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Recorded live sets from the DJs at ERAVE365. House music in all of it's forms. From Disco to Techno, Funk & Soul to Trance.


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Recorded live sets from the DJs at ERAVE365. House music in all of it's forms. From Disco to Techno, Funk & Soul to Trance.




ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 145 - Jonny Whiskers (Funk, Soul & Disco)

Episode 145 of the ERAVE365 podcast! ERAVE's very own Mr Smooth, Jonny Whiskers is here again to deliver lashings of groovy Funk, Soul & Disco to usher in the summer months. Tracklist - Smoove - Showtime Intro Dr. Packer - Always D-Funk - Burning Down The House OOFT! - Love & Soulsaving Marvin Gaye - You (Whiskey Barons Rework) The Allergies - Be With You Maceo And The Macks - Soul Power 74 (Angelo Ferreri Edit) Marlena Shaw - Woman Of The Ghetto (Lego Refunk) Shalvoy - Come Down (Shalvoy Bootleg Rework) The Young Disciples - Apparently Nothin (Motte Re-Edit) De La Soul - Me Myself And I (Dr Packer's Knee Deep Mix) Ben Jamin - I'm Yours Jkriv - Down Slow B Beat Girls - For The Same Man (Frictional Heroes Edit) Prince - Forever In My Life (Ben Gomori's Forever In My Live Edit) Adeva - Musical Freedom (Ziggy Phunk Groove Mix) Andy Buchan - Basement Funk DJ Nu-Mark - Groove Is In The Heart (feat. Lonely Boy) The Third Degree - Can't Get You out of My Head (Smoove Remix)


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 144 - Corny (Speed Garage)

Episode 144 of the ERAVE365 podcast, and it's time for something a little different! Corny is back with a Speed Garage mix packed full of classics of the genre.


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 143 - Leano (Drum'n'Bass)

Episode 143 of the ERAVE365 podcast! Enter Leandogg with a typical DnB tearup for your listening pleasure. Tracklist to follow...


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 142 - Lids (Techno)

Episode 142 of the ERAVE365 podcast! Deep, dark techno from a deep, dark man as Lids serves up his latest offering...


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 141 - Stinky (Techno)

Episode 141 of the ERAVE365 podcast! To follow...


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 140 - Vinyl Ritchie (Deep & Melodic Breaks)

Episode 140 of the ERAVE365 podcast! Vinyl Ritchie is here again with something a little different. ERAVE's breaks king goes Deep and Melodic with this week's episode, but still manages to pack in the some twists and turns as we've come to expect from the man.


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 139 - MessyKen (Prog/Techno/Deep Trance)



ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 138 - KBS (Progressive House)

Episode 138 of the ERAVE365 podcast! Baton passed back to KBS with his set recorded live at Virtual Festival 26. Wall to wall (mostly) new progressive and melodic groovers is the order of the day. Tracklist - | # | Artist | Title | 1 | Grek, TuraniQa | Your Reflection (Original Mix) | 2 | Liam Sieker, Aaron Suiss | Dwaal (Ursarix Remix) | 3 | Cassian | Activate (Extended Mix) | 4 | Weekend Heroes | Faceless (Extended) | 5 | Silver Panda | Soul Connection (Original Mix) | 6 | Andy Kulter, Steand | Rituals (Original Mix) | 7 | Dylhen | Cyclone (Extended Mix) | 8 | Paul Thomas & Chris Bekker | Apex (Purple Mix) | 9 | Jos & Eli | Atomica (Yotto Remix) | 10 | Asher Swissa, Lynn | Heartbeat (Extended Mix) | 11 | Space Motion | Lose Myself (Original Mix) | 12 | Tinlicker & Dosem | Hypnotised (Extended Mix) | 13 | Spada, No Day After | The Air Of Freedom (Extended Mix) | 14 | Jamie Stevens | Transference (Chable & Mangan's Tranceference Remix) | 15 | Eric Prydz | Opus (Original Mix)


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 137 - Electronic (House)

Episode 137 of the ERAVE365 Podcast! And it's back around again to the man who kicked this podcast off, Electronic. A typically eclectic offering from our resident mix master. Grooves for days...


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 136 - Lucy (Prog & Melodic House)

Episode 136 of the ERAVE365 Podcast, and after her PsyTrance journey on her last episode, Lucy is back with another departure from her usual bouncy house with a lovely Prog & Melodic House Mix. Tracklist - Won't Leave Your Side feat. Liz Cass - Nora En Pure Oxygen Levels Low - Colyn Tuvan - Gaia Black Tourmaline - Hannes Bieger Aquatic - Nora En Pure Eclissi - Soel, Erly Tepshi Keep Control - Sono Faceless - Weekend Heroes Blossom - Stephan Jolk Waves - Beckeringh Tha Music - Cristoph Mando - Joaco Salerno Hypnocil - STOBY, Sonia Scott A Spoon Of Honey - Forty Cats Golden (Fideles Remix) - Fritz Kalkbrenner Avalon (Quivver Remix) - Milkwish Peak Machine - Michael Ritter Chrom - Rauschhaus Fever - Eddy Tango Let You Go (Extended Mix) - Pretty Pink, Emina Sonnad


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 135 - Ruggy (Purple Disco Machine Tribute)

Episode 135 of the ERAVE365 podcast! We have a very special debut this week. Ruggy has been a big supporter of ERAVE since pretty much the start, so we're delighted to to give him his first podcast episode. And who doesn't love at bit of Purple Disco!? Let's get funky...🕺🏻


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 134 - Poise (Drum n Bass)

Episode 134 of the ERAVE365 podcast! Time for some nasty Drum n Bass from one half of our resident twin team, Poise. As much of a riot as you would expect 😈 Tracklist - R3IDY - Under Suspicion J:Kenzo - An Uncharted Vision Martial Tactics - Ransom L33 - Hold Em Down Resslek - Tawny Burntboi - Sledgehammer Visla - Nike Tech Windbreaker Gyrofield - Femme Fatale Streetz of Rage - Mind Flayer Nichenka Zoryana - Turbolence Conrad Subs - Good Good Dub Pyro - Stay Wingz - Can’t See Noise Parfumerie - Nine Dimensions Katzbii & Dreadnought - Juragi Jam Thieves - Bandolero Prolix - Zombies Liveon - Crucial SMG - Sono Rockwell - Recognise Martial Tactics - Drift NC-17 & Dauntless - So Far So Good So What Sudley - Jasmin Tea Dreadnought - Fate Clipz - Shorty Pyro - Talkin’ Halogenix & Alix Perez - Ame Sequences - The Prophecy TR Tactics, Phentix - Convergence Current Value & Screamarts - Abyss Gyrofield - B-Muth Samurai Breaks - On The Brink HR Tactics, Mean Teeth - Hellraiser Kritika - Maschine


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 133 - Daniel Vale (Trance)

Episode 133 of the ERAVE365 podcast! Daniel Vale is back again with lashings of pounding Trance, all vinyl as you'd expect from the man. Bring it on 💪🏻


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 132 - Garzel (Jungle)

Episode 132 of the ERAVE365 podcast! Any Jungle in guy? Well yes. Yes there is. As ERAVE's very own self confessed genre neutral DJ Garzel brings the ruckus with some tear out beastly beats.


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 131 - Circle (Vocal House)

Episode 131 of the ERAVE365 podcast. Party season might be over but it feels like time for another one right? Enter Circle with a typically banging party starter to step to. Let's have it 🕺🏻


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 130 - Boof Speed (Rave Classics)

Episode 130 of the ERAVE365 Podcast! The man Boof is back which means one thing, and one thing only. Lashings of lovely Rave Classics. Bring the noise...


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 129 - Freefall (Melodic Techno)

Episode 129 of the ERAVE365 podcast! Been a while since we've had some twisted beats and rhythms from the man Freefall, so let's fix that. Dark and dirty as you would expect 😈 Tracklist - Feel the rhythm - Your Planet is Next All Day (Extended Mix) - MNTRA, ALAFLOW, BruhBruhBruv You Better (Extended Mix) - Nicky Genesis, Rumpus Just Live It - Jacq (UK) Ego Drop - Friendless And Jannah Beth After Todo - Badwolf ft. Soff Wanna Go Bang - Hi-Lo, Oliver Heldens, DJ Deeon Feel the rhythm - Your Planet is Next Life So Bright (Jesse Maas Remix) - Dennis Quin Transmit (Teenage Mutants & Heerhorst Remix) - Luca Marchese Fall Back (Original Mix) - Jacq (UK) Feel the acid (feat.jasmine azarian) - Adana Twins Thick Of It (Extended Mix) - Mallin, Sam Dexter, Clover Ray Told You (Original Mix) - Julian Fijma Summersault (Freefalls Flotation Tank mix) - Tastexperience To The Jungle (Original Mix) - Julian Fijma Hold The Dust - Zac, Weekend Heroes Facelift (Original Mix) - Dillon Marinez Tra Tra (Extended Mix) - BLONDISH, Nfasis, Hugel Katabasis - Amber Long, Echo Babylon Pura Vida - Victor Ruiz Apex (Black Mix) - Paul Thomas, Chris Bekker My Soul (Artaria Extended Remix) - Jean Vayat & Evelynka A. Paradise (Red Jerry's Long Dubby Vocal Mix) - Miro Soul Connection (Original Mix) - Silver Panda We Call This Acid (Original Mix) - Silver Panda Spectrum (Bart Skils & Weska Reinterpretation) - Sven Vath Revival (Karpovich Remix) - Karpovich Long Gone - Gibson Parker Won't Stop (Original Mix) - MKJAY, Shahay


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 128 - Seb G (Rave House)

Happy New Year to all our ERAVE Fam 🥳 Episode 128 of the podcast coming at ya with Seb G returning with a bouncing Rave House set to send us flying in to 2023.


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 127 - Jazzpants (Progressive House)

Episode 127 of the ERAVE365 podcast, and we ease our way into Christmas week with a signature Progressive House mix from Jazzpants. Lovely, driving progressive goodness. Merry Christmas to all of our ERAVE fam ❤️


ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 126 - DJ Dave Solo (House)

Episode 126 of the ERAVE365 podcast, and DJ Dave Solo serves up an eclectic mix of house music to lead us in to the festive season. The artist formerly known as Geeek has packed this full of bouncy melodic vibes, the perfect warm up for the season's festivities... Tracklist - WhoMadeWho - Silence & Secrets (Black Coffee Remix) BLOND_ISH & Malone feat. Archila - Voices Above Shouse - Love Tonight (Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco Afro House RMX) Major Lazer, Camilla Caballo - Don't Go Yet (Major Lazer Dub) ARTBAT - Horizon Nora En Pure - Aquatic (Extended Mix) CID - No! (TCTS Extended Remix) Simone Vitullo & David Herrero Feat. Shrii - Higher Yousef & CamelPhat - April (12' Version) Steve Lee - Bring The Drums Einmusik & Stereo Express - Endurance Alex Kennon - Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix) Nora En Pure - Oblivion (Extended Mix) Anyma - Running feat. Meg Myers Stereo Arcade - Playing With Knives