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#16: Celebrity Entrepreneur Lanai

DJ, TV Star, Stand Up Comedian, MC, Travel Guide, Wine Maker, is there anything Lanai cannot do? We find out the real reason he and Augie T aren't doing their radio show anymore, who he thinks is a better MC, himself or Maleko, his latest venture into edible cannabis, how he got the name Lanai, his connection to RuPaul, and the secret to his success, and more. All with a very special guest asking all the questions.


#15: Musical Guest Mike Love

Mike Love takes a break from his Great Remembering Tour to stop by the studio before he heads back out on tour again. He talks performing at a castle, getting confused with the 'other' Mike Love, being on an EDM lineup, his big Earth Day show at UH coming up, what makes Colorado crowds different, and what makes his ukulele's so special and he performs live in studio. Plus Baku serves up some delicious signature cocktails.


#14 Jack Law Godfather of Hawai'i Nightlife

Godfather of Hawai'i nightlife, owner of Waver Waikiki & Hula's Bar & Lei Stand, and Flash's old boss, Jack Law tells us the craziest thing he's ever seen at the Wave (that he can talk about), the most famous person to come to Hula's (who still comes in to this day), disses on Flash, and settles the question once and for all who the better MC is Flash or Maleko.

#13: Musical Guest Tim Rose

Musician Tim Rose drops in to talk about making the 1st ever visual album in Hawai'i, the crucial question to ask every girl, the weirdest thing about playing living room shows, the hookup secret when you live in a van, and how The Green & Prince inspired him. Plus bartender Cristie Katz of Inferno Lounge makes us an interesting cocktail.


#12: Hawaii Actors Danielle Zalopany & Lauren Murata

Waikiki lead actor Danielle Zalopany & Maleko's much better, hotter half, Lauren Murata stop in to talk about the local acting scene, how to act blind with your eyes open, Maleko's jealousy of a certain Hawaii 5-0 star, and who is a bigger diva, Maleko or his wife. Plus Makers Mark for all!


#11: Fresh Box Chef Will Chen

One of our favorite chefs & favorite gays, Fresh Box co-founder Will Chen stops by to talk best hangover spots, how to cook a meal for a hot date, ramen vs. pho, the secret dim sum spot, favorite watering holes & more. Plus Encore Saloon co-owner Jonny stops by to make us his latest mezcal creation, and musical guest Tzana Saldania performs, but more importantly, sheds light on the local furry situation.


#10: Multimedia Mogul Olena Heu

Former Miss Hawaii, TV star, better MC than Maleko, journalist, social media star and one of the most positive people we know Olena Heu stops by to drink some whiskey and throw Maleko under the bus and grab Flash's butt.


#9: Musical Guest Kings of Spade

The biggest, baddest rock band in Hawai'i stops by to talk how to properly trash a hotel room, the process of recording a song, which basically consists of lead singer Kasi saying no to everything lead guitarist Jesse does, how they scored a Grammy award winning producer, their amazing connection to the Foo Fighter and the best way to punch a door.


#8: Filmmaker & Artist Nicole Naone

Nicole Naone, Native Hawaiian film producer currently in post production on Sundance Lab backed feature film Waikiki, and current Pow Wow Hawaii muralist, stops by to talk about film making in Hawaii, a big event coming up, whitewashing, #MeToo, painting buildings, and pidgin dialects in film.


#7: Weatherman Guy Hagi

Hawaii's most famous, most memed, most talked about weatherperson dishes on Cheap Eats, weather science and more. What's the difference between a Watch, Advisory and Warning? Special guest bartender Steffanie Sanchez (Lulu's Waikiki) makes a special drink of the day, the Tropical Old Fashion


#6: Yoga Teacher Jesa Simpkins

In honor of World Yoga Day 2/22/18, we down dog with one of Hawaii's premiere yoga instructors, Jesa Simpkins, doing a deep dive on Hawaii's yoga culture, when & why did it get so popular here, yoga etiquette, why it's all so easy to make fun of & WTF is barre & why do we care.


#5: Miss Hawaii USA Moani Hara

Maleko & Flash get dangerously close to the hottest woman they know and she never says stop. Former Miss Hawaii USA Moani Hara dishes the dish! What's life like as a pageant princess behind the curtain? This episode dives into the drama of the pageant and model world / hot girl world (dm dick pics, stalkers and more).


#4: Eli Mac

Special musical guest Eli Mac (Camile Velasco) plays a few hits and dishes on American Idol behind the scenes.


#3: Love Hurts

Happy V-Day! Maleko & Flash dish Valentine's Day on a budget: What where and how to spend your money. Olympics controversy and the worst Winter Olympic Sports of all time.


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