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The Monkey Business Podcast is a show for fans, by fans. If 80s and 90s rock n roll is a part of your life, this podcast may be right up your alley!

The Monkey Business Podcast is a show for fans, by fans. If 80s and 90s rock n roll is a part of your life, this podcast may be right up your alley!
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The Monkey Business Podcast is a show for fans, by fans. If 80s and 90s rock n roll is a part of your life, this podcast may be right up your alley!






#23 I Hate Geoff Tate

No guests this week but we jump into the new MORC bands, the Universal Fire, the return of Steve Riley's L.A. Guns, Jason Bieler conquers USA and Ken's lasting hatred for Geoff Tate.


#22 Ray West of Spread Eagle & Joe Flynt of Asphalt Valentine

On tonight's episode of The Monkey Business Podcast, we have a very entertaining interview with the front-man of Spread Eagle, Ray West! We cover everything from the new release Subway to the Stars, (Release date: Aug 9.) to the old days of music and touring, to threesomes. We also talk to Joe Flynt, the front-man of Asphalt Valentine about where the band has been, and what they are currently up to. Check out the show to hear the new Spread Eagle single "The Sound of Speed" and a track...


#21 Hard As A Rock Radio

Special announcement you're going to want to hear!


#20 Kurt Frohlich of L.A. Guns

Not one...not two but THREE guests on the show this week. We check in real quick with Mick Sweda of Lies, Deceit & Treachery to get an update on the new album, we have a short chat with Anthony Corder of Tora Tora to see how the road's been treating him and then we speak to Kurt Frohlich who is the singer of L.A. Guns! This is an episode you don't want to miss! #MickSweda #LDT #LiesDeceitTreachery #Pump5 #AnthonyCorder #ToraTora #ToraTribe #KurtFrohlich #LAGuns #SteveRiley #3IsAMagicNumber


#19 M3 Festival

Hey rock fans! This week's Monkey Business Podcast Show focuses solely on the M3 Festival in Baltimore, Maryland. KC got to receive the VIP treatment and has a SHIT TON of things to say about that rockin' much as a matter of fact, I have re-dubbed this The KC Show! You'll hear stories about what he really thought about the bands that played along with some unexpected surprises. Oh...and we invited ourselves to Ted Poley's next house party! Fast forward to 33 and a half minutes...


#18 Daniel B Hill of Enuff Z'Nuff and Duane Morano

After missing a week, we're back with a vengance! You've heard the buzz going on about Duane Morano and all the big names he's recently worked with on his long awaited release "Incognito" due May 17; now you can hear it from the man himself! Later on in the show we talk to Daniel B. Hill from Enuff Z'Nuff on his past, working with Chip, the future and the (very good) possibility of the band being on the upcoming Monsters of Rock Cruise! heard it HERE first! We play tracks...


#17 HighVol Music's Wild Weekend

On the seventeeth broadcast of the Monkey Business Podcast, the Moose and KC talk about their wild weekend with HighVol Music recording artists Every Mother's Nightmare and Pump5. Much thanks to the venues that tollerated our childness! Other topics of note is the Dio Hologram tour, the Van Halen / Sammy Hagar tour that will never happen, the M3 rock festival and a few other gems of information. We also respond to an early poll and well if you want music, you GET music! Twice as much in this...


#16 Tim "Ripper" Owens of A New Revenge

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy!! On this weeks episode of The Monkey Business Podcast, we talk to Tim Ripper Owens "Official Page" about some his many projects such as A New Revenge, The Three Tremors, The Dio Hologram Tour, his time in Judas Priest and what it was really like filming for the Bar Rescue TV Show. We also cover some releases by our friends in Pump5, and EMN (Every Mothers Nightmare) and the Easter egg that's in the new Pump5 video for "Fight Song"! There are a lot of opinions and...


#15 Dave Brooks & J.J. Farris of Slammin' Gladys

This week we talk to a band we are long time fans of and unfortunately you may not ever heard of! Singer Dave Brooks and guitarist JJ Farris of the band Slammin' Gladys talk to us about where they've been since the 90's and what they are doing to make that comeback we know they can do. They talk about Jani Lane and his fear of singing, Dave talks about responsibilities and JJ fills us in on the recording process and how soon we can hear new stuff and debuts the new single "Dragon Eyed...


#8 Year End Show

Due to a mislabeling of the file, this is the same show as the Joel Hoekstra interview but without Joel....sorry for the confusion.


#5 Chicken Soup



#4 Bitches Get Ghosted