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UK-based Pop Punk and Alternative Music Podcast






Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory)

As longtime fans of New Found Glory, we are very happy to have Cyrus Bolooki as our latest guest. We discuss how productive NFG have been over the past year with their many projects! We get into some of the band's history and the crazy days of being MTV TRL regulars. Cyrus has also drummed for Goldfinger recently, so we ask about that. New Found Glory's tenth full length, Forever and Ever x Infinity, is a fantastic listen and is available...


Sulynn Hago (Propagandhi)

For episode 57 we are joined by Sulynn Hago of Propagandhi. Sulynn kindly gives us time to talk through their musical journey including moving to Florida from Puerto Rico at a young age and growing up in the Tampa scene. We discuss their years playing in various bands as well as teaching guitar (which they still do). In 2015 Sulynn had the surreal experience of joining a legendary band that they had been a longtime fan of! We discuss what this process was like including that amazing viral...


Jay Maas (Producer, Ex-Defeater)

Our first episode of 2021, and we are joined by Jay Maas. Jay was a founder of Boston band Defeater with whom he enjoyed a successful career. Jay talks us through his musical journey of touring the world and being signed to labels like Bridge 9 and Epitaph. Since leaving Defeater in 2015 Jay has been able to focus on the production side of music most recently working with artists like Rebuilder and Kali Masi. Jay has been working recently with and has launced Maastr for artists...


Christmas Special 2020

We end what has been a tough year with our Christmas Special. Chris and Nick count down their top 5 alternative Christmas songs. We were lucky enough to have contributions from some of lovely previous guests. Much love and thank you to Josh Madden, Dave Baksh, Jason Tate, Rob Hitt, Jonah Matranga, Ty Vaughn and Tim Rogner for taking the time to be part of this. Stay safe and have a great holiday, we'll see you in the new...


Kyle Kilday (The Last Scene)

For episode 54 we are joined by Kyle Kilday. Kyle has been busy making a documentary called The Last Scene. If you are a fan of our podcast, you will be interested in this project. The in-production documentary tells the story of the underground punk scene of the late 90s/early 2000s. Kyle explores how this movement broke into the mainstream. He has so far interviewed lots of big names like Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional. We discuss Kyle’s background around...


Shane Henderson (Valencia)

Episode 53 is here and we are joined by Shane Henderson of the band Valencia. Shane talks us through his journey in the music industry and the highs and lows that Valencia has faced. He is an incredible songwriter and we touch upon all of Valencia's releases and the work he has done outside of the band. Check out Valencia deluxe release of 'Dancing With The Ghost', available everywhere. We also had a chat to Freddie from the band Magnolia Park who have just released a new single 'Love Me'...


Will Pugh (Cartel)

Will Pugh takes a break from his busy schedule to join us for a chat this time. As the frontman for the band Cartel, Will has plenty of stories to share, covering their early days and subsequent rise to fame. We touch upon the complications of working with major labels and the experience of the band being the subject of the MTV reality show 'Band in a Bubble'. Will tells us about how Wyclef Jean ended up on one of their tracks and what that time in the band was like. In recent years Will...


Alan Day (Four Year Strong)

We spoke to Alan Day, one of the frontmen for Four Year Strong. Four Year Strong have had an incredible career remaining a staple in the alternative music world. Alan tells us about their journey with all the ups and downs they have had over the years. Four Year Strong had just released their seventh full-length just before the world went under lockdown. Alan tells us how they have been coping with this. Their album Brain Pain is available worldwide everywhere, and check out Alan's...


Dave Baksh (Sum 41)

We’re here at episode 50! For this occasion, we chat to Dave Baksh aka Dave Brownsound from the legendary Sum 41. Dave was really fun to chat with and we cover a wide range of topics. We discuss Dave growing up in Toronto and the formation of Sum 41 with them quickly finding international fame. Sum 41 visited a war-torn Congo in 2004, Dave tells us about this amazing, life-changing experience and how intense it was at times. We cover Dave leaving and returning to the band that has had such...


Rob Hitt (Midtown/I Surrender Records)

We’re up to episode 49 and this time we’re joined by Rob Hitt. Rob was the drummer for New Jersey band Midtown who were one of the first successful bands of the Drive Thru Records movement. Rob talks us through his long career in music with some amazing achievements. We discuss Midtown’s rise in the early 2000s and what happened after that. During this time Rob started I Surrender Records, which he still runs today. With his label he has signed bands like Four Year Strong and Valencia. We...


Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids)

Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids joins us for episode 48. Matt tells us how life in Kansas has been during the pandemic and what he has been up to. We cover the amazing career of The Get Up Kids and their legacy. Matt has also had a strong solo career as well as other projects like The New Amsterdams and Radar State, he explains how these projects came about. iTunes Instagram Twitter Facebook


Kevin Truckenmiller (Quietdrive)

For episode 47 we are joined by Kevin Truckenmiller who is best known for singing for the band Quietdrive. Based out of Minneapolis, Quietdrive have had an impressive career since forming in the early 2000s. Kevin tells us what is was like signing to a major label in their early days, including working with Butch Walker early on. We hear about the time discovered their music in a Minneapolis studio and how their lives changed after achieving success in the music industry. Kevin...


Darrin Pfeiffer

We had the absolute pleasure of talking to Darrin Pfeiffer this time. Darrin is probably best known as the long term drummer for legendary band Goldfinger which he founded with John Feldmann in the mid-90s. Aside from being in Goldfinger for two decades, Darrin has kept busy with a number of projects including being part of Punk Rock Karoke (with the likes of Eric Melvin and Greg Hetson), being a radio host (currently for The Dangerous Darrin Show on Idobi) and running High 4 Records. We go...


Fil Thorpe-Evans (Prblm Chld)

This time we chat to former Neck Deep bassist, now LA-based producer, Fil Thorpe-Evans. We discuss Neck Deep's rise to becoming arguably the UK's biggest pop punk band. Fil talks about settling in LA and moving away from being in a full-tiime band. Fil left to pursue a career as a producer in the electronic music world, he tells us how this came about. In 2019 Fil launched his first single under the name Prblm Chld, we discuss where this project has taken him since. Check out new Prblm Chld...


Alex Costello (ROAM)

This time we talk to the singer of ROAM, Alex Costello. Alex takes time out of his day to talk through the history of the Eastbourne-based band. He tells us what is was like for a UK-based band to be snapped by the mighty Hopeless Records and the dream tours that that brought about. He tells us about playing Warped Tour and getting to know members of bands like Sum 41 and Good Charlotte. We discuss all of the albums ROAM have released and in particular what it was like to record in a remote...


Hunter Martinez and Tristan Martinez (Decent Criminal)

Brothers Hunter and Tristan Martinez of the band Decent Criminal join us for episode 43. As with our previous guest, we were originally supposed to meet at Manchester Punk Festival. We discuss life under lockdown and how the Martinez's have been coping. Hunter and Tristan tell us about the growth of Decent Criminal over the past few years and what they planned for the near future. Check out Decent Criminal's album 'Bliss' and their recently released video for the song...


Ty Vaughn (Broadway Calls)

For episode 42, we are joined by Ty Vaughn of Oregon-based band Broadway Calls. We were originally supposed to record this in person at Manchester Punk Festival and we discuss how all of us were massively disappointed that did not happen. After a few years being relatively quiet, Broadway Calls are back and Ty talks us through the career they have had. We touch on some of the highlights including tours they have had with some of the biggest names in our music world. Ty tells us about their...


Frank Turner

In episode 41 we were joined by punk/folk/rock n roll icon, Frank Turner. We chatted about the current pandemic and how it has impacted Frank and the music industry, what the deal is between him and NOFX frontman Fat Mike and we also a look back at his impressive genre spanning career. iTunes Instagram Twitter Facebook


TJ Horansky (Sleep On It)

For our 40th episode we are joined by TJ Horansky, guitarist in Chicago band Sleep On It. We discuss Sleep On It's rise to the top, some of his favourite tours and their relationship with Alternative Press. This was recorded just before the music world was heavily affected by Covid-19, so TJ was looking forward to their second trip to the UK where they were due to play Slam Dunk Festival. We wish the band well, and hope to see them over our way in the not too distant future. Chris and Nick...


Tom Wisniewski (MxPx)

We are joined by MxPx guitarist Tom Wisniewski this time. MxPx are a huge band for us so it is always a privilege to speak to any of them. Tom tells us in detail what it is like being in MxPx in 2020 and how he made the shift from touring full time. We get into lots of stories from the many years this band have had as a staple in the alternative music world. Check out MxPx's (feat. Bad Cop Bad Cop) recent cover of The Dwarves' song 'Salt Lake City'. We also spend time discussing new music...