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107: Rob Barraco of Dark Star Orchestra

Dark Star Orchestra’s 7th annual Jubilee goes this weekend in Thornville, Ohio. Luckily for us ,we caught up with Rob Barraco just before the Buffalo show, the last show before the Jubilee. We asked Rob about his tenure with DSO, the Phil Lesh quintet and mastering the parts of four iconic keyboard players of the Grateful Dead. We're looking forward to more great music from DSO and his latest project, California Kind. For more info on DSO, visit darkstarorchestra.net.


Episode 106: Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon

Off the top of the show, you'll hear Evermore off of Leftover Salmon's latest release "Something Higher". We wanted to highlight this track, specifically, because while listening to the record in the car with my daughters, I pointed out Eric Deutch's tremendous piano playing. Real honest playing, without any digitization. Just authentic, emotional playing. With pop culture being so inundated with plastic garbage, its so refreshing to hear this kind of music, something that the guys in...


Episode 105: Erik Berry of Trampled By Turtles

Hiatus is a tricky word in the music business, in some cases it marks the end, in others, it gives way to a triumphant return. In 2016, Trampled by Turtles, the acclaimed bluegrass outfit from Minnesota decided it was time for a break. As you'll soon hear from mandolinist, Erik Berry figuring how to deal with the hiatus and subsequent return, was initially weird, but the coming back was as natural as getting back and riding a bike. With their new record Life is Good on the Open Road...


Episode 104: Ben Malament from California Honeydrops

If you aren't familiar with the California Honeydrops they are a 7 piece ensemble that started as a busking duo. It's been 11 years since multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski and percussionist Ben Malament were two dudes in the Oakland subway system. Since then they have grown into that big band, put out 5 studio records, and 1 live one, opened for the likes of Bonnie Rait, BB King, Buddy Guy, and Dr.John. They blend several influences from Bay area R&B, funk, soul, to delta blues to so...


Episode 103: Cy Simonton of CBDB

CBDB's latest release Out of Line dropped May 4th, and its a solid record from top to bottom. It's probably a slight departure from previous offerings from this southern jam band, and thats not a bad thing. Once purveyors of "joyfunk" these guys shifted focus since their 2015 release of Joy Fuck is Dead, and have since released an EP and a couple of singles that blend all kinds of musical styles. What is consistent though is Cy Simonton's lyrics and storytelling throughout. It's...


Episode 102: Allen Stone

Allen Stone 8 years into a career has already put out two records, and has sights on putting out a third this year. This Soul singer has a lot to say, and recently appeared on American Idol as a guest coach. We caught up with him on his tour bus, as he continues his 3 month tour with Andrew McMahon, Zach Clark and Bob Oxblood aptly named Pen and Piano tour. Insightful, bright, and an incredible talent. Thats the holy grail probably when it comes to being a musician in 2018. With pending...


Episode 101: Johnny Vidacovich of Nolatet

Nolatet a jazz quartet from New Orleans, that features vibraphonist Mike Dillon, pianist Mike Haas, bassist James Singleton and drummer Johnny Vidacovich. Blacksheep is actually taken to their sophomore release, No Revenge Necessary, but these musicians are hardly just getting around to making a second record. Each have individual resumes that are significant, and the blending of rhythms, and sounds is quite evident on this record. I've always wanted to chat with Johnny Vidacovich the...


Episode 100: Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes, has been a favorite musician of mine, and indeed the scene dating back to his time with the Dickey Betts Band, his subsequent tenure with The Allman Brothers Band, and more recently and since, with his own outfit Gov't Mule. Along the way, he's played in other projects including the Dead, Phil and Friends, and as solo artist, and with various symphonies playing the works of Jerry Garcia. He is, for all intents and purposes one of the most prolific live guitar players of our...


Episode 99: Brett Wilson of Roots Of Creation

If you aren’t familiar with Roots of Creation they are a reggae rock outfit in the vein of Sublime or Dirty Heads, so indeed a Grateful Dead tribute, while a reggae one is a touch far fetched for the genre, this one sounds really terrific. I recently caught up with Brett Wilson frontman of Roots of Creation to talk about the project and it’s inspiration. I mean you can’t ask for a more genuine discussion around the motivation to pay homage to the Grateful Dead than that. It’s clear that...


Episode 98: Jordan Fairless of Spafford

Spafford is one of those bands, that I absolutely want to root for. They blend modern with the old, and create music that is both sonically appealing, but also a ton of fun. This band is the real deal. When I heard they were dropping a follow up to their self titled debut some six years later, I immediately contacted their manager and publicist to ensure we got the chance to speak to them, because I know, like me, you guys are certainly curious about what is going on. We recently spoke...


Episode 97: Jerry Garcia Before The Dead With Dennis McNally

Many of us know Jerry Garcia, as the frontman of the Grateful Dead and the spiritual leader of the Deadheads. But his story doesn’t nearly begin with the Mother McRee’s Uptown Jug Champions, the acid tests or even the goings on at 710 Ashbury Street. His passion for music and his ability to play at a high standard, his penchant for story telling began much earlier. As we’ll unpack that history with Dennis McNally the Grateful Dead’s biographer and publicist for the majority of their...


Episode 96: Matt And Charlie From Tauk

Last time we spoke to Tauk, they were gearing up to get in the studio to record the follow up to Sir Nebula. At the time I remember letting Matt and AC know that I really dug their sound, and was looking forward to new music. Well, since then, they have indeed recorded a new record, but before they release that canon of music in the Fall, they dropped an EP Shapeshifter 1: Construct a tidy 5 track effort with lots of new twists and sonic turns. We caught up with Matt to talk about the the...


Episode 95: Anderson East

I first heard about Anderson East from a friend in New Jersey, who I trust implicitly with music recommendations and such. He's the guy that turned us on to Marcus King, so as you can imagine, when he says I need to check something out, I usually obey and listen. We actually posted pictures on our instagram channel back in January of Anderson's gig at the Bowery Ballroom. Truth is, I cannot say enough about this young dude's tremendous talent as a singer-songwriter, but to say he is...


Episode 94: Robbie Wulfshon of Ripe!

One of the things I enjoy most about The Sound Podcast project is bringing you new artists and bands that are on the cusp of really big things. I spend a lot of time reading about up and coming bands on-line, and listening to all kinds of music. I'm kind of your filter for whats good, and what isn't so strong. As for what's good, I recently came across Ripe, a band based out of Boston, that combine rock, funk, and fun into a tight little package of lively songs. They also feature a small...


Episode 93: Matthew Stubbs

Truth be told when I first hit play on this record I was a touch confused. Matthew was dubbed as blues instrumentalist, who has played with John Musslewhite, but what I heard was something totally different. A bit of a mind bender to be sure. You see Matthews music combines all kinds of genres like garage rock, psychadelic rock, acid blues, and afrobeat. But a man, with the talent that Matthew Stubbs brings to the table shouldn't be pigoen holed into any sort of genre. His guitar playing...


Episode 92: Moon Hooch

Moon Hooch makes more noise than anyone I think I've ever heard. For those of you who don't know, Moon Hooch is comprised of drummer James Muschler with Mike Wilbur and Wenzl McGowen on various saxophones. There are also some synthesizers mixed in for good fun and to keep the beat, and the electricity going! Now only 8 years into a professional career that started with busking on New York city streets, these cats are on fire, having recorded 4 full length albums and a couple of EPs in that...


Episode 91: Billy Strings

As you know we've been toiling in Bluegrass music of late, and when we came across Billy's music we had to get him on the show. While he is a pretty young cat, and started in the business as somewhat of a prodigy, he has a very mature sound to his voice and his playing, his flat picking in particular is off the charts. We caught up with Billy on the road, where, he spends a lot of time. Billy not only brings a maturity to his music and to the bluegrass genre with a very fresh take, but he...


Episode 90: Nick MacDaniels - Big Something

A few weeks ago, while putting the finishing touches on one of our weekly Spotify playlists, I came across Big Something. Shame frankly that I didn't know about these guys earlier, because they play a blend of music styles that I enjoy. In fact, its this sub genre of genreless bands that is continuing to pique my interest. Hailing from North Carolina, Big Something have been at this awhile and are set to release their fifth studio record, The Otherside in late April. Like other bands of...


Episode 89: Ghost Light

When two of your favorite musicians team up to create a new "super group", you want to get all the details you possible can on the project. Unfortunately those details have been few and far between, so we tracked down Holly Bowling and Tom Hamilton Jr. to try and pry a little more out of them, about Ghost Light. We had a moderate degree of success, and are excited for the release of their debut record, and their upcoming tour as a band.


Episode 88: Kevin Kendrick

For those unfamiliar with Kevin Kendrick, he is a New York based singer songwriter, who got his start with Fat Mama back in the early 2000s. In fact, virtually all of the members of Fat Mama are now in Kevin's project Big Yes and a small no. His latest record Mise En Abyme due out April 20th, is a musical ode to Kevin's trials and tribulations. It is, artistically an opportunity to turn the personal page and begin a new. It is filled with thoughtful lyrics and a sonic landscape I found...


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