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S:3 | Ep. 057 - (Feat. Infamy & Sai)

New Episode (S:3 Episode 57) Of the TONY CENTRAL PODCAST featuring Infamy (@a.infamy) & Sai (@vxsai) IS OUT NOW!!! We discuss: *Is the new school disrespecting the Old school? *Sai’s taste in music including Rock/Alternative, and how Art/Poetry morphed into making music *Infamy’s brother exposing him to hip hop, and how he went from playing the “Guirra” to starting off making club beats on FL Studio. *Infamy’s decision to pursue an engineering degree via SAE (In NYC) *Youtube University...


S:3 | Ep. 056 - (Feat. Xander)

New Episode (S:3 Episode 56) Of the TONY CENTRAL PODCAST featuring XMOSTHIGH’s Xander IS OUT NOW!!! Famine (@iamfamine) Mello (@kloudymello) & Juan Gordo (@juannot1) Welcome NY’s OWN Xander, (@xandersreality) they discuss, his many talents including acting and modeling, being enrolled in St Johns and his decision to try music later than usual, what prompted that decision, What he feels about new artists like XXXtentacion and Tekashi69, His collective called XMOSTHIGH and their plans, how a...


S:3 | Ep. 055 - (Feat. HeavyBag)

New Episode (S:3 Episode 55) Of the TONY CENTRAL PODCAST featuring @heavy_bags IS OUT NOW!!! Famine (@iamfamine) Mello (@kloudymello) & Juan Gordo (@juannot1) Welcome Heavy Bags, (@Heavy_Bags) they discuss, Early influence and his own rap career, a tragic personal moment that shifted his focus from music, battle rap conversations, 15 Stitches and He still made the interview!? The Infamous Facebook post incident and the response he received, his plan to move forward from it, A perspective...


S:3 | Ep. 054 - (Feat. Wavy Arnold)

New Episode (S:3 Episode 54) Of the TONY CENTRAL PODCAST featuring @wavyarnold IS OUT NOW!!! LINK IN BIO or Search for “Tony Central Podcast” on @iheartradio | @spotify | @itunes | tune in | radio republic | @googleplaymusic | stitcher | @Audioboom Famine (@iamfamine) Mello (@kloudymello) & Juan Gordo (@juannot1) Welcome Newark, NJ and #KoolWeirdos own Wavy Arnold (@wavyarnold) they discuss his influences growing up, His Kool Weirdos camp, and how they collaborate to create their sound...


S:3 | Ep. 053 - (Feat. Oddateee)

For S:3 Episode 53 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) Welcome Union City, NJ Own and international talent “Oddatee“ (@Oddateee). We go over: Hip hop history 101 from the 80’s and local scene info no one would ever guess, His struggle to achieve his dream which included homelessness, Some early career tour stories, What his influences were since he has such a specific sound and style, His take on why NJ doesn’t support each other as other states do, How fulfilling it is to be at...


Season Two Playlist

As we prepare for Season 3 premier (February 28) of the Tony Central Podcast, This week we wanted to do something special for our guests and listeners…Tony Central & @djkennymaneuver Present The Mixtape : "Season 2 Playlist" A collection of music from TCP Season 2 guests mixed by @djkennymaneuver Thank you all for giving us such high quality music to share with the world. Season 3 Returns 2/28 One Love!


S:2 | Ep. 052 - (Feat. YaBoiiLex)

For S:2 Episode 52 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) Welcome YaboiLex (@_yaboilex_). They Discuss How he got introduced to music, how his dad working on music allowed him to discover his own passion, His duo and professional/personal relationship with IzzyNyce (yaboinyce). Why he produces, sings, raps etc, what he considers himself as an artist, He talks about his recently released solo Project Titled “heart on my sleeve”, and why that title best describes him right now. We also...


S:2 | Ep. 051 - (Feat. New Jersey #1 HipHop)

For S:2 Episode 51 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) Welcome New Jersey #1 Hip Hop. They Discuss The New Jersey Grind Fest coming up Feb 3rd, Their wish to connect all New Jersey creators with this platform, Their future plans on expanding to different areas, and more! Make sure you follow them for updates on other events in the future, especially if you’re a local creator looking to expand you’re reach. DJ Kenny Maneuver (@DJkennymaneuver) again provides his halftime mixes at the...


S:2 | Ep. 050 - (Feat. Ken Starrrz)

For S:2 Episode 50 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) Welcome Comedian/Writer/Entertainer and Mr. Litty 2 Titty himself Ken Starrrz (@kenstarrrz) Where they discuss various topics including : The Infamous Coffin Slap Skit and how it came about. Where his phrase “Litty 2 Titty” came from. What it takes to do what he does and remain consistent. His relationships with other Personalities such as @mrcommodore @jacobbergeractor @theloopyblogger etc. Why his accounts have been deleted...


S:2 | Ep. 049 - (Feat. Jay Po)

For S:2 Episode 49 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) Welcome hip hop Artist Jay Po (@po_ftbu) Where they discuss various topics including : *His Upcoming mixtape “Blok Work” releasing Jan 19th *His original interview with Famine on “Basement Online Radio” *How the Local Scene inspired him to create music. *why He decided to start taking music serious at a later phase in his life. *How he came to meet Post (@choppedbypost) and how that personal relationship developed. *Jay Po Also...


S:2 | Ep. 048 - (Feat. Justin Love)

For S:2 Episode 48 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) Welcome Singer/Songwriter Justin Love (@Officialjustinlove) Where they discuss when he started to sing, How he was able to keep going after losing motivation, the start of his record label and why he wanted to create his own, His work ethic and his willingness to expand his skill set beyond just singing and songwriting, His plans for 2018 and what we can expect from his camp going forward, Justin also takes on the Central...


S:2 | Ep. 047 - 2017's Recap

For S:2 Episode 47 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) Recap 2017, Producer (@JuanNot1) Joins the conversation ranging from personal goals for the new year, who had the most impact in 2017, best album?, local artist watch for 2018, Mello makes a bold Prediction for TCP for 2018, and more, DJ Kenny Maneuver (@DjKennyManeuver) also provides his 2017 Recap playlist so make sure you tune in now!!!!! Episode 47 of the Tony Central Podcast is out NOW!!!!


S:2 | Ep. 046 - (Feat. Anthony Rey)

For S:2 Episode 46 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello)Welcome DJ and On-Air Talent for Univision X96.3 DJ Anthony Rey (@DJAnthonyRey)where they go over his upbringing from the Dominican Republic to New Brunswick NJ, His decision to work on DeeJaying and making mix tapes, His desire to also work on radio and further develop professionally, His part in making Aventura Official Mixtapes, Some exclusive Aventura Stories, What it felt like to get a plaque for his role in Romeo Santos...


S:2 | Ep. 045 - (Feat. 7 Triiibes)

For S:2 Episode 45 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello)Welcome NJ’s own, 7 Triiibes (@Ki_7Triiibes, @live_higher, @_a_wood) Where they go over where the idea for 7 Triiibes originated and what it represents. Also why there are 3 i’s in the name, Their personal struggles and how music was able to help keep a balance, why they feel its important to fully educated yourself on your heritage and explore beyond your nationality, The simple but effective approach of “making sure self is...


S:2 | Ep. 044 - (Feat. Hersey)

For S:2 Episode 44 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello)Welcome NJ’s own, Hersey (@b3b3music, @theofficialmrose, @_missmay, @Beautiyis_kee, @Djsiennachanel, @fuzzrico) We go over what caused this collective of talented creators to form a group, how they chose their name, their respective individual careers and their influences, The importance of having a DJ on the team, they offer their insight on whether there is a disconnect between past and current eras, The Hersey Team also takes...


S:2 | Ep. 043 - (Feat. The Loopy Blogger)

For S:2 Episode 43 Famine (@iamfamine) Mello (@kloudymello)Welcome Bronx, NY’s own, THE VOICE OF THE NY KNICKS, The Loopy Blogger (@__theloopyblogger__) Where they go over some of his staple personalities (Dope Fiend Jose, La Bori, SpiderScam et al) and the surprising inspiration behind each of them , his opinion on Howard Stern and how he’s shaped radio/podcasting, we go back to the roots and find out why he started creating characters, they discuss Ingrid and what the real story behind...


S:2 | Ep. 042 - (Feat. Josh DWH)

For S:2 Episode 42 Famine & Mello Bronx, NY’s own, Josh DWH (@iamJoshDWH), Where they go over his “DREAM WORK HUSTLE” name and the meaning behind it, and his upbringing in the Bronx, his first experience with rap battles, how he developed into the complete artist he is today, How Joe Budden was one of the artists that influenced him to create, The guys delve into how some someone his age has such a transcendent knowledge of music history, His early releases on dat piff, why he feels he...


S:2 | Ep. 041 - (Feat. IzzyNyce)

For S:2 Episode 41 Famine & Mello welcome New Jersey’s own, IzzyNyce (@izzynyceofficial), Where they go over his introduction to music via his father (who had a recording studio in his house), and the first record he recorded at the age of 14, His favorite rapper of all time (2pac), The artist he’d like to work with currently (Jon Bellion), His performance of Sweeny Todd and Queen when he was younger, Izzy tries Vodkila (worlds first vodka tequila blend) for the first time, How he...


S:2 | Ep. 040 - (Feat. CF)

For S:2 Episode 40 Famine & Mello welcome Jersey City’s own, viper records artist CF(@cf201), Where they go over growing up in Jersey City, NJ, what the 90’s era was like, His memory of 9/11 and what he experienced, His rap style and how it’s helped him progress as an artist, how he met immortal technique and eventually led to going on tours with him, What it felt like signing to “Viper Records” immortal techniques label, He also drops a sick freestyle after the central spotlight. Tune in...


S:2 | Ep. 039 - (Feat. Michael Medium)

Season 2 | Ep. 039 Is Out Now! Featuring DJ Michael Medium Link In Bio For S2 : Episode 39 Famine (@iamfamine) Mello (@kloudymello) sit down with New Jerseys own, DJ/ Producer Michael Medium (@michaelmedium) where they go over what it was like growing up in Newark, Union and North Brunswick, NJ. What his influences were growing up, his decision to take a chance on a drastic career he actually wanted, his current role in Hot97 and Sirius and how it’s helped him shape his future goals. He...