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John and Jason are vinyl collectors, crate diggers, and music lovers. Each episode they share stories of vinyl discoveries, pressing details and record lore. Featuring guests who share their musical passion and beyond. It's a vinyl gold rush - stake your claim!

John and Jason are vinyl collectors, crate diggers, and music lovers. Each episode they share stories of vinyl discoveries, pressing details and record lore. Featuring guests who share their musical passion and beyond. It's a vinyl gold rush - stake your claim!


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John and Jason are vinyl collectors, crate diggers, and music lovers. Each episode they share stories of vinyl discoveries, pressing details and record lore. Featuring guests who share their musical passion and beyond. It's a vinyl gold rush - stake your claim!






Vinyl Ventures #34 - A Talk with Nick Light-SVP of Artist Development & Touring for RCA Records-Sony Music

As the AC/DC song goes - It's a Long Way to the Top if Wanna Rock and Roll. Vinyl Ventures had a chance to sit down with Nick Light, (a record company executive) and learn how he got to the top. One day out of High School his career started as a roadie at the Ritz (now Webster's Hall). With some connections in the industry, Nick moved to California and started working his way through the record business. It was a circuitous route, but along the way he developed lasting relationships and...


Vinyl Ventures #33 - Essential Albums 4: A New Hope

You asked for it, you get it; another essential albums show. Listing 100 essential albums each is no small task, and on this 4th installment, the guys right the ship. After doing only 9 albums each on the last Essential Albums show they take this show to 11! Tune in and get your groove on.


Vinyl Ventures #32 - Deep Disc Dive into David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

On the second (long overdue) 3D episode, we dive into an epic (and of course) essential album by the thin white duke. We re-enlist the assistance of our "Fifth Beatle" Bill Hayse. Not sure where the other two members are coming from, but you get it. Bill is our third team member and his research on these 3D episodes is invaluable. Until the release of Ziggy, Bowie's releases had not had tremendous success. David had even explored being a mime, and was influenced, in a way, by Bob Dylan's...


Vinyl Ventures #31 - Essential Albums 3: The Return of the King

In a their continued quest to name 100 essential albums the Vinyl Ventures crew list another number nine, number nine, albums each. Since the guys are not putting albums in order, each show list will contain some big hitters in the music world. Lists tend to favor the list makers taste, and The Return of the king is no different. The guys have some top notch releases on the show, enjoy.


Vinyl Ventures #30 - 1972, new releases from the Stones, Elton John and Pink Floyd.

1972, a 50 year celebration. How many albums do Jay and John have from 1972...a lot. It was a great year for music. America had settled into the 1970s after the decade of change the 1960s. Music changed from pop, Motown sing along songs to Heavy Metal, Progressive, Experimental and Singer Song Writers.


Vinyl Ventures #29 - A Vinyl Celebration

Tis' the season as the saying goes. Tis' the season to celebrate. To close out the year the guys thought it would be a good time to celebrate vinyl. Not just an ordinary celebration but a celebration of vinyl that puts a smile on our face or celebrates a specific day or event. Like any Vinyl Ventures episode the guys have fun with this list and discuss a bunch of vinyl they have not talked about in previous episodes. Let's celebrate!


Vinyl Ventures #28 - Essential Albums 2: Electric Boogaloo

What is essential? The actual definition is "absolutely necessary; extremely important." It really means something different to each of us. Just as each album holds a special meaning to every one of us. The guys add to the essential albums list with another 10 picks each. This list gets deeper into the collection for the guys and highlights another 20 amazing albums.


Vinyl Ventures #27 - Jukeboxes and 45rpm records w/ Steve Hoff

Vinyl Ventures usually focuses on albums. On this episode a guest, Steve Hoff, who collects and restores jukeboxes educates the guys on the uncharted waters of the wonderful world of jukeboxes and the 45s. Steve started out listening to 45s and a jukebox was the next step in his vinyl journey. We thought we knew a lot about vinyl, a whole new chapter is opened in front of us digging into the roots of the vinyl craze.


Vinyl Ventures #26 - Essential Albums (Part 1)

What is an essential album? How many albums are essential? Some may argue every album you own is essential, while others will say no that list can only be 20 essential albums. John and Jay begin this list with 10 essential albums each. Every definition of essential is different and for each collector the list will be different. Vinyl Ventures loves lists and this kicks off what we hope will be a great discussion and an on-going series.


Vinyl Ventures #25 - Record Store Day(s) & hidden messages on album covers

Karma records, store manager Doug Bauerle pulls back the curtain and talks about the business behind RSD. The conversation moves to what record collectors and watchers want to see released on RSD and possibilities for the next RSD Black Friday. In a deep thought moment the talk moves to hidden messages on album covers. Doug is our first return guest on VV (and yes, there is KISS talk). Get your groove on.


Vinyl Ventures #24 - Pat Hurley, the Music Man.

Music changed Pat's life and sent him on a trajectory as working musician. He worked the music circuit to New York in the 1970s, then to Nashville then back home to Cincinnati. After over a decade in the business Pat had a decision to make…then a chance meeting and fate took over and steered him down a different path to continue making music. Along the way he never stopped loving music and buying vinyl. And best of all, he still has all of those relics today.


Vinyl Ventures #23 - Fantastic Freshman Favorites! The Best First Albums.

In episode #13, we covered Sophomore albums but skipped over the obvious; Fantastic Freshman Favorites. In prepping for this show, our minds were blown realizing how many great first albums we own. Dig into your collection and you'll discover how many artists delivered essential albums on their first outing. We know we missed some, and would love to hear what you think. Get Your Groove On!


Vinyl Ventures #22 - Soundtracks, a crossover show with our friends on the RutPOP Podcast!

To keep things interesting and new for 2021, this episode is a crossover/collaboration with our friends at the RutPOP podcast. We team up with Zach and Brandon to talk formative soundtracks, scores (and the difference), big influences and everything else in-between. So many great little time.


Vinyl Ventures #21 - Shayne Hiles, Audiophile and Record Dealer - maybe Japanese pressings aren't so great? (And other controversies.)

We're taking the show on the road to the Derby City Music Expo in Louisville, KY to sit down with Shayne Hiles, graphic designer, audiophile, and record dealer/collector. We enter uncharted territory, questioning the quality of sought-after Japanese vinyl pressings. Shayne shares his vinyl journey and delights us with many stories about collecting and dealing records. Join us on our first Road Show to the Derby City...we just may find some gems.


Vinyl Ventures #20 - Tony Philputt, owner of Second Time Around Records in Broad Ripple...the stories never stop.

Tony Philputt, an Indianapolis original Punk guy, record store owner, Hollywood actor, musician (yep, he is a drummer, but don't hold that against him) and tournament champ on the cussing circuit, dropping more F-bombs than Richard Pryor when his hair was on fire. Lots of stories; everything from buying a Sex Pistols picture disc 45 in NY to opening for the Replacements. Tune in and drop out.


Vinyl Ventures #19 - Kit Haymond - musician, music lover and vinyl collector of all things from classic country to punk.

Vinyl Ventures #19 - Kit Haymond - record collector, musician, and music lover, delights the guys with stories from playing around the U.S., meeting fabled musicians and amazing vinyl finds. From one-of-a-kind rarities to well-known classics, Kit takes us on a journey from Punk to classic country and everything in-between.


Vinyl Ventures #18 - Pandemic record store discoveries

Vinyl Ventures #18 - Season #2 kicks off with John and Jay talking about some of the best finds in 2020 at record stores. Record stores are the lifeblood of Vinyl Ventures...that is the reason the show exists. This year the boys plan to branch out more to record stores throughout the state of Indiana and the Midwest.


Vinyl Ventures #17 - WISH-TV's Indy Style host Tracy Forner, talks records, concerts and more!

Vinyl Ventures #17 - WISH-TV Indy Style host Tracy Forner talks growing up in Michigan, the disadvantages for a vertical person at concerts and the art of collecting vinyl. An art, (okay addiction/sickness), he hopes to pass along to his children.


Vinyl Ventures #16 - Indianapolis comedy legends Dave Dugan and Whitney Grayson talk vinyl.

Indianapolis comedy legends Dave Dugan and Whitney Grayson talk vinyl and the long lost art of the deep listen. Going through Rolling Stones 500 best albums of all time and listening to every album.


Vinyl Ventures #15 - Rudy Sarzo! Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, Whitesnake, Dio and more!

Rudy Sarzo shares his amazing journey from a Cuban refugee at 10, to a beloved and legendary rock musician the world over. From Ozzy and Randy Rhoads, to Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult, The Guess Who and beyond. It's an inspiring story of a rock & roll life lived to the fullest-the right way.