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Welcome to the Wilde Musicians Podcast! Every Wednesday we talk to independent artists in the music industry about their craft, business and lifestyle. Hosted by singer-songwriter, Cha Wilde. You can watch episodes on YouTube. Each episode has its own blog post full of photos, quotes and links to everything/everyone we mention. Please send us message, we'd LOVE to hear from you!

Welcome to the Wilde Musicians Podcast! Every Wednesday we talk to independent artists in the music industry about their craft, business and lifestyle. Hosted by singer-songwriter, Cha Wilde. You can watch episodes on YouTube. Each episode has its own blog post full of photos, quotes and links to everything/everyone we mention. Please send us message, we'd LOVE to hear from you!
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Welcome to the Wilde Musicians Podcast! Every Wednesday we talk to independent artists in the music industry about their craft, business and lifestyle. Hosted by singer-songwriter, Cha Wilde. You can watch episodes on YouTube. Each episode has its own blog post full of photos, quotes and links to everything/everyone we mention. Please send us message, we'd LOVE to hear from you!






21: You’re Not Going to Accomplish Anything Great on your Own with Justin Blaney

You’re not going to accomplish anything great on your own. We are a tribe and we innately desire to help other people in our tribe. Justin Blaney used to write songs in Nashville and now he is cultivating community for artists in Seattle by hosting rooftop parties and co-working opportunities. His life revolves around creating opportunities for artists to connect and rise to the next level. His current life mission is to find out just how great life can be. Justin and I met a couple years...


20: You Need Community If You’re Going to Survive in the Music Industry with Wonder

Wonder is a singer-songwriter and she tours with her guitar, living out of her Prius and relying on the community she has built with other artists in different cities for places to sleep, survive and grow. We talked about why she has grown her music business slowly over time, the value of paying artists actual money for their performances, the courage it takes to leave jobs and relationships so you can take care of yourself and act on your dreams and the moments that we realize what those...


19: Music is Medicine and It’s All About The Crowd with Gabriel Wolfchild

Gabriel Wolfchild is the lead singer and guitarist for the band Wolfchild. He began as a visual artist, but after experiencing the Rainbow Gathering, a huge gathering of people and artists in a national forest, he realized he needed to make music. Wolfchild describes the band’s genre as cinematic dream folk, and goes into more detail about what that entails. He is a big believer that music is medicine and it’s his job to share his music and stories, so that he can heal someone. Music to him...


18: Music Can Literally Save Lives with Scott Langdon

Scott Langdon was in music school and he realized that he was surrounded by people who had never actually learned to play music or love music and so he “got the fuck out of that.” Now he’s living in Seattle playing drums in multiple bands and teaching music lessons. I showed up on Scott’s porch as he was stepping out of the shower. His home is full of music posters and instruments. All his roommates are musicians and the entire basement is a devoted music practice space. Their cat is named...


17: You’re Responsible for Sharing Your Dark Art with Arthur James

Arthur James is known in Seattle for the value he places on community and collaboration with other artists in the music industry. His solo music explores the feelings and philosophy of the darkness that surrounds our existence and he’s a cofounder of he band Lyle where collaboration between many instruments and their players reigns supreme. Despite the fact he despises recording, performing, and even himself at times, he finds joy in songwriting and strongly believes in his responsibility to...


16: Singing About Death, Gay Stuff and Women with Lindsay White

“It’s not a Lindsay White show unless I’ve talked about dead people, gay people, and women.” Lindsay White is a singer-songwriter from San Diego. She grew up in a religious home and faced huge relationship challenges with her family after she discovered she was gay and divorced her husband. She’s lost many people in her life, including her mother who died of brain cancer. Lindsay is a voice of acceptance; using her music to heal through grief, empowering women to advocate for themselves,...


15: If People Aren’t Listening, Your Music Isn’t Good Enough with DB Stewart

This is a business. To make money as a musician, your artwork needs to captivate people so they’re compelled to listen and spend money, your business tactics need to be innovative, and you have to be willing to navigate insecurity, perfectionism and feedback. Watch on Youtube https://youtu.be/gqjfZ2pjtkw View full blog post with photos, best quotes & mentions: https://chawilde.com/blog/15-if-people-arent-listening-your-music-isnt-good-enough-with-db-stewart FOLLOW DB STEWART Website...


14: Music Will Heal Your Freakin’ Beautiful Self with La Fonda

These sassy warm-hearted sisters left toxic relationships and started a band to nourish their souls with creativity, heal their wounds through songwriting, speak their truth to inspire others, and commit to life choices that make them feel beautiful and alive. Valeria & Veronica started playing music in their living room, started performing at Pike Place Market and now you can see them performing in venues & festivals with their indie dream pop band, La Fonda. Full Blog:...


13: Drums are for Everybody with Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas is a Seattle based drummer, singer, front woman, stone-cold hustler and sparkle wearer who has toured the country with multiple bands. We recorded her interview in her basement in West Seattle, surrounded by musical instruments. We talked about the exciting of playing in a new city every day and the best way to handle tour buses breaking down, the importance of being a woman in the music playing drums, a powerful instrument that many girls shy away from or are dis-encouraged...


12: You don’t have to be a mathematician OR an artist (you can do both!) with Tobias the Owl

Elijah (a.k.a. Tobias the Owl) is originally from Morocco though he grew up in Canada and has lived in Seattle since 2015, working as a medical physicist, professor, and musician (his secret-identity that he dons when not reading MRIs). He writes songs inspired by physics and his journey as a leukemia survivor. A lot of the songs on his newest album are about The Black Hole Theory War which has us asking questions like “Are We Infinite Beings or Are We Infinitesimal?” Many of his songs are...


11: You Have to be Active in the Music Scene if You Want to Play in Lots of Bands with Leah T

I walked into Leah T’s house in West Seattle and fell in love. This girl hand-painted all her furniture teal, she’s hauled a beautiful old piano in the living room, there are plants and guitars hanging on the wall, beers chillin’ outside the front door, a view of the city through the window, and a throw pillow that said “Dwight, you ignorant slut.” — “So when do I move in?” was my first thought. ;P Leah T plays piano / keyboard professionally in multiple bands in Seattle. She also has her...


10: I Have a New Confidence I Never Had Before with Bug Hunter

A computer engineer by day, Bug Hunter gained his confidence to perform music by playing Taylor Swift songs for drunk people in an alleyway outside of a bar at 11 pm; a place where he could suck and no one would notice. Through open mics, he quickly fell in love with the Seattle music scene community and now that his music is available online, his honest songs are connecting with people worldwide. For this episode, Bug invites us into his kitchen for a glass of water, we’re surrounded by...


9: Focus On the Art Because That’s What It’s Really About with ZKRY

ZKRY takes me straight to his piano when I walk into his apartment and he’s excited to show me the new music he’s been working on this morning. His place is full of his instruments and paintings. He’s the first electronic artist I’m interviewing for this podcast. We sit on his couch and dive straight into a nerdy conversation about his passion for music that started as a kid when he would go to music shops, hotels and bars just to get his hands on a piano. He went on to study business and...


8: When You Sing the Word Condom on a Cruise Ship with Emily McVicker and Chris Jordan

When you sing the word “condom” on a cruise ship, heads will turn. Emily McVicker and Chris Jordan met as performing musicians on a cruise ship and they now perform as a live looping band (Octomalien) in the Seattle scene. Just us for this comfy episode as we sit crisscross on their living room floor surrounded by instruments and talk about cruise ship life, songwriting at 4 am, the benefits of studying competitive piano performance, and how to write catchy songs about baby mermaids and...


7: I Realized There’s a “Fuck It” Adjustment That Comes with Being a Musician with Katie Kuffel

When Katie Kuffel sings, my jaw drops…every time. She started writing songs in high school to release angst and since 2013 or so she’s been mastering the hustle, running her fully-time music business and juggling illustration and bartending on the side. Katie sings about mental health, sexual identity, assault, general well-being, and recovery and most of her followers are young women, non-binary individuals, LGBTQ, very liberal minded humans. She currently leads a trio band and like I said,...


6: Facing Fear and Organizing Creative Local Shows with Heather Edgley

As a child, Heather Edgley used to keep her music “in the closet” because life as a professional musician was a pipe dream. One step at a time, she’s walked her way into the Seattle music scene and is now known for the creative themed shows that she organizes. In this episode, on a dark rainy winter night, Heather and I drink tea on the sidewalk outside Chocolati Cafe in Wallingford, Seattle and talk about how scary it is to share your music and start performing, how writing sad songs is...


5: Expressing Yourself and Building a Cohesive Brand on Instagram with Spence Hood

Fresh out of Silicon Valley, singer-songwriter Spence Hood is exploring the Seattle music scene while intentionally building his online following through Instagram where you’ll find him posting rotoscope animation music videos and streams his night LIVE “Pajama Jams”. Spence and I met when we were both performing on the rooftop of a skyscraper (‘Art on the Rooftop’ event hosted by Justin Blanley) and we enjoy meeting up to discuss branding strategy, especially regarding Instagram and the...


4: People Just Want to See You Have Fun on Stage with Tyler Hamilton

Let’s step inside Tyler Hamilton’s funky artist loft in Ballard, Seattle; it’s full of handmade musical equipment — he never wants any of his musical equipment to have a logo other than “Hamilton” on it. Coffee is brewing, his girlfriend is running out the door and we sit down to talk about the nerves he feels before he walks on stage, how he plays with people’s emotions, why it’s a good idea to record albums at the end of tours, and why rule-free house shows are the best gigs. → BLOG POST...


3: Discipline to Practice Music When Everyone Else is Watching Netflix with Alie Byland

Time to hang out with my friend and fellow singer-songwriter, Alie Byland, a.k.a. “Desert Mama Girl” (so called by her band members). She songwrites, sings, plays acoustic and electric guitar and she’s the front woman of Byland. Alie and I met in a courtyard in downtown Seattle and talked for almost an hour about self-discipline to practice music when everyone else is watch Netflix, the value of vocal coaching, cultivating a relationship with “Creativity” and how it feels to perform on...


2: Because It's Fun Is The Best Reason With Drea Marilyn

As a music teacher and touring performer, Drea knows what makes music technically good but she’s happy to experiment, take risks and break the rules if she likes how something sounds. From the chaos of songwriting to making friends in the music industry, she’s all about taking the route that is fun and weird. → Watch on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4L3FmIGD2g → BLOG POST (Video, Quotes, & Photos)...