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Podcast by Nimeet Shah






Nimeet Shah Podcast - Insta Influencer Sumeet Kadakia

One of the best Podcast that I recorded with the very famous Insta-Influencer Sumeet Kadakia. His inspiring stories, views and secret tips as a photographer, Instagrammer and Influencer is something not to be missed if you are an Instagram addict.


The Nimeet Shah Podcast - Ft. Krishna And Sarang

Best Podcast In India ? May be not, but its something that I really love doing! I have done many Podcast in the past but this one is my personal favorite and the first Podcast of 2019 and the longest one, because this is how I really wanted my Podcast to be, me hosting the Pod and talking to someone who genuinely share their stories that works as an inspiration to a lot of listeners. This Podcast is a conversation with 2 amazingly talented musicians Krishna Prasad Iyer and Sarang Goasavi who...


The Nimeet Shah Podcast - Spiti Valley | Himachal India

This is my first Podcast on travel. I recently went to Spiti Valley and lot of people asked me about my itinerary and trip details, so I thought of making a Podcast on it and top it up with some really cool songs that we played during our road trip. Listen to the podcast and leave me your feedback, your suggestions on You can also get in touch with me using the below links, Facebook : Instagram: Twitter : @RjNimeet...


The Nimeet Shah Podcast - Do You Know Who Wrote Your Fav Song

The Podcast is all about knowing the lyricist who wrote your favorite Bollywood song, The reason I thought of doing a Podcast like this because we listen to a lot of songs, we always know the singer, the movie the song is from, the music director, but most of the time we fail to check or know who has written the song. I strongly feel that the lyricist also needs to get equal credits for the song, Duaa Cover By Sakar Apte YouTube : Channa Mereya...


Nimeet Shah Podcast Episode 1 - Indies From 90s

This is the first episode of Nimeet Shah Podcast. This episode talks about the Hindi Indie-Pop Music, Artist, and Bands from the 90's. You can download and save the Podcast and hear it whenever your want it. This podcast intends to promote independent artists, bands, and music. So, if you know of a band or artist that I can feature on my future shows please let me know you can connect with me here or email me the details on or facebook me...