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Ash & JR discuss music, sports, culture, life experiences and everything in between. Monday's at 9pm CPT.

Ash & JR discuss music, sports, culture, life experiences and everything in between. Monday's at 9pm CPT.
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Ash & JR discuss music, sports, culture, life experiences and everything in between. Monday's at 9pm CPT.






Episode 89 | Mono

This week compare and contrast white privilege vs black oppression. We also discuss if transgender people are in fact zombies and of course we talk about the new Post Malone album. This and much more! Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 88 | Two-Kay

This week we discuss the NFL season that is about to begin and our early predictions for the super bowl. We also discuss if women should buy their man 2K and which price point should be purchased. We also chime in on Nicki Minaj’s abrupt retirement and what we think of it. This and much more! Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti_ Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 87 | Circle of Life

This week we break down the DMX challenge and we get to the bottom of one of the most complicated questions? “What do these bitches want from a nigga?” We also talk about the Dave Chappelle stand up, the VMA’s and if Newark’s water problem can get fixed. This and much more! Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti_ Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 86 | Death & Taxes (Smashin’ for your Rations)

This week the band is back together, and we discuss Kanye West’s leaked Yandhi album along with the tracklist. We give our takes on Jay-Z and Jeffrey Epstein. Finally we discuss if sex workers should pay taxes or register as an LLC? This and much much more. Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti_ Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 85 | Sco Pa Tu Ma Naa w/ @iamshanetimberlake

This week we have @iamshanetimberlake on the show and we discuss Fatherhood, Jeffrey Epstein, whether or not Jay-Z is right or wrong for signing up to work with the EN-EFF-EL and finally is pineapple pizza nasty? This and so much more. Follow us @vagabondspodcast Shane | @iamshanetimberlake Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 84 | Top 50

You know we had to give out our Top 50. And you won’t believe who we have ranked.. Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 83 | Easily Distracted w/ Nizz Sentine

Easily Distracted OUT NOW. Our guest this week @nizz_sentine discusses everything under the sun, from married life to dad life, to the creation of Nissan Raps and his hate for Jaheim. We play a few tracks from the new project and gain insight on his inspirations and much more.


Episode 82 | Crouching Tiger, Pissing Dragon

This week we break down the Drake album Care Package, Chance the Rapper’s album The Big Day and Ybn Cordae’s album The Lost Boy. We also give our opinion about the two mass shootings that happened in the span of 24 hours. Finally we give our insight of the Democratic Debate. This and much much more. Follow us | @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti_ Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 81 | McFeely

This week we take a second to celebrate Ash’s birthday! And of course we get right to the shits. We break down the new trailer for the Mister Rogers film. We’ve come to a top 5 list of how potentially Mister Rogers would be a pedophile. We also come with a list of the top 5 people who be the most sad to find out that they did some nasty shit. This and much much more! Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 80 | Womb Raider

This week we talk about ig and it’s new algorithms and the face app. Some of us were lucky enough to refrain from giving up our rights unbeknownst to us. Like who actually reads the fine print anyway?! Also we break down a Florida man heckling a 9 month pregnant woman at a Publix. And we discuss the Eric Gardner aftermath and Tie it in with if Taking a knee was even worth it in the long run? This and much much more! Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd @ fastfetti_ Ash @unofficialmayor


Episode 79 | pick “IT” up

This week we discuss the bagel boss incident and whether or not he is truly the modern day MLK. We also discuss our preferences of height for women. Is going to Area 51 a good idea to see aliens or should we mind our business? Finally why are we so consumed with ASAP rocky and not nearly as focused on what’s going on at the border with these migrants being forced to drink toilet water? This and much much more. Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti_ Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 78 | Niggarella

This week we try and cover all bases. New music, all NBA trades, Ash’s Orlando trip, the ice cream challenge and much much more. We delve into if mermaids are all white and remind ppl that brandy played Cinderella back in the late 90s.. but why are we outraged now? Racism is in full effect and we are not sorry for calling out the bullshit. If you’re easily offended I suggest you don’t even bother. Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti_ Ash | @unofficialmayor


Episode 77 | Bochinche

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Episode 76 | Booty Warriors

This week we break down the top 5 nastiest niggas of all time, we filled a whole basketball roster with bench players, coaches and staff of ppl you wouldn’t want to leave your kids or significant other with. We have the Mount Rushmore of nasty niggas. We also discuss jersey mikes vs subway and how Lenny Dyksyra threw away his teeth. We finally discuss if lavar ball went too far with his comments on ESPN. We hope to offend this week so don’t get in your feelings lol. Follow us...


Episode 75 | Tummic

Happy Fathers Day! This week we celebrate all of the deadbeat fathers and give you the keys to successfully claim your unwanted kids for tax season! We also chime in on the big papi hit that was put out on him, the nba finals and if the lakers are now the team to beat in the western conference? We also talk about sex work being legal in New York State, if it becomes legalized, can we all agree that buying all fathers a blow job for Father’s Day is the only acceptable gift? Follow us...


Episode 74 | It’s above me now

This week we discuss the various stories that are going on in the world with racism, bigotry and hate crimes. From white patrons calling a black man a nigger over the phone to two lesbians getting assaulted for their sexual orientation we give out honest opinion of what we feel and we add our personal stories of when we had overt racism against us. Also we talk about the NBA finals predictions and where Floyd should go to on vacation. Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd | @fastfetti_ Ash |...


Episode 73 | Grown People Cooties

On a slow news week we try and find topics that may create controversy lol. For example is there a “Gay Cure” well according to the president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte there is! He was Gay before but he cured himself.. We also discuss the new Jim Jones album and if it’s his best album ever. We also break down the ideology of “providing” when it pertains to a man and a woman. Finally we send out deepest condolences to the men and women who were killed in a senseless act of violence...


Episode 72 | Em-Dee-Double U

No Days Off! This week we discuss the busy week that was, a lot of industry events, a lot of shenanigans and of course a lot of bullshit. From Da Baby putting a heckling fan to sleep to J Cole being a theif?! Logic and Joyner seem to have ended their beef and finally are men supposed to pay for EVERYTHING when it comes their significant other?! OR.. do these bitches want to play the equality card when it’s only beneficial to them?! Rate | Comment | Subscribe Follow us @vagabondspodcast Floyd...


Episode 71 | Dragged and Drugged

Sweet Home Alabama!!!!! We’re back after a two week hiatus. Ash had to handle some stuff in Orlando while Floyd was in Tampa. We discuss briefly how our time away from home went and we quickly get to the shits. We give an honest opinion on the whole abortion law that’s passed in Alabama and how Missouri quickly followed suit. We finally discuss music lol (who knew this is actually a music podcast) and finally we give our predictions for the rest of the NBA playoffs. Follow us |...


Episode 70 | Sandusky on the lips

This week we discuss Kate Moss.. I mean Kate Smith having her statue taken down in Pittsburgh because cancel culture decided to do some digging and found out that she was hella racist. We break down some of her lyrics from her song “that’s why darkies were born.” We also discuss if Kanye is wrong for selling church clothes and why is he given a problem while we praise Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God. Finally we talk about the Boy Scouts of America and why we think it’s a child prostitution...