The Bar Leather Apron owner is a multi world cocktail champion holding titles for Don The Beachcomber's Worlds Best Mai Tai (3x), Bombay Sapphire/GQ's Most Inspired Bartender, and the only winner ever crowned in the Bacardi Iron Bartender Competition (Flash thinks this is a big deal, since he invented it) - plus too many other titles here to mention. Find out why his cocktails win every...


#34: Gubernatorial Candidate Andria Tupola (R)

What alternate universe is this!? Maleko & Flash pretend to get serious with our first political guest ever! Andria Tupola, admittedly the first politician to reply to Flash's texts and emails gets the honor of breaking the boys into the world of politics. Why does a music teacher go into politics in the first place? Does she know her Twitter Password? Why Republican? Why now? What's her position on LGBTQ rights? Plus her thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh, social media in politics, medical...


#33: HIFF Executive Director Beckie Stocchetti

Hawaii International Film Festival Executive Director Beckie Stocchetti stops in to share stories about last year's Special Guest Thor Ragnorak Director/Actor Taika Waititi, her favorite movies of all time, how many movies she watches in a year, how to submit your film to HIFF, hints about what movies & celeb guests will be at this year's festival, what makes HIFF unique compared to other festivals, why documentaries are so hot right now, guilty pleasure movies & more. Plus HIFF super fan &...


#32: Writer & Columnist John Berger

His weekly column On the Scene in the Sunday Star-Advertiser is a must read for the entertainment & hospitality scene. Hawaii’s pre-eminent entertainment & nightlife writer over the past 45 plus years, John Berger – a.k.a. the Man In Black. John talks enjoying Don Ho & the Alii's in their prime, his favorite entertainers ever, his local dream team band, the difference in the Hawai'i entertainment scene then & now, what he thought about Maleko when he watched him 'act', the Hawaiian Music...


#31: BAMP Project's Matty Boy

How come no one I know could buy tickets to Bruno Mars ? Why doesn't Beyonce ever come to Hawaii? Can I get free tickets to Bruno Mars? What's the secret to getting the best seats? What the craziest diva rockstar moment BAMP Project has ever had to deal with? Can I get a pair of tickets to Bruno Mars, please? Who decides which bands get booked? What's the best local band I should be buying tickets to see? Can you give us all free tickets to Bruno Mars? Plus Drunken escapades with Maleko,...


#30: Super CW, Christa Wittmier

Honolulu nightlife superstar, documentary filmmaker, DJ, television star, cancer survivor, there isn't a person who's met Christa that doesn't have a lasting impression of her. Super CW shares her incredible story from the moment she stepped foot in Hawaii to where she's going next in this intimate and raw conversation between old friends. Pretty Ricky of Chingu has a recipe for Ube Sochu and Nina Cucina has the hangover cure for when we've had too much!


#29: Le Diner en Blanc - Honolulu

Where is it at? No but seriously, where is it at this year? The founders of Le Diner en Blanc Honolulu discuss do's and dont's. Plus, Where is it at? Why would I pay to bring my own food, drinks, and chairs to dinner? Last minute tips for attendees: where to rent, where to buy clothes, and pro-tips to carry less and enjoy more. WHERE.IS.IT. Plus Mundo, bar manager for Stripsteak teaches everyone to swear in Spanish & also get everyone drunk.


#28: Musical Guest Danny Casler

National Product Lead Singer & founder of the Pacific Ink & Art Expo Danny Casler stops in for the world exclusive premiere of his new band's single! Plus he explains how the Expo became the largest tattoo expo in the country, 3rd largest in the world, tells the best hanging out with NSync story in the history of stories, Vans Warped Tour horror stories, why he founded the My Kailua social media profiles, his thoughts on Aloha Poke Bowl Company as a local haole & more. There's a lot of...


#27: Hotel Confidential with Kelly Sanders

Learn about the secret world of hotels with Alohilani Resort Kelly Sander's as he explains how to check in early, 'secret' hotel rooms, the craziest celeb requests and what's in and what's out for hotels in Waikiki. Plus meeting Flash at the infamous Skyline event, Steve Aoki pool parties and more. All while drinking his favorite beverage, tequila, served up by Swell Food & Beverage Supervisor Chico Varela


#26: Anthony Bourdain Round Table Tribute

A who's who of Hawaii's Food and Beverage community come in to discuss Anthony Bourdain's influence not only on the industry as a whole but Hawaii's food & cocktail cultural. Lanai Tabura filmed a segment of No Reservations with Bourdain in Kalihi, former Apartment3 owner Kelii Heen talks doing shots with Bourdain, Flash, and chef Mark Noguchi, and Pint n Jigger owner Dave Newman tells us what it's like to serve Bourdain. Also, suicide or conspiracy? All while being drinking delicious...


#25: Musical Guest Leilani Wolfgramm

A viral song leak was all it took for Hawai'i to discover Leilani Wolfgramm, but her story doesn't start there. She talks playing in and getting kicked out of her brother's reggae band, gigging for dollars, reading a room, and discovering home in Hawai'i. She describes the shock & awe of presenting with Boys II Men at the Island Music Awards, and she plays us a couple of impromptu jams (including a Bishop Briggs cover), and we are blown away. Plus Island 98.5's Big Koa drops in to see what a...


#24: Hawaii News Now Sunrise Anchor Grace Lee

Hawaii's #1 News Anchor drops by to put Maleko in his place, explain why her dog Sunny is more popular than her (or anyone), her rise to fame from Alabama(!), the secret to Howard Dicus success, why Maleko has a harder albeit shorter job than her, plus her drink of choice thanks to Herringbone getting everyone drunk.


#23: Cocktail Culture commentary by Keli'i Heen

Vice President of Young's Market, one of the largest liquor distributors in the state, and all around alcohol master Keli'i Heen stops by to talk about the massive rise in the craft beer culture, what's the hottest trends in alcohol, his favorite bars and restaurants in Hawai'i plus he makes our own Flash become the bartender of the day serving possibly the state's best cocktail.


#22: Singer Songwriter Tavana

From his immortalized performance of Hawaii '78 with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, to his one-of-a-kind custom-made sound-rig, Tavana is on a rocket to international fame. He's opened for Alabama Shakes, Xavier Rudd, Shakey Graves, Kaleo & more, so why the hell does he even return our calls? Plus Yoozilla from The Republik gets everyone drunk.


#21: Honolulu's Premiere Drag Queen Miss Candi Shell

This gender-bending episode of drunken debauchery dives deep into Honolulu's drag queen culture with Honolulu's premiere singing comedy drag queen Miss Candi Shell. How long would it take to transform Flash into a queen? (Spoiler alert: Not long) Plus, Maleko and Flash get weird with Mango & Serano Margaritas from Hula's Bar & Lei stand bartender Jeff.


#20: Sculpt Guru Max Hannemann

Core Power Sculpt Teacher, NFL Agent, Lawyer, Mufi's cousin, Max Hannemann is Hawaii's most interesting man. Find out if Core Power Yoga is a cult, wtf sculpt is, what makes a good fitness instructor (and what makes a bad one), and more. Plus Rob Mora and Yauachta stop by to feed us and get us drunk on Ron Swanson's drink of choice.


#18: Pint + Jigger & Harry's Hardware Emporium Bar Owner Dave Newman

Pint + Jigger & Harry's Hardware Emporium owner and master bartender Dave Newman pulls double duty as our guest and bartender the day after his birthday - hungover! We talk bartender secrets, cocktail culture AND how to get a coveted invitation to the hottest new speakeasy in Hawaii. Plus, smoke, carbonation, Rose... What's the next big thing people will be ordering from the bar? SHOTS FIRED when we talk copy-cats and competition too on this episode of the Maleko & Flash podcast.


#17: TV's Mika Miyashima and IG Influencer Cina

KITVs Mika Miyashima and her hottie BFF stop in to talk KITV behind the scenes, the craziest news story Mika has ever done, who has the best hair on TV, who is the coolest anchor on KITV, how to handle the dick pix in your DMs, how to grow your following and more. Plus Royce from Hawaiian Aroma Cafe gets everyone drunk on Fun Bags!


#16: Celebrity Entrepreneur Lanai

DJ, TV Star, Stand Up Comedian, MC, Travel Guide, Wine Maker, is there anything Lanai cannot do? We find out the real reason he and Augie T aren't doing their radio show anymore, who he thinks is a better MC, himself or Maleko, his latest venture into edible cannabis, how he got the name Lanai, his connection to RuPaul, and the secret to his success, and more. All with a very special guest asking all the questions.


#15: Musical Guest Mike Love

Mike Love takes a break from his Great Remembering Tour to stop by the studio before he heads back out on tour again. He talks performing at a castle, getting confused with the 'other' Mike Love, being on an EDM lineup, his big Earth Day show at UH coming up, what makes Colorado crowds different, and what makes his ukulele's so special and he performs live in studio. Plus Baku serves up some delicious signature cocktails.