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Guitar Lesson 32: What can we take from the style of David Gilmour?

https://tunein-toneup.com/ In guitar lesson 32, Dan and I take a look at some general ideas which you can take from David Gilmour’s playing. He plays with such meaning and purpose and the most incredible tone and yet what he plays is not usually technically too difficult. Using a style backing track, Dan and I look at how Gilmour uses dynamics, phrasing, bending, vibrato and intelligent note choices deeply connected to the chords which he plays over. We hope that this type of exploration,...


Guitar Lesson 31: Double stops, intervallic playing, chord embellishments and making it pretty

https://tunein-toneup.com/ In guitar lesson 31, Dan reminds me about some of the approaches you can use when embellishing chords, including the use of double stops and different intervallic sounds. You will hear Hendrixisms, discussion on how to connect major scales, chords and intervals in your thinking and some interesting approaches to help make your rhythm playing more interesting. Finally we look at the different flavours created by a variety of intervals. We hope you enjoy this...


Guitar Lesson 30: Inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm to avoid guitar learning ruts

In guitar lesson 30, I go to Dan with three questions looking for his guidance. Dan picks up on some very important points about the big picture, maintaining enthusiasm, the importance of live work and how to push yourself towards being an advanced player. You will hear some jamming over a Danny Gatton style backing track, a blues shred idea and plenty of snippets from players as Dan shares the wisdom of his experience. Hopefully, you will be as inspired and motivated by this episode as I...


Interview with a musician episode 2: Chris Green

Chris Green's website - http://www.chrisgreenmusic.com/ Chris Green on 'emusicworkshop' with Rick Beato - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g37WOXC17U&list=PLb4x6Fj6B5zzs1Bm5EA8HJadYxnZqhblA The Guitar Guru Network - https://www.facebook.com/groups/513586505353886/ Tune in Tone up - https://tunein-toneup.com/ In our second interview with a musician we are really pleased to be able to introduce Chris Green of Tyketto from Atlanta, USA. If you’ve not already heard his stylish playing and...


Interview 1: Dan Davies

Tune in Tone up! Interview 1 with Dan Davies In this first interview with a guitar player, Gary asks Dan Davies for his thoughts on some questions about what the guitar means to him. We are aiming to include lots of other players in the future and ask them similar questions too. With questions about how he first came to play guitar, what his motivation and inspiration is and how he gets past stagefright and nerves, these interviews will enlighten, educate and entertain. 3:30 What first got...


Guitar Lesson 28: Songwriting and arranging part two

In guitar lesson 28, Dan and I look at how to arrange and develop the song we began to look at last lesson. We thought it would be useful to develop the guitar parts of this song and look further at how to arrange it. With lots of suggestions to support songwriters, we particularly focus on lead-ins, harmonising vocals and guitar parts, palm muting and using intervals to create dynamics. 3:30 Guitar parts and arranging 7:05 The opening riff and building in dynamics by doubling parts 9:45...


Guitar Lesson 27: Songwriting tips - writing and arranging a song from scratch

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/12/31/guitar-lesson-songwriting-tips/ In guitar lesson 27, Dan and I look at the thorny topic of songwriting and arranging original songs. Starting with a riff I wrote a long time ago and with lots of background discussion about how to write songs in general, Dan develops my idea and gives me some options for second guitar parts and song structure. By the end of our lesson we really have something which I can take...


Guitar Lesson 26: Country rock rhythm & licks inspired by Tom Petty & Mike Campbell

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ In guitar lesson 26, I ask Dan for his advice about playing in the Country / Rock / Pop genre with the aim of supporting both rhythm playing in the style of Tom Petty and lead playing in the style of his guitarist – Mike Campbell. In this lesson Dan begins by choosing a chord progression with a Tom Petty-like rhythm, then looking at incorporating bass runs, arranging songs for dynamic interest, adding some country bends and soloing using double stops....


Guitar Lesson 25: Supercharging your Blues licks and adding some fire and fury to your playing

In guitar lesson 25, Dan and I improvise over a Blues backing track in G and then we examine some of the licks and approaches which add some oomph into someone’s style and playing. Dan patiently breaks down a few of his licks for me and hopefully, after some practise, I will be able to inject them into my own playing to give it some clout. All our improvisations over the backing track have been left in warts and all so you can learn from my mistakes as well as Dan’s playing and hints.


Guitar Lesson 24: The Blues revisited to identify areas to work on for your chops

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/11/19/guitar-lesson-24-blues-identify-chops/ In Guitar Lesson 24, Dan suggests that we go back to look again at my Blues playing in order to identify areas which I ought to work on and potential weaknesses in my improvisation skills and techniques. Bearing this in mind we take a Blues backing track in E and play over it in turns, then look at some things which I should work on and also some tips and guitar hacks to...


Guitar Lesson 23: Arranging songs - Purple Rain, Times Like These and Message in a Bottle

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/11/11/guitar-lesson-23-arranging-songs-prince-foo-police/ In guitar lesson 23, I ask Dan to give me some pointers on how to arrange songs for a three piece band, with a particular focus on some tunes I want to play with some friends. First, Dan shows me some ideas for Times Like These by the Foo Fighters to increase the interest in the rhythm playing so that it works well with the melody. He also gives me some...


Guitar Lesson 22: A rationale for how to warm-up and organise your guitar practice schedule

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/11/04/guitar-lesson-22-warm-ups-practice-schedule/ In guitar lesson 22, which is being released as a whole episode, Dan and Gary examine the rationale behind warming-up before playing the guitar, looking at reasons which different people might have. Following this Dan takes us through a range of warm-ups and exercises which you can use. In the second part of this lesson we look at some ways you might put together a...


Guitar Lesson 21: The style and technique of Steve Lukather

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Dedicated post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/10/27/guitar-lesson-21-style-technique-steve-lukather/ Backing track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1xhSg-_oa8 This episode of our podcast, guitar lesson 21, is an introduction to the style of Steve Lukather - session guitarist extraordinaire and virtuoso. In it we examine his note choice, techniques and approach to the guitar. This lesson is being released as one whole lesson as we felt that it fitted...


Guitar Lesson 20: Advice on setting up a small pedal board

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/09/30/guitar-lesson-20-setting-up-small-pedalboard-tips-and-advice/ In guitar lesson 20, I take a set of pedals (which a friend has kindly lent me) around to Dan's house to ask for his advice on how to use them. Dan chooses to part with his Pedal Train Nano + and CIOKS 'Adam' power supply and then helps me to set up this small pedal board. As we put together my mini-board, Dan shares lots of tips and things to...


Guitar Lesson 19a: A study of a Satriani-type backing track and an introduction to legato

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Post: Track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p5-Zm1zEMk YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxcNU7lrHXU In guitar lesson 19a, Dan and I look at a backing track from YouTube in Em at 137BPM. First, Dan explains how to play the rhythm sections and the make-up of the chords. Secondly, Dan introduces the concept of legato which is widely used by Joe Satriani and this episode then ends with a demonstration of an improvisation over this backing track.


Guitar Lesson 18b - Jazz up your phrasing ideas and improvisation

Website - https://tunein-toneup.com/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80JJZ1RRZ5bxEiphLVi_Jw In guitar lesson 18b we look at further jazzy ideas to add interest to solos and improvisations in any genre. During this episode we record Dan demonstrating this over a YouTube backing track. The video of this demo you can find on our own YouTube channel.


Guitar Lesson 18a - Jazzy improviastion ideas to inform Blues & Rock players

Website: https://tunein-toneup.com/ Dedicated post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/08/14/guitar-lesson-18a-jazz-improvisation-for-blues-and-rock/ The backing track featured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy9j101wuu4 Dan's Youtube improv: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp-f7Qd72Ic In this lesson, 18a of our podcast, Dan showed me some useful Jazz ideas to better inform my improvisation skills, including playing outside the box (using notes essentially out of key), rhythmic swing phrasing...


Guitar lesson 17b - soloing techniques and tips on dynamics for acoustic guitar

In the second part of our lesson about playing acoustic guitar, Dan answers my question about how best to develop dynamics in an acoustic band. Clearly much of this is down to good communication and familiarity with the people who you are playing with, but Dan comes up with some really interesting techniques and advice for being heard when soloing and having interesting dynamics for your audience.


Guitar Lesson 16d: Dan's modified PRS and talk about pedals

TITU supporting article: https://adamharkus.com/search-perfect-guitar-tone/ YouTube video of Dan with this guitar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp-f7Qd72Ic&t=101s Website: https://tunein-toneup.com Dedicated post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/07/14/guitar-lesson-16d-prs-with-thornbuckers-tone-pedals/ In this lesson Dan demonstrates the range of tone available just using the tone and volume controls on his PRS. This guitar is the latest to Dan's collection and I'm sure that you agree,...


Guitar Lesson 16c: Using the Les Paul's controls to produce a twangy, bright and chimey sound

TITU supporting article: https://adamharkus.com/search-perfect-guitar-tone/ Website: https://tunein-toneup.com Dedicated post: https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/07/07/guitar-lesson-16c-controls-les-paul-twangy-bright/ In this lesson Dan demonstrates the range of tone available just using the tone and volume controls on your Les Paul. He concentrates on the middle position, where you can make the most of your chimey bridge pickup by mixing it with your more boomy neck pickup and by adapting...


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