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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform on inspired interviews from Music and Film Producers, songwriters, actors, mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!

Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform on inspired interviews from Music and Film Producers, songwriters, actors, mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!
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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform on inspired interviews from Music and Film Producers, songwriters, actors, mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!




DE190 Chad Hollister | A singer/songwriter who wears the colors of kindness, compassion, and graciousness, with a heart full of great songs to share with you!

When did you create the Chad Hollister sound and who was it that got into your mind and soul to formulate who you are? Drums are my roots, so in 2nd grade, I convinced my teacher to let me bring in my drum kit so that I could play, so I played to Kiss’s Rock n Rollover, from then when I went to Middle school, and I did the same there. Favorite Artists: Stewart Copeland and the Police were my roots, as well as Paul Simon, and Bob Marley. Riley Odelia had a song, so Bodi needed a song, and...


DE 189 Teresa Joy Haggerty | Perhaps the most creative dHarmic Star yet! “Trees of Joy” shares her creative wealth with the World!

We are delighted to be joined by singer, songwriter, poet, author, and voiceover artist Teresa Joy Haggerty. She is the author and creator of Tjoy creations. Today, she is going to share with us her story on how her journey began and how her experience has been ever since. You write books for children, how did this idea come about? The idea to write this book came to me and not from me. I was about to go to bed one night when the idea to write the book came to me but since I was tired I...


DE 188 Raspin Stuwart| A fabulous gem of a man who has a unique twist on musical storytelling backed up with a heart ❤️ of gold!

We are delighted to be joined by Raspin Stuwart. He is a singer/songwriter/song stylist who was the once the opening musical performer for author Maryanne Williamson. Named a music guru by his listeners, Raspin is known for his famous songs such as Smoke the Hookah and Rumblin and Tumblin. Today, he will share with us how he started his music, what he is currently working on career wise and how his musical journey has been. What was your starting point? I was given a guitar when I was...


DE 187 Ullis Karlsson | Tortured for 25 years, but refused to give up!

On today's show: “I have always been very sensitive, and I have always had high inner demands for myself.” “Being sensitive is not always easy, and you have to adapt yourself, to little yourself, and to be flexible in all situations.” “Everything that you don’t express is stored in your body, we don’t know this, many people don’t know this.” “I only slept 15 minutes per night, I woke up every night 02:47 the same exact time every night.” “It felt like a horror movie, every night I...


DE 186 J Edwards | 4 Hours No Break, The Uncovered Marathon Man!

On today's show: On Gigging: Bootleggers Inn, “I play there twice a week, if your anywhere between 2nd avenue, or broadway, you can probably hear me out there, and then on Thursdays, we play upstairs, I take my bass player and drummer and we do a little 3 piece.” Nashville Uncovered: “We started doing something that anything we do downtown Nashville we call it “Nashville Uncovered” and that just means that I’m too old and too mean to be playing cover tunes.” “Its the first all original...


DE185 Darrah Brustein | Life by Design, not by Default

*Spoiler alert: It starts with doing the inner work to uncover what you want, then builds the right relationships intentionally to support your vision, all the while creating the financial freedom you need to choose how you spend your time. On today's show: “Being an entrepreneur is actually one part environmental in choice, and one part nature, so its sort of a nature/nurture conversation, I was born to work as an entrepreneur even though I didn’t know that word growing up, and it wasn’t...


DE 184 Storyteller Series | Rollin on It, Racing with a Peregrine Falcon from the top of El Capitan!

It’s Hurricane Season in the Northeastern part of the United States, and it was appropriate to roll out a song that did not make the cut for the “Gratitude” album, today we are featuring “Rollin on It” Lyrics Like a runaway train hauling stacks of steel, with a cranked up firebox and greasy wheels, screaming down the mountain on a 45, I don’t think I’m gettin out of this one alive but I’m rollin on it. Rollin on it, I’m rollin on, rollin like a wave on the ocean. Rollin on it, I’m rollin...


DE 183 Jeremy Parsons | Humor, Passion, Intensity, it all comes from the Heart

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of Texas music in the dancehalls of the Lone Star State. Jeremy was always a fan of music, but it wasn't until his later high school years that he discovered his knack for it. Driven by his passion, he taught himself to play the guitar and began to write and perform music. Over the past decade, Jeremy has played all over the U.S. and in Europe, including numerous venues in Texas. Pulling from the example of Texas...


DE 182 Storyteller Series | Drill Down

“Who do you think your fooling, I got a good look inside of your mystique, I’m a man who needs to know what's doing, hey, those big brown eyes, you keep them just out of reach” Artists mentioned on this show! Susan Muranty DE163 Genevieve Vitanzo DE181 Darrah Brustein Featured blog from Forbes magazine: https://twitter.com/DarrahB Darrah gave us 55 questions about how to get to know someone: We get into some of these in this show! Drill down Chorus: I’m gonna drill down baby, drill...


DE 181 Genevieve Vitanzo | Born to Create, Nurture and Inspire both Mankind and Nature, a very special Voice in the World!

She is a Vagabond, just back from South Africa, where she spent some time out in the bush. On today's show: “Elephants outside your front door, it made me stop, watch and listen.” “In our society where we are so used to using our eyes for everything, but when you are in the bush, because so many things are camouflaged, you have to start relying on your other senses, like your sense of smell or and your sense of hearing, and your eyes are used for tracking, like looking down in the sand to...


DE 180 Storyteller Series | “Favorite Song”, who is yours?

Why does a Favorite Song become a Favorite Song? why does it stay in your brain forever? Why does it bring you back in time instantly to that Season? that smell? that first love? Our brain is amazing! Why do we get happy when we hear that song? there is more going on in the brain chemically than we realize! “Music must change, music will always change, as it is often a reflection of what is going on socially.” “If your lucky enough to have kids, they can help keep you the cutting...


DE 179 Storyteller Series | I AM VICTORIOUS!

In this show James gets Heavy, but first, it's a MAC upgrade, using the Migration assistant over wireless, a brand new computer was installed at the James O’Connor Agency headquarters! Moving all the programs and files over to the new computer via wireless, things went very well. James had considered changing out the drive, however researching the complexities and the noise with the new fan, it seemed like a good idea to just go for a brand new 1 Terabyte Retina, iMac 27” James uses...


DE 178 Luz Dary Griffiths | En La Infinita Intensidad (Infinite Intensity)

Growing up in Colombia, becoming a British Citizen, Now living in Pembrook Florida in the good old USA, an Author, Counselor, Creative, a mother of 3 all born in different countries, and a woman who puts God first in her life before all else, the way it should be. You can find out more about Dary at https://www.international-face.com Luz Dary Griffiths and get the whole story on the book, her life, how she supports the challenges that women around the world face on a day to day basis,...


DE 177 Storyteller Series | Here to Share and Care

Find out about the Fabulous Virginia Tech University and Alumni Professor Scott Geller who is starting his 50th year at Virginia Tech with the Hokies! Bishop Christine Mercy Johnson (she is Princess Diana’s cousin) and James writing the song with Scott, and how God is the #1 Songwriting instructor in our lives, how it works, how does the Lord teach James about songwriting? The band got back together! Jim Hyatt, Shawn Fichter, James Mitchell, Buddy Hyatt, Glen Duncan, Kim Copeland producer,...


DE 176 Laura Cheadle | Teaching us how to “Chill”

Laura Cheadle teaching us how to “Chill”, her new album reveals the beautiful heart that beats beneath the groove in her soul~ Laura Cheadle a selfless and giving young woman, she is as beautiful on the inside and she is on the outside. A passionately driven singer-songwriter who is fiercely dedicated to her artistry and never shies away from any opportunity to dive deeper into her craft simply for the sake of doing it, because that’s what she was born to do. Join me in this celebration of...


DE 175 Storyteller Series | Gender Genocide

Gender Genocide You girls gossip, like we drink Vodka, now we're both talking trash about each other's past, now you're alright, and were all wrong, I hear the DJ playing, that favorite breakup song..... I can clearly see what we’ve come to be, what made us decide, to generate those ties, it’s a heartless exercise, and it’s tearing me inside, it’s just DNA colliding its Gender Genocide So you got a divorce and it was all his fault of course, and me I’m spitting anger unloading on a...


DE 174 Rakale Hannah | Bliss Guide and Abundance Coach

Rakale Hannah is a Singer/Songwriter, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker and is preparing to release her debut Album, Other Side Of Blue. I'd like to discuss the journey of getting to the other side of blue. I also want to discuss the message behind Ho'ponopono, and #timesup. On this episode: - As I continued to do the work to heal my own life, people began to come to me for insight themselves and it was like my journey of self-discovery, was turning into an opportunity for me to be...


DE 173 Storyteller Series | “I Wanna Be Loved” don’t we all?

Todays featured song and subject on the Storyteller Series “I Wanna Be Loved” What is about Love that drives us, tortures us, makes us indescribably high, and then makes us crash into the rocks on the lowest of low’s? Let’s find out in this compelling episode that investigates the passion, the pain, the exhilaration and the fact that we all need it, and almost cannot exist without it, why is it what it is? Listen to James discuss can object of Love, sharing some points from the following...


DE 172 Storyteller Series | "Ride On", Won't you take a Ride with Me?

Ride on, track #9 from the "Geography of The Soul"album is our featured song on this broadcast today. dHarmic Evolution is now#1 in iTunes podcast in the USA music category, and in the top 5, in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Discussing Women's birthdays, why do they celebrate for a whole week? The Egyptians started this, followed by the Greeks........ Should we celebrate our birthday's? What does God want us to do? Ride On, and why I don't send my songs to other...


DE171 Storyteller Series | "Connected" the story behind the story...

We are all Connected! The leading song that started off the “Gratitude” Album. Its a real-life story of the stock market, the Mob, Chapter 11 in Whippany NJ, Witness Protection, Congress and finally Nashville! A BIG SCREEN MOVIE that was written, but was not created yet, but I wrote the song, I’m still waiting for you guys! The Actors who had agreed to star in the film “Connected” were Shia LaBeouf, John Tobin, Sean Penn, James Caan, Mila Kunis, Aaron Tveit, and Eddie Marsan. Visit...