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Episode 39 | "No Title"

Task was out with that cold going around so the rest of the guys held it down starting things off with Justin Bieber facing off against Roddy Ricch for top spot on Billboard (22:55), new music from Uncle Murda (27:50), Brooklyn beef between Casanova & Pop Smoke (33:00), & how Bobby Shmurda will acclimate once he gets out of jail (42:45). The guys then give their thoughts on the new Netflix doc on Aaron Hernandez (46:28), the new MCU trailers of Morbius & Black Widow (50:23), Boosie in beef...


Episode 38 | "Ring Boy"

Squad back to full strength & little time was wasted getting into the shits, starting with Task's fear of flying (), then the guys give their takes on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle emancipating themselves from the royal family (), Da Baby getting locked up for allegedly robbing a promoter (), a quick Golden Globes (double entendre don't ask me how) recap () & Task gives a spoiler free review of Kevin Hart's documentary out on Netflix (). Then the guys speak on YG getting money stolen from his...


Episode 37 | "Cappin Crunch"

Happy New Year! Task will back next week but in the meantime Zar Billionz sat with us again to bring you this week's episode starting with recapping the guy's new year's festivities (9:35), new Kevin Spacey allegations (20:51), Nav vs DJ Akademiks (43:16), & Kevin Hart seemingly talking down to his trainer (49:33). They also give their thoughts on 50 Cent & French Montana reigniting their old beef (58:47), as well as Dame Dash being accused for inappropriate conduct (65:58). Enjoy, & as...


Episode 36 | "Hammer Time"

Some liquor made its way to the recording session so pardon the guys a bit - management No Task this week but the guys got a visit from friend of the crew Zar Billionz to bring you this week's episode. First speaking on the recent nudes & sex tapes leaking on the internet (11:50), then Meek Mill's assertion to expose the major label's illicit practices (17:36), their thoughts on new Cam'ron album (29:45), as well as Eddie Murphy appearing on SNL (). The guys also touch base on Snoh...


Episode 35 | "WWDD"

Breaking news was happening as the guys were podding so this made for some content; starting off of course with the Trump impeachment news (8:00). Then the guys touch on Diddy's 50th birthday party (26:25), Chance cancelling his tour (56:53), Cardi B gifting Offset 500k (82:00) & the Tekashi 69 sentencing (90:50). They also give their thoughts on the Bronx girl who faked her own kidnapping (104:44) & the guy who got caught embezzling money because of social media (114:13). Enjoy, & as...


Episode 34 | "I Don't Care"

The guys are back together again for this episode, starting things off with reactions to Lizzo at the Staples Center (17:35), & extending their condolences to Frank Ordonez the UPS driver killed & Juicewrld (46:35). They also offer their takes on Nick Cannon vs Eminem (70:20), the Spotify & Apple Music year wrap up (95:00), Oprah's new documentary regarding Russel Simmons (99:40), & Kanye West looking like the tin man from Oz (106:45). Enjoy, & as always make sure to rate us, tell a friend...


Episode 33 | "No Limit Noodles"

Neno wasn't here for this so if it gets a little nuts well... tune in next week, please. - management So with Task & Kino holding it down this week they start off with Task's review of The Irishman (13:44) & then Kino's review of Queen & Slim (34:30). After they give their takes on Snoop Dogg venturing into children's lullabys (51:04), Master P taking over the instant noodle game (69:17), George Zimmerman suing Trayvon Martin's family (106:43) & Offset saying he was hacked (110:55). As...


Episode 32 | "Pull Up In The Lambo"

No soundboard due to technical ish - management Back this week with another episode & first off Neno recaps his suprise experience with the Summer Walker show in the city (20:30). Then the guys give their thoughts on Diddy & Revolt's stance on the recent Comcast lawsuit (55:14), TI speaking on his comments on Jada Pinkett's show (64:07) & Omarion reminding everyone that an icebox is where his heart used to be (). The guys also give their thoughts on new music coming from Griselda & Fabolous...


Episode 31 | "I Got 9 On It"

Back at full strength & the guys waste no time getting into things starting with Task's review of Disney+ (9:00). Then they touch base on Monique suing Netflix (28:00), Netflix & Nickelodeon's new partnership (44:14), Big Sean's bedroom claims on his & Jhene Aiko's new track (53:12), new music from Tory Lanez & Fabolous (61:40), Julia Roberts being set to play Harriet Tubman (60:06) & Neno gives his review of Styles P's new album (70:15). The guys also give their take on People's sexiest man...


Episode 30 | "Streaming Wars"

Shorter episode this week due to technical difficulties - management Task was out sick this week so Neno & Kino are running this week's episode. They touch on the launch of Disney's new streaming service Disney+ & what it means for the content streaming landscape (). They also speak on the rumored HBO Max streaming service (), who came up with No Nut November (), Dion Waiters' incident with edibles (), & Instagram getting rid of like counts in the US (). As always make sure to rate us...


Episode 29 | "Toxic Button"

A bit of an unexpected layoff but the guys are back. Starting the episode off with the recap of what they were up to during the break (9:03). Then the guys touch base on Chris Brown going platinum (25:38), TI's comments regarding his daughter (34:27), Task's plans to enroll in porn university (46:39), hustling pancakes at Kanye's Sunday service (50:15), & the return of the Popeye's chicken sandwich & Ja Rule's thoughts on this (63:55). As always make sure to rate us the podcast, subscribe...


Episode 27 | "Turkey & Sangria"

It's thanksgiving weekend (at least on our side) & to set the long weekend festivities off right, the guys start by talking about thanksgiving plans (10:09). Right after they talk about the guy who got 2 women pregnant & ended up marrying both of them (24:19), Shaq vs Damian Lillard pt 2 (36:00), the bigoted Penn State alumni's letter to a D1 athlete (52:43), the news of Tekashi 69 getting released early (60:38), as well as T.I.'s top 50 rappers list (61:59). The guys do a quick recap of the...


Episode 26 | "The Nasty Menace"

Yeah, we kinda started nuts so apologies if you're listening - management. The guys get together for another episode starting off with some crazy ish Task found at work (7:00); then they touch on Tekashi 69 declining witness protection (23:15), the hottest rap beef in the streets Dame Dolla vs Shaq (37:25), new releases from Young MA, Kevin Gates & Da Baby (49:35) & Eddie Murphy apologizing for his past jokes on Delirious & Raw. They also share their thoughts regarding the Botham Jean case...


Episode 25 | "Rock Wit You"

Our 25th episode! & on this episode the guys touch on Ll Cool J going back to Def Jam (16:12) & for some reason Task's problem with him, Da Baby's new album dropping today (36:58), Kanye's new album rumored to also drop today (50:06), the recently announced New Jack City remake (60:00), as well as the upcoming El Camino the new Breaking Bad movie on Netflix (69:25). They also discuss the upcoming Joker movie (84:40), Jonah Hill being announced as the Penguin in the new Batman movie (92:17),...


Episode 24 | "Allegedly"

A lot happened this week and the guys are here to talk about it. Starting things off with Meg Thee Stallion joining Roc Nation management (16:15), DMX re-signing with Def Jam (32:36), Bang Bros' 10 million dollar bid for naming rights of an NBA arena (37:30), as well as the latest on the Tekashi 69 case (41:30). The guys also touch base on Kevin Hart's recent lawsuit (68:48), pics Justin Trudeau in black/brown face (78:10), the Boondocks coming back to TV & what this means in the streaming...


Episode 23 | "That's A Callback"

Quick break to get our ish straight, but we're back at it & to start the guys recap what happened during the break (2:34). Then inspired by Task's attempt to quit smoking, they talk about the recent ban on vaping (14:17). After the guys speak on Kevin Hart's car accident (17:39), Netflix's plans to release new episodes weekly instead of all at once (38:28), & the different streaming services out now with the introduction of Apple TV+ (39:54). The guys also touch on Swae Lee's girlfriend's...


Episode 22 | "Subway"

Definitely an interesting episode, this week the guys talk about the new Dave Chappelle special & yes there are spoilers (15:01). They proceed to also discuss the aftermath of the Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich (35:30), the Power season premiere & the backlash from changing the show's theme song (48:59). Afterwards Neno, Task & Kino then give their break down on the new Jeezy album (62:12), Drake's comments on Joe Budden's IG live (121:50), & Task makes his weekly recommendation (125:59)....


Episode 21 | "Chicken & Waffle Fries"

A few things happened in the universe here's the guys this week with their hot takes. First, the guys talk about Popeye's new chicken sandwich taking black twitter by storm & Task's love of Chik-Fil-A's waffle fries (15:00). Then they touch base on the stand off between Sony & Marvel regarding Spiderman (35:25), Marvel's potential moves going forward (60:00), the actual #dmxchallenge & then of course their own version of it (65:45), & everyone's attempt at keeping their Instagram private...


Episode 20 | "What's The Criteria?"

On this episode the guys get together & discuss Kino's review of Hobbs & Shaw (14:33), the Lion King hittin 1.3 billion at the box office (20:40), Mia Khalifa alleging she only made 12k during her short stint in porn (33:25), Meg Thee Stallion & Nicki's new record "Hot Girl Summer" (47:04), Nicki confronting Joe Budden over his comments (59:05), & Nicki speaking on Rick Ross lyrics about her (67:00). They also give their hot takes on the Jeff Epstein case (76:00), the NFL's newest...


Episode 19 | "Soundboard"

On this episode they guys recap their Caribana weekend (11:20) & OVO Fest (21:47). Then the guys give their takes on Drake's new release "Care Package" (34:09), what the new Rick Ross album Port Of Miami 2 might sound like (40:20), who is in their hip-hop top 50 (43:02), the new Griselda Roc Nation deal (74:51), the tragic events in Ohio, El Paso & back here in Toronto (78:59), the recent news surrounding the LAPD & Nipsey Hussle (89:46), the newly implemented "Rich Paul" rule by NCAA...