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The Trance Horizon podcast highlights new trance releases and remixes from some of the biggest trance artists as well as showcasing talent from future legends of trance.


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The Trance Horizon podcast highlights new trance releases and remixes from some of the biggest trance artists as well as showcasing talent from future legends of trance.






Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 24

I'm back after taking a break for a few weeks. With the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak forcing everyone indoors for the forseeable future I've taken some time to work on a few personal projects that I hope can be revealed soon. One of those projects has had me looking at how I can bring this radio program to a larger audience including multi-platform live streaming and even possibly some interactive elements. Stay tuned for more on that! Even though I have not released an episode in the last few weeks I have a few sets planned to catch up. This is the first of those catch up sets and possibly one of my favorites sets that I've done so far. Way too many good tunes to name all of them but some highlights are new tracks or remixes by Grum, Shapov, Myon, Paul Oakenfold & Alexander Popov, Ashley Wallbridge, Dennis Sheperd & Roger Shah & Richard Durand, Giuseppe Ottaviani, ReOrder, Ben Gold & Allen Watts, and a massive remix by Craig Connelly of one of my favorite tunes from last year, FUTURECODE & Roxanne Emery's Dancing in the Rain. Subscribe to this podcast for more mixes coming soon and check out the full tracklist below.


Trance Horizon 12

This special 2 hour mix came about because I had trouble narrowing down my choices. I had a good selection of high and low BPM tracks and trying to find a balance in a 1 hour mix had me leaving out too many good tunes so I decided to double up and include all of them. This is probably the most diverse mix I've done so far starting with a sweet Rodg bassline at 124 BPM and ending at a heart-pounding 140. Along the way we hit a lot of first times on Trance Horizon, but also plenty of regulars. Let me know if you like the 2-hour format or would prefer to keep it to 1 hour.


Trance Horizon 05 - April 2019 Part 2

Trance Horizon is back for a second April release. This month I've got new tunes from Maor Levi, Roger Shah, Above & Beyond, and Aly & Fila. Also we've got new releases from both the Emery siblings. First up Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge return with Amber Sun, then the Ben Gold/Omnia collaboration, FUTURECODE, brings us their first single Dancing in the Rain with Roxanne Emery. The FUTURECODE premier was a highlight of ASOT 900 in Utrecht back in Feburary and this tune was one of my favorites from that set. I expect we'll be hearing more from them in the near future. Full tracklist below. Leo Reyes - The Starry Night [inHarmony Music] Alex Leavon & Amelie Mae - Embrace the Dawn [RNM (RazNitzanMusic)] 2 Voices - Nightfalls [ReState Records] Emerge & Jennifer Rene - Landslide [AVA Recordings] Yoel Lewis feat. Sam Knight - Never Die [Garuda] San & Sue McLaren - My Heart Wins [RNM (RazNitzanMusic)] Maor Levi & OTIOT ft. Ashley Tomberlin - Turn Out The Lights [Armada Music] Iversoon & Alex Daf ft. Lil' Squishy - Anywhere Alone With You [High Contract Recordings] Roger Shah & Aisling Jarvis - When You're Here (Denis Sender Remix) [Magic Island Records] Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge - Amber Sun [Garuda] Jody 6 - Coming Down (Yan Weinstock Remix) [Flashover Trance] Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston - There's Only You (A&B Club Mix) [Anjunabeats] James De Torres - Epiphany [AVA Recordings] FUTURECODE, Roxanne Emery - Dancing in the Rain [Armada Music] Greg Downey & Bo Bruce - These Hands I Hold (Richard Durand Remix) [VII] Aly & Fila with Deirdre McLaughlin - Gravity [FSOE]


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 44 Extended

In the mix this week is new music from Luke Bond, Assaf & Cassandra Grey, Ahmed Helmy, Christina Novelli, Maor Levi, Andrew Rayel & Tensteps, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Woody Van Eyden, and more...


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 43 Extended

Coming back from a brief hiatus and catching up on some tunes from earlier this year that I had in the queue. Highlights this episode include new music from LTN, Nifra, Matt Bukovski and remixes from WLT, Last Soldier, and Roman Messer.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 42

Kicking off this week is a new one from ALPHA 9 which is followed by the MaRlo remix of HALIENE's Walk Through Walls. The third track is Paid For Love by Ilan Bluestone ft. Gid Sedgwick and it is a massive banger that I cannot get enough of. The rest of the set is packed with more amazing tunes including new music from Markus Schulz, JES & Oliver Smith, David Forbes, Ferry Corsten & Trance Unity, Ferry Tayle, Dan Schneider, Billy Gillies, and Ahmed Romel.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 41

Welcome to 2021. This episode I am catching up on tracks from the end of 2020. We've got new music from Rodg with Sarah de Warren, ilan Bluestone, Alexander Popov, Super8 & Tab, Hamzeh, Giuseppe Ottaviani and much more. Looking forward to, hopefully, a better 2021.


Danny Ryze - Trance Yearmix 2020 Volume 2

Here is the second half of my 2020 year mix. Another 50 of my favorite trance tunes from the past year in a 2 hour mix.


Danny Ryze - Trance Yearmix 2020 Volume 1

2020 has been a terrible year for many people, but with many artists unable to tour it has been a great year for new Trance music. For my 2020 yearmixes I went back through all of the Trance Horizon episodes released this year and pulled my favorite tracks from each one. There was too much to put into a single 2 hour mix so I'm going to release this in 2 parts with this being volume 1.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 38 (Extended)

New extended mix show today. Features new music from Markus Schulz, Husman & Fisherman, BiXX & Roxanne Emery, Maarten de Jong, Allen Watts ft. Gid Sedgwick, and Aimoon. Also remixes from Woody van Eyden, Exolight & Suncatcher, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Miroslav Vrlik.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 40

This week I'm brining new music from Ahmed Helmy, Avao, Sodality & OnTune, Eximinds, Adip Kiyoi, and DJ T.H. & Natalie Gioia. Also featuring in this episodes are new remixes from Jordy Eley, Daxson, Roman Messer, and XiJaro & Pitch). Now that's it's November it's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about my annual year mix. I have plans to make this one even bigger than last years, but that means that I may not get as many normal episodes out during the month of November. Be sure to check my Facebook page for updates on the yearmix and when you might expect the next Trance Horizon to drop.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 39

This weeks show has new music from Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviana ft. Sue McLaren, Aly & Fila. Also featuring new remixes from David Forbes, Richard Durand, Madwave, and Cold Blue.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 37

Kicking off this weeks show is a new track from Jason Ross. I've also got new stuff from Luke Bond, Eximinds, HamzeH, Roman Messer, Standerwick, Armin van Buuren, and Jordy Eley.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 36 (Extended)

I'm back this week with an extended 2-hour set. Kicking off this week is the new track from Ruben de Ronde - Wanderlust. Also featured this week is new music from Fatum, Rodg, Super8 & Tab, Alex Leavon, David Gravell & Corti Organ, Dan Stone and so much more.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 35

After a short break I'm back this week with another new episode. I've got new music from Milad E, Aurosonic with Ellie Lawson, SMR LVE with Roxanne Emery, Omnia, Ahmed Helmy, Mark Sixma, Ben Gold, Woody van Eyden, and more.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 34

This week we've got new music from Luke Bond, Orjan Nilsen pres DJ Governor, Simon Fischer pres Nonlinear Endorphone, Adip Kiyoi, Manuel Le Saux & DJ T.H. with Linnea Schossow, and closing out with Riviera Maya by Leroy Moreno.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 33

This weeks episode kicks of with Sheridan Grout & Mark Bester ft. Julia Ross with Under Water. Also featured this week is an amazing tune by Kyau & Albert & Steve Brian, new music from Stoneface & Terminal ft Katty Heath and Alexender Popv & Enzo ft. Cari. Also included are a number of great remixes from Rodg, Artento Divini, and Ferry Tayle. Closing out the show is the Darren Porter mix of Nothing Breaks Like A Heart by Raz Nitzan ft. Maria Nayler.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 32 (Extended)

Huge extended episode this week with over 2 hours of non-stop new music. Amazing tracks from Genix, Kyau & Albert ft. Maria Nayler, Alex Kunnari & Christina Novelli, Elevven, Fisherman, Beatsole & Ahmed Helmy, Maor Levi, Jorn van Deynhoven & Clara Yates, Giuseppe Ottaviani & Lusid Blue, and Marlo & Jantine. The final track of the mix is the Roger Shah Uplifting mix of White Sand by Sunlounger.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 31

Starting off this week is the new track from Jeff Ozmits & EMATA - Dark Skies. Also featured are tracks from BXT, Eximinds, HamzeH, AVAO & Linney, and Whiteout. Also featuring a second track titled Dark Skies, this one by Klassy Project with the Denis Sender remix. Ruben de Ronde is back in the lineup with two remixes - Mino Safy remixed Here With Me with Kimberly Hale performing vocal duty and Luminn & Gather have the remix of the Ben Gold x Ruben de Ronde track Era Festivus.


Danny Ryze - Trance Horizon 30

This weeks episode is packed with new music from Nifra, Markus Shulz, Maor Levi, Christina Novelli, Roman Messer, Luke Bond, Armin van Buuren & MaRLo, STANDERWICH, and Andrew Rayel. The only remix this week is the Allen Watts remix of Alexander Popov & Chris Jones - Another Life.