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Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 231: All That Remains

"Var Har Du Varit" by Dungen from Self Discovery for Social Survival; "For the Sun" by Marissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky from Droneflower; "Take Hold" by Clay Rendering from California Black Vows; "In Search of New Realities" by Cindytalk from The Labyrinth of the Straight Line; "Mood Swings" by Atariame from Voiceless; The title track from Weather by Tycho; "My Bankaccount" by Djinn from their self-titled album; "Spontaneous Possession" by Umberto from Helpless Spectator; "Pacific 1" by...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 230: Perpetual Expectancy

"Ode to an African Violet" by Mort Garson from Planet Earth's Plantasia; "These Windows are Pistons, Pt 1" by Sonna from Keep It Together; "Juno Lion" by Chrome Sparks from Be On Fire; "Pigpen Blues" by The Sundowners from Ancient Cares; "Marble Halls" by Dreamers Cloth from Vitrospection; "Sha Sha" by Carla Bozulich from Quieter; "Ruins" by Wooden Shjips from Shjips in the Night - Live in San Francisco; "Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds" by Kelly Moran from Origin; "We Are Free" by...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 229: Torschlusspanik

The title track from Biting Through by Fox Millions Duo; "Throne Lane" by Steve Moore from Beloved Exile; "Cause Yourself To Rise, Gong" by Paisiel from their self titled album; "Alice" by Psychic TV from Pagan Day; "Black Fly" by Circuit des Yeux from Reaching for Indigo; "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Deadbeat and Camara from Trinity Thirty; "Here It Comes" by POW! from Shift. Courtesy of Castle Face; "Pinnacles of You" by Caterina Barbieri from Ecstatic Computation; "Golden Ball" by...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 228: Steganography and Metadata

"Trans-pop Express I" by Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche from Pas pire pop, I Love You so Much; "Erdaydidder-Erdiddar" by Bibio from Ribbons; "Desire" by Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation from Sacred Dreams; "Stents" by Tangents from Stents and Arteries; "Eye II" by Emptyset from Skin; "Cruel When Complete" by Dome from 1; "Lucky's Sight" by Wand from Laughing Matter; "Abyss (JG Thirlwell Remix)" by John Carpenter from Lost Themes Remixed; "You've Got to Be Kidding" by Drugdealer from...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 227: Unheeded Warnings

"Exorcism Of The Bridge at Eastham Rake (Evian Christ Remix)" by Mark Leckey from the Exorcism Of The Bridge at Eastham Rake EP; "Divdabiba" by Oyaarss from Zemdega; "Gladiators Ready" by Teeth of the Sea from Wraith; "Wiseblood (Johnny Jewel Remix Instrumental)" by Zola Jesus from Wiseblood (Johnny Jewel Remixes); "Chapel of Snows" by Light Conductor from Sequence One; "Falling II" by Lace Curtain from Falling/Running; Yada Yada Remix)" by James Heather from Reworks; "Niagara" by Tashi...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 226: All Things Must Pass

"Hotel Cache" by The Holydrug Couple from Hyper Super Mega; "Elba" by Turinn from 18 and a Half Minute Gaps; "Fight Fire with Fire Dub" by Lay Llamas featuring Mark Stewart from Thuban Dub EP Vol 1; "Parasail" by Dravier from Spirit Channels; "Cinema Without People" by Joni Void from Selfless; "Broken Window" by BEAK> from L. A. Playback; "A Ghost in a Train, Thinking" by Eiko Ishibashi from The Dream My Bones Dream; "In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, And Beethoven There Were Women And Men" by...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 225: All the Heavenly Things

"Sha-sha" by Cave from Allways; "For Otto" by Beast from Ens; "Far and Further" by Mono from Nowhere Now Here; "To Eternity" by Chrome Sparks from their self-titled album; "abundance10edit (2 R8's, FZ20m and a 909)" by Aphex Twin from Collapse; "Borrowed Lies" by Gum Takes Tooth from Arrow; "Monocult" by Joyfultalk from Plurality Trip; "Loyal to the Deceased" by Vatican Shadow from Opium Crop Airstrikes; "Madhit" by KTL from The Pyre: Versions Distilled to Stereo


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 224: The 2018 Retrospective

"Back to You" by Dream Machine from The Illusion; "See" by Kate NV from For. Courtesy of RVNG, International; "Rhizome" from the self-titled album by Bonnacons of Doom; "Passing Through A Horizontal Slit" by Ahnnu from Special Forces; "The Mask" by Off World from 2. Courtesy of Constellation; "Luv-Li-Musik" by The Nightcrawlers from The Biophonic Boombox Recordings; "Squashed" by No Age from Snares Like a Haircut; The title track from Panic Blooms by Black Moth Super Rainbow; "Paper...

Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 223: Transitions

The title track from Soft Hell by Pill; "At It Again" by Demdike Stare from Passion; "Logic and Common Sense" by Thought Gang from their self-titled album; "Rainy Drive" by Tomasz Bednarczyk from Illustrations for Those Who; "Desert Grave" by Daughters of the Sun from Ride to Die; "Excerpt 1" by Housewives from FF061116; "Caveman" by Upper Wilds from Mars; "Battlestar Kaempfert" by Janek Schaefer from What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing; "Back to You" by Dream Machine from The Illusion;...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 222: Luxury of Time

"Donuts" by Mogwai from the soundtrack to Kin; "ISHUONAWAYISHANAWA" by Alexander Tucker from Don't Look Away; "Monody" by Oneohtrix Point Never from Never the Station; "Bein Ithnein (Between Two)" by Jerusalem in my Heart from Daqai'q Tudaiq; "A Sodium Codec Haze" by Tim Hecker from Konoyo; "Opening" by Konrad Sprenger from Stack Music; "Carry the Load" by Goatman from Rhythms; "Naturalistic" by LFZ from Name Plus Focus; "See" by Kate NV from For. Courtesy of RVNG, International; "Michael...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 221: October Light Hits Like a Black Hole

The title track from Help Your Satori Mind by Cosmic Invention; "Pommel Horse" by Joyfultalk from Muuixx; "Wave" by Weeed from This; "The Only Survivor Is Now Alone on the Island" by Magnetophonique from Une Cartographie Ideale; "The Gills" by Less Bells from Solifuge; "RSI" by Beak from BeakIII; "Starhazel IV" by Babe, Terror from Fadechase Marathon; "Dimensional People Part III" by Mouse on Mars from Dimensional People; "Safe in the Hands of Love" by Yves Tumor from Recognizing the...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 219: Homesite 31

"Holy Worms" by Lay Llamas from Thuban; "Crossings" by Forma from Sempblance; "The Dresden Codex" by Majeure from Timespan Redux; "Slow Ascent" by Marisa Anderson from Cloud Corner; "Transport 3" by Automatisme from Momentform Accumulations; "Drain" by Container from LP; "Halflight Visions" by Arp from Zebra; "Magic Gallery" by the Onyx Collective from Lower East Suite Part III; "Isle Enchanted. Part 1" by Wave Temples from Isle Enchanted.


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 218: Sirens and Square Dance

"Dream Maligner" by Witchchord from Materialize; "Bromford Brudge Estate" by JK Flesh from Suicide Estate Antibiotic Armageddon; "Let It Burn" by Goat from the Let It Burn single; "A Boat Upon Its Blood, Part 3" by Jason Sharp from A Boat Upon Its Blood; "Toys 2" by Oneohtrix Point Never from Age of; "pppslp" by emamouse ? yeongrakk from mouth mouse maus; "Class War" by Filthy Huns from Forever Beast; "Paper Window" by The Sea and Cake from Any Day; "Turnmills (Club Mix)" by Maribou State...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 217: Tangle of Limbs

"(I'm Tired Of) Western Shouting" by Mien from their self titled album; "Love's Refrain" by Jefre Cantu-Ledsma from In Summer; The title track from Perfume by Wand; "Garden Tattoo" by Loke Rahbek and Frederik Valentin from Buy Corals Online; "Birthday Song" by Grouper from Grid of Points; The title track from Panic Blooms by Black Moth Super Rainbow; "Eclipse" by Wooden Shjips from V; The title track from The Ghost Play by Shane Gillis; "Voodoo Posse, Chronic Illusion" by Actress and...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 216: Metaphors Help Eliminate What Separates

"I Need My Boy" by Psymun from Rainbow Party; The title track from Incorporeality by SEVEREDandSAID; "Part 4A" by Jason Sharp from Stand Above the Streams; "The Pain" by The Soft Moon from Criminal; "Parkstone Melody II" by Mark Pritchard from The Four Worlds; "Luv-Li-Musik" by The Nightcrawlers from The Biophonic Boombox Recordings; "False Flag" by Newaxeyes from Black Fax; "It Can Feel So Good" by Zammuto from Veryone; "Serotonin Drops" by Nathan Fake from Sunder; "Houston" by Johnny...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 215: Ephemeral Transmissions

"Blurred" by Cities Aviv from Raised for a Better View; "Bingo" from Terlu from Big Bingo; "Saint George" by Woods and Dungen from Myths 003; "The Mask" by Off World from 2; "Honey Ghost" by Dabrye from Three-Three; The title track from Symbolic Use of Light by UMFANG; "Take Refuge" by Grails from Take Refuge in Clean Living; "Angels and Demons at Play" by Bitchin Bajas from Fresh; The title track from The Challenge by Lorenzo Senni and Francesco Fantini; "Drive" by Lost Girls from Feeling.


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 214: Six Year Flood

"Bread" by Palm from Rock Island; The title track from Leopard on my Right by Filthy Huns; "Squashed" by No Age from Snares Like a Haircut; The title track from Tahoe by Dedekind Cut; "Verlagerung, Verlagerung, Verlagerung" by UUUU from their self-titled album; "Slow Storm" by The Skull Defekts from the self titled album; "Fruit Stand" by Onyx Collective from Lower East Suite Part One; "Patterns for Alto" by Lea Bertucci from Metal Aeither; "Catastrophe Anthem" by Clark from Death Peak;...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 213: Pebble by the River

"Residential" by Shane Gillis from the upcoming release Portal; "Vampire Crane" by American Wilds from Guitar Module 2017. Courtesy of Thrill Jockey; "One Step (Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation Remix)" by Gnoomes from Tschak Remixed!; "Maliblue Dream Sequence" by Gregg Kowalsky from L'orange L'orange; "Passing Through A Horizontal Slit" by Ahnnu from Special Forces; "Rainbow's End" by ORB from Naturality. Courtesy of Castle Face; "Sun Hill" by The Transcendence Orchestra from Modern Methods...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 212: Dr. Spartacus' Traveling Medicine Show 2017 Retrospective

"Smoggy Terminus" by Damaged Bug from The Tarot of Personal Experience; "Guayaquil to Tully" by Mike Cooper from Raft. Courtesy of Room 40; "Leaving the Park" by Oneohtrix Point Never from the soundtrack to Good Time; "Undoing a Luciferian Towers" by Godspeed! You Black Emperor from Luciferian Towers; "Maps on the Floor" by Clay Rendering from Snowthorn; "Aladin in der Wunderlampe" by Vintage Cucumber from Arabische Nachte; "Glaze" by Coca Leaf from Deep Marble Sunrise; "Fight at the...


Spartacus Roosevelt Podcast, Episode 211: Message in a Bottle

"A Magia do Rei, Part 2" by Ninos Du Brasil from Vida Eterna; The title track from Value by Visionist; "Mirror of the Madman" by Exploded View from Summer Came Early; "Riverchase Galleria" by Haha Mart from Family Denim; "The Hand that Bit Itself (Geist)" by Belarisk from Moments in Shapeshifting; "Another World" by Colleen from A flame my love, a frequency; "Aladin in der Wunderlampe" by Vintage Cucumber from Arabische Nachte; "Cannibal Planet" by OCS from Memory Of A Cut Off Head; "About...