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Episode 24 | "Allegedly"

A lot happened this week and the guys are here to talk about it. Starting things off with Meg Thee Stallion joining Roc Nation management (16:15), DMX re-signing with Def Jam (32:36), Bang Bros' 10 million dollar bid for naming rights of an NBA arena (37:30), as well as the latest on the Tekashi 69 case (41:30). The guys also touch base on Kevin Hart's recent lawsuit (68:48), pics Justin Trudeau in black/brown face (78:10), the Boondocks coming back to TV & what this means in the streaming...


Episode 23 | "That's A Callback"

Quick break to get our ish straight, but we're back at it & to start the guys recap what happened during the break (2:34). Then inspired by Task's attempt to quit smoking, they talk about the recent ban on vaping (14:17). After the guys speak on Kevin Hart's car accident (17:39), Netflix's plans to release new episodes weekly instead of all at once (38:28), & the different streaming services out now with the introduction of Apple TV+ (39:54). The guys also touch on Swae Lee's girlfriend's...


Episode 22 | "Subway"

Definitely an interesting episode, this week the guys talk about the new Dave Chappelle special & yes there are spoilers (15:01). They proceed to also discuss the aftermath of the Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich (35:30), the Power season premiere & the backlash from changing the show's theme song (48:59). Afterwards Neno, Task & Kino then give their break down on the new Jeezy album (62:12), Drake's comments on Joe Budden's IG live (121:50), & Task makes his weekly recommendation (125:59)....


Episode 21 | "Chicken & Waffle Fries"

A few things happened in the universe here's the guys this week with their hot takes. First, the guys talk about Popeye's new chicken sandwich taking black twitter by storm & Task's love of Chik-Fil-A's waffle fries (15:00). Then they touch base on the stand off between Sony & Marvel regarding Spiderman (35:25), Marvel's potential moves going forward (60:00), the actual #dmxchallenge & then of course their own version of it (65:45), & everyone's attempt at keeping their Instagram private...


Episode 20 | "What's The Criteria?"

On this episode the guys get together & discuss Kino's review of Hobbs & Shaw (14:33), the Lion King hittin 1.3 billion at the box office (20:40), Mia Khalifa alleging she only made 12k during her short stint in porn (33:25), Meg Thee Stallion & Nicki's new record "Hot Girl Summer" (47:04), Nicki confronting Joe Budden over his comments (59:05), & Nicki speaking on Rick Ross lyrics about her (67:00). They also give their hot takes on the Jeff Epstein case (76:00), the NFL's newest...


Episode 19 | "Soundboard"

On this episode they guys recap their Caribana weekend (11:20) & OVO Fest (21:47). Then the guys give their takes on Drake's new release "Care Package" (34:09), what the new Rick Ross album Port Of Miami 2 might sound like (40:20), who is in their hip-hop top 50 (43:02), the new Griselda Roc Nation deal (74:51), the tragic events in Ohio, El Paso & back here in Toronto (78:59), the recent news surrounding the LAPD & Nipsey Hussle (89:46), the newly implemented "Rich Paul" rule by NCAA...


Episode 18 | "Buses Trains & Whatever

On this episode the guys talk about the upcoming weekend festivities, Meg Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj's IG live convo, B Dot of Rap Radar's top 10 active rappers list, open relationship parameters, & the 16 year old who won 3 million playing video games. Enjoy! As always make sure to subscribe if you haven't done so & tell a friend!


Episode 17 | "Bootcuts Back"

On this episode the guys talk about the upcoming Rolling Loud lineup, recap the Pacquio fight, Blueface's claims of being the best lyricist of his generation, a 3rd hand account of the new Lion King movie, the status of A$AP Rocky's case, the new MCU rollout, & Eddie Murphy's new Netflix deal. Enjoy! & as always make sure to subscribe if you haven't done so & tell a friend


Episode 16 | "Inflated Numbers"

On this episode the guys talk about JP Morgan's boat full of coke (14:51), people on social media's plans to storm Area 51 (23:20), R Kelly's latest charges (43:12), Diddy remaking the band (51:05), the new Old Town Road remix (69:50), the new Lion King movie (75:28), the new 007 (68:56), Jermaine Dupri's comments (104:21), & the bagel guy (109:35). As always make sure to subscribe & tell a friend!


Episode 15 | "Classic"

A special episode with this week, the guys are on load management & Kino's somewhere mysterious cause he won't say. On this episode the guys let you in on one of the hot topics in the group chat for the past few little bit. Enjoy & as always subscribe if you haven't done so & tell a friend!


Episode 14 | "Red Lobster"

On this episode the guys talk about the new weird cucumber & ice cream challenge (22:44), the new Spider-Man movie (35:30), NBA offseason moves (39:00), Lil Nas X's announcement (59:25), & new music from Rick Ross, Jeezy, Freddie Gibbs & DJ Mustard (69:30). Enjoy, subscribe & don't forget to tell a friend!


Episode 13 | "Chains & Turtlenecks"

On this episode, the guys touch base on Lavar Ball's comments (), Cardi B winning songwriter of the year (), Chris Browns IG comments (), new music from Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Nas X, & the upcoming Spider-Man movie (). As always, make sure to subscribe & tell a friend!


Episode 12 | "Obscure References"

Back at full strength, on this episode the guys talk about Drake's two new records (19:02), Rick Ross announcing Port of Miami 2 (66:51), Cuba Gooding Jr allegations (70:25) & the Tory Lanez video incident (89:06). As always subscribe if you haven't & tell a friend.


Episode 11 | "Algorithms"

Task is on load management again, but we had friend of the guys Bruno Mark on to talk about DJ Khaled's lawsuit (9:44), the unfortunate passing of Bushwick Bill (34:55), new music from Tee Grizzley, Tyga, Future & Joel Ortiz (38:40), the new street in Brooklyn named after Biggie (47:15), Fab's questionable fit (71:30) 50 & the internet rapper, & of course NBA Finals talk (99:11). Enjoy & of course tell a friend!


Episode 10 | "Stay Woke"

Task was on load management, Kino was off in the Bermuda triangle, & Neno was allegedly putting in work last week but the guys are back. On this episode the guys speak on the upcoming X-Men movie (10:57),Hov's billionaire status (43:07), Rihanna's new status as richest female entertainer (63:10) new music from Jim Jones, YG, Kevin Gates & Cardi B (68:52), the latest with Jussie Smollet (), & last but not least NBA playoff talk (118:36). As always subscribe, enjoy & make sure to tell a friend!


Episode 09 | "For A Quarter"

On this week's episode the guys touch on NBA playoff & free agency talk (17:21), Foxy Brown's concert mishap (41:00), new music from DJ Khaled, Meg Thee Stallion, Tyler The Creator & Griselda (77:17), Game of Thrones season finale recap (143:23), & Jada Pinkett's confession (159:40). As always subscribe, enjoy & make sure to tell a friend!


Episode 08 | "Communications Degree"

On this episode the guys speak on the NBA draft lottery (2:13), the status of their playoff brackets (16:10), along with Rihanna's new title (21:51). Neno finally watched all the episodes of Game of Thrones so we have a recap of sorts (28:55); then the guys touch on the idea of working corporate vs entrepreneurship (70:32), 50 Cent collecting debts (90:11), Kim Kardashian helping bail people out of jail (101:59), & Snapchat's new filter (133:30). Enjoy, subscribe & tell a friend


Episode 07 | "Body Count"

Live on a new day & time, the guys touch on Ayesha Curry's comments (4:47), the new Styles P album (14:29), Task's night out (19:30), the new Logic & Eminem record out (47:11), Tink's new album (50:52), & Fab announcing a new Summertime Shootouts project (60:25). Enjoy, subscribe & tell a friend


Episode 06.5 | "I, Robot"

Bonus episode! This is just one of those unreleased joints when we were starting to put this podcast together (pardon the mics). Just an fyi episodes will be released every Friday from here on out. Enjoy! Subscribe & tell a friend.


Episode 06 | "Words & S**t"

Sorry for the late episode, technical difficulties & all that; & yeah episodes are now coming out every Friday. On this episode the guys recap the Jay-Z B Sides show (10:39), Kanye starting a new church (27:20), new music from Schoolboy Q (42:42), our busted NBA playoff brackets (72:41), & an attempt at a spoiler-free review of the new Avengers movie (87:15). Don't forget to subscribe & tell a friend, enjoy!