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Episode 55 w/ Why Khaliq

For Episode 55 of The Twin City Tone Podcast, Tone and Wiz are joined by Mr. Mustard Seed himself, Why Khaliq! Khaliq talks about his love for basketball and how at one point in high school he lead the city in scoring. His hoop dreams turned into Hip Hop dreams after an injury slowed down his hopes of playing D1 ball and eventually making it to the league. Khaliq also discusses his creative process, being a father, how he got the name "Why Khaliq", the importance of following your passion,...


Episode 54 w/ Tae Supreme

Tae Supreme and his crew Modern Day Hippies are the guests on Episode 54 of The Twin City Tone Podcast! Tae is on the come up and is establishing himself as an artist to look out for in 2019. With an energetic live show and an extreme work ethic, Tae's future is bright. His new project "Trap In Peace" is out now!


Episode 53 w/ Nur-D

The Twin City Tone Podcast is joined by the extremely talented Nur-D for Episode 53! Hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Bronx, he talks about the culture shock and racism he experienced when moving to Minnesota. He also discusses his love for video games, wrestling, and music, how he's only been doing Hip Hop for a short time, his experience at Shut Up And Rap and how that led to him performing at Soundset, and more! Nur-D is all about great music and great vibes!


Episode 51 w/ Tay The Air Nomad

Episode 51 is here! Tay The Air Nomad stops by to discuss growing up in Milwaukee, how he first fell in love with music, the importance of being original in a game where a lot of artists are not, the strength of the local music scene in the Twin Cities, his experience at #ShutUpAndRapMPLS, Top MCs of all-time, and more!


Episode 52 w/ Def-I

New Mexico's own Def-I stops by The Twin City Tone Podcast for Episode 52! The Albuquerque rhyme spitter talks about how Tone influenced him to become a rapper when he first saw him on tour years ago, the significance of being a Native MC, how he enjoys being on the road and performing with his live band DDAT, how he got the name Def-I, his work in Nigeria with the Next Level Program and more!


Episode 50 w/ Prof

Episode 50 of The Twin City Tone Podcast is here and Tone and Wiz are joined by Pookie Baby himself! That's right, Prof stops by to talk about how he first started rapping, his infamous "Drunk Shows", the forming of Stophouse, signing his deal with Rhymesayers, putting together Prof Outdoors, his take on the MGK vs. Eminem battle, working with Willie Wonka and Cashinova, his creative process, the uncomfortableness of fame, what it takes to make it as an independent artist, his thoughts on...


Episode 47 w/ DeAundre Dent

DeAundre Dent sits down with Tone and Wiz and talks about growing up around a musical family, his writing regiment, living in a homeless shelter where he met Peoplez, learning how to engineer from Medium Zach, his first live performance, his recent EP "26" and more!


Episode 49 w/ Ted Kay

Another episode live from Miami! Episode 49 of The Twin City Tone Podcast features none other than Cool And Dre's manager Ted Kay! Ted has a really dope story. Born and raised in South Florida he eventually moved to the Bahamas for 15 years as a general contractor and never thought about having a career in Hip Hop. However, he began working with an artist from the Bahamas and eventually crossed paths with Cool And Dre and the rest is Hip Hop history. Through consistent hard work, Ted proved...


Episode 48 w/ FloKid

Episode 48 of The Twin City Tone Podcast is live from Miami with Flo Kid! He talks about growing up in Miami and how he got started in music, his top 5 MCs (which doesn't include Jay-Z), his initial time in a recording studio, hearing his music in the club for the first time, the work ethic of his mother and how he is motivated to provide a better life for her, his nonprofit organization and the great work he is doing in the community, releasing music with substance, gaining support from...


Episode 46 w/ Saint Laron

Episode 46 of The Twin City Tone Podcast features Saint Laron! His story is definitely inspirational. After graduating high school, he filled his car with his belongings, and with only $175 to his name, headed to Atlanta to pursue his music career. He ended up linking with Dallas Austin and eventually moving to Los Angeles where he inked a deal with Polow Da Don. That situation led to a deal with LA Reid and collaborations with big name acts such as T.I. and Nelly. Laron has since moved back...


Episode 45 w/ Reefa Rei

Episode 45 is here! Reefa Rei stops by The Twin City Tone Podcast to talk to Tone and Wiz about growing up in Chicago and eventually moving to Minneapolis, running the streets and not making the best decisions which ultimately led to him getting shot and almost losing his life, and how having his daughter made him turn his life around. Now he is focused on making great music and being an inspiration to others to help them avoid making some of the same mistakes he made. His life is like a...


Episode 44 w/ Jimmy 2 Times

The Twin City Tone Podcast is joined by Jimmy 2 Times for Episode 44! He talks about how he got the name "Jimmy 2 Times", favorite movies from the 80's, sneakers, growing up in New York, how he started DJing, him and Prof almost getting into a fistfight the first time they met, touring with Atmosphere, the origin of Get Cryphy, doing the night show on GO 95.3, and more!


Episode 43 w/ Muja Messiah

Muja Messiah visits The Twin City Tone Podcast for Episode 43! The god MC discusses fashion, growing up biracial, his relationship with his father, the start of Raw Villa, his love for Hip Hop, his upcoming "B.A.D." project, working with Roc Marciano, Nazeem & Spencer Joles keeping him motivated, marriage with Maria Isa, and more!


Episode 42 w/ Chaz Kangas

Chaz Kangas stops by The Twin City Tone Podcast for Episode 42! He talks about his time spent living in New York and battle rapping in order to pay his way through college, writing for the New York Times and other various publications, favorite Hip Hop albums, how he got started with GO Radio (his show "First Impressions" is on Sunday nights 10p - Midnight) , and more!


Episode 40 w/ Lisa Moy

The lovely Lisa Moy stops by The Twin City Tone Podcast and adds some sauce to Episode 40! She talks about her journey in the radio business and how it ultimately led her to GO Radio, her love for Timberlands, dating tips, whether or not men and women can be just friends, and more!


Episode 41 w/ KayCyy Pluto

Episode 41 of The Twin City Tone Podcast features none other than the young homie KayCyy Pluto! His new single Killem This Summer (produced by Reefa) is heating up and KayCyy says he has a lot more where that came from. He talks about moving to the US from Kenya, ghostwriting, performing for LA Reid, hopping on a flight at 18 to NYC to chase his dreams (against his parents' wishes) similar to how his father took a flight to the US with just $50 in his pocket in search of providing a better...


Episode 39 w/ Taylor J

The homie Taylor J stops by The Twin City Tone Podcast for the first ever live on location episode! Episode 39 is coming to you live from the legendary Fifth Element during the We Eatin' Lifestyle pop up shop! Taylor J talks about the importance of staying on your grind and never giving up, his recent deal with Swisher Sweets, upcoming music, touring the country, and more!


Episode 38 w/ Khari Flowz

Khari Flowz stops by The Twin City Tone Podcast for Episode 38! She opens up about her personal life and the struggles she has faced including sleeping in her car, overcoming drug addiction, as well as growing up feeling like an outsider and finally deciding to just be her authentic self regardless of what family, friends, or anyone else has to say. She also talks about winning GO Radio's #ShutUpAndRapMPLS and how important that platform is to up and coming artists (s/o Auggie 5000 & Sophia...


Episode 37 w/ We Eatin Lifestyle

Stacc from We Eatin Lifestyle joins The Twin City Tone Podcast for Episode 37 to chop it up about a number of different things including what inspired him to launch his company and how it's more than just a clothing brand, it's a lifestyle. That lifestyle includes having an entrepreneurial mindset and not just making money but eating healthy so you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. He also discusses his plans for the future starting with his Pop Up Shop at Fifth Element which will...


Episode 36 w/ Check 2 Fresh & Rob 2 Khul

Episode 36 of The Twin City Tone Podcast features Check 2 Fresh and Rob 2 Khul. Both are hungry MCs on the come up. Check talks about what it was like to win Season One of Shut Up And Rap, which led to him opening up for MGK in front of a sold out crowd at Myth for GO 95.3's GO Show 8 and a performance at SoundSet. Check and Rob talk about what it's like working together in the studio, what they have coming up, and more!