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Gloves-off, hands-on conversations with some of the world’s best musicians. The podcast captures the essence of Latin music culture and the stories behind the music. Hosted by Joey De Leon and Jhair Sala, with guests such as Peter Michael Escovedo, Damon Grant, Ron Powell, and more.

Gloves-off, hands-on conversations with some of the world’s best musicians. The podcast captures the essence of Latin music culture and the stories behind the music. Hosted by Joey De Leon and Jhair Sala, with guests such as Peter Michael Escovedo, Damon Grant, Ron Powell, and more.


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Gloves-off, hands-on conversations with some of the world’s best musicians. The podcast captures the essence of Latin music culture and the stories behind the music. Hosted by Joey De Leon and Jhair Sala, with guests such as Peter Michael Escovedo, Damon Grant, Ron Powell, and more.




051 - Drummer & Percussionist, Scott Pellegrom

Percussionist and clinician Scott Pellegrom had his first set of drumsticks in hand before he could even walk. Growing up on a farm in Michigan, Pellegrom spent much of his childhood practicing the drums. In this conversation with We Are Rhythm host Jhair Sala, Pellegrom talks about the teacher that opened his mind to the possibilities of a musical career, how his life and working process has changed due to the pandemic, and the thrill that comes with doing clinics all around the world.


050 - Percussionist João Caetano

João Caetano was born and raised in Macao, a Portuguese colony in China, in a musical household. In this episode of We Are Rhythm, Caetano talks to host Jhair Sala about the cultural influences of his upbringing, the value of musical and artistic careers, and what inspired him to love percussion.


049 - Percussionist Fausto Cuevas III

Percussionist Fausto Cuevas III joins host Jhair Sala in this episode of We Are Rhythm. Cuevas talks about leaving his hometown in Texas to attend Berklee in Boston, how to keep positive during the uncertainness of the pandemic, and how he got gigs working with artists ranging from Britney Spears to Stevie Wonder.


048 - Drummer Tony Escapa

Drums have always came naturally to Tony Escapa, who was born and raised in a musical family in Puerto Rico. In this interview with We Are Rhythm host Jhair Sala, Escapa talks about taking gigs in Orlando from a young age, how he developed a passion for his heritage and Latin music, and his experience at Berklee. Escapa has been the drummer for Ricky Martin for over 15 years.


047 - Percussionists Richie and Roland Garcia

This episode of We Are Rhythm features father and son percussionists, Richie and Roland Garcia. Richie, who was born in New York City and moved to Puerto Rico as a child, talks about how he developed new methods of playing, bringing that information across the world through clinics and videos, and what projects he is working on now. Roland, who plays percussion on Dancing with the Stars, shares some of the lessons he’s learned from his father, the challenges of being TV performances, and...


046 - Percussionist Iúri Oliveira

Iúri Oliveira never intended to become a percussionist. Though he was drawn to the drums from a young age, Oliveira describes his entry into the profession as an “accident.” In this interview with Jhair Sala, the Portugal-born percussionist talks about his great teachers, the opportunities that led him to become a full-time musician, and he how ended up becoming a representative for LP.


045 - Drummer and Producer Victor Indrizzo

In this episode of We Are Rhythm, Joey sits down with drummer and producer Victor Indrizzo. Indrizzo, who moved from New York to Los Angeles at the age of 10, got his love of music from his mother. He talks to Joey about what drew him to the drums, the success that came from never giving up on his dream, and the projects he is working on now.


044 - Percussionist Adam Manning

Adam Manning was born in Newcastle, Australia, a town he says is “known for music-making,” so it’s no surprise he found an early love for drums and congas. Manning talks to We Are Rhythm host Jhair Sala about broadening his musical opportunities in high school, discovering his passions in percussion, and musicians he’s worked with. Currently Manning is focusing on his teaching career and writing compositions.


043 - Percussionist Brian Kilgore

One of the earliest lessons Brian Kilgore learned as a percussionist was the value of a diverse skillset - and his resume shows it. In this episode of We Are Rhythm, Kilgore sits down with Joey to talk about his entry into drumming, the bands and musicians that helped ignite his musical passion, the path he took to achieve his dream of working in movies, and the legends he has worked with, like John Williams.


042 - Drummer and Percussionist Demian Arriaga

Demian Arriaga grew up in a family “obsessed” with music. In this episode of We Are Rhythm, the Venezuela-born percussionist talks about how he got into drums, making the move from Venezuela to Massachusetts, refusing to give up after rejection, and getting the gig with the Jonas Brothers. In his time off touring, Arriaga is staying present by teaching, writing, and streaming his music.


041 - Percussionist and Composer Marcelo Woloski

Argentinian percussionist and composer Marcelo Woloski grew up in a family of musical hobbyists. Despite caution from others, he decided to be the first in his family to pursue music professionally. Woloski studied at a satellite school for Berklee in Argentina before moving to New York. He talks about the struggles and successes of moving, the groups he has worked and toured with, and his most recent plans and projects in this episode of We Are Rhythm.


040 - Percussionist, Efrain Toro

Self-described as “not a musician,” percussionist Efrain Toro has a unique mind for music. Born in Puerto Rico to a family of engineers, Toro talks to LP We Are Rhythm host Jhair Sala about his scientific mind and the perspective that gives him on playing and manufacturing instruments. Toro also talks about his passion for the cajon, a lifelong love for surfing, and the books he has written to share his knowledge with others.


039 - Percussionist Ray Yslas

The youngest of seven kids, Ray Yslas grew up with music always playing in the house. In this episode, he talks about the progression of his career starting from taking drum lessons as a teenager to scoring his dream gig as percussionist for rock band Chicago. Along the way, he has toured and performed with a long list of major artists such as Christin Aguilera, The Backstreet Boys, Stevie Wonder, and more.


038 - Percussionist Henry Cole

Born in Puerto Rico, percussionist Henry Cole was the only musician in his high school, but he never had a “plan B.” He later moved to Boston and started making the connections that led to touring and gigs with artists who expanded his musical interests. Cole talks about the skills that helped him grow as a drummer, the life circumstances that took him back to Puerto Rico, and the future of his music in this episode of We Are Rhythm.


036 - Percussionist Paulo Stagnaro

Two-time Grammy-Award winning percussionist Paulo Stagnaro grew up around Boston in a home that was always full of music. In this episode of We Are Rhythm, Stagnaro talks about how the industry has changed from his parent's generation to his own, the values he’s learned through his experiences touring, and the biggest musical influences on his style. He also shares the story behind his online percussion lessons website, CongaChops.com, and what he hopes to accomplish with it.


035 - Antonio Sanchez: Drummer and Composer

Born in Mexico City, Antonio Sanchez grew up surrounded by theater and film, but it was drums that “floored him” at the young age of 5. In this interview, Sanchez talks about how his education brought him to the United States and Berkley. There, he made the connections that led to his partnership with jazz guitarist Pat Metheny, touring opportunities, and composing the soundtrack of the film Birdman.


034 - Famed Percussionist and Recording Artist, Pete Lockett

Pete Lockett got a late start in music, not picking up the drums until age 19, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of percussion’s greats. From his upbringing in Portsmouth, England to his many tours in India, Lockett has taken has craft all over the world. He talks about this versatility and open mind being one of his greatest strengths as a drummer, his recent projects and collaborations, and much more in the latest episode of We Are Rhythm.


033 - Drummer and Producer Daru Jones

From his early beginnings in church to becoming the go-to guy for artists across the industry, Daru Jones recounts his musical career in this episode of We Are Rhythm. Jones talks about being self-taught, his journey to discover his own identity as a musician, and the countless partnerships he’s formed over the years. He also talks about what he’s doing to take advantage of the extra creative time he's had during the pandemic and how he’s staying positive despite the unknown.


032 - Percussionist and Composer Darryl Munyungo Jackson

A Los Angeles native, Darryl Munyungo Jackson was surrounded by music from a young age. Influenced by his musically diverse family, in high school he began to discover a love for swing and Latin jazz. Saving up money from his newspaper delivery job, Munyungo Jackson bought his first pair of timbales. In this interview, he talks about how this early purchase led to his first paid gig, travel all around the world, and working with legends such as Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder.


031 - Percussionist and Cajon Expert Diego Alvarez

Born into a singing family in Venezuela, over the years percussionist Diego Alvarez has developed a mastery of the cajon. In this episode of We Are Rhythm, he talks about getting the gift of music from his mother, deciding to move to Spain at age 18 to develop his craft, and his new life in Los Angeles.