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Episode 5: “One Road” with Eli Lev

My friend Eli Lev is a beautiful human. We covered his song one road, talked about his experience teaching in the Navaho Nation, his practice of meditation, awkward handshakes, the whole deal. It was fantastic. Hope you enjoy it! I definitely did.

Episode 4: “Blackbird” and “Fragile” with Gurpreet Sarin

My guest on this episode is Gurpreet Sarin. He was my brother’s roommate in college while I was still very much a committed evangelical. We played some music in those days, but lost touch for years and recently reconnected. You may know him from season 12 of American Idol. Gurpreet is a practicing Sikh and grew up playing and singing Indian Classical music. He is an incredible singer and tabla player. During the preparation for this collaboration, he taught me about the way Sikhs meditate on...

Episode 3: “Midnight Rider” with Luke James Shaffer

My guest on this episode is Luke James Shaffer. He’s a fantastic singer-songwriter from Ohio who’s just released his debut album, “Luke James Shaffer, Vol. 1”. He’s a beautiful soul and a has a killer voice. If you watched American Idol back in the day, you may remember him from the 2010 season. We did a cover of “Midnight Rider” by the Allman brothers. He absolutely killed it. Check it out. See more of Luke at lukejamesshaffer.com Click here

Episode 2: “Dernière Danse and Moon Over Bourbon Street” with Petite Celine

This episode, my guest is the fabulous Petite Celine from Brooklyn NY. We had a wide ranging discussion on everything from the characteristics of French singing to the role art and music plays in making sense out of our lives. I love how our collaboration turned out. She’s fantastic. You can see more of her at petiteceline.com.


Episode 1: “Heart of Life” with Aaron Curtis

Here it is! This is first podcast episode I've ever done. Welcome to "Unmake My Enemy". I hope it's meaningful to you. Aaron Curtis was my first guest and I couldn't be happier with our collaboration. You can find more of his work here: Instagram Facebook