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VannDigital.com Presents The Arrested Development Episode

Inspired by another past episode of The Hip Hop Digest Show, I (DV The Bossman) decided to go back in time once again for this week's edition of "VannDigital.com Presents" which will focus on another rap group that I gre

VannDigital.com Presents The Camp Lo Episode

As we continue to go back in time, this week's edition of "VannDigital.com Presents" will focus on a rap group that I (DV The Bossman) grew up listening to that I feel has yet to get their just due. The group in question

VannDigital.com Presents The Duck Down Episode

Following technical difficulties, "VannDigital.com Presents" is back. In the first edition of 2017, we'll focus on a legendary record label that I (DV The Bossman) grew up listening to music from. The label in question h

VannDigital.com Presents The Guilty Simpson Episode

Being a brand that has built its reputation on promoting unsigned, underground, & underrated artists, the ninth edition of "VannDigital.com Presents" puts the limelight on Stones Throw Records recording artist, Guilty Si

VannDigital.com Presents The Diary Of A Supernatural Episode

The eighth edition of "VannDigital.com Presents" will go in a different direction as we will be bringing to you 30-second snippets of Nigerian emcee MCskill ThaPreacha's upcoming album, 'Diary Of A Supernatural' - 12.16.


VannDigital.com Presents The D.I.T.C. Episode

With the recent reunion of the Diggin' In The Crates Crew (minus Big L, who was murdered back in 1999), The DigiSpot decided to dedicate this week's episode to the now-septet. With the reunion came their recent album, 'S

VannDigital.com Presents The ATCQ Episode

With all the news surrounding the recent reunion of A Tribe Called Quest (minus Phife Dawg, who passed away earlier this year), The DigiSpot decided to dedicate this week's episode to the now-trio. With the reunion came

VannDigital.com Presents The Str8Buttah Episode

Str8Buttah is an African Hip-Hop Collective (with Str8Buttah Productions being the record label)--currently comprised of Mister Rae, Teck-Zilla, XYZ, R-Cube, Enigma, Deck The Nexus, Maka, & Phlow--that have been longtime

VannDigital.com Presents The Kanye Beats Episode

He might be more known as a rapper/Kardashian than anything else as of 2016, but most people forget that Kanye West got his start in the music industry as a producer that would later become Jay-Z's go-to guy during their

VannDigital.com Presents The J Dilla Episode

For the third episode of "VannDigital.com Presents", I present to you a mix of some of my favorite jawns of all time as well as jawns you more than likely haven't heard (produced & performed) from one of my favorite rapp


VannDigital.com Presents The Bone vs. CruCon Episode

Inspired by a past episode of "The Hip Hop Digest Show" which later turned into a discussion on social media, The DigiSpot brings to you a new episode of "VannDigital.com Presents" titled "The Bone vs. CruCon Episode". T


VannDigital.com Presents The DV The Bossman Episode

The DigiSpot brings to you "VannDigital.com Presents", a new music project containing various uncensored mixes in the Hip-Hop and R&B genre which will run every Tuesday. This episode premiere comes to you courtesy of me,