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[Off-Brand Cereal 1] Keith Burgun

Welcome to our new interview series, Off-Brand Cereal. In this first episode, Daniel interviews author and game designer, Keith Burgun. Tune in and let us know what you think. Listen to Keith’s podcast The Clockwork Game Design Podcast


[Episode 61] A Perfect Day to Say Thanks!

What it do, what it don’t. The boys discuss the filming of the new X.Y. Spaces video “Thanks”. Jonathan is unironically watching MLB now. Also, what’s up with that black hole. A discussion on constructive, criticism and how necessary it is. Intro songs from X.Y. Spaces & Potatohead People


[Episode 60] Dude, You Should Poop More

Daniel can’t handle triple-ply toilet paper, Alex loves Bidets, Brady is more of a Studdard guy, & Jonathan loves Kirk Franklin. The Great Chugga Debate rages on. Also, join us for Jonathan’s interior design show & Brady gives a shout out to the sick shows Heel Turn played in Nashville. Music this week Potatohead People, Sylvan Esso, Caleb Hawley, Kirk Franklin, Missy Elliot. Check out the X. Y. Spaces live concert @lucky sound studios.


[Episode 59] Put My Thing Down, Flip It and Reverse It / iT esreveR dna tI pilF, nwoD gnihT yM tuP

Myspace music is officially dead. RIP. Alex sucks at hanging curtain rods and Brady is allergic to apples? Music this week from Potatohead People, The PLAYlist, Filter, Alter Bridge, Sixx AM.


[Episode 58] This is an Important Night!

Jonathan has sound effects now. We recap a recent farewell show that was broken up by the cops. (Shout out to Outfit). Brady shows us the latest music from Men and Mountains. Then we discuss the Michael Jackson documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’. Thanks for listening. Music this week from Men & Mountains Subscribe & Follow on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, & Google Play


[Episode 57] Amens for Brady

One Like = One Prayer Brady is throwing up and we must go on without him. Today we are talking about vacations, large buildings, malls, dooms day bunkers. Today we listen to anime music. Sorry... Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Intro, Hunter x Hunter Season 1 Outro, Bleach Season 1 Intro, My Hero Academia Season 2 Intro. Then we take a song dump into your ears. Music this week from Root A, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, Orange Range, Kenshi Yonezu, Aerosmith, Glass Animals, Gordon Lightfoot, the...


[Episode 56] Sup Nerds! We're Back

Literally nothing has changed. Getting back in that saddle with some discussion on farts and what not. Brady regales about seeing Daughters. Who is Mr. Fi Beats first name Lo and when you need or don’t need to curse in music/tv. Thank you guys for sticking around for our break. Music this week from Riton & Kah-lo, Millie Moore, invention_, Rex Orange County.


[Episode 55] Similar Shirts, Man

Our end of the year show! How punk is Beto O’Rourke, and how whack is Scientology. How the Mormon Super Vault looks like a James Bond lair. Featured Artist this week The Cardigans. Music this week from SwuM, Hurricane Chris, & The Cardigans. As always, thanks for listening!


[Episode 54] Adult Contemporary-Core

This week we talk everything from Pig Latin to violence at shows. Then we experience a glorious “ What the Hell Does That Sound Like” from Wayne Brady! Music this week from Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Wayne Brady, KNOWER, Rosalia As always, thanks for listening!


[Episode 53] Red Dead November

Red Dead Redemption 2 and it’s all anyone is talking about. The crew talks about the music in RDR2 and makes a lot of factual errors. Then we enjoy a ‘Bop Alert!’ from Little Dragon, dive into our first segment of ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’. Don’t miss it! As always, thanks for listening.


[Episode 52] Short & Sweet & the Need for Keys

This week bass player for Francis and good friend Nick Wells joins us for a short episode. We catch up and talk about how important keys are. You’ll get it. As always, thanks for listening.


[Episode 51] Goose and Geese, Moose but not Meese.

Welcome back, this week Daniel struggles with math, Jonathan confused ancient Greece and colonial America. We ask the important questions, like what do you do if you get stuck in the past, or what were you in a past life. We take a dive into belief systems, everything from astrology to universe simulations. Then Brady regales us with tales from the road, crazy homeless people, and a burlesque show. Music this week from Max Richter, St. Vincent, Colter Wall, and Tom Waits.


[Episode 50] Give Me the Juul

This week Alex. Jonathan, and Daniel breakdown the birth of memes, their Colorado trip, and spend a long time breaking down the music from Persona 5! Then brace yourself, we review Youtuber Run for the Cube. Music this week from MF Eistee, Shoji Meguro, insaneintherainmusic.


[Episode 49] I've Had Downward Duck

This week the crew talks parking at a college football game, fantastic local shows, and trifling biblical ladies. We spend a bit of time on new NFL rules (sorry) and Brady tells us about his new, wild fox friend! We spend some time wondering about suggestive mattress ads and Instagram comment suggestions.


[Episode 48] Grandpa, I Love You

This week the guys get deep talking about unreal spaces and asking whether or not shows need to be all ages. Music this week from FloFilz, Froggy Fresh, Slint, Tortoise, Iris Dement


[Episode 47] Punk, Like Martin Luther

This week we have a topic filled episode. We get into every thing from prison day rooms, feature music from Rolo Tomassi, and the Rocket City Trash Pandas. Also, discussed this week is the heaviness of periods, fantasy football, and wrestling plot holes. Then we get into whether or not show flyers are necessary and slapping Joel Olsteen. Music this week from Enjo, Rolo Tomassi.


[Episode 46] Get In Loser, We're Going Crying

Mr. Heath Brister fills in for Daniel this week as the boys talk about the importance of a good night of sleep, modern outlaw country, & eating one whole, large pizza. Then the boys get into some prank calls, including one on Daniel and we hear Jonathan’s harrowing tale of surviving a storm at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. Also, Brady spent some time in New Orleans. Music this week from Colter Wall, Sturgill Simpson, Rocky Votolato.


[Episode 45] Houses of the Toby

Kelsey joins us this week to talk Phantom of the Opera, Jennifer's Body, Sucker Punch, and Watchmen. Also, remember T9? A deep dive discussion of The Razr and having your phone taken by teachers. Brady gives us a "What The Hell Does That Sound Like" from De Facto and Antemasque. Our first ever segment of "Good Riff, Bad Band" featuring Story of the Year and Warrant. AND THEN THE RETURN OF BATTLE OF THE WORST!!! TobyMac vs Toby Keith. Get hype. Music this week from Kavv, Phantom of the...


[Episode 44] Snitches Get Nintendo Switches [You Should Do it]

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. The fellas this week discuss the Smash Bros. for Switch and why there should be more Waluigi. Then we get deep on why you should ALWAYS pay for live and local music. X.Y. Spaces played a show with Satyr [ATL], and we take some time to listen to their new EP Neutrino! Also, shout out to Dear Prodigal, who had their first show back in years! Music this week from Sleepy Bear, Satyr, Max Richter, Mannheim Steamroller, Daniel and Isaac Gonora, and Buena Vista...


[Episode 43] Doja Cat in Residency

RIP to Aretha Franklin. Music this week by Aretha Franklin, Phantogram, Doja Cat, Bobby Vee, King Crimson, and Gerry Rafferty This week on the show we learn that Daniel can't read, that Jonathan is a grandpa, and the origin of Alex's Spock hand. Then we jam to some more incredible Rock Sax!!! And finally, the boys have a discussion about Aerosmith's recent news, a residency in Las Vegas. As always, thanks for listening and enjoy!