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Welcome to season two!!! Do we have some great podcasts coming this Fall. Please subscribe and if you can, support is always welcomed. 🎙️ Podcasts featuring independent musicians 🎵 featured on www.ifitbeyourwill.ca Always looking for a great conversation about being an indie artist.




Welcome to season two!!! Do we have some great podcasts coming this Fall. Please subscribe and if you can, support is always welcomed. 🎙️ Podcasts featuring independent musicians 🎵 featured on www.ifitbeyourwill.ca Always looking for a great conversation about being an indie artist.




ifitbeyourwill Ep. 4: Jill Andrews

What a treat I have for all you lovers of music! The great singer-songwriter Jill Andrews joined me for a wonderful conversation about life, music and family. With a new record in hand entitled Modern Age released this past August, Jill shared stories about her first beginnings in music, the amazing collaborators that inspired her career, a look back over her catalogue, and what the future holds. Jill is an inspiring person, with amazing thoughts on her career and some solid advice for beginning musicians. Be sure to check her out on the road in the US and Europe in the near future. As always listen to the end, as Jill chose the single 80s Baby that plays right after our chat. Enjoy 🎙️ https://www.jillandrews.com/ Support the show


ifitbeyourwill Ep. 3: Gold Connections

Indie Rock/Power Pop outfit Gold Connections joined me from their homes in New Orleans to chat about their musical journey and their 2nd full-length record coming out in 2024. As well, Will Marsh and cousin Frazer discussed their influences, the guts of the new record, and finally we parted with some amazing words of wisdom for fellow DYI artists. Can’t wait for the new record to drop in the new year. Stay tune at the end of our chat for the featured single, “Confession.” Enjoy. Bandcamp Instagram Support the show


ifitbeyourwill Ep. 2 : Nicholas Krgovich

Canadian singer-songwriter Nicholas Krgovich joined me from vacationing in Croatia with his beloved family to catch up with us on his process, his journey and his future. Nick’s music tugs at the heart, connecting you to forgotten memories as he continually discovers the endless possibilities of pop music. His previous bands, P:ano, No Kids and Gigi plus a mountain of collaborations makes Nick one of Canada’s most prolific artists with a massive musical catalogue dating back to his teenage years. Though music is not his day job, he stays on top of his craft by making it his routine rather than a vocation. Check out Nick’s latest record, Ducks, a contemplative series of songs reflecting his self-awareness and confidence in what he does. Enjoy 🎙️ Support the show


ifitbeyourwill Ep. 1 : Lily & Madeleine

Welcome back music listeners of the world to Season 2. Today marks the start of a new season @ifitbeyourwill podcasts with a sweet line up coming down the pipe this Fall & Winter. No better way to start a new season off with a bang than having on indie folk sister duo Lily & Madeleine out of Indiana. The sister’s are on the eve of releasing their 5th full length album Nite Swim, coming out October 6th, 2023. It was a great pleasure to talk about their music, their journey and what the future holds with these wonderfully artistic women. Be sure to listen at the end of the episode to their latest single off of the up and coming record, entitled Rolling Rock. Enjoy… 🎵 Support the show


Podcast #19 • Clara Engel

In this season's final podcast, I was joined by singer-songwriter and artist Clara Engel. Clara is a pioneer of minimalist indie folk, with an ever evolving need to reconnect with the natural way. On Clara's recent record Sanguinaria (blood root) they explore themes of human disconnection from the natural world and an incessant need to reconnect to what's real if we have any hope of a rebirth of humanity to our natural world, beautifully seen by Clara as "The non-human world is awesomely heedless of, and dispassionate towards, human codes of meaning and morality." The spacious instrumentation complements the words is such an ethereal manner throughout the tracks, making it a record that will be on repeat for most. Be sure to check out Clara's massive discography and beautiful artwork 🖼️ Featured Track • I Died Again https://claraengel.bandcamp.com/ https://www.clara-engel.com/ Support the show


Podcast #18 • Slow Leaves

Singer Songwriter, Grant Davidson has been pounding the pavement for a couple decades writing songs about his life experiences, now with the up and coming record, Meantime, Slow Leaves has planted some indie folk gems that are sure to sprout 🌱 in the fields of musical history. Joining me from his home land of Winnipeg it was wonderful to talk to Grant about being a surviving musician, how he creates his music, and what's it like being the producer, songwriter, mixer of it all. Be sure to listen to the latest single, American Band at the end of our chat. Please support Slow Leaves by buying his record, checkout his shows, this is Canadiana folk at its' roots, so you know it will be awesome. 🤩 http://slowleaves.com/ 🍃 Support the show


Episode #17 • Hunter & Wolfe

Hunter & Wolfe joined me from their Brooklyn homes for a deep dive into their friendship, songwriting process and their art as personal therapy. They pen ever evolving indie pop with a growing synth personality. "Michael Maffei’s smooth-like-butter vocals pair seamlessly with Sundeep Kapur’s wailing electric guitar that almost feels like another vocal at times", as The Wild Honey Pie review so perfectly states. The featured track is their latest single, Last Time which will play at the end of our conversation. Hope you enjoy this intriguing convo with Michael and Sundeep. 🐺 https://www.hunterandwolfe.com/ Support the show


Podcast #16 • Mister Rabbit

Jeff van Helvoort and Mitch Clark from Hamilton's Mister Rabbit joined me on the latest episode of ifitbeyourwill podcast. Such a fun and honest conversation about making music for the love of it! Mister Rabbit is an assemble of seasoned musician coming together with a common goal; to rock this world. They play a wonderful alt-rock style of music that is both familiar yet refreshing, taking their cues from such greats as Phoebe Bridgers, Constantines and early Wilco. Their latest record dropped March 30th, End of History Illusion. Be sure to stick around at the end of the podcast for the featured track, Orphan Wells. 🐇 https://himisterrabbit.bandcamp.com/ Support the show


Podcast #15 • Imogen Moon

Imogen Moon has a voice of experience and wisdom at only 21 years of age! On episode 15 I caught up with Imogen from her Vancouver home to talk not only about her music, but her family linage with music and art that have guided her to a very exciting point in her budding career. On July 21st When They Start Rebelling drops, an homage to her late grandfather Randle who penned and released these tunes back in the 70s. Imogen's EP covers all 6 songs in her own suave, soul-inspired style. Be sure to listen to her latest release "Nicolston Dam" recorded with members of The Dap-Kings and The Roots at the end of the podcast. ☺️ Doug Randle's Songs for the New Industrial State https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/12781-songs-for-the-new-industrial-state/ https://www.instagram.com/celeryhater55/?hl=en Support the show


Podcast #14 • Castle Frank

Castle Frank aka Max Bergé joined me from his Toronto home to chat about a busy few months coming and his infectious indie pop music that grabs you and doesn't let go. Max is one cool cat… creating beautifully synth-infused indie pop all built around his trusty Moog Sub 37 and Tempest Drum Machine. His first full length record, In Your Blood is set to drop June 23rd accompanied by a blowout solo show at @monarchtavern in Toronto. Be sure to check Castle Frank out, an outstanding songwriter! Our featured track (one of my favs) "Just Kids" plays at the end of our chat. 🤘 Website: https://www.castlefrankmusic.com/ Launch Show: https://www.themonarchtavern.com/calendar Support the show


Podcast #13 • Your Heart Breaks

From one island to another Clyde Petersen of Your Heart Breaks joined me for the perfect conversation. He is a talented musician, photographer, videographer, and artist that has been crafting works of art for well over 20 years. Multiple records, cardboard installations, music documentaries, art works have graced Clydes timeline over a career in the DYI movement. Checkout his new documentary coming out this summer called, Even Hell Has Its Heroes, featuring the legendary band Earth, and his new record with Your Heart Breaks, The Wreck Line coming July 7th. Enjoy! https://www.yourheartbreaks.com/ https://www.clydepetersen.com/ Support the show


Podcast #12 • Zack Keim

I had the good fortune of linking up with singer songwriter Zack Keim from his home in Pittsburg PA hot off his tour in Spain. His recent releases are chocked full of revival folk garage jangle goodness, they stay in your head until you listen to them again, and you're delighted you did! I literally listened to "Canyon" till the tape snapped. We talked about his influences, importance of family, love and we decided that without change you can have no progress. Enjoy ❤️ Zach's Featured Track is Canyon. https://zackkeimmusic.com/ https://zackkeim.bandcamp.com/album/canyon Support the show


Podcast # 11 • FENCES

What a treat to talk with Christopher Mansfield aka FENCES! This is the kind of conversation you never wanna end… We chatted about fatherhood, writing songs, find ones voice and so much more. Truly a great listen. ☺️ https://www.instagram.com/fencesmusic/?hl=en https://fences2.bandcamp.com/album/too-the-tall-trembling-trees Support the show


Podcast #10 • Deer Scout

Dena Miller, the mastermind behind indie folk powerhouse Deer Scout joined me for a chat about her very busy spring, playing solo shows again, growing up with parent musicians and her continuous pursuit of finding her voice. Deer Scout play minimalist DIY folk, where Dena's subtle finger plucking elevates her clean, dreamy vocals to a place that has comfort and beauty, a place where I love to dwell. Checkout Deer Scouts and her latest LP Woodpecker and be sure to catch Deer Scout's Spring tour starting May 29th in Philly https://www.instagram.com/deer_scout/ https://deerscout.bandcamp.com/ Support the show


Podcast #9 • Bernice

On this episode I reached out to Robin Dann aka Bernice from her Toronto home to talk about her music, her process, how she crafts her songs and a few more delectables about being an indie artist in 2023. Bernice's fusion of electronic, jazz infused indie pop is as thoughtful as the woman behind the mic, not only in its' sonic tone but its soulful connections to nature and the human experience. Happy Earth Day 🌎 🌱 🌳 Bernice's up and coming release https://bernice.bandcamp.com/album/cruisin https://www.instagram.com/saintberenice/?hl=en Support the show


Podcast #8 • Lilac Haze

Katrina Swift aka Lilac Haze joined me from her home in Bath UK for a thoughtful chat about finding her inner musician as an emerging dream pop artist. She not only writes beautiful songs, but her record label KWS Blank Canvas Music, helps support other bands in her area. Check her out! https://kwsbcmusic.store/ https://www.instagram.com/lilachazemusicuk/ Support the show


Podcast #7 • The Petals

Aaron Sheedy of The Petals joins me from his home studio in Pittsburg PA for episode number 7 of if it be your will podcast. Aaron not only is the guitars, singer and writer for his band but he is also a mixer and producer, so we had lots to talk about. He is a very talented individual with lots to offer. Be sure to check out The Petals new album dropping on May 5th. And if you need a recorded mixed DM him https://www.instagram.com/thepetals/ At the end of our chat I am including, not one but two of The Petals latest singles, Regeneration / Chorus Of Birds https://thepetalsband.bandcamp.com/album/regeneration-chorus-of-birds https://www.thepetalsband.com/ Enjoy! Support the show


Podcast #6 • Slow Fiction

Slow Fiction is an up and coming indie rock outfit with sparkling shoegaze laces. I caught up with them from their cozy apartment/practice space in Brooklyn NY, where we talked about their latest self-title EP Slow Fiction and their coming of age in the challenging music industry. On the cusp of a tour, a new EP and finding their bands identity, Slow Fiction shared some stories of their past and where they wanna go as a band. As the world slowly starts up again after the pandemic Slow Fiction are a band to watch ❤️ Vocals - Julia Vassallo Guitar - Joseph Skimmons Guitar - Paul Knepple Bass - Ryan Duffin Drums - Akiva Henig https://akivahenig.com/#/ Be sure to listen at the end of the podcast for their latest single from their new EP entitled, In the distance, where it doesn​’​t matter https://slowfictionnyc.bandcamp.com/track/in-the-distance-where-it-doesn-t-matter-2 https://slowfictionband.com/ Support the show


Podcast #5 • Ryan Hamilton

I had the great pleasure of chatting with indie rocker Ryan Hamilton (Smile Smile, People on Vacation) from his home studio in Stephenville Texas. Our heartfelt conversation kept coming back to how independent musicians are having a brutal post-Covid time surviving financially through their craft. Ryan has a new record coming out in April entitled Haunted by the Holy Ghost, and I recommend you buy it! Go to his show and buy a T or a vinyl. If we don't support these artists they disappear and we are left with Taylor Swift as our only option (and I LOVE TS). Thanks for listening. ❤️ Support the show


Podcast #4 • Anna McClellan

I caught up with indie superstar Anna McClellan from her pad in Omaha Nebraska, unfortunately she was just getting over Covid, but was in enough shape to chat anyway! What a trooper. Anna has been making piano driven records for close to a decade and we are all better off because of it; honest, pure songwriting from a genuine soul. We chatted about her songwriting process, her many collaborators and her up and coming record. She's a gem. Support the show