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Episode 154: Joe Firstman of The Cordovas

Joe Firstman has been a guy who has toiled in near obscurity but has had a fairly high profile career in the music business for almost two decades now. I suspect that’s about to change. He was, for almost a decade the band leader for Carson Daly’s late night show where he enlisted the likes of Kamasi Washington and Thundercat, and also put together other bands with people like Carl Broemal of My Morning Jacket and Slim Gambill of Lady Antebellum before we knew who they were. He's opened for...


Episode 153: Sam Bush

For the uninitiated, Sam Bush was a founding member of the band New Grass Revival, and as the name of this 70s outfit would suggest, this mandolin player and his cohorts including Bela Fleck, brought forth the progressive sounds of bluegrass that several of the newer bands are playing today. So it was quite a delight when a publicist sent me a streaming copy of Revival: The Sam Bush story. I knew many of the stories, but like most great documentaries, you always learn something new. The...


Episode 152: Reid Genauer

Way, way, way back in the day, I was obsessed with a band from Vermont called.... Strangefolk. There was something at the time that I really dug about the gentile voices of the singers, the great playing and indeed the messages of the songs. I felt their sound was a throw back to other sounds I was digging at the time, like American Beauty from The Grateful Dead and Music from the Big Pink from The Band. It was 1997 as I recall, and I was a tie-dyed, Jew-Fro hippy, and I sought music that...


Episode 151: Chad Stokes of Dispatch

We've been big fans of Dispatch, since 1997's "The General". Wow, it just hit me, that was over 20 years ago. Their sound blends folk and reggae, and this trio, who are back at it in earnest after a tumultuous break, have never sounded better. We caught up with Chad who has many different pseudonyms to talk about Location 13, their political and social discourse and much more.


Episode 150: Katie Skene of California Kind

California Kind is a jam band super group from the Bay Area in California mostly. The sounds and playing may all sound vaguely familiar, since their sound in many ways, is reminiscent of other San Francisco based jam bands. More to the point though, this super group comprised of Katie Skene along with Barry Sless, Pete Sears, John Molo and friend of the show Rob Barraco all have been stalwarts of the psychedelic, jam band scene forever. Together they make beautiful music, that you no doubt...


Episode 149: Farmer Dave of The Skiffle Players

The Skiffle Players are some what of a hodge podge of terrific California players including singer-songwriter, Cass McCombs, Neal Casal of Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Circles Aaround the Sun, Dan Horne also of Circles Around the Sun and Grateful Shred, Aaron Sperske of Beachwood Sparks along with the incomparable and outstanding Farmer Dave of Beachwood Sparks. Together they play a sort of Skiffle music that blends jazz, blues, folk and American folk all together. Its an extraordinary...


Episode 148: John Medeski of Mad Skillet

While John Medeski fronts Mad Skillet, an interesting four piece borne out of New Orleans jams, the project is certainly a sum of its of it's parts. The band includes the under appreciated Will Bernard on guitar and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band rhythm section featuring sousaphonist Kirk Joseph and Terence Higgins on Drums. It's a very cool project, one that I certainly would love to see live. I caught up with John Medeski fresh off a stint in Japan. I can't begin to tell you what a thrill it...


Episode 147: Elliott Peck

You may remember Elliott Peck’s name from Midnight North the band she fronts with Grahame Lesh. This project however is more personal and the songs are mostly her own. The record features an all-star cast of a backing band, a who’s who of the San Francisco music scene. We’ve always been big fans of Elliott’s sound, but hearing her sultry twangy stylings as the sonic focal point is a tremendous treat. Elliott's sound combines a lot of the things we enjoy about music. Solid songwriting,...


Episode 146: Keller Williams

Keller is one of those guys we've been dying to have on the show, because he is so unique in his musical approach, while performing so many different types of music. He is an artist in the truest sense of the word, and we're always impressed when we see him play, or hear what he has to offer the community. We were particularly intrigued by his latest effort, an album, without words, and for an artist that has a lot to say, well, its quite the feat. While some of the work on Sans is a rework...


Episode 145: Lindsay Lou

Lindsay Lou and her band the Flatbellys have been mainstays of the current neo-bluegrass revival. Her recognizable sound is both memorable and refreshing. As a woman on the newgrass scene, there are no doubt hurdles she has to overcome to be part of the gang. We recently caught up with Lindsay to talk about her tour, the band's more contemporary sound, and indeed being a woman in a male dominated environment. Our conversation started when I asked Lindsay how the audience is taking to a more...


Episode 144: Sister Sparrow

I think you'll agree that Sister Sparrow's voice is absolutely incredible, and this songstress's past efforts with her band mates the Dirty Birds have all been awesome soulful efforts. This record though, GOLD, marks a change, having written all of the songs with a team of writers including producer Carter Matschullat and not the band. The album, recorded in Brooklyn at Matschullat's studio DOOM, is a bit of a departure with a strong pop and hip-hop influence. We sat down with Arleigh AKA...


Episode 143: Jorma Kaukonen

Been So Long is the title of Jorma's recent autobiography available from St. Martin's Press. The memoir is filled with delicious stories from this one time Jefferson Airplane guitarist, who now, 77 years young continues to perform with his pal Jack Casady in Hot Tuna, and as a soloist. Jorma's life is fascinating and his anecdotes match the great stories of his very early days to more contemporary ones. I should mention that we recorded this interview, a week before Jefferson Airplane...


Episode 142: Marcus King

Having listened to Marcus King Band's Carolina Confessions now several times, I can tell you, that Marcus has grown as a songwriter, and this collection of songs shows a maturity beyond his years that match his guitar playing. We caught up for a lengthy discussion about the record while Marcus and his mates were on the road last week. he Marcus King Band are headed overseas for a bunch of dates, but will be back in North America ready to play what I can only assume will be a whole bunch of...


Episode 141: Amy Helm

Amy Helm's sophomore release, This Too Shall LIght is a gorgeous record, that taps into Amy's wonderful spirit, her undeniable voice and a selection of songs that are both personal and important. Though this is only her second solo record, she has an extensive recording background having recorded with her father Levon Helm, and so many other incredibly talented musicians. For her sophomore release she pegged Joe Henry as the producer, which ultimately meant she would have to travel away from...


Episode 140: Doyle Bramhall II

We've had so many talented people on the show since we began in January 2017, but few have had the recording, producing and touring career Doyle Bramhall II has had. Since he arrived on the scene back in 1992 with the Arc Angels, Doyle's discography looks like an exhibit at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Thats no coincidence either given his lineage but make no mistake about it, he is an extremely talented guitar player, singer, songwriter and as you'll soon here a hell of a guy. His new...


Episode 139: Decker

Though not a household name to many, decker. has been toiling as a singer songwriter for just under a decade in Sedona, Arizona. It's from that vibrant landscape that his words and playing are fused into a sort of hybrid on acid. Those aren't my words, as you soon will hear, those are his. His latest effort Born to Wake Up combines the aesthetic for which he is known with a much more personal approach to the themes of his music this go around. For more on decker....


Episode 138: Ed Jurdi - Band of Heathens

In 1972, Ray Charles released "A Message for the People", a record, that combined his soul and R&B style with some distinctly country nuance. The album, now out of print is filled with really important, socially conscious songs delivered in a way only Ray could. Almost 50 years later, the stories of these songs still resonate, so much so, that the Band of Heathens decided to cover the album in its entirety, of course putting their own more modern, classic rock and country spin on it. We...


Episode 137: Erik Deutsch

If you’ve part of the jam band scene for a while, you’ve no doubt heard the name Erik Deutsch. He’s been somewhat of a fixture dating back to his days with Fat Mama, solo pursuits and now part of Leftover Salmon. He is an extremely talented keyboard player and lends his talents to a multitude of projects. We recently caught up with Erik to talk about his solo record Falling Flowers.


Episode 136: Scott Sharrard

Since Gregg Allman's unfortunate passing, Scott Sharrard has found himself at a crossroads between hanging on to his love and work with Gregg, and getting on with his own career. Luckily for us, he will be releasing his first solo record in quite some time but his fifth thus far, September 21st, Saving Grace, and I can tell you its a gorgeous blues, soul and R&B record with standout slide guitar playing and passionate vocals. For more on Scott's work visit and make sure you...


Episode 135: Sput From Ghost-Note

Attempting to define the kind of music Ghost Note plays, would be near impossible. They are a jazz hybrid that play funk, r&b, soul, hip-hop and yes, they rock. Started by Snarky Puppy’s drummer Robert “Sput” Searight and percussionist Nate Werth. Rather than just telling you about this band that has complete blown my mind, we got in touch with Sput to talk about the Ghost Note Project. For more on Ghost Note check out