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Video Guitar Lesson 1: Practical ways to improve the speed of your guitar playing

YouTube tuition video 1 (see link for video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXXxFpuQJ2E&t=1316s Tune in Tone up have been releasing many audio podcast lessons over the past couple of years and are beginning to move into the video lesson arena with this, our first lesson about developing speed in playing. Our videos will take the form of a free organic guitar lesson in which Dan will teach me some thematic ideas on the guitar in order to develop my musicality. Join me on my journey to...


Guitar Lesson 40: Practical applications for adding tapping and sweep picking into your playing

Guitar Lesson 40: Practical applications for adding tapping and sweep picking into your playing (https://tunein-toneup.com/2018/11/22/guitar-lesson-40-tapping-sweep-picking/) In guitar lesson 40, we look at some techniques and practical applications of those techniques. I ask Dan for some help in using tapping and sweeping in my actual improvisations and we begin to examine how you can practise applying these techniques over a backing track. With hints and some licks throughout, this...


Guitar Lesson 39: Exploring chords and substituting extensions for colourful rhythmic playing

Guitar lesson 39 is a study of chord types by working through many of the major and dominant possibilities. By adding each note of a scale to a triad, Dan shows me how to explore chord sounds rather than shapes. We also look at upper extensions and finally look at one way to use chords which are out of key. Dan also raises substitution as a way really build interest rhythmic parts. Thank you for tuning in and for all your comments and support. Main timings: 00:01:26 Introductory questions...


Guitar Lesson 38: What can we learn from the style and approach of Slash

Guitar Lesson 38: What we can learn from the style of Slash with a focus on Paradise City, Sweet Child of Mine and November Rain: https://tunein-toneup.com/2018/08/23/guitar-lesson-38-style-of-slash-podcast/ Guitar lesson 38 is a study of Slash, with a focus on what we can learn from Saul Hudson’s style and approach to writing licks, riffs and solos. We start by using a Paradise City inspired rolling lick and then move onto the legato solo from the frantic end of that song. Next we examine...


Guitar Lesson 37: Taking your playing from the woodshed to the stage; from podcast to performance

Guitar Lesson 37: Taking your playing from the woodshed to the stage; from podcast to performance Our article: https://www.musical-u.com/learn/podcast-performance-tune-tone/ Thanks Musical-U: https://www.musical-u.com/ Guitar lesson 37 is a slightly different format to usual. We have written a guest post for Musical-U, a company who are committed to music education and developing musicality in people through a dedicated team who maintain a subscription-based website, a wide-ranging set of...


Guitar Lesson 36: Right hand techniques; rhythm, arpeggiating, hybrid, economy and sweep picking

Guitar Lesson 36: Right hand techniques – rhythm, arpeggiating, hybrid, economy and sweep picking In guitar lesson 36, we focus fully on the right hand rhythmic and lead picking techniques. We start by looking at how you can arpeggiate chords interestingly using the pick, briefly in the style of Green Day and Guns ‘n’ Roses. We also look at a mix of pick and fingers. In the second half of the lesson we get technical and revisit economy and sweep-picking. A bit of an advanced lesson – if...


Guitar Lesson 35: Speed, fluidity, phrasing, form and building confidence in your improvisations

In guitar lesson 35, we address a question and topic given to us on Facebook about how you can increase the speed and fluidity of your playing. Dan first draws out some ideas which can increase the interest in your rhythm playing (including fills and flourishes). We then do some improvising over a jazz fusion track and look at how you can improve the fluidity and form of your licks and phrases and polish what you are already good at. Main timings: 00:02:28 Introduction to the topic of speed...


Guitar Lesson 34: A brief foray into the monstrous rhythmic playing of Eddie Van Halen

Webpage: https://tunein-toneup.com/2018/05/22/guitar-lesson-rhythmic-eddie-van-halen/ In guitar lesson 34, Dan and I continue our study of rhythmic playing with a focus on the style of Eddie Van Halen. A true monster of the guitar, Van Halen is someone who Dan has studied closely over the years and he is eager to share his knowledge. Dan introduces a rock lick and looking particularly at the technique of muting slowly builds complexity into it. With some final thoughts on the trem bar and...


Guitar Lesson 33: Rhythm playing mechanics with a focus on the song Valerie for an Open Mic Night

https://tunein-toneup.com/ https://tunein-toneup.com/2018/04/29/guitar-lesson-33-rhythm-playing-mechanics-valerie-open-mic-night/ Guitar Lesson 33: Rhythm playing mechanics with a focus on the song Valerie for an Open Mic Night In guitar lesson 33, Dan and I examine some of the obstacles you might come up against, particularly in your rhythm playing, when playing an open mic night. In this lesson, which is in response to some questions by one of our listeners, we look at the rhythm part to...


Guitar Lesson 31: Double stops, intervallic playing, chord embellishments and making it pretty

https://tunein-toneup.com/ In guitar lesson 31, Dan reminds me about some of the approaches you can use when embellishing chords, including the use of double stops and different intervallic sounds. You will hear Hendrixisms, discussion on how to connect major scales, chords and intervals in your thinking and some interesting approaches to help make your rhythm playing more interesting. Finally we look at the different flavours created by a variety of intervals. We hope you enjoy this lesson...


Guitar Lesson 30: Inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm to avoid guitar learning ruts

In guitar lesson 30, I go to Dan with three questions looking for his guidance. Dan picks up on some very important points about the big picture, maintaining enthusiasm, the importance of live work and how to push yourself towards being an advanced player. You will hear some jamming over a Danny Gatton style backing track, a blues shred idea and plenty of snippets from players as Dan shares the wisdom of his experience. Hopefully, you will be as inspired and motivated by this episode as I...


Guitar Lesson 29: Playing rhythmically, being groovy & practising note durations

Webpage: https://tunein-toneup.com/2018/02/28/guitar-lesson-29-funk-groovy-note-durations/ First backing track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwnEIWJG_g4 Second backing track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V5lB0n5Cbo In Guitar Lesson 29, we decide to return to rhythm playing: this time looking at staying in time, feeling the pulse and playing rhythmically, with interest and in the groove. The lesson is divided up into three parts: Firstly, we look at playing funky grooves and using a...


Interview with a musician episode 2: Chris Green

Chris Green's website - http://www.chrisgreenmusic.com/ Chris Green on 'emusicworkshop' with Rick Beato - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g37WOXC17U&list=PLb4x6Fj6B5zzs1Bm5EA8HJadYxnZqhblA The Guitar Guru Network - https://www.facebook.com/groups/513586505353886/ Tune in Tone up - https://tunein-toneup.com/ In our second interview with a musician we are really pleased to be able to introduce Chris Green of Tyketto from Atlanta, USA. If you’ve not already heard his stylish playing and...


Interview with a musician episode 1: Dan Davies

Tune in Tone up! Interview 1 with Dan Davies In this first interview with a guitar player, Gary asks Dan Davies for his thoughts on some questions about what the guitar means to him. We are aiming to include lots of other players in the future and ask t hem similar questions too. With questions about how he first came to play guitar, what his motivation and inspiration is and how he gets past stagefright and nerves, these interviews will enlighten, educate and entertain. 3:30 What first got...


Guitar Lesson 28: Songwriting and arranging part two

In guitar lesson 28, Dan and I look at how to arrange and develop the song we began to look at last lesson. We thought it would be useful to develop the guitar parts of this song and look further at how to arrange it. With lots of suggestions to support songwriters, we particularly focus on lead-ins, harmonising vocals and guitar parts, palm muting and using intervals to create dynamics. 3:30 Guitar parts and arranging 7:05 The opening riff and building in dynamics by doubling parts 9:45...


Guitar Lesson 27: Songwriting tips - writing and arranging a song from scratch

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/12/31/guitar-lesson-songwriting-tips/ In guitar lesson 27, Dan and I look at the thorny topic of songwriting and arranging original songs. Starting with a riff I wrote a long time ago and with lots of background discussion about how to write songs in general, Dan develops my idea and gives me some options for second guitar parts and song structure. By the end of our lesson we really have something which I can take away...


Guitar Lesson 26: Country rock rhythm & licks inspired by Tom Petty & Mike Campbell

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/12/10/guitar-lesson-country-rock-rhythm-licks-petty-campbell/ You can see my fan post on Tom Petty here: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/12/10/tom-petty-music-heartbreaker-mike-campbell/ In guitar lesson 26, I ask Dan for his advice about playing in the Country / Rock / Pop genre with the aim of supporting both rhythm playing in the style of Tom Petty and lead playing in the style of his guitarist – Mike Campbell. In...


Guitar Lesson 25: Supercharging your Blues licks and adding some fire and fury to your playing

In guitar lesson 25, Dan and I improvise over a Blues backing track in G (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5r_KSLxYkg) and then we examine some of the licks and approaches which add some oomph into someone’s style and playing. Dan patiently breaks down a few of his licks for me and hopefully, after some practise, I will be able to inject them into my own playing to give it some clout. All our improvisations over the backing track have been left in warts and all so you can learn from my...


Guitar Lesson 24: The Blues revisited to identify areas to work on for your chops

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ As always, we welcome your engagement and would love to hear from you through our website (https://tunein-toneup.com/contact/) or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/tuneintoneup/) if there are any lessons you would like to hear us cover, or want to start a dialogue about anything guitar-related. The number of listens we receive inspire us to keep doing what we are doing, so we hugely appreciate all your shares, likes and support. Post:...


Guitar Lesson 23: Arranging songs - Purple Rain, Times Like These and Message in a Bottle

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/11/11/guitar-lesson-23-arranging-songs-prince-foo-police/ In guitar lesson 23, I ask Dan to give me some pointers on how to arrange songs for a three piece band, with a particular focus on some tunes I want to play with some friends. First, Dan shows me some ideas for Times Like These by the Foo Fighters to increase the interest in the rhythm playing so that it works well with the melody. He also gives me some thoughts...