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Charles Turner Single & in Love (Episode 61)

Love is something that we all have in common. Charles understands this and eloquently expresses this understanding on his sophomore album, Single & in Love. The title of this album is provocative and thought-provoking. It makes the listener feel and respond to the vibrations on a high level. Charles explains that love of oneself is, in fact, the most important component of love. Through his music, he helps us to understand that without a complete understanding of yourself, it is almost...


Henry Conerway iii - With Pride for Dignity (Episode 60)

Henry Conerway iii is an outstanding musician with a unique skill set that sets him apart from most. His commitment to excellence is apparent in his debut album, aptly entitled "With Pride for Dignity". Henry and I explored the ideas of legacy, creativity, confidence and how they relate to the black american experience. His message is strong yet subtle much like the sounds of his music. Connect with Henry Here: Bio- Henry Conerway iii has become a leading presence on...


Flavio Silva Break Free (Episode 59)

Breaking Free is not only the name of Flavio's most recent release, it's also an ideology that most creatives live by. Musicians, artists, actors, and performers are always attempting to rid themselves of the conscious mind to harness the sweet spot of creativity. Flavio and I also explore the idea of identity and how it effects the work he creates. Let us know what you think about this weeks episode of The Working Artist Project. Connect with Flavio Here: Bio:...


Braxton Cook - You Are The One (Episode 58)

Braxton and I explored the complexities of achieving balance while realizing your wildest dreams. This word, "balance" has become a dirty word for those of us who are self-described super creatives. We often forget how important it is to maintain balance throughout our daily lives due to our insatiable apatite to breathe life into our art. Braxton outlines some of the challenges of creating sounds that reach backward whilst also looking forward, and always acknowledging the present. Today...


Adi Meyerson "Where We Stand" (Episode 57)

Adi Meyerson is soulful, unique and genuine. Her ability to communicate through music is unparalleled. Adi and I had a very honest conversation about music, life, death, women's rights the #metoo movement and how these topics inspired her latest creative pursuit. "Where We Stand" is Adi's debut album, the music she has created alongside a world-class group of musicians is simply intoxicating. Please enjoy the sounds and vibrations of this episode of The Working Artist Project. Connect with...


We Got This! With Yunie Mojica and Alison Magistrali (Episode 56)

This episode of The Working Artist Project is special. Today's guests are the stars of one of the most entertaining podcasts out! “We got this!… Or do we?!” is a podcast hosted by two strong women, who like everyone, have insecurities and doubts about life. They focus on relationships, health, and empowerment. I am beyond excited for you guys to come on the adventure we had together. We explored the value of Strength, Trust, women's' rights and the absences of HR departments in the creative...


Kelly Green Life Rearranged (Episode 55)

What does Sacrifice, Focus, and Hope have in common? Well, if you ask Kelly Green she would say absolutely everything! On today's episode of The Working Artist Project Kelly and I discuss her debut album "Life Rearranged". She explained to me the impact these three words have had on her life and how she draws inspiration from them. Some of her melodies have been influenced by the #metoo movement whilst others have come out of her experience with lost love. If you like genuine music, people...


Nickel Five Resuscitation Music (Artist Spotlight Episode 54)

The Working Artist Project's Artist Spotlight is a new series where I talk to creatives about new and exciting creations! Today I have Nickel Five on the show and we listened to and discussed a number of tracks from his new CD entitled Resuscitation Music. Nickel is a New York-based M.C. that merges hip-hop and jazz in a unique way. He describes it as truth that you can dance to, I don't know about you but that sounds like something I want to be a part of. I have a feeling you guys are going...


Corey Fonville - The Triumph (Episode 53)

Corey and I explored the complexity of navigating the life of a creative in 2018. He shed light on the process of developing a business model that has helped him build a following for his band "Butcher Brown". This business model has also set him and his bandmates up to continue traveling and recording around the world for. Fonville also spoke about the challenges of maintaining focus and recognizing that you can only fail if you give up. Per usual, he and I also dove deep into the topic of...


Activate Your Focus with E. J. Strickland (Episode 52)

E.J. and I spoke about his love for music and how this love has to evolve as you grow and change. He also touched on the challenges he faced throughout his career and how those things were integral for him to bring his dreams to life. E.J. is an amazing musician who understands that giving is the key to a success. We also touched on the violence that has plagued the Afro-American from the hands of the "Authorities". Overall this interview gives you a birds-eye view into the mind of E.J. and...


The Resilient Jasen Weaver (Episode 51)

Jasen Weaver is a composer, educator, and world renown musician. He has performed with Donald Harrison, Jason Marsalis, Ellis Marsalis, Delfeayo Marsalis and many others. Jasen and I discussed the process of creating his debut album Voscoville as well as the importance of constant creation as an artist. We also explored the inner workings of the day to day life of a musician when taking on different roles. Enjoy the show. Contact Jasen Weaver Here: Bio Jasen...


Corcoran Holt Spirituality (Episode 50)

Corcoran is one of the most influential musicians on the music scene today. His connection to the art form and the people is unparalleled. We had a great time dissecting the relationships between life, love, music and fatherhood. When you listen to this podcast do your absolute best to hold on to the words and emotions that he expresses so eloquently. Enjoy the show. Connect with Corcoran Here: Connect with Darrian Here: Bio:...


Bria Skonberg's Success Formula (Episode 49)

After witnessing Bria's tenacity first hand it became increasingly important for me to shine a light on her innate ability to breath life into her dreams through hard work, focused leadership and vision. On this episode of The Working Artist Project, we explore Bria's past with the purpose of decoding her formula for success. Enjoy the show. Connect with Bria here: Connect with Darrian here: Bio New York based Canadian singer,...


Kristina Koller Perception (Episode 48)

It's Podcast Friday people! Kristina Koller and I talk about her new album, Perception. We also explore the challenges new artist face and how she has overcome some of them so far. She gives us unlimited access to her thoughts, feelings and experiences as an artist and human being. I know you guys are going to dig this episode! Connect with Kristina Here: Connect with Darrian Here: On her album, Perception, Kristina Koller gives a...


Kelli Watson Power To The Teacher (Episode 47)

It's podcast Friday! Today I explored the complex yet satisfying life of writer and educator Kelli Watson. Kelli's unique outlook on the process of creating is simply exhilarating. We spoke about The Chill Out Teacher, which is a blog created by Kelli to explore the inner workings of an educator's day to day world. Kelli sheds light on the many ways her life has changed since becoming a mother and wife. According to her, it took these radical developments to reign in her insatiable will to...


Melanie Charles The Girl With The Green Shoes (Episode 46)

Brooklyn, Music, Independence and Haiti are all words embodied by today's guest. Melanie's warm spirit and wisdom seeped into my soul and I hope it does the same for you. We spoke about her most recent appearance on SNL and the recognition it afforded her from peers and strangers alike. We listened to her recent mixtape, "The Girl With The Green Shoes". Each song encourages us all to look deep into our being with a longing and understanding. I hope you guys enjoy this episode of The Working...


Godwin Louis Success Principles (Episode 45)

It's podcast Friday people! Godwin Louis is the CEO and Founder of Experience Ayiti.( He and I explored the meaning of success, spirituality and mastery. We also spoke about his time in Africa and the impact that the continent has had on his day to day life. I hope you enjoy this episode of The Working Artist Project. Please don't forget too like, comment, and subscribe to this podcast. Connect with Godwin Here: Connect with...


The importance of Mastery with Jason Marsalis (Episode #44)

Jason and I dive deep into the life and habits of the modern musician. We discuss a wide range of topics including, the cultural importance of music in New Orleans vs New York, family, business and most notably the drums! Whether you're a young musician looking for inspiration or a curious supporter of the arts, this episode is for you. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy listening to this one. Don't forget to hit the like button! Connect with Jason Here:


How to leverage Intensity with Jon Beshay (Episode #43)

This podcast is brought to you by Second Line Arts Collective. Find out how you can join the second line at Jon Beshay and I had a very interesting conversation about his origin, leveraging intensity, and the direction of the music he creates! This one is definitely a good one. Connect with Jon here: Connect with Darrian Here: SecondLineArts.Org Bio: Jonathan Beshay-jazz saxophonist, bandleader, and composer-says that there's no other...


Perseverance With Charles Goold (Episode 42)

Charles and I dive into the complexities of his life. We explored and dissected his journey to Julliard and how failer almost always ends in victory. If you believe in optimism, perseverance, and the power of swing then this episode is for you! Connect with Charles Here: Connect with Darrian Here: This episode is brought to you by Second Line Arts