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This podcast is about music, motivation, and mindfulness. Host Wes Hoffman interviews musicians, entrepreneurs, and social media influences to get their take on the music businesses, higher consciousness, spirituality, and more.

This podcast is about music, motivation, and mindfulness. Host Wes Hoffman interviews musicians, entrepreneurs, and social media influences to get their take on the music businesses, higher consciousness, spirituality, and more.
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This podcast is about music, motivation, and mindfulness. Host Wes Hoffman interviews musicians, entrepreneurs, and social media influences to get their take on the music businesses, higher consciousness, spirituality, and more.




Rants + Reflections: Giving and Receiving

Life is an infinite cycle of giving and receiving.


Rants + Reflections: Unlearning

Sharing more about how the process of unlearning works and how to practice it.


Episode #187: Peter Vriones of Keep Flying

Peter is a sports enthusiast, super positive dude, all around good guy, Dunkin' enthusiast and the drummer for phenomenal, high-energy punk band, Keep Flying. We talk music, sports, touring, our favorite quick-service food joints and more. Follow Peter on Instagram @shitgreekperson and on twitter @peterwakawaka. And also make sure to follow @keepflyingband. Thanks so much Peter!!! <3


Rants + Reflections: Subconscious Roots

Spending some time talking about the root of the problem.


Rants + Reflections: Regaining Clarity

I'm back after a several-week absence. Sharing a few lessons I've learne and some upcoming events! Thanks for listening!


Episode #186: Pride with Erick Endres

Erick and I have been internet friends for a couple of years now. Erick's story went viral not too long ago and he shares his experience on coming out. We laugh, cry, and talk about being an empath and the modern view of masculinity. This is Pride month. Remember to be open-minded and just love the people around you. As Erick says on this podcast, "It doesn't matter who you love, just love hard." Thanks so much Erick, I love you to the moon and back! Follow Erick online @erickend


Rants + Reflections: Working Through the Fog

Continuing through the Rants and Reflections series. Learning to look for the lessons when your vision of the future doesn't seem so clear.


Episode #185: Sarah Crowe

Sarah Crowe is a new friend of mine. I've been following her on Instagram for a while, and really liked the stuff she posted about, so decided to do a conversation/interview. This is what I love about podcasting, it's such an awesome way to connect with new people. Sarah is definitely a kindred spirit and has a lot of irons in the fire including fitness bootcamps, a clothing boutique, being a hair stylist, and way more. We talk about self-improvement, keeping a positive attitude, loving what...


Episode #184: Awakening with DK

David Ketcherside (DK) is a good friend of mine who I met a little over a year ago. We connected over conversations of spirituality, masculinity, Law of Attraction and more. We've helped each other out in many different ways and decided to take some of these conversations to podcast form. If you'd like to get involved, look up DK's Facebook group "AwakenSTL"


Episode #183: Chris Mollet of Youth Energy and Dog Years Records

Chris Mollet is a punk and hardcore music enthusiast, graphic designer, and record label founder. We talk about his career path into graphic design, starting Dog Years Records, and much more. Follow him online @youthxenergy or visit his website youthenergydesigns.com


Episode #182: Stacey Dee of Bad Cop, Bad Cop

I had the most positive, uplifting conversation with Stacey Dee a couple of days ago. We met in 2017 when her band Bad Cop, Bad Cop was on Warped Tour. Stacey shares her story and how she overcame addictions, health troubles, and how she changed her perspective to become the positive, loving, caring person she is today. This is a fantastic episode and I can't thank Stacey and Vanessa at Fat Wreck Chords enough for making it happen. Make sure to follow Stacey on Instagram @staceysrad and Bad...


Episode #181: Past Life Regression and Healing with Nicole from Love Light + Candles

A couple of months ago, I received a candle from Love Light and Candles, an account I follow on Instagram. I became friends with Nicole, one of the partners, and we began messaging. So I decided to have Nicole as a guest on my podcast to share her story and passion. We shared a lot of laughs, fun stories, and Nicole shares a bit about her healing and past life regression. Make sure to follow @lovelightandcandles on Instagram. Thank you Nicole!


Episode #180: Chris Conley of Saves The Day

I'm truly grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with Chris Conley of Saves the Day. We talked at length about meditation, mindfulness, being an empath, and a little about the recent Saves the Day album and upcoming tour. Make sure to check out some of the books Chris recommended "A Path With Heart" by Jack Kornfield, "Breathe You're Alive" by Thich Naht Hahn, and "Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell. Follow Chris on Instagram and Twitter @chrislaneconley and follow @savestheday. Thanks...


Rants + Reflections: Living in Alignment

Sharing some thoughts and ideas on living in alignment with your higher self and true purpose.


Episode #179: Monique Powell of Save Ferris

Monique Powell is the driving, creative force behind Save Ferris. We had an amazing conversation about what's next for the band, mental health awareness and maintenance, healthy artistic hobbies, and much more. If you'd like to follow Monique, you can find her on Instagram @moniquepowell1 and follow Save Ferris @saveferrisofficialband on Instagram and @SaveFerris_1 on twitter. Look for a new Save Ferris album out later this year! Thank you so much Monique!


Episode #178: Conscious Masculinity with Chris Rupsa

Chris is a friend I met on Instagram. We had a great conversation about spiritual awakening, veganism/vegetarianism, punk rock, and mostly redefining masculinity in the modern world. Chris has a blog and website you can visit at manreconstructed.com and follow him on Instagram @chrisrupsa. Thanks so much Chris!


Rants + Reflections: New Moon and Law of Attraction

Sharing a song I wrote called "New Moon" and going deeper into practicing Law of Attraction. If you like this song, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks so much!


Rants + Reflections: Processing "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself"

A voice memo about reading the book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", but Dr. Joe Dispenza and sharing a bit about spirituality and consciousness expansion.


Episode #177: Positive Vibes with Bob Stik at Bob Evans

Bob Stik and I met a couple of years ago at a guided meditation at a Unity Church in the suburbs of St. Louis. Since then, Bob and I meet up for coffee or breakfast periodically, and we've cultivated a good friendship. Bob is one of the most positive, pure, cheerful, friendly, and exuberant people I know. I enjoy our times together so much, that I decided to record a little bit of our conversation and post it here. Also, if you know me, I like to make up little songs about people, so on this...


Episode #176: Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole

Dennis is the mastermind behind the punk rock band Ten Foot Pole. We talk about his time with the band in the 90s and early 2000s, and how his career shifted to audio engineering. Then, we get into where the band is at now, their upcoming full length album, and US tour. Dennis also shared with me a few snippets of songs off their new album that you'll hear in the intro and at the very end of the episode. Look for them on tour in your city and in St. Louis on June 2nd at Fubar. For more on...