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Video Guitar Lesson 15: Tips For Transcribing, Arranging & Figuring Out Solos By Actively Listening

In this lesson, Dan and I take a look at the outro solo for "Feel Like Makin' Love" by Bad Company - a song which I am covering with my band. During the lesson we go through 9 tips on transcribing from Dan and we look at 9 licks from the solo. Dan shares his ideas with me on tone and effects for songs and also the different ways to approach different sorts of solos. Timings for Video Guitar Lesson 15 - on transcribing: 00:03:18 Boss RC30 Loopstation - I talk about various features on it...


Video Guitar Lesson 14: Dual Guitar Parts And Ideas For Soloing In A Covers Band

In this lesson, Dan and I take a look at some of the songs which I am performing with my band and so we focus on the dual guitar parts. I bring several songs which I am learning with other musicians in our covers band ready for a gig we will be performing in Brighton. We first look at American Girl by Tom Petty, with some talk about inversions and effects. Secondly, Dan gives me some feedback on some dual parts I came up with for Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl. Next we pay the Smith’s What...


Video Guitar Lesson 13: Tips On Improvising Solos Using Themes, Ideas And Digging Deep

In this lesson, Dan and I return to take a look at how to improve your creative improvisations and what that journey looks like on the guitar. The focus of this lesson, using a backing track we recently did another lesson with, is how having some predetermined themes to use in your solo and a plan can help you to come up with ideas and interest as you improvise. As we play around with improvisation Dan gives me some tips and a strategy following a structured approach to coming up with ideas....


Video Guitar Lesson 12: Arranging parts for bands and situations with two or more guitarists

Video Guitar Lesson 12: Arranging parts for bands and situations with two or more guitarists In this lesson, Dan and I continue to explore rhythmic patterns, looking in particular at the benefits and problems which arise when playing in situations with multiple guitarists. The focus for the lesson are two songs which I am arranging to play with a band that has in it a drummer, bassist, keyboardist/singer and me and another student of Dan’s on guitar. The two songs are ‘The One I Love’ by REM...


Video Guitar Lesson 11: Rhythmic advice and some ideas for phrasing your improvisations

Video lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlMOoyccwU0&feature=youtu.be In this lesson, Dan and I explore rhythmic patterns, how to practise rhythm and work towards playing ‘in the pocket’ and then, using a backing track, we look at how to phrase improvisation. We start this lesson by examining some of the regular rhythmic structures which you can form from quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and triplets. I show Dan the cards which I created by methodically identifying the possible...


Video Guitar Lesson 10: Tremolo bar acrobatics. Uses, tricks, tips, rules and advice

In this lesson, Dan and I revisit the tremolo or whammy bar to go over some of the subtleties of using it to best effect. Dan starts this lesson by giving an overview of the different types of tremolo systems and then we get stuck into some different ideas and uses of the whammy bar to gain different effects. First we look at the subtle warble idea to add some shine and sparkle to your playing (we also return to this as a means of gaining vibrato high up on the fretboard at the end of the...


Video Guitar Lesson 9: Usable Ideas For The Melodic And Harmonic Minor Scales And Selected Modes

Video Guitar Lesson 9: Usable ideas for the melodic and harmonic minor scales and selected modes YouTube version = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LnRYVsaA3g&feature=youtu.be Guitar Gear Mentions: Wrist Grips Website: http://www.wrist-grips.com Sure Grip Guitar Picks Website: http://suregripguitarpicks.com Curt Mangan Strings Website: https://www.curtmangan.com/ In this lesson Dan helps me to develop what we began to look at last lesson by taking the theory and looking at how we can...


Video Guitar Lesson 8: Unusual scale choices (e.g. harmonic minor modes) and grace notes

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0XOIw8mCaI WEBPAGE: https://tunein-toneup.com/2019/03/01/unusual-scale-harmonic-minor-modes-grace/ In this lesson Dan really helps me to further my exploration of the harmonic minor by examining some usable situations in which to employ it. We also talk about grace notes and the value of 'feel'. There is plenty of other material and hints in this lesson too from using the tremolo bar to a major 7th variation of the pentatonic scale. As always, there is...


Video Guitar Lesson 7: Performance tips for acoustic guitar

Video Guitar Lesson 7: Performance tips for acoustic guitar by Dan and Gary


Video Guitar Lesson 6: Getting different sounds with pedals and guitars

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zHvJTDgPM8 In this lesson, I bring to Dan my Epiphone ES-335 Pro with its upgraded pedals (courtesy of Pedro Martins - Brighton Guitar Repairs, https://guitarrepairsbrighton.com/), my PRS and my pedalboard. I spent quite a lot of this lesson without the camera rolling looking at these pedals and checking out my Gibson J45 which Pedro has also done an excellent job of setting up. We then set the camera rolling, which is a new video camera that I...


Video Guitar Lesson 5: Tapping Techniques, Usable Ideas And Exercises For Improvisation

Video Guitar Lesson 5: Tapping techniques; usable ideas and exercises for improvisation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6TpqchLVg4 In Tune in Tone up's second full lesson we explore the theme of tapping: using the strumming / picking hand to hammer on to notes which would normally be out of reach for your fretting hand. Dan gives me some hints and useful tips to get me started and help me to develop in this area and we also spend some time trying to put some of these ideas into some...


Video Guitar Lesson 4: Scales, note choices and playing over the changes

Tune in, Tone up! Guitar Lessons Published on 12 Jan 2019 In this full length video lesson with Dan Davies, I hear with you (the viewer) Dan's advice and hints on picking good notes when improvising and study with you the variety of different sounds which you can use to give some different flavour to your solos. We really hope that you're enjoying this new format of our lessons (with our audio also released on SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/tunein-toneup - as per our older format) and...


Video Guitar Lesson 3: Eric Johnson, speed and legato.mp3

This lesson, released on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80JJZ1RRZ5bxEiphLVi_Jw?view_as=subscriber, is the finale of the first three mini video lessons with which we are kickstarting our conversion to YouTube from an audio only format. The audio for these formats is much more organic that the edited audio only lessons, so we apologise for the farts and whistles which you may or may not hear. We have decided that in the interest of publishing more regular material we...


Video Guitar Lesson 2: Using and understanding legato

In this second brief lesson on Youtube, Dan explains the rationale and usage of legato and how he uses it to great effect in his playing.


Video Guitar Lesson 1: Practical ways to improve the speed of your guitar playing

YouTube tuition video 1 (see link for video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXXxFpuQJ2E&t=1316s Tune in Tone up have been releasing many audio podcast lessons over the past couple of years and are beginning to move into the video lesson arena with this, our first lesson about developing speed in playing. Our videos will take the form of a free organic guitar lesson in which Dan will teach me some thematic ideas on the guitar in order to develop my musicality. Join me on my journey to...


Guitar Lesson 40: Practical applications for adding tapping and sweep picking into your playing

Guitar Lesson 40: Practical applications for adding tapping and sweep picking into your playing (https://tunein-toneup.com/2018/11/22/guitar-lesson-40-tapping-sweep-picking/) In guitar lesson 40, we look at some techniques and practical applications of those techniques. I ask Dan for some help in using tapping and sweeping in my actual improvisations and we begin to examine how you can practise applying these techniques over a backing track. With hints and some licks throughout, this...


Guitar Lesson 39: Exploring chords and substituting extensions for colourful rhythmic playing

Guitar lesson 39 is a study of chord types by working through many of the major and dominant possibilities. By adding each note of a scale to a triad, Dan shows me how to explore chord sounds rather than shapes. We also look at upper extensions and finally look at one way to use chords which are out of key. Dan also raises substitution as a way really build interest rhythmic parts. Thank you for tuning in and for all your comments and support. Main timings: 00:01:26 Introductory questions...


Guitar Lesson 38: What can we learn from the style and approach of Slash

Guitar Lesson 38: What we can learn from the style of Slash with a focus on Paradise City, Sweet Child of Mine and November Rain: https://tunein-toneup.com/2018/08/23/guitar-lesson-38-style-of-slash-podcast/ Guitar lesson 38 is a study of Slash, with a focus on what we can learn from Saul Hudson’s style and approach to writing licks, riffs and solos. We start by using a Paradise City inspired rolling lick and then move onto the legato solo from the frantic end of that song. Next we examine...


Guitar Lesson 37: Taking your playing from the woodshed to the stage; from podcast to performance

Guitar Lesson 37: Taking your playing from the woodshed to the stage; from podcast to performance Our article: https://www.musical-u.com/learn/podcast-performance-tune-tone/ Thanks Musical-U: https://www.musical-u.com/ Guitar lesson 37 is a slightly different format to usual. We have written a guest post for Musical-U, a company who are committed to music education and developing musicality in people through a dedicated team who maintain a subscription-based website, a wide-ranging set of...


Guitar Lesson 36: Right hand techniques; rhythm, arpeggiating, hybrid, economy and sweep picking

Guitar Lesson 36: Right hand techniques – rhythm, arpeggiating, hybrid, economy and sweep picking In guitar lesson 36, we focus fully on the right hand rhythmic and lead picking techniques. We start by looking at how you can arpeggiate chords interestingly using the pick, briefly in the style of Green Day and Guns ‘n’ Roses. We also look at a mix of pick and fingers. In the second half of the lesson we get technical and revisit economy and sweep-picking. A bit of an advanced lesson – if...